Restored Republic via a GCR as of November 5, 2022


Restored Republic via a GCR as of Sat. 5 Nov. 2022

Compiled Sat. 5 Nov. 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

Go Time!!!
Time to Reset the System 11.5
The End of the World as We Know It
Martial Law Imminent
Mass Arrests Wrapping Up
Internet to Pause
YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Bing, Instagram To Go Down
Stock Market Artificially Held Up, Crashed a Long Time Ago
The Fed is Dead
Various Countries Have Not Accepted the USD for International Trade For Over a Week
Global Food Shortages

“Faith is more powerful than government, and Nothing is more powerful than God.”
…President Donald Trump

“Climb Every Mountain”

Climb Every Mountain; Forge Every Stream; Follow Every Rainbow ‘Til You Find Your Dream.

Climb Every Mountain (2012) – The Tabernacle Choir – YouTube

Judy Note:

  • “Remember, Remember the 5th of November. 11.5. It’s coming! Get ready for a Military takeover, Blackout Shutdown, Martial Law, WW Three, Nuclear False Flag, Stock Market crash.”  …Great Awakening World Q+ Trump
  • We are under a six day clock that ends Midterm Election Day Nov. 8. The reason Trump will be having so many rallies back to back this week was because after his last one just prior to Nov. 8, we will be moving into a very different phase.
  • Denzel Washington: “God Has a Huge Plan for Tues. 8 Nov: One Nation Under God.”
  • Donald J. Trump: “Fri. 11 Nov. 2022 is Resurrection Day.”
  • Mass Arrests on 450,000 indictments filed in federal courts across the nation since 2016 were wrapping up according Charlie Ward, Head of the GCR Redemption Committee.
  • Internet to be paused, with YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Bing, Instagram Killed
  • Dan Scavino, involved in the Q movement, put up a video cross referenced with the Q Board, goes to Q Drop 51: Nov. 2 2017: “The time has come to take back our great land. The time is now.” (signed The White Hats)
  • The Coalition has been monitoring elections for at least ten years. At the same time 2020 votes were being counted the US Military audited the official watermarked ballots and found that Trump won in every state by an over 80% vote.
  • DUMB Tunnel destruction across the Globe was nearly complete – we have cut off their lifeline where the Deep State has fled to get away. Troops involved will need psychological help for some time for what they have uncovered.
  • The next 30 days will be world altering.
  • The future for our culture and species was in the balance six months ago. The Deep State was almost complete in their plans.
  • Global Food Shortages Pending: It would be wise to have 2-3 weeks worth of food, water, cash and essential items on hand.
  • Thurs. 3 Nov. 11.3 Qurrent Events: LQQKING AHEAD IS EASIER WHEN YOU LQQK BEHIND. Look at this video and tell me the military hasn’t been in charge this entire time. First marker! Brazil is going off the same thing is going to happen here they’re going to try to steal the election and our military will step in it’s all part of the sting enjoy the show.

Global Currency Reset:

  • Judy Note: The US Treasury has asked the banks to prepare for announcement of the new gold/asset-backed US Note sometime this week.
  • Thurs. 3 Nov. Bruce: HSBC said everything releases over the next three days to Sun 6 Nov. Other sources say from Sun. 6th through next week. Another source said they want this before the election on Tues. 8 Nov.
  • Thurs. 3 Nov. MarkZ: “Most of my sources say it will happen between now and Fri. 11 Nov.  Myself and others have been leaned on to be quiet over the last 12 hours specifically about timing. There are a lot of folks who have yet to consummate their deals. But, we have had another confirmation since yesterday that another bond deal was completed. It appears they are rolling through the bonds at a reasonable, responsible rate right now. This gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.”

Restored Republics:

  • Judy Note: There have been Mass Arrests across the US during a 36 hour period that ended at 4pm Tues. 1 Nov. That included a final cleanup effort heavily targeted in the DC area.
  • On Wed. 2 Nov. Reserve Troops were called up nationwide to be available in 70 cities for the possibility of implementation of Martial Law later in the week (Fri-Sat). That Martial Law would be the cover for Tier 4B to exchange.
  • Every evening the falsely imprisoned Patriots of the Jan. 6 so-called “Raid” on the National Capitol gather to sing our national anthem, “The Star Spangle Banner.” Please join them each night at 9 pm EST in Song and Prayer for their, and our, Freedom. The Star-Spangled Banner (Music Video) | The Tabernacle Choir – YouTube

The Real News for Fri. 4 Nov. 2022:

New World Order Agenda:

Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

  • They Poison Our Water: Fluoride is actually an industrial hazardous waste product (HAZMAT). If you asked me for a glass of water, and I put some Sodium Fluoride in it, I would definitely get arrested for it. It’s also illegal to dump fluoride into our lakes and rivers, but it is perfectly fine to put in our drinking water and toothpaste?

International News:

1) Issued the arrest warrants against the leaders of the Supreme Federal Court, Supreme Electoral Court. 2) Temporary closure of the National Congress. 3) Declared Martial Law and the transfer of power to the Joint Chiefs of Staffs of the Armed Forces.


Election Fraud:

  • Brazil: Mike Lindell just said 5.1 Million votes stolen from Brazilian President Bolsonaro through voting machines
  • Israel: Netanyahu bloc wins majority in Israel’s election: result. Yair Lapid, the acting prime minister, concedes defeat.


  • U.S. Special Forces were training Haitian law enforcement police and military and have already started an assault on the Haitian group that has seized the oil and gas the past 9 weeks due to high INFLATION and ILLEGAL selling of oil to Foreign regimens.
  • Bombs exploded as the U.S. MILITARY and cargos came into Haitian ports.
  • The media is reporting only one blockade is in place around the fuel terminals… But SEVERAL sources on the ground confirm through the city and villages are hundreds of blockades as the local people are fighting against the Police. Haitian Mil. Military. .U.S special forces. And The Royal Bahamas Defence Force.
  • Just like Kuwait the lies and Invasion is connected to stealing the oil. Haiti is the Central hub in Caribbean of the Clintons, Maxwell, Epstein, CIA human trafficking ring.
  • This small nation is trying hard to expose the U.S. / CLINTON FOUNDATION/ UN. And the disappearance of Hundreds of Thousands of children in the past 10 years alone. Many go missing direct from Hospitals and orphanage.
  • The Deep State is trying hard to cover up the atrocities they have created in Haiti.
  • Russia is in communication with Haitian Military Commanders who desire to create a Military Coup. The U.S. is also aware of this coup and sent Deep State Mil. Intervention to try and stop a full Military Coup.

Corruption in the FBI, CIA, Department of Justice:

  • Whistleblowers with law suits against the U.S. government, using their own hidden Data were exposing the FBI in Canada, US and throughout Europe in their corruption working with local officials and government, giving them false Reports and Data.
  • In Canada the story is breaking how FBI was illegally working with Canada law Enforcement to subdue funds, track Canadians , track politicians and banking accounts.
  • The FBI was stopping the Truckers Movement that led to mass arrest.
  • The Canadian Military Commanders have issued warnings to the FBI and CSIS Deep State Intel on behalf of the people of Canada to stand down on their illegal operations.
  • Since Trump stood with 11 flags on one side, 3 on the other, several countries Military Commanders have issued private warnings to their Deep State government regimes.
  • The FBI Hunter Biden Coverup was only the beginning – that will lead to indictments and arrests.
  • FBI – FISA – Durham’s sealed indictments connect the World 5 Eyes System.
  • Q Knew FBI+Epstein=2023 Exposure
  • Behind the scenes Russia and the US Pentagon White Hats in the three letter agencies were working together + Military Intelligence Brigades were all dropping intelligence throughout the world.

Putin Warns of New World Order Agenda to Depopulate the World:

  • Putin Issues Statement on Avoiding Nuclear War: ‘I WON’T Let the Global Elites Depopulate Our Planet.’ Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to prevent the global elites from depopulating the planet via a nuclear war. According to Putin, the elites are desperate for a global nuclear war as it will allow them to drastically reduce the Earth’s population and implement their ‘Great Reset’ agenda.
  • Considering Russia is one of only five countries in the world with nuclear weapons, Putin’s foreign ministry issued a statement declaring that Russia “bears a special responsibility in matters related to strengthening international security and strategic stability.”
  • Russia called on the other four nuclear nations to work together instead of instigating a volatile situation where “a direct armed conflict” could ultimately lead to “catastrophic consequences.”

Fri. 4 Nov. It Was All a Big Fat Lie, Charlie Ward:

Must Watch Videos:

[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

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