(Reader: Helen West) Trump Memorabilia and the Starving Americans in our Country


Reader Post | By Helen West

Hello White Hats and Q representatives. Below, at the bottom of page is the just a few of the most current postings on Telegram that are advertising sales of Trump Memorabilia. Look at the prices!  Prior, there were Trump coins, checks, cards, etc… stating they would become valuable for cashing in. The more you buy, more money you would get. Simon Parks has even commented on them as being a scam. However, Trumps organizers, his website, military websites, Trumps family all have sites on the telegram, and not ONE of them have stated they are fraudulent memorabilia sites and the value will be available to the purchaser for exchange of real money.  People are believing this stuff is legit. Other Truthers have made sure they are watching for fraudulent telegram imposters.  Not once has Trump said or posted these as being fake and these Chanel’s are using his name photo, and banks to be able to cash them in at, in the future. It sounds legit, since no one has called them out as otherwise. The amount asking for these memorabilia is outrageous. Gamblers have addictions and I bet tons of people are buying these things in the name of support for Trump and the Q organization, and addicting people to buy what they can’t afford. People can’t afford to live and are loosing everything but this is ok?  Really?  They love Trump and Q and all I see is more corruption. Trump should most definitely stop this. He can and should. This really angers me. The rich get richer. The poor never thought of by them. I’m sick to to death of what this movie has done. Americans need to think real hard about EVER trusting the officials in this county. I spoke to a veteran who was spit on and cursed at after arriving home from the Rice Paddies in Vietnam. He lived, but his brother friends he visits in the cemetery. He said yesterday, he is moving to live in a old tree house. He has no choice. Agent orange killing him can’t get VA to help him. They have denied him of benefits. He said he fought for this county but others that didn’t are enjoying a movie and popcorn.  Trump plays golf and has dinner parties with rich and the men and woman in the USA suffer. Another lady I spoke with said her husband of 40 years died from the blood clot in his system, strokes left him in a vegetable state. It was actually a blessing he died. His medical care was terrible and the bills are going to be unplayable. She has her grandkids to take care of since her daughter died of an overdose.  She is at her wits end and needs help now. These are the people I hear stories from every day. My tears are plentiful and my love for the people in this world makes me want to help every one. 

The RV needs to come now. I personally will help these people.  I’m not going to watch them suffer. This breaks my heart. We have to beg to have the RV for the normal Americans. The Elite went already, I’m sure. Once again, separately segregated by class.   Oh, V for vendetta. Was that Trump telling us his Vendetta against all who criticized him in the past?  Makes you wonder. Is this all about Him and his ego? People are suffering, Commander in Chief Trump. End their suffering NOW!  

Sincerely, Helen West  US Navy.  Phil G   USA Military Site  Patriotic Task Force

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