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I am truly a Maga person….I have met President Trump way before he became president….I was a Usair flight attendant….Had the opportunity to have him as a guest several times in my first class cabin….First of all he was very quiet and never asked for a thing…I even taunted him and served him LAST! He NEVER said a word…he was ALWAYS OBSERVING.  When I did ask him if he wanted a beverage or something to eat he graciously said no thank you.  The Only words he EVER SAID through out the flight.  Never flirted or pinched my behind.  Was always busy in his work but could ALWAYS tell he was watching.  Now getting back to this election farce….2020 was stolen.  I already went to the polls and voted for the mid terms.  It was business as usual.  I highly doubt they are going to stop the midterms. Probably the Demonicraps! ARE going to cheat AGAIN. ( ISN’T THAT THE AMERICAN WAY? )  I get the military has to do much covert work….. but weren’t we here same time last year talking about the SAME THINGS?  My question is where and when if any of this miraculous “stuff” is going to happen.  I can tell you this….Trump has a double I have seen him AND talk to him up in his face that close.  What is being shown on those rallies I  am questioning.  My ex husband was security at Mar a largo and while I no longer have communication with him I tend to wonder what he thinks about all the smoke and mirrors.  I can assure you this IS A MOVIE… not sure what the outcome is going to be….while I am a true Patriot I can tell you Washington D.C. is a ghost town at this time….why?  People need to investigate Russell-Jay Gould too.  He is our true hero of this country.  Look him up on YouTube.  I am not sure what the outcome of this movie is going to be but I can tell you this…. some heroes of this movie like all movies are going to turn out to be evil villains and some villains are going to turn out to be heros…the question is who will be who…..One thing is for certain the Great Author is the Almighty.  He is the leading director.  In the Bible he used villains for the greater good so don’t pass judgment on what you are seeing in this “movie” this is the second harvest for all souls no matter the outcome get your spiritual affairs in order…which side are you choosing to be on….the side of Light or darkness.  Choose wisely.  The enemy is very cunning becareful how you choose.  Becareful in the choices you make.  GOD CHOSE MANY IMPERFECT people in the past to do his bidding….we ALL are imperfect….which side are you going to choose…..darkness or LIGHT? Take it to the voting polls this week.  

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