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Reader Post | By EJ Poorterman

Reaction on: Lurch –Reaction on Dr. Michael Salla “Sleeping Giants, Return of Enki and Saturn Moon Crash”.

Dear editors,

Here is my response to the article. EN.KI . (is a title, not his name) was forcibly killed and had to descend as punishment into the ‘wheel of rebirth’. He impregnated Mary and descended into the fruit. With that, EN.KI is . the Father and the Son. If EN.KI . returns to this planet, he will do so as Admiral Sananda in the Asthar Command fleet.

The main group of the ‘anunnaki’ have never left the planet and thus ‘will not return’. They are already here! The second son of Enki is Ningishzidda, who is known in the Americas as Viracocha, Kukulkan and Quetzalcoatl and to the Greeks as Hermes. Enki is Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas – not to be confused with the Roman bishop from Pimonte and Myra)…

and his son Toth is Santa Claus. Two different figures, although the Hollanders (Dutch) took their ‘Sinterklaas’ to America and introduced them to New Amsterdam (later New York). Enki is the creator and Father of mankind and the ‘holy man’ also known as the American corn god Tiutiu (Hopi) and Toth is the ‘Santa’ (Christmas man).

Toth is the god of the number 52 – to be linked to the angle of inclination of the Great Pyramids of Cheops (51/52°), and to the new era after the flood (deviation of 18,900 days = 51/52 years based on the difference in days – before the flood 360 days, after 365.25 days), of the 52 weeks in a year compared to the 60 weeks in a year…

before the flood, of the atomic number of Tellurium – 52, of the 52 American States… namely 49 Alaska, 50 Hawaii, 51 Area51 and 52 Area52! The whole dispute between Enki and Enlil is that Enki is his father’s eldest son and Enlil is the second son… and yet ranks above Enki. That’s because Enki was conceived by his father Anu…


was conceived by his mother Antu and Enlil by his father Anu by his sister Ninhursag and would therefore be more genetically pure and therefore higher in the ranking! Enki did not accept that and that is the cause of their eternal struggle. In the end, Enki was defeated by Enlil. He now has all the power on the planet. His opponents are Enki’s sons Ra and Toth.

They can’t do much against the main force of the ‘anunnaki’, but still Ra/Marduk, who is also Bel and Baal and Ares and Mars… in 2014 managed to save ten thousand Yazidis from ISIS. That was the phenomenon of the block of concrete in one of the standing stones of the Georgian Guide Stones. Letters and numbers were applied to that block of concrete.

MM and JAM and 8, 14, 16 and 20. In the early morning of August 16, 2014, American and Dutch F16 fighter jets took off and bombarded all ISIS nests and took them out. This action saved ten thousand Yazidis lives. Why this action?! Because the Yazidis are the ‘children of Enki’. Light of skin, light of eyes, light of hair and…

worshipers of the Serpent. And that’s Enki! When the ‘munabtutu’ fled the lands of Sumer and Akkad they disappeared to the north. They separated in what is now Anatolia in Turkey. The ‘munabtutu’, according to Zecharia Sitchin, are ‘refugees from a great disaster’… and that’s right. The atomic bombs at the airport in the Sinai (Kadesh Barnea),

on the Baalbek missile base in the Bekah Valley and on the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, these devastated places and the deadly fallout blew eastward (as intended) and ended all life in the lands of Sumer and Akkad. The high-quality Sumerian civilization came to an abrupt end and scholars do not know what an end…

made to their civilization, nor where the Sumerians have gone. They were dead except for their elite. In April 1999 I was allowed to discover that the ‘anunnaki’ are Aliens and speak a language that I recognized as my own and that of our neighbors. Their language is Diets. Same as German, Duyts, Duuts, Deutsch and Dutch. I discovered their second language…

which I call Kwando. Diets is a fluent spoken language and Kwando is a static language. A highly stylized language, a kind of shorthand so to speak! For example, I convert the word ‘munabtutu’ into Kwando and get MU.UN.AB.TU.TI.> with the meaning: ‘to move (to move) – unit/group – worshiped – toe – toe’, or the elite of the country. Princes and…


princesses, scientists, philosophers, skilled craftsmen, engineers, architects, technicians and guardsmen and their advanced weapons and means of transport. As mentioned, when they arrived in Anatolia, they parted ways. One group crossed the Caucasus/Black Sea to the steppes of Russia and the other moved west.

They passed through Turkey, crossed the Bosposrus and settled in Romania and Hungary. laggards are the Hittites In Turkey and possibly the Yazidis are their descendants. Because they are ‘snake worshippers’, misinterpreted, like almost everything on this planet, because in the reversal is the truth!…they are persecuted by the Muslims.

They have been persecuted and murdered for twelve hundred years. Twenty million in all… and now ISIS wanted to do the same. The Yazidis have been hiding among the Kurds for centuries… and now we know why the Kurds are persecuted by the Turks, Syrians, Iraqis and Persians… to get the Yazidis out if we can!

We recognize the ‘munabtutu’ who moved west as the Celts/Celts, the ‘Romans’ (Romanians) and the later Romans/Romans and the Etruscans. The group that moved to the Russian steppes later split up. The main group continued to live in Samara on the Volga, and divisions moved north and east.

Deep in Asia/Siberia, burial mounds containing mummified bodies with… red hair are found! The genes that migrated north settled in Finland and Estonia. They built a large fleet and descended to the south. According to Zecharia Sitchin that was 1800 BC and in the old book of the Frisians/Frisians…the ‘Oera Linda Bok’.

That writing states that the fleet departed in the year 1794 BC. They arrived on the Dutch coast around 1630 BC. The fleet consisted of three groups. Each group was led by a ‘sea king’, or admiral. Admiral Teunis stayed in the ‘Netherlands’ and Admiral Ion/Jon sailed on to the Mediterranean…

and Admiral Inka crossed the Atlantic and joined Quetzalcoatl. He had ‘weevers’ on board. black slaves. And we still know those Pietermannen in the Netherlands in the folklore of Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet… and we recognize those Pietermannen/slaves in Central America as the Olmecs. Those are not ‘Indians’, but black slaves!

You understand that the Diets-speaking peoples: the Germans/Germans and the Dutch/Dutch are the ‘chosen ones’ of Enki. As well as the primordial Russians from the Samara region on the Volga… and now you also understand that Enlil wants to destroy the ‘seed of his brother’. He wants to get rid of the whites, starting with the Germans and the Russians. He has signed a lease…

with the Khazars/AshkeNAZI!!! commonly known as the “Jews” (Jews), they are tasked with exterminating the whites. They already did that in WW1 and WWII and now with WWIII, the Spanish Flu, the Corona Flu and the Khazaar. Joseph Stalin killed tens of millions of white Russians and now the Ukraine must be the starting point for WWIII.

Always land wars on European territory and always the Americans are involved, the Europeans and the Russians and thanks to Great Britain also Canada, Australia and New Zealand (both areas discovered by the Dutch… who also founded New York and still always have America as a colony!!!). The past…


century, 200 million whites have been killed, murdered, starved and killed by pestilence. That’s called genocide. A century ago, 37% of the world’s population was white, and today it is only 7%. That’s why Enlil sends all those brown and black people to Europe… and especially to the Dietse lands, the peoples of Enki!

The ten disappeared tribes of Israel also live in northwestern Europe! All people Enlil would like to get rid of. Because Enki still needs pure whites for further genetic modification, Enlil now rushes to taint the last pure whites… and render them unfit for further modifications. That’s why all those brown and black ones.

they still have pure DNA. Enki has directed the strike among the ‘lower anunnaki’ to obtain the fiat…

to create ‘people’. Mense in Kwando becomes ME.EN.SE .> with the meaning: ‘melden-Heer-seker’, ie the human being (mankind) reports in his DNA that he belongs to the Lord God. ES.NE.EM.< means: ‘it is sperm-eminent’, or the sperm of the Lord/Lord Enki was of decisive importance in creating man. That means…

inhabitants on this planet, who were there before Enki created man, are strictly NOT humans! We might call them ‘earthlings’. I’m thinking of the Aboriginals, the Papuans, Hottentots and the Pygmies… but am I seeing that correctly?! If Enlil succeeds in defiling the whites, then the entire creation of ‘humans’ by Enki has failed!!!

Evert Jan Poorterman.
EJ Poorterman
Jr. Ruys de Beerenbrouckstraat 12
6971 ED Brummen (GLD) The Netherlands
+031 0575-564249


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