(Reader: Lurch) Response to Dr. Michael Salla “Sleeping Giants, Return of Enki, and Saturn Moon Crash”


Reader Post | By Lurch

After watching the Video of Dr. Salla, Elena, Alex and JP, I just wanted to make a few comments and possibly shed some light.

If the sleeping giant is Ningishzida, that would be a good thing. Ningishzida is also Thoth, Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan and probably several other names we haven’t heard about yet. He didn’t change his name, rather all of the different cultures where he visited, simply called him whatever name they chose. However, Ningishzida is his Anunnaki name. But more importantly, he is the son of Enki. Also, if it is he in a sleep chamber, that is him in person, not an avatar. Being asleep for a couple thousand years is not a big deal for an Anunnaki.

Ningishida is a good man and very compassionate towards humans. He was in fact, the designer and builder of the pyramids not the Egyptians. Why, because almost all humans were killed in the Great Flood. Another little tidbit; because of the great achievement of building the pyramids, The Sphinx was built to honor him, originally with his face on it. Ningishzida’s ranking amongst the Anunnaki was 52.

The main group of Anunnaki left earth around 563 BC, but there were conditions. By that time, many of them had taken human wives and had families. They were given a choice by their King, Anu; Return to Nibiru without your wives and kids or stay behind. Enki may be very concerned about getting back his “seeds”, but his main concern is having his son safe and sound.

As for Ninurta, him being alive probably wouldn’t be as bad as Enki’s son Nergal being alive. When it came time to attack Marduk, Ninurta only wanted to release weapons on facilities that Marduk was trying to take over. Nergal, on the other hand, took pleasure in roasting thousands of humans at Sodom and Gammorah.

The whole dispute between Enki and Enlil started because of one issue only; Enki wanted to create primitive workers (humans) to mine gold and serve the Anunnaki. Enlil did not. Enlil wanted to obtain the monotomic gold for the survival of Nibiru and hit the road. Enki was in charge of the EA rth, but Enlil was in charge of the mission. Problems started when Marduk thought he should rule the earth.

It should be interesting to see how this all plays out.



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