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Reader Post | By KS

Oh, so you all want to “Call Out” me and those like me who are fed up with this HorseS*&t “Movie? Well being “Called Out”, is a two way street ya know.

Your quote Bruce: 

Can you PROVE ONE THING that Either of you have claimed in your responses? NO you Can’t and you Know it! All you can do is post something that you “Found” that is nothing more than Circumstantial AT BEST!

Can you PROVE ONE THING that Either of you have claimed in your responses? NO you Can’t and you Know it! All you can do is post something that you “Found” that is nothing more than Circumstantial AT BEST! Not ONE THING that we have All believed for all this time Can Be PROVEN in a Court of Law! ZERO! So it isn’t Wise for you to try to Run Down others like you are when Neither of you have a CLUE as to how long some of us have been in this fight, Nor what all WE may know or have Researched over the weeks, months, or YEARS!

For you to sit and still make the Claims that Our “energies” are what gives these Evil Doers their power is about as PROVABLE, as Biden claiming that He didn’t have any contact with any of Hunter’s business partners! He can’t Prove he didn’t, and YOU all can’t Prove what you are still Repeating. Which, tells me neither of you even bothered to Understand or Comprehend a single word I wrote! To which, I DID address most everything you both brought up in your posts. This “PLAN” they keep telling us about???? PROVE ONE EXISTS AT ALL with Real Provable Evidence!!! Oh Wait! You CAN’T! I know it and You both know it! What many of you seem to forget is this! All we keep hearing from these so called “White Hats” is how the DS/Cabal have for years now, used Psyops to control the masses. They have for decades, used CGI, Actors and BS narratives and LIES to push their Agendas onto We The People! Our ENTRUSTED “White Hats”, have ALSO Shown us how They TOO, are Using these exact same PSYOPS to “supposedly” Counteract the DS’s Psyops! So WHAT PART of that do YOU all not get that We are ALL Being PLAYED and LIED TO on Every turn! Do you Seriously Not Think the “White Hats” aren’t Also using CGI, Actors (by their own multiple admissions they ARE) and BS Narratives to Control US/YOU all in the Exact same manner?? If you don’t use your own critical thinking skills and APPLY one set of standards to BOTH SIDES in the supposed “War for all of humanity”, then I’d Respectfully say it’s YOU who are not doing your own selves the due diligence to be FAIR and Honest AND TRUTHFUL. TRUTH, Has No “Negative” or “Positive” ENERGY! It IS what it is and will Not Change or have any leaning side of events or happenings. That is applied by people who wish to Use REAL TRUTH, as a means to Manipulate others. TRUTH, is NEUTRAL in ALL THINGS! If you can’t understand that, then you need to Re-Evaluate your own stance in all things. TRUTH, doesn’t care if it Offends ME, or you, or anyone else. It just IS what it is and cannot be changed. The Criminal doesn’t like TRUTH. Neither does the Prosecuting attorney if that TRUTH, actually can Undermine their case! So it Has No GOOD or BAD “Vibes/Energies” as you all keep claiming. I can’t help that you struggle with comprehending that fact. That’s on you to Reconcile within your own selves as it is with Each of us!

The simple fact that the DS has their agenda and Will and Have, used CGI and actors to push it onto us all, is Exactly the Playbook Known, Reference given to us by the so called “White Hats” TOO!! They TOO, Can, Will, and DO, use CGI to Control and Manipulate We TRUTH seeking individuals in the Exact same fashion. MEANING, Not ONE THING, NONE of us have Run Across in all of these “Rabbit Holes” they’ve had us all RESEARCH INTO, CAN BE PROVEN EITHER!!! Don’t Believe ANYTHING, if It’s Not PROVABLE or if No Real Credible EVIDENCE EXISTS!! The Color of the “HAT” Presenting it is Meaningless! If it isn’t PROVABLE, then it’s just as much BS Lies and Manipulation as what the DS/Cabal has done for all of these decades/centuries.


As to your “article” on how long the DS/Cabal has been doing this to humanity vs the 60 years of this PSYOP of an uprising against them?? PROVE they have been doing what these so called “White Hats” claim!! Not with something THEY have given you either! That’s The same Tactics that Killary and Osama used against Trump with the Russia BS Hoax. They HANDED someone some evidence THEY MADE UP as their “Proof”. Do you not think the White Hats are doing it too?? Come on now! Don’t be so damned Naive! THEY HAVE SAID many many times now, DS Playbook Known! That’s code for we Know what they are doing and WE are doing it too to the masses! Why do you think they still, after all this time now, REFUSE to PROVE ANYTHING??? Letters on this or that, or little Innuendos that this or that MAYBE is them doing something, is NOT PROOF! It’s a Lame ass attempt to KEEP US ALL MANIPULATED to suit THEIR Agenda! Which, for ALL WE REALLY KNOW, is No Different than the DS/Cabal’s agenda! Why ELSE would they keep ALLOWING so many MILLIONS of people DIE? Why Else, would they keep Allowing so many Millions to lose Everything they have ever worked for? Why Else, would they keep Insisting it all STAY COVERT after they Supposedly have been arresting and EXECUTING so many for so long now? It’s all One Giant PSYOP from BOTH SIDES to keep the masses Warring With EACH OTHER!!! DIVIDE AND CONQUER!!!! That is how Wars are won! Why do you think they are ALLOWING, so many Homes and Families be Destroyed while THEY DO NOTHING THAT ANYONE CAN PROVE!!! All we Have, is What THEY TELL US they are doing!

Keep your Blinders on all you wish! That’s YOUR CHOICE and Your Right! By all means, have at it! I personally, REFUSE, to keep hearing them TELL me they are doing this or that without EVER PROVING ANY of it! Faith, is to be given TO GOD ALONE!!! Got That?? NOT to ANY MAN!! GOD, is Not IN THIS, Nor is HIS TIMING they like to keep using as their Can Kicking Scape Goat, Go to ALIBI and EXCUSE!!! GOD is Not the Author of Confusion!! GOT THAT?? NOT, the Author of Confusion! What are we given on a Daily Basis??? Confusion, Lies, MisInfo, Misdirection, Propaganda, All FABRICATED on BOTH SIDES of this “PLAN” we are supposed to be Trusting in! Why do you limit your own minds and refuse to see that Every Coin, has TWO SIDES! Two sides of the same PSYOPS Coin. Both using the same tactics and techniques to accomplish THEIR AGENDA! If the White hats ARE LEGIT, Why do they still Refuse to Bring it out into the LIGHT as you all like to keep referring to??

I’m not the only one Feeling like this or seeing things in this manner. I know I’m not. But I REFUSE, to be still LIED TO by Even MY OWN SO CALLED WHITE HAT LEADERS!! Truth WILL NEVER, Has Never, and CANNOT, Come from LIES AND BS always happening “Behind the scenes” where NONE of it can be PROVEN!! God Does NOT WORK using LIES and DECEIT!! Never has and Never Will! So Stop with You Rock Throwing and Personal Attacks! I Spoke TRUTH! Not in some Mythical God’s Timing EXCUSE either. But NOW. Truth again, is neither Positive Nor Negative. It just IS what it is! Our World is falling apart Daily. NOW. Not in God’s Timing! The White Hats claim that all the time. Did GOD, intend for us to all DIE or lose everything we have, or our Loved ones while HE, sits back and ALLOWS this to Continue? Or is it really this so called ALLIANCE of Galactics (On Worlders and Off Worlders)???? 

If You all, are not by now, asking Your own Selves WHY??, then I’d question how much are You willing to allow yourselves to continually be Manipulated by Others! Black Hat or White Hat makes no difference. BOTH Sides are fighting to CONTROL US/YOU!! They keep claiming Freedom and Liberation is coming. WHEN?? Logical and Critical Thinking DEMANDS you ask these questions about anything. What, When, WHY, Where, How and Who!!! But TRUTH, Demands, that you apply those Same questions TO ALL PARTIES INVOLVED!! Stop using your own BIAS to perpetuate the narratives being spewn out when you HAVE ZERO PROOF of Any of it! And Certainly, Stop Acting like some Condescending, Arrogant, so and so just because Many of us no longer Believe the BS YOU insist on believing! It’s YOUR Choice and Right to believe it! But it’s Also My Right and Choice, to Apply Critical, Logical thinking to BOTH Sides and Stop Believing things that are Not being PROVEN!

But you all have a nice day! Remember, that finger pointing you’re doing while running some of us down for walking away, still leaves the other four fingers on your hand pointing right back at YOU!

Reader KS



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