Bruce Haines’ Response to Ruth Reep for the Negative Upset Patriots



Operation Disclosure | By Bruce Haines, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 30, 2022

Response to Ruth Reep For the Negative Upset Patriots


A quick note for you and I’m betting a LOT of other Light Warriors who just don’t want to show their hand or are too apprehensive to say anything about “The Plan” or their long-time involvement in this amazing ongoing war, simply because it has taken so long and still nothing appears to be happening. 

You are spot on and unless others who are bitter, angry, or impatient take the big picture approach – and by that I mean the “off-world” view, they are never going to understand why this is not happening on their timetable. 

The thousands of years of control the Cabal has held over humanity on Terra is being combated effectively within a vert short “galactic” time frame.  I would say the real fight began in December of 1963, immediately after JFK was killed, and was the official start of the Q movement which is culminating in DJT and the earthly and off-earthly Alliances pending victory over the Satanist Deep State. 

I said in an earlier article I wrote, after 6 thousand years (or more) of being a debt slave planet and finally we are on the cusp of throwing those chains away for good in only 60 short years  – that is an amazing accomplishment and one that won’t be complete for some time to come but is enough to have us seriously looking at restructuring the world with technologies and more importantly, understanding our origins and the true nature of our greatness as humans in these many universes and dimensions.  We are blessed as fractals of God; indeed, we are Gods within ourselves and that knowledge alone is worth the extra time it may take to completely rid the world of the illuminati criminals who have so crushed our abilities and knowledge. 




To those who are spewing anger, rage, disappointment, depression, and frustration, I say one of the reasons this is taking so long is that your negative loosh is continually strengthening the creatures of the dark deep state – feeding them to be stronger, thereby lengthening the time it is taking the Alliance to control, destroy and liberate us from these dark beings.  Loosh is real and they feed from your outbursts and thereby continue the length of time it will take to conquer them.  

I suggest instead you remain calm, believe in a greater power in play, and try instead to put forth to those around you kindness, love, gratitude and be grateful for those who are dying for you in the DUMBS, as they are continue to free innocent children or adults still being held in those remaining chambers of horror.  They are sacrificing all they have to get the rest of us in a position to be the Gods within we are all capable of. 

Try being grateful instead of hateful.

And to all of you who are still believing our freedom is coming, know that you are right and it will happen.  Do something today, do something every day, to enhance your belief – I recommend you try commanding your spirit aloud to have the words vibrate in the universe and resonate to others in the universe your intention to manifest your greatness.  Something like this: 

“I command my spirit to increase my life force energy so I may continue to help weaken the evil dark energies that would keep me a slave.”

By commanding yourself, you as a slice of God and of Prime Source, have the power to command yourself to be stronger day-by-day, minute-by-minute and by doing this, reduce the time needed to purge ourselves of these Deep State criminals.  You also speed up your ascension to the fifth dimension where wonders of abilities await you to discover and explore. 

Thank you Ruth for prompting me to write this article.  The fact that it is now being read by others who are in pain or in belief – whatever their situation may be – it is now part of the experience of the universes we are all connected to – and as that connection is forever, we are all stronger for your words and my words that followed yours.   




This has always been an event driven war, not a date driven war.  The conclusion is on military and God’s time and by all of us being a part of the God within, WE control how long it takes by our emotional and spiritual response to what is going on.  It is taking longer than anyone wants because many have decided to be angry and short-sighted instead of grateful and long-sighted. 

Hold the line Light Warriors.  Victory is assured and is coming so be patient. I pray that those who say they are “out” will continue to know at the core of their being, they are still “in” it and they will be amazed and happy at the results that are about to manifest.  Nothing of worth comes without pain and sacrifice.   

Light and love to all,

Bruce Haines


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