Restored Republic via a GCR as of September 1, 2022


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Thurs. 1 Sept. 2022

Compiled Thurs. 1 Sept. 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

“They Aim for Total Destruction of the Universe.”
…John F. Kennedy Jr, 19th VP

“I have it on extremely good authority from three different sources that the US Election in November will not happen. This has already gone through the Supreme Court – SCOTUS – and they used a Shadow Document to overturn the 2020 Election.”
…Charlie Ward on Sun. 28 Aug. 2022

“See You in September”

Battle Hymn of the Republic Mormon Tabernacle Choir – YouTube

Judy Note: The US Supreme Court has overturned the 2020 Election according to Attorney Lin Wood. That Election Fraud must be announced by next Sat. 3 Sept, or all evidence (ballots) will be destroyed.

The 2020 Election being overturned not only demanded the resignation of the Biden Administration, but impacted 71 members of Congress. On Tues. 30 Aug. 71 members of Congress were found to have violated the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act of 2012. As such, they violate a federal law designed to prevent members of Congress from accessing inside information to enrich themselves. Pelosi led the pack.Bottom of Form

With such violations of Law including Treason, the US Government would have to be automatically dissolved. Doing such was expected to trigger demonstrations across the nation led by instigators long planted by the Cabal in major cities.

In order to maintain Law and Order Martial Law would have to be enforced. That Martial Law would be in effect until a new Election could take place.

Additionally the US Dollar was losing it’s World Reserve Status due to the fiat dollar being used for international trade even after it’s bankruptcy was finalized in 2008.

The Globalist plan was to solve the problem by having what they called a Great Reset whereby they could continue to manipulate the fiat US dollar through digital currencies. Such a system would give the Cabal totalitarian control over everyone’s bank account, spending and even travel.

However the Alliance had another Plan in answer to the World financial crisis called the Global Currency Reset. Already there were 209 nations in the middle of the GCR. As of Sun. 28 Aug. all 209 nation’s gold/asset-backed currencies were trading on the Forex.

Real News Headlines for Wed. 31 Aug. 2022:

(Wikipedia) The Shadow Docket is the use of emergency orders and summary decisions by the Supreme Court of the United States without oral argument. The term was coined in 2015 by University of Chicago Law professor William Baude. The Shadow Docket is a break from ordinary procedure. Such cases receive very limited briefings and are typically decided a week or less after an application is filed.

  • “Don’t Be Fooled By Recent Strength of the Stock Market… A Post-Dollar World Is Coming” Even Chairman Chief Bankster of investment firm Rockefeller International sees US Dollar losing World Reserve Status.
  • What’s next is the endgame battle between Our GCR and the Central Planner’s Great Reset (via Central Bank Digital Currencies). The former is Freedom. The latter is totalitarian control.
  • Blackouts expected in China (because of Three Gorges Dam destruction), Iraq (because of the so-called war), California (because of an energy shortage).
  • 71 Members of Congress Found to Be in Violation of Federal Law.
  • Biden signed Executive Order to track Americans: 
  • Russia and the U.S. are entering ‘dangerous and uncharted’ nuclear territory.
  • The US Department of Justice Put on Notice After Whistleblower Reports Hunter Biden Bias Allegations.

The Global Walkout

Reignite Freedom Starting Sun. 4 Sept. 2022 8:00 pm GMT

With one step at a time, hand in hand, we will walk out from the society they are trying to enslave us into.

Join us at

Clouthub –
Telegram –
YouTube –
Rumble –
Twitter –
Instagram –
Facebook –

  • You don’t have to prepare anything. All you need is the willingness to gradually disconnect from some of the conveniences that have enslaved us. Many of you are already doing some of these things individually, but imagine millions of people doing steps at the same time globally … impactful! We can strive for the life we want instead of fighting against the life we don’t want, looking forward instead of backward, or sideways.
  • You don’t need to be glued to the Internet at exactly 8pm London time. We just had to pick a time zone for the announcements :-). Every Sunday at 8pm London time, a new step will be announced. The idea is to gradually strive to disconnect from the globalist agenda. Each step will empower ourselves, and each other, to become more independent, self-sustainable and in control of our own destinies. Anyone from anywhere, no matter their lifestyle, can participate in the walkout to whatever extent they feel comfortable with.
  • What is the point? Build enough momentum to create roadblocks in the globalist agenda. We will become an effective force that cannot be ignored when millions of people worldwide act in unison,
  • What could this achieve? With enough numbers, the Global Walkout Family can start to engage in significant actions that would encourage corporations and governments to take notice and consider our perspective. If our actions can directly affect the back pockets of the Globalists, they might have no choice but to listen.

Calendar of Events:

  • “September will be a month of upheaval – a month when all the dirty things of this government will be exposed. The current president is disgusting to people not only in the United States but all over the world. In a few days we will send something that will destroy and expose these Cabbalists. Information will be only among the people who want good for this country, and not the manipulators. Make sure you attract this to more people!” …Donald J. Trump Live on Telegram.
  • September and October were going to be very important months… “A lot of things will happen. We will get a confession in that time about the theft of the 2020 Election. They are already caught.” …Charlie Ward
  • By Thurs. 1 Sept there will be Mass Arrests of Canadian Freedom Truckers, Blackout in Canada by order of the Cabal.
  • On Sat. 3 Sept. the legal deadline for 2020 Election Ballots to be destroyed would be reached. Because Fraud in the 2020 Election had now been verified by 46 of the 50 US States, an announcement to void the 2020 Election should happen sometime this week.
  • By voiding the 2020 Election, the US government as now organized, would be dissolved. Mainstream Media Satellites would be taken down, the Emergency Broadcast System put into effect on the new Star Link Satellite System and nations around the world would go into Martial Law. The US would maintain Martial Law until a new Election could take place. Lib media & MSDNC talks Q!  Sep. 3 deadline!  Trump Tuesday Truth Storm!
  • Tues. 6 Sept. 6:00 pm EST QAnon (JFK Jr.?) lives and going live. “To be in the shadows was the only choice I had. They wanted to destroy me. They want to destroy what they cannot control. I am ready to come out from the shadows. Now is the time!”
  • Sun. 11 Sept. (9/11) they will shut down the world’s economy according to Lin Wood.
  • 2 November 2022 Elections: “I have on extremely good authority from three different sources that the USA election in November will not happen. This has already gone through the Supreme Court – SCOTUS – and they used a Shadow Document to overturn the 2020 Election.”…Charlie Ward

Global Currency Reset:

Judy Note: There were only a handful of Military Intelligence people informed of when Liquidity release would actually occur, and they weren’t talking. The date would be decided by the Quantum Computer and based on safety issues. Any other dates given were pure speculation.

It was now my personal opinion that notification of Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) for exchange and redemption appointments would take place around the same time as a big Event, such as voiding the 2020 Election.

  • A High Up Source felt that the GCR / RV could occur any time between now and mid Oct. unless a Trump arrest caused a delay through November. The “hold up” was more military logistics and underground tunnel resistance – that was in the process of being aggressively finished.
  • Tues. 16 Aug. Coach Jerry: “Be encouraged dear community, our time will come. If we could figure out the precise timing, then the evil opposition could also figure it out. And I have a sneaking suspicion that the Worldwide Alliance has designed this entire “movie” such that no one, outside the good military, is quite able to figure it out.”
  • Tues. 30 Aug. Bruce: Tier 4B should receive notification within 36 hours, or before Fri. 2 Sept. 6 am EST. Tier 4B would likely be starting their appointments on Thurs. 1 Sept. Tier 3 Bond Holders emails should go out overnight to Wed. 31 Aug. Those emails would contain codes that would give them accessibility to their funds.
  • Wed. evening 31 Aug. MarkZ: “Tier 3 has the money in their accounts and they can see it but cannot touch it until the RV happens. Lots of money movement at Redemption Centers. … Some say it won’t happen until Tues. 6 Sept. …We would have ten days to set our appointments for the special rates given only at Redemption Centers, and have 30 days to exchange at those Redemption Centers.
  • White Hat Intel: We will have about 10 days to exchange or redeem our currencies and bonds (Zim) for the special rates.
  • The general public would likely be able to exchange (at lower rates) at the banks. They would start at the same time that Tier 3 and Tier4B begin, which could be on Thurs. 1 Sept. or Fri. 2 Sept.
  • The Banks will be undergoing a transition. Cash will not be readily available for a period of a few days. This will start as soon as we begin the announcement period probably 12 hours after everyone wakes up. The change is global, not just in America with its fifty States. Every country on every continent will undergo a form of change. That is an enormous proposition, and one that has required this time to prepare and set in motion.

The Real News for Wed. 31 Aug. 2022:

Global Economic Crisis:

  • Beck: “8 numbers PROVE our economy & energy crisis are WORSENING” [6:47 video (cc)]
  • Even Chairman Chief Bankster of investment firm Rockefeller International sees US Dollar losing World Reserve Status. When Banksters begin espousing the reality of an ongoing global currency shift, especially in the Financial Times, there can be little doubt that we have crossed the Rubicon.
  • General Caesar realized in 49 BCE, “there’s no going back”, once his armies crossed that stream and entered Rome Proper, which created a civil war and eventually ended the Roman Empire. Today, our modern-day Caesar’s are realizing the same. There’s no going back from the USA’s financial empire drawing to its logical conclusion.
  • For the first time since the first Breton Woods Treaty established the Dollar as the World’s reserve currency, the USD share of global foreign exchange (FX) reserves has dropped to 59% amongst the baskets of other nation’s central bank holdings. That’s significant. So when Chief Banksters begin publicizing this fact, there’s no looking back, only forward to what’s next.
  • What’s next is the endgame battle between Our GCR and the Central Planner’s Great Reset (via Central Bank Digital Currencies). The former is Freedom. The latter is totalitarian control.
  • The battleground will be the USA and Europe vs. the rest of the world (led by BRICS nations and their allied states). As the USD begins a precipitous weakening and further decline in global FX holdings, the FED’s/ECB’s CBDCs will be held up as the solution. The rest of the world will formally solidify their asset-backed currency baskets already in progress. Real money vs. digital fiat currency.
  • Our country is completely dependent on imports from the rest of the world (everything at Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. and also most industrial raw materials). When no exporting nation will accept CBDCs as trade payment, the USA will be forced to consider asset-backing the Dollar (the Euro will be abandoned in favor of a return to her previous sovereign currencies such as the Deutschmark, Franc, and Lira).
  • This is the trigger for the General Redemptions release of gold collateral to back new USTN and other Western currencies. And prior to this, all historical bonds and artificially depressed currencies will RV/Exchange/Redeem via the GCR Platforms (already in place). Oh happy day. … GCR Real-Time News Telegram Room
  • NEW – Wages in the EU are collapsing in real worth to record lows.
  • “Don’t Be Fooled By Recent Strength… A Post-Dollar World Is Coming”:

Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

Globalist Agenda: To Rule the World

  • Charlie Ward: “I talked with an engineer from the Denver International Airport – that was CIA before DIA. Under the Airport they have two 80 story buildings down there, underneath it… that Queen Elizabeth paid for… and it is like 26 miles in diameter. Their plan was to take us there and kill us all… these people are beyond sick.” (Q post Warning: The Denver International Airport will be the last straw).
  • Federal government raids Amish farm for raising livestock and growing crops the natural way 
  • One in three Americans is poisoned with 2,4-D weed killer, study finds
  • OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY: “Broken Food System in America is To KEEP YOU SICK!” [10:09 video (cc)] 
  • America’s entire legal system was operating under the Crown Corporation – that operated using mainly the US taxpayer dollar. In the US there was no law requiring payment of income tax. However, Congress recently approved $80 billion for the IRS to hire, weaponize and train SWAT Teams for an additional 87,000 IRS Agents to collect tax and interest on your new digitalized money account – that they plan to completely control by Jan. 2023.
  • The monies go through the private corporation of US Inc. in Washington DC, to the Cabal’s privately owned Federal Reserve and IRS, from there to the private corporation City of London or Crown, to the private corporation of the Vatican (the Rothschilds took over the Vatican Bank in 1823), to the Cabal’s Central Banks across the globe. About a month later the US Taxpayer dollars were returned to the US, where the Cabal charged US citizens interest to use their own monies.
  • Warning: It Happened to Grandparents Ken and Barbie and It Could Easily Happen to You: Twice IRS SWAT Teams have descended on Ken and Barbie Cromar’s home, confiscated that home, thrown away all their personal property including equipment Ken used to make a living, charged and found them guilty of living in their own home AFTER a Federal Tax Court ruled they owed no monies to the IRS. After five years of court manipulations where Ken and Barbie’s basic rights were not honored, now there were warrants out for the Cromar’s arrests and they faced possible prison time. Update Ken and Barbie vs. Goliath IRS: The Good, Bad and GREAT News! | Crime All-Stars | Before It’s News (
  • In order for victims of Jeffrey Epstein to receive compensation from the Epstein Victim’s Compensation Program set up by his estate, they have to sign away their right to testify against Ghislaine Maxwell. The Epstein Estate has paid out $125 million (so far) to about 150 individuals through this court-approved “voluntary compensation program”. Meaning for slightly less than a million dollars a piece, they have silenced 150 witnesses that might have otherwise testified against Ghislaine Maxwell, or in one of the other 7 lawsuits still active against Epstein. They are buying off victims.

Weather Manipulation:

  • 28 Aug. 2022 India: Indian City Completely Submerged In Floodwaters. Indian rivers burst their banks and inundated the city of Prayagraj. The population was evacuated with anyone remaining having to navigate on boats and struggle with electricity shortages, living in the dark. (RT)
  • Tunnel Destruction 21 July 2021: This week there is massive flooding around the world – across Europe (Germany, Belgium, Netherlands), Haiti, Russia, Japan, the US and China. The weather changes and warfare are being activated by the DS to push their climate change narrative, but the Alliance is also using the water to flood DUMBS and tunnels. Operations are in full swing on both sides – now everything is dressed. I know it looks wild, but please stay positive – all material damage can be repaired, human damage will be kept to a minimum. The secret underground DS Cities & Networks are flooded.
  • 30 Aug. 2022 Spain: A 20-month-old infant died and 67 other people were injured yesterday, Tuesday, after the lashing of a strong storm with hail balls of up to 11 centimeters in La Bisbal d’Empordà (Girona), Spain  Dozens of vehicles were severely damaged as well as the roofs of houses and businesses.
  • 31 Aug. 2022 Mexico: A huge landslide is registered in the town of Chicumtantic, in the municipality of Chamula (Chiapas). The landslide affects an important communication route to the town. Initial reports indicate that there were no injuries or deaths.
  • 31 Aug. 2022 Turkey: Heavy rains wreak havoc in Mudanya, Bursa district, Thunderstorm last night:
  • Istanbul Flood:

DUMBS and Underground Tunnels:

  • Iran: Sources in the Republic of Azerbaijan say they have identified a tunnel belonging to the IRGC of Iran in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Zangilan region, near the Iranian border. Elmira Musazadeh, a journalist from the Republic of Azerbaijan, posted a picture of a secret tunnel on the Iranian-Azerbaijani border in the Zangilan region on her Twitter account. The IRGC is said to have used it to transport drugs, smuggled goods and weapons.

Who, What is Q?

  • The FBI, CIA and NSA stay away from unmasking Q because unmasking Q would reveal Military Operations to the public. The STORM that would be created would have be catastrophic with full declassified info in Courts, Congressional hearings, military Courts. The exposure of the Deep State in all sectors of the U.S. branches of government would create complete chaos. It was best to try and dumb down Q and say he was a kid who created Q in a basement or say it was Ron Watkins. If it was truly Ron the DS Intel. agencies would have arrested him immediately back in 2017.
  • Q is a United States Military Intelligence operation, working hand-in-hand with the President of the United States. Some could easily argue that Donald J. Trump was hand chosen years ago by the United States Military to aid them in this critical and historic operation.
  • Q is not a single person, but a team of high-ranking persons with “Q” level security clearance, executing operations that have been planned for many years (the plan). Some of the objectives are: A) A massive information dissemination program meant to 1) expose massive global corruption and conspiracy to the people. 2) Cause the people to research further to aid further in their “great awakening”. B) Root out corruption, fraud and human rights violations worldwide. C) Return the Republic of the United States to the Constitutional rule of law and also return “the People” worldwide to their own rule. In short, the Q operation is the greatest criminal sting and anti-treason/sedition event in world history.
  • It certainly does appear that we as a country are lawfully living out The Declaration of Independence once again.”That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” ― The Declaration of Independence
  • Due to the classified nature of much of the information/evidence Q team holds, they can not just come right out with it, however, they can drop breadcrumbs that the people, often the 8chan “Anons”, can dig into and help us all discover the truth. Further, it must be understood that the enemies in this war are monitoring Q as well. Therefore, some of the information Q drops is strategically misinformation/disinformation. Think Military game theory and “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. Sure, none of us want to filter through and try to discern truth from falsehood, however these warfare tactics really cause “We The People” no harm when they must be used, however they are devastating to the enemy and a necessary part of warfare. Military planning at its finest!

Trump is Our President:

  • Vet Derek Johnson gives every reason why President Donald J. Trump is still our president under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ = Military Law), Constitutional Law, as well as Admiralty / Maritime Law and our Declaration of Independence. See:
  • This is exciting news that every American has the right to know, reasons to be optimistic about what’s happening, even with what we see now, if we bother to look, and listen.   
  • The other day I sent out news about the arrest of Major General Maria Barrett, the commanding general of the US Cyber Command at Fort Gordon, for sedition and treason and colluding with FBI Director Christopher Wray. This was certainly another sign that we are taking our country back from our enemies, foreign and domestic.
  • America is under Martial Law at this time and WE THE PEOPLE are taking our country back. I hope that every one of you that is copied this message cares about America, and willing to take time today to learn why things are working out as they are right now, under the rule of Law and Order. If I could, I’d shake Derek’s hand, and thank him for what he’s done.  …Greg O’Neill

World Alliance Special Forces: WWG1WGA!












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