Restored Republic via a GCR as of August 29, 2022


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Mon. 29 Aug. 2022

Compiled Mon. 29 Aug. 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

This Week:

We’re At Defcon 1!!!
…Juan O Savin

Global Food Shortages
Threats of Nuclear War
Toxins Confirmed in Vax
Extremists Set to Attack Power Grid
2020 Election Overturned by Sat. 2 Sept. or Evidence to be Destroyed
Globalist Order Canadian Freedom Trucker Mass Arrests this week
Vatican Hide Assets After Admitting Genocide of Over 500,000 Missing Native Children
Globalist-owned New York Times Calls to Indict President Trump
A criminal organization is trying to indict the 19th President on espionage charges in an illegal and fictitious legal system owned and operated under a foreign owned corporation known as the Crown Corporation.

 “We are going to Show You a New World. Those Who are Blind will soon see the Light. A Beautiful Brave New World Lies Ahead. We take this Journey Together. One Step at a Time. Every Lie Will be Revealed. It was Over before it Started. Those who Know, Those who Believe, Pack Your Bags. We’re Going Back Home.”

“We’re Coming Home”
…El Donaldo Trumpo on Telegram Sun. Evening 28 Aug. 2022

Battle Hymn of the Republic

“Battle Hymn of the Republic” w/ the Mormon Tabernacle Choir LIVE from West Point | West Point Band – YouTube

Judy Note:

Calendar of Events:

  • August: Mike Lindel (My Pillow guy) a personal confidant of President Trump and owner of, says terrible things are going to happen in August. Only three people know about what is about to happen. Pray for President Trump.
  • Mon. 29 Aug: Moscow Exchange to ban use of dollars as collateral.
  • September will be a month of upheaval – a month when all the dirty things of this government will be exposed. The current president is disgusting to people not only in the United States but all over the world. In a few days we will send something that will destroy and expose these Cabbalists. Information will be only among the people who want good for this country, and not the manipulators. Make sure you attract this to more people! …Donald J. Trump Live on Telegram.
  • Thurs. 1 Sept: Mass Arrests of Canadian Freedom Truckers, Blackout set to happen.
  • On Sat. 3 Sept, the Deadline to overturn the 2020 Election, or all Ballots will be destroyed.
  • Tues. 6 Sept. 6:00 pm EST: ‘Q’ Has Been Quiet, but QAnon lives and was going live. “To be in the shadows was the only choice I had. They wanted to destroy me. They want to destroy what they cannot control. I am ready to come out from the shadows. Now is the time! Due to technical difficulties the Live Stream was cancelled and rescheduled for Tues. 6 Sept. 18:00 pm EST.
  • October has been promised to be a month of hosting major Events that would likely negate November Elections in the US.
  • 9 Nov. 2022 (9/11) Military Tribunals, Arrests Revelations.

Global Currency Reset:

Judy Note: There were only a handful of Military Intelligence people informed of when Liquidity release would actually occur, and they weren’t talking. The date would be decided by the Quantum Computer and based on safety issues. Any other dates given were pure speculation.

  • It was my personal opinion that notification of Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) for exchange and redemption appointments would take place AFTER a big Event where Mainstream Media Satellites were taken down, the Emergency Broadcast System came into effect on the new Star Link Satellite System and nations around the world went into Martial Law.
  • A High Up Source felt that the GCR / RV could occur any time between now and mid Oct. unless a Trump arrest caused a delay through November. The “hold up” was more military logistics and underground tunnel resistance – that was in the process of being aggressively finished.
  • Tues. 16 Aug. Coach Jerry: “Be encouraged dear community, our time will come. If we could figure out the precise timing, then the evil opposition could also figure it out. And I have a sneaking suspicion that the Worldwide Alliance has designed this entire “movie” such that no one, outside the good military, is quite able to figure it out.”
  • We will have about 10 days to exchange or redeem our currencies and bonds (Zim) for the special rates. …White Hat Intel
  • Fri. 26 Aug. MarkZ: “Today our markets went into a freefall after Powell’s conversation at Jackson Hole, WY (Each year the Cabal meets at the very secure Rockefeller Ranch in Teton National Park to discuss progress of the New World Order). The economy is basically wrecked. The GDP is flat. Inflation is rearing its ugly head. This is setting up nicely for a need to reset our currency. I am guessing within a week after the reset we will transition into a flat tax. How long it will take for prices to adjust may be a different story.”
  • The Banks will be undergoing a transition. Cash will not be readily available for a period of a few days. This will start as soon as we begin the announcement period probably 12 hours after everyone wakes up. The change is global, not just in America with its fifty States. Every country on every continent will undergo a form of change. That is an enormous proposition, and one that has required this time to prepare and set in motion.

2020 Election Fraud:

  • The New York Times Has Called on the US AG to Indict President Trump: A criminal organization is trying to indict the 19th President on espionage charges in an illegal and fictitious legal system owned and operated under a foreign owned corporation known as the Crown Corporation.
  • According to intel found on Hunter Biden’s Laptop and admittance by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, both him and the FBI helped to rig the 2020 Election.
  • On Sat. 3 Sept, the Deadline to overturn the 2020 Election, all Ballots will be destroyed.
  • How They Federalized our Elections Without Our Consent:
  • Pennsylvania: Mark Zuckerberg, who has been banning Trump Supporters off his platform since 2015  and who is a radical left winger paid for the “Rental space, ballot scanning machines and Staff” for the 2020 Election. This alone should render it null and void. One of the places they used Zuckerbergs money to hire staff, purchase drop boxes and buy new Ballot Scanning tech was in Chester County PA, which was Key in winning the State.

Mass Arrests of Canadian Freedom Truckers, Blackout to happen by Thurs. 1 Sept:

  • Justin Trudeau’s brother accused him of taking marching orders from globalist Elites, “He’s on the side of Anti-Canadians.”
  • Orders from UN, Davos Group, CIA and world Elites who control the Canadian government: Full force to be used against the Convoy Freedom Truckers within the next six days (from Fri. 26 Aug. 2022). Orders have been given for Mass Arrests and a total Media and cell phone Blackout, with no live broadcasting.
  • Hundreds of Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Public order riot cops (to be bussed in), OPS (Ontario Public Service/enforcement), OPP Police, Durham Police and Toronto Police all working together under authoritarian rules are planning for Mass Arrests of the Convoys.

Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

  • IRAN: Digital Food Rationing rolls out using Biometric IDs. What is coming next in other countries?
  • Germany: In parts of Germany, drought conditions are so dire that farmers expect to lose up to half of all their crops come fall. The Germany state of Baden-Württemberg has been particularly hard hit, not only by lack of rain but also by lack of energy and fertilizer, Ethan Huff: Read the full story
  • Rolling Blackouts Begin in Europe with not enough gas to generate electricity:
  • Europe: Two more fertilizer plants in Europe shut down due to high gas prices – no energy means no food –
  • Walmart like all Deep State evil entities now imploded as it “temporarily” closed nearly 60 U.S. stores “for COVID cleanup” in December 2021. In the last two weeks, the Walton family trust has sold more than $750 million worth of Walmart stock. Was this a result of Walmart’s history of human/child trafficking with underground tunnels in DUMBS? It was recommended to spend your money at local American corner stores. The Imprisonment Of The United States Corporation Deep State. Wal Mart working with the NWORDER. Secret Tunnels underneath to FEMA death camps:

Global Weather Manipulation:

  • Thurs. 25 Aug. Afghanistan: Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid announced Thursday that the horrific flash floods sweeping Afghanistan have now claimed 182 lives in the last month, including at least eight children in the last week alone.
  • Floods in North Korea: 170 houses were destroyed due to heavy rains, 5000 people were evacuated to safe areas.
  • China: A flood alert was issued in Chongqing after heavy rains. Severe flooding occurred in Zunyi, Guizhou province in southwestern China. An earthquake of magnitude 6.9 occurred in Menyuan County, Haibei Prefecture, Qinghai Province on January 8. Before the arrival of longitudinal waves, ground light appeared.
  • Several provinces of China go under water! Record floods in Guizhou:

Riots and Demonstrations Globally:

  • New York USA Anti Vax Mandate, Anti Covid BS Demonstration 1 year on….No matter how big or how small, do whatever you can to disrupt their plans.
  • Algeria: France’s Macron currently visiting Algeria, he approaches crowds thinking they’re greeting him, Algerian police know better as the chants consist of “f*ck you” and they quickly scramble him into a car.

DUMBS and Underground Tunnels:

Global Financial Crisis:

The Deep State Plan

The End of Private Central Banking: Most Prominent News Story in History – Shocking truths are revealed /The End of Private Central Banking /Existing Debt Zero and Void

  • The global financial system is collapsing, currencies are falling and markets are decoupling. In due course the whole system will collapse. This is the secret being revealed to the public. Later, there will be a public explanation of why the Fed and Central Banks should not be in charge of the financial system, which is no longer a secret for regular FWC readers.
  • The world economy is imploding and can no longer sustain itself. The new QFS system will be introduced, designed to allow the new world economy to flow seamlessly into the unique quantum financial system.
  • The Money Revaluation is set to begin at the right time, these changes are the start of the QFS. The new quantum financial system – QFS – is already integrated and ready to replace the current monetary fiat system. Many anchors have already switched from the old SWIFT system to the new CIPS money transfer system.
  • Once this revaluation begins, all countries will start reissuing new gold/asset-backed currencies based on the new quantum financial system (QFS). These changes are expected to happen simultaneously. A whole series of dominoes will tumble, mass arrests will come into the open. GESARA will be launched. The Truth is going to set us free!
  • Already 20 years ago, a global effort was launched to set up a new financial system, called the ‘global reset’, in which sovereign wealth-based currencies for global exchange replace the unjustified power of the ‘Deep State’ banksters. Because they have been continuously fomenting wars on the planet. This change is now certain and being realized.
  • The step to end the dominance of the dollar was taken more than a decade ago from Asia, where the largest amount of hard assets are located that have formed the backbone of the global financial system from the very beginning. That was agreed upon and signed as the basis of the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944. But, was deliberately never realized.
  • The initiative to end the dominance of the dollar gained traction when Russia joined in the creation of the BRICS alliance: The rest is history, and has been outlined before in various articles on FWC sites.
  • Existing Debt Zero and Void Once central banks disappear, the first thing that becomes known is that their debt claims are null and void. When auditors check the books of the central banks, they discover that the banks have not been honest with the people, and that the debt and everything they have done is completely against their charter, making everything null and void. It is clear that what is happening now indicates that this is how it is going to turn out.
  • In a last-ditch effort, the central banks are raising interest rates, which will cause the system to collapse permanently, taking on the blame themselves, as was intended.
  • The housing market will collapse, the car industry will have a very hard time, people will no longer be able to get a loan easily, everything will start to collapse.
  • The present economy is not a people’s economy, it is the economy of the Deep State central banks. The patriots are using the economy of the central banks with their fake money, to create the new infrastructure that they are going to use against them. That is what is happening right now.
  • The economy has two faces, the manipulated economy that has been going on more than one hundred and twenty years, and the real economy, that is what people feel every day.
  • When people’s houses go up in market price, they feel great. Everything is going their way. They still have a job, but they feel better because their property is going up in value. This is the concept that the central bankers use against us. Some people have the advantage of benefiting from the created inflation, but others have lost a lot through this same process. The banksters use this manipulation to psychologically convince people that the economy is doing well. Even the stock market is raised so that people think that the economy is flourishing.
  • Russian President Putin says about the Rothschilds banksters; “They don’t own the world, they don’t have Carte Blanche to do what they do. If we don’t deal with them, other problems will come. We will not be intimidated by them.”

Sat. Aug. 13 2022 Whiplash347:

  • A criminal organization is trying to indict the 19th President on espionage charges in an illegal and fictitious legal system owned and operated under a foreign owned corporation known as the Crown Corporation.
  • The 19th President is the President of the Republic, not the Corporation. He does not recognize the Corporation. He recognizes the Constitution.
  • He may well be arrested, but even that will swing public opinion in his favor, and even when it all looks like it’s going south and all hope is lost, the military who recognize the Constitution and the legitimate president, not the Corporation, will free him. It’s likely they will arrest him, but nothing can stop what is coming. Their system will collapse and be dissolved.
  • The entire legal system operating in America is under the Crown Corporation. The flag with the gold tassels represents that corporation.
  • It Happened to Grandparents Ken and Barbie and It Could Easily Happen to You: Twice IRS SWAT Teams have descended on Ken and Barbie Cromar’s home, confiscated that home, thrown away all their personal property including equipment Ken used to make a living, charged and found them guilty of living in their own home AFTER a Federal Tax Court ruled they owed no monies to the IRS. After five years of court manipulations where Ken and Barbie’s basic rights were not honored, now there were warrants out for the Cromar’s arrests and they faced possible prison time. Update Ken and Barbie vs. Goliath IRS: The Good, Bad and GREAT News! | Crime All-Stars | Before It’s News (
  • Different types of warfare exist, in this case the British didn’t win 1776 but they were successful in overruling the constitution and installing their corporation inside America in which every president since the 19th has served up until 2000, since 2000 every Presidency has been fake including Trumps, but when the mass population doesn’t know, then the show goes on.
  • The entire legal system serves the Crown Corporation (Queen). Ask yourself why the announcement of the Queens death is such a big deal? Why did Trump bankrupt the Corporation of America? Why was the Corporation of America recently dissolved? Why is Joe Bidan (not Biden) serving under White House Inc and not the Corporation or constitutional Republic of America? What is going to happen to the legal system that serves the Crown Corporation? What will happen when it’s revealed that the enemy has been inside the gates for the past couple hundred years?
  • Trump gave the green light for the Military to act internally.
  • What happens when Trump gets arrested in an illegal, foreign owned system, and the world gets to a Nuclear standoff, and Trump, the 19th President of the Republic, who holds the Nuclear football is sitting in a cell? While the enemy has absolutely no answer to a (faked) Nuclear threat from Russia, China, NK or all of the above?
  • You can be damn sure there will be EBS, military storming the jail and removing Trump and their Commander in Chief, and then major Declas as Trump neutralizes the Nuclear threat and the foreign owned gangsters all get put in handcuffs.

The Real News for Fri. 26 Aug. 2022:

  • Pentagon Responds to Mayor Bowser’s Second Request for National Guard Help With Migrant ‘Crisis’:
  • If you cannot avoid a Smart Electrical Meter and in order to protect people in the house from 5G, put a sheet of steel (1/4 inch) on the inside wall of the garage, or room the Smart Meter is attached to. If the Smart Meter is outside, put around it a 5G meter cover from
  • Q Special Forces to Save Humanity:
  • Origins of the Q Military Intelligence Qperation and its purpose:
  • Military Earth Alliance covert operations have neutralized high-level parasitic elites, bloodline families and secret societies in recent years.
  • Takedown of the Cabal from A to Z:
  • “We have it/ them all.”
  • Special Forces Z:
  • Back on 27June 2018 Newsweek Magazine claimed that the U.S. Army spent $500 Million Training Soldiers to Fight Underground:
  • The FBI had Hunter Biden’s laptop since 2019. So when the FBI told Facebook that on the eve of the presidential election, they knew it was a lie. They interfered in the last presidential election. If ever there was an attack on democracy, it’s the country’s largest law enforcement agency, weighing in on a dishonest way, three weeks before voting begins.
  • FBI’s former intel chief on raid of Trump home: ‘I think they are going to regret this’
  • The Trump search warrant was never about classified materials. The statutes cited in the warrant allow for prosecution even if none of the documents are classified. A former President persecuted for having records relating to his administration. While the Biden DOJ certainly desires prosecuting Trump, there’s an alternative we must consider – that they want to damage him politically ahead of 2024. …John McAfee
  • When the higher-ups got seized, the minions of Clinton, Bush, Cheney & Barry Soetoro are fighting & even killing one another to get into the higher positions of power that have been left open. Money laundering, looting & taking control of leftover business from the old war machine is number one top priority.
  • 2 Jan. 2022 South Africa: Parliament on fire in Cape Town. The building of the national assembly in Cape Town, South Africa caught fire on Sunday morning, with flames and black smoke seen from far away. Flames have been spreading in the building from the fire, which started around 5am, local media reports, citing officials. It has spread to the roof, according to mayoral committee member for safety and security JP Smith.
  • As they push extra hard to disarm the People, they push equally hard to arm other groups of people. It’s all being seen publicly too. It is still part of Operation Wake Up —to be exposed to the People. It is all TRAPS & the DS scavengers are too blinded by their own greed, toxins, parasites, demonic attachments to NOT walk right into it. Even if the Military Earth Alliance or White Hats do not catch them, NO ONE escapes the Karmic Energies. Harshest DOWNFALL is their near future destiny — YOU & I shall REINFORCE these physical manifestations.
  • U.S. to announce $3 billion in new military aid for Ukraine – official
  • Biden orders US strikes against ‘Iran-backed militias’ in Syria
  • The FBI had Hunter Biden’s laptop since 2019. So when the FBI told Facebook that on the eve of the presidential election, they knew it was a lie. They interfered in the last presidential election. If ever there was an attack on democracy, it’s the country’s largest law enforcement agency, weighing in on a dishonest way, three weeks before voting begins.
  • Malaysian ex-PM Najib goes to jail for graft after losing final appeal
  • Germany: CJ Hopkins: We’ve Got About a Month Before New Normal Germany’s New Enabling Act Takes Effect that will Nazify Germany.

Health Ranger Incoming Intel:

  • Trump is going to be indicted under the Espionage Act. Bogus documents will be inserted into the numerous boxes of loot that the corrupt FBI stole from Trump’s private residence.
  • A media circus will commence, far larger than any of the “RussiaGate” fiasco we’ve already witnessed. Trump will be railroaded in a completely rigged show trial.
  • One of the key goals in all this is to provoke America’s patriots into an armed uprising in order to justify the Biden regime calling for UN occupation, which will bring in Communist Chinese troops wearing UN helmets. This is how the invasion plan is being morphed right now, according to my sources. An armed uprising is EXACTLY what the regime wants to make happen.
  • Dark to Light Dream Team: Princess Di is the mother of Barron; John John, Master Q; The Punisher; Queen Diana, King Lionheart Trump and the American Prince of Camelot John John Master Q were Still Alive. God bless them for what they did for Humanity and the World:
  • PART 1: “Once Upon a Time”:
  • PART 2: “Once Upon a Time – The Story Continues”:
  • US Inc.’s Privately Owned IRS Plans to Enforce a Police State on the US
  • IRS Deletes Job Posting Seeking Applicants Willing to ‘Use Deadly Force,’ National Review:
  • It took just one FBI raid on President Trump’s private residence to spark an historic backlash against the corrupt, lawless FBI, DOJ and Biden regime. Until today, any talk of abolishing the IRS, dismantling the FBI or nullifying the ATF was just “fringe” talk. But thanks to the FBI, it’s now mainstream conservative talk.
  • If this is what they’re able to do to the former president of the United States, think about what they could do to you. –
  • The $400 billion Tax, Health Care and Climate package passed by Democrats in the Senate over last weekend provides nearly $80 billion to strengthen the IRS, more than half of which will go specifically to increased enforcement efforts such as audits and to hire 87,000 new IRS agents.
  • On Monday morning 8 Aug. just hours after Kamala Harris’ tie-breaking vote on the Biden Regime’s Climate, Health and Tax Bill empowered the IRS to hire and arm 87,000 new agents, Delta Force Operators intercepted an 18-wheeler packed with pistols and bound for the Internal Revenue Service Building in Washington, D.C., a source in General David H. Berger’s office told Real Raw News.
  • According to the manifest, the trailer held 23,500 crated Sig Saur P229s and 160,000 rounds of .40 caliber ammunition, ostensibly intended for the IRS’s enhanced police force.
  • A week before the seizure, U.S. Army Cyber Command intercepted communications between IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig, Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin.
  • Rettig had said on a conference call that “the purchase has been made,” which caused a somewhat agitated Schumer to inadvertently expose the nature of the shipment. “Why now? You were supposed to wait until we passed the bill and its made law. You jumped the gun, and mean that literally and figuratively, and this could come back at us,” Schumer said. Manchin bowed out of the conversation, saying, “I really don’t need to hear any of this,” and disconnected. But Schumer and Rettig bantered on. “We know the bill will pass muster, Kamala will see to it. It isn’t a problem. We’ll just say later on that we bought the guns after the bill got passed and ratified,” Rettig blabbered. “Don’t take possession until Biden makes it law,” Schumer said, to which Rettig blurted, “They can’t sit where they are that long, too risky. I’m moving them here from Maryland storage when it passes. If there’s any blowback, it’ll fall on me.”
  • U.S. Army Cyber Command at once forwarded a recording of the call to both Marine Corps General David H. Berger and a Delta Force commander whose name remains classified. Together, they green lit a mission to confiscate the IRS’s would-be arsenal.
  • FBI Agents Involved in Trump Raid are Under Criminal Investigation by Durham For Abusing Their Power:

End of Oil Drilling, Fracking & Clean Water for All, Greg O’Neill,

Friday, August 26, 2022 8:48 AM

Good morning, I have a question for your Energy Resources Program: What happens when I get busy using surplus shipping containers, turning them into synthetic fuels producing units that can be hauled on flatbed trailers where they are then set up at a point of sale for the fuel output?

We won’t need to drill for oil, or frack oil shale, poisoning groundwater. This process scrubs Hydrogen from water vapor in the air, and Carbon from Co2, to make hydrocarbons / alkenes then used to produce synthetic fuels identical to those refined from crude oil.

In 2006 at a depth of 1,000 feet beneath the western Rocky Mountains is an estimated two trillion barrels of light crude oil in reserves. Today in 2022 how much do we pay at the pump for refined fuels? How was that light oil produced beneath those mountains, by biotic processes in rock formations, in a way similar to the processes that produce new water?   

My project is actually focused on growing two alternative plant species that offer high quality natural rubber in their tissues, for a water based extraction process to produce a 95% pure natural rubber for American mfrs of 60,000 products that now import two million tons of NR each year from Asian sources.   

My objective is to end dependence on those Asian sources, turning America into an exporter of NR to the growing global markets that now demand over 17 million tons per year of raw natural rubber, a vital, strategic commodity we need. 

Getting those synthetic fuels units into assembly line production will be worth it to offer all nations to end concerns over scarcity, and conflicts over oil and gas assets, as well as damage to the environment from drilling and fracking. 

I will also be working with companies gearing up to build all electric VTOL airships for heavy lift cargo hauling, with designs on the drawing board for 20,500 and 500 ton capacities, eventually OTR hauling of cargo by tractor trailer rigs will no longer be needed with electric airships able to go anywhere.

It might be time to dust off the ARV/Fluxliner tech now used that we aren’t supposed to know about for clean energy and propulsion, how long has that been around since the 40s? 

You might want to visit to do your homework on how all water is produced by ongoing volcanic, tectonic and geochemical processes within the mantle and crust of the world, like petroleum is produced by biotic processes. Why do you think the Bakken / Williston Basin has so much light crude a thousand feet below the mountains at the surface, the processes within the rock strata produced the oil, no decaying fossils needed.  It will be nice when the world’s population learns the truth of what has been kept tucked away by greedy people, governments, and industries, who profit from our enforced ignorance.  

Now that government corruption is being made public, apparent to all, around the world, and transparency promoted, we should work together for a better future for all people, a world at peace. That is my hope anyway. As a Vietnam vet, serving in the Navy and Army, I swore an oath to serve America, and to defend it against enemies, foreign and domestic, with too many in government, who seek to destroy it. It’s time to clean up the mess that America has become, with clean energy, food, and water, in abundance, to get to work making that happen.

Kash Patel will be Running the FBI or CIA by Midsummer 2024:

  • There is a huge reason KASH went on SEVERAL well known podcasters who are followers of Q and the drops .. From X22 report to David Rodriguez and several, several others.
  • Kash worked as Chief of Staff to the Acting United States Secretary of Defense under President Donald Trump. Patel worked at the United States National Security Council and United States House of Representatives and was previously a Federal prosecutor working on national security cases, and a legal liaison to the United States Armed Forces.
  • KASH PATEL knows very well these channels he is on, use Q as a bases for their news and Intel drops to the public. (As PATEL has/ had  the Highest CLASSIFIED CLEARANCE and as many still suspect rightfully he has BLUE CLASSIFIED CLEARANCE for life
  • Meaning he is HIGHLY connected and WILL always have DIRECT CLEARANCE and/or has OATH KEEPERS/MIL WHITE HATS who give weekly/daily briefings)….
  • It’s No Coincidence that PATEL knows the Q followers channels and broadcast networks that are loyal to the Great AWAKENING movement…

Must Watch Videos:

[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

Read Full Report (Doc):

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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of August 26, 2022

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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of August 18, 2022


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