(Reader: Ron Giles) “Q” and “Q” Things


Reader Post | By Ron Giles

A little background…a precursor for what is coming.

The Cabal Tyranny all started with those demagogues that created Adam and Eve. Their history goes back to the planet Nibiru which has a 26 thousand-year elliptical orbit around our son. They were Anunaki people sent to earth to mine gold. They used the Humans to mine gold for them because they aged quickly when on the surface of the earth. To do this, they messed with our DNA so that the Humans would not exercise their Divine Characteristics and thereby would not be controllable. Today, we have 2 out of 12 active strands of DNA. The other 10 strands are considered junk DNA by our Sicinetist because they can’t see them doing anything. Controlling the activities of beings that are Human is a violation of Universal Laws. There are Universal Laws that the Cabal would never teach us because we could see that they are not Highly Evolved Individuals that would be considered God. Now am I suggesting that Jehovah and the Lord in the old testament (which by the way are two separate individuals) are demagogues? The answer is YES. Gods would never break Universal Laws by crossing over another person’s Sovereignty and putting them into slavery. That is what Jehovah and the Lord did. This disqualifies them as a God that we can worship, yet we have done all of our lives. We have lived under that travesty for thousands of years and have not advanced our personal Spiritual Acumen. This is the great lie of all the low-level dark entities. These demagogues and those that followed after them will receive Divine Justice. It is coming in this the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times when all things will be rectified and Justice will be administered to these people.

So we were not taught about Universal Laws so that we could be controlled and not have the knowledge about this or we would rebel against the governing powers that were the demagogues. It started back then and was never corrected until now.  As a result, the Cabal has taken away virtually all of our Divine Human Rights and made us slaves to their ideologies. That is an unforgivable Trespass and each one of them is required to go through divine Justice and be held accountable for messing with another’s life. Did you know how serious this breach of Divine Universal Law is, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Disclosure will be very hard for most people when they find out what has taken place to mankind. There is a Divine Justice to be served up to those that messed with limiting our DNA at the beginning of the Bible. If you were to have read some of the books I have read and inquired about and have received confirmation as to their validity, you would know that the Cabal has had control of the entire Bible’s Patriarchal Order that has been at play in every book within the Bible. Yes, good things have taken place, but it is always under the control of the Patriarchs who had the disposition to rule and reign over the people. One of Jesus’s most damning revelations for the Jews was the idea that men and women are equal in all things. They crucified him for messing with their Patriarchally biased beliefs about women. These Patriarchal Families were controlled by the same Cabal Families that exist today. The only exception to this is found in the Bloodline of the Holy Grail. This is the bloodline of King David and King Solomon and Yeshua. Yeshua was the King of Kings and the reason for the bloodline being created. The Kingdom of God for this earth is His responsibility to bring into being. 

The Cabal used the Divine right of Kings to rule over the people by force and trespass, for thousands of years. What’s left of these not so Divine Cabal Kings and Queens are being dealt with today. It will play out in the public eye as these people are removed from control over Humans. 

Bloodline Kings ruled with compassion and love. I ask those of you who have researched and become educated about the Bible, can you see the difference between the Good Kings in the Bible and the fake Kings that have survived down to what is happening to them today? This takeover of the Human population by force and trespass is the great crime of the ages. God’s Divine Justice will now be executed for all who have created and run tyrannical Corporations as Governments at every level from National Governments to the smallest of town Government Corporations including the ones who control small towns and cities all over the world. It is the Divine Right of Human Beings to have the freedom to connect with their Divine Creator and have open communications with Source. (I suggest you go to and read our LWS Mission Statement again. Revelation/Communications is the core belief of Love Won Society.) The implementation of GESARA/NESARA will work for Laws that correlate with Universal Laws for all mankind that exists in all of creation.

This has been our history of Cabal influencing us from what we consider to be the beginning of creation. This is the version of the beginning of Cabal trickery, not the beginning of the earth’s creation. Did Adam and Eve have any daughters to procreate the generations of earth’s time? No, the humans were already on earth before these demagogues took over. There were highly advanced beings that have interfaced with 3D Humans that have been part of history that we know nothing about. If you only read the Bible and not the other comparable sacred writings that are a part of our history, we are only left with what the Cabal and their organized Patriarchal Societies that have totally eliminated the Divine Feminine aspect from our records so that the Cabal lie could be the only source of Spiritual Information available to we the people. Without the Divine Feminine, conjoined with the Masculin Energy we are completely out of balance. This dominant Masculin energy is the cause of a waring society. The Cabal designed it this way so we could fight against each other and never come to know ourselves as children of God. So do you want to eat from the real buffet of the knowledge of God, or are you going to just suck on the crap that the Cabal has prepared for the slaves for generations of time? It has all been part of the Luciferian Project to oppose God which is now coming to an end, and in the end, Love has Won.

Let’s now talk about Q and the Q plan that has been in our existence until Divine timing has opened up a new way of being. Q is not a Conspiracy Theory. Love Won Society is not a Conspiracy Theory. It is real and present today for us to be a part of if we have a calling from God. Q has joined with us and brings a whole new concept of Divine Guidance for us to participate in, in this the New Dispensation of the Fullness of Times. This is God’s plan and not just another Conspiracy Theory as the Cabal would want you to think. Have you ever heard of that phrase? Cabal conditioning would not let you have it because they would no longer be in control. So on with Q…


Q said that “Don” (Donald Trump) is totally aware of Love Won Society. He said that Don is a highly evolved Spiritual being having what we see as a 3rd dimension experience to help mankind win the raging war between good and evil. Don has no need of contacting LWS, he knows what we are doing for his Q plan. He has faith that God is taking care of things and has the right people to do the work that needs to be done. It is their responsibility, and he does not get involved in other people’s responsibilities without being asked. Don is an example of Universal Laws in action.

Does Don know what we are doing? Does Don know Ron Giles’ intent for Love Won Society and what we have agreed to do for the Alliance including the new Financial Services Industries (FSI)? The answer is yes. He’s got it all, including LWS. Without the LWS’s Managing Directors who will have the funds necessary to fund the FSI, the service industry would fail. It will be done by those who have the funds and do not need a return on investment. We will gladly pay for the services to be rendered by the Financial Service Centers. If the guru crew knew what the funds were going to accomplish, would they still be limiting humanitarians to 12 million per 100 T note? This is not just a casual observation; it is essential to the survival of Humans after we get rid of the Cabal. It is not hard to see a plan is behind what is taking place. The higher funds are essential and no one except LWS is even asking for them. Nice job guru shills, you have coned so many Humanitarians into your scam. Your time for Justice is just around the corner.

The LWS programs will change the economic system to where each individual will prosper and have all the money they need to have a different way of life than the Cabal debt slavery system. Anyone of the Truthers that say things that limit the Humanitarians from getting all the funds they need, either do not know what is coming or they are disseminating Military Deceptions. And how can you blame them for what they are doing, they do things from the 3D minds that know only Cabal ways of doing things. Q says to Command our Spirit to take the thoughts of our mind and put them into our heart. Why does he say that? Might it be that Q suggests for us to start using our hearts to make 3D decisions so that we can move to the higher planes of existence… like towards the 5th Dimension? YES!!!

So, is Q for us or against us? I received confirmation from the Alliance that Q is part of the Alliance plan. This was for my mind, my heart already knew he is legit. I get that he came here to help with the Spiritual transition while Love Won Society will take care of the Physical transition.

LWS is transitioning the 3D Physical plane where the thoughts have been slave consciousness or lack consciousness and creating a different way of living that helps us to have the Abundance Mentality. Without the Abundance Mentality, there is no way our thoughts will link us to the higher realms. Without the Abundance Mentality, the higher thoughts will not even come to us because we have not changed from the Cabal-controlled ways of being and thinking. Those without the Abundance Mentality will find their homes in the 3rd Dimension and will learn to be as happy as they can be without the change to Ascension thinking.

Q’s activities with us are the natural way of changing our thinking to accommodate the higher thought forms that are helping us to the higher Dimensional ways of thinking. This is why LWS has reasoned out our association with Q. When we learn the Spiritual aspect of what we are trying to do then our natural way of doing things will become integrated into our very core beliefs that produce the result we are looking for. Q says he is a Transition Specialist. We have never heard of that from a Spiritual Being, so it is new to us. Is there any reason why we should reject this and miss out on one of the major tools that God has given us to use in our Humanitarian activities?

Did President Kennedy dream up the Q concept? Did President Kennedy, a person from one of the families that Q talks about, have Divine intervention to assist him in living through the attempted assassination? Who do you think it was, from the higher realms, that came to establish the Q team to counterattack what took place and what is still taking place today? You who are prejudging Q, are canceling out the head of the whole Q movement because you are using your 3D minds instead of your heart to make your decisions. I would be doing the same thing, but I have the advantage of being able to ask the Alliance who Q is. I got my answer in my 3D mind as well as my multidimensional heart that knows all things. That is why Q is with LOVE Won Society. I never make a decision of that magnitude without consulting with the Alliance and getting their approval. Q is part of the implementation of the LWS programs and assists with the Spiritual aspect that is part of the Ascension process. Q completes the plan already in place. He is part of the next phase of implementation.


Now comes the hard part for those that contend with me about Q. If you have believed in LWS and say it is the answer to your prayers and have received your SKRs which will be the greatest release of legitimate God-given funds this world has ever known, and have learned how the Alliance wants us to redeem the Bonds we have accumulated, then I say to you the time has come to choose which way you want to go. If you believe that Love Won Society is being led by the Alliance, then stay with us and accept the truth that Q is part of the Alliance and its plan. If you can not continue to believe in LWS because we are aligned with Q, then that is a relationship breaker. This is the fork in the road that will keep LWS on our course, while those who are not with us anymore should take an alternate course of action. Which course are you going to choose? If you do not believe that Love Won Society is being directed by the Alliance and has maintained our course with them as our guide, then it might be time for you to cut your perceived losses and go back to the gurus to find a better way for you. If you take the course to the Left, you will need to go back and find a better course for your redemption hopes. If you take the course to the Right you can continue with LWS and will find the things you have hoped for as a Humanitarian. We will not change our course because we have been given our validation from the beginning that the Alliance Plan has been given to us to follow and it will lead us to the Redemption of our Bonds. The Alliance will then release the funds and other tools we will need. Our course is set, and Q joined us because he believes in our ability to follow the Alliance Plan. Use small reasons to separate from us if you must or you can focus on ways to see LWS through. It is your choice. 

The fact that Q has joined us brings joy to my heart. I know who Q is and I know of the intent of his heart. I also know what a great privilege it is and will be, to have his assistance as we move into higher dimensional experiences. Q did not come to LWS to take over the controls of LWS, he came to assist us in the Spiritual part of our movement to 5D.  Unless I feel the need, I will not respond to any more questions about Q being with us, that matter for me is now closed. That ship has sailed.

I send my love and Blessings to all.



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