(Reader: KS) Response to The Office of POOFness and Tiger


Reader Post | By KS

First, let me say this. I had seriously pondered not commenting further on here at all. Then I got up this morning and read to catch up, and though to myself, SOMEONE needs to address some of this because it seems it Still is not getting thru so please bare with me. This will be kind of short more or less.

To The Office of POOFness, Have you ever considered AT ALL, how what is Normal for the Spider, to the FLY is Utter Chaos?? That seems to be the predicament we Patriots are in while YOU SPIDERS, Seemingly, Don’t give a Crap because you all and these so called White Hats, are all tucked in nice and neat in your own little Safe Havens WHILE WE SUFFER LOSS and YOU DON’T!

I KNOW you all Mean Well and have Pure and Only Good Intent, as do many of us. BUT, You as well, need to stop with the Lies and Contradictions Please. You still say that you have to have your “paperwork” all in order and time to go over it all to make sure it’s proper and complete. WELL, According to the White Hats own Proclamations of having Time Travel systems and Project Looking Glass’ ability to See into the future as well, You have NO EXCUSE for not having every piece of Documentation DONE Already and waiting for the precise moment someone says Oh you’re missing this document or that document. Because if you Do have these technologies, YOU WOULD ALREADY KNOW Exactly WHO would tell you that and WHEN they would say it and you’ve supposedly had already, nearly 30 Years to have these documents in order and waiting. The same goes for these “Chinese Elders” saying Their Own Unexpected Holdup and Blockade for NESARA/GESARA! Future seeing/knowing technologies Prove That too, to be just another Excuse for further CAN KICKING Nonsense. They too, would have known Who the holdups would be and when and have all the necessary counters In Place and ready to IMMEDIATELY Shoot down any “Blockade” or “Surprise” DELAY of any sort. Again, nearly 30 Years to prepare ahead of time and NOTHING! That is NOT a Proper way to Build Confidence and Support for your White Hat CLAIMS! I’m NOT Trying to always be Negative. I’m merely Stating THE REAL TRUTHS that ALL we Patriots from all around the World can see! As we have Repeatedly been told time and time again for well over 2 years now, Every move Anticipated and every Counter/Resource has been put in place. If there are Repeated SURPRISES, then you LIE about having these Future Seeing technologies and abilities! But if there are continued SURPRISES that Actually DO catch you off guard, then you Don’t “Have it all and KNOW EVERYTHING” as we’ve also been told Repeatedly. Again, another Lie! So which LIE are we to believe? It’s just the FINAL MOVES of some BS Chess Game being played out when Both sides Already Know which is the Losing side. Remember??? You all “White Hats” have put out Far Too Many Contradictions to BE BELIEVED just because you all SAY this is happening or that is happening then Tell us It’s All gonna happen IN GOD’s TIME, when You all and This “Quantum Computer” are the ones IN CONTROL supposedly! I believe WHO DOESN’T LIE TO ME FOR WEEKS or MONTHS or YEARS!

To Tiger, Brother I hear you! BUT I think there is a far better option to achieve that same goal Without Provoking anyone! My thoughts and OPINION on it are this.

We are all in Dire Need and MUST have these so called White Hats DO THEIR DAMNED JOBS ASAP already and Stop acting like They KNOW Everything by saying “Nothing can stop what’s coming” NCSWIC! Because Clearly, the DS/CABAL, CAN, and HAVE on Many fronts. According to some of what is coming out now, Trumps Newly Refurbished Plane, has TRUMP 2024 painted on it. Meaning, They have Zero Intentions of doing a damned thing until THEY are good and well ready and not a moment before then. Because as I stated Above, WE SUFFER while They DO NOT! They sit and DICTATE to us how “It Had to Be This Way”. They tell us how we have been “Dictated to for decades by the DS/Cabal (S)electing Who will be our POTUS and Congress, YET, they turn right around and TELL US, How JFK Jr. WILL BE Our VP or POTUS of this New Republic AGAIN, Without OUR CONSENT or VOTING on WHO our POTUS will be after NESARA/GESARA is “Officially” announced and implemented (which apparently will NOT Be until sometime MAYBE this fall), IF THEN! It also depends on the “Safety of the People” according to Byington’s repeated reports. BTW, She now is clearly using a lot of these same NON Truthers as her “Source” by continuing to tell Phil’s LIE about SCOTUS’ overturning of 2020.

I propose instead of your suggestion, that WE THE PEOPLE, The PATRIOTS all Over the Planet, ALL OF US, Simply STOP Following or even WATCHING any and ALL of these so called “Truther Sites” WITH EXCEPTION OF THIS ONE (OPERATION DISCLOSURE), and Stop even SEARCHING for Anything pertaining to all of this Garbage they keep calling a “Movie”! When they all start seeing their Follower Numbers DROP TO ZERO, and the “Watching” numbers all Also DROP TO ZERO, and they don’t see ANYONE Repeating Any of their LIES and BS anymore, maybe THEN They will GET THE MESSAGE how WE THE PEOPLE ARE DONE HEARING THEIR CRAP TOO! Just as much Done with THEM as we are of The DS/Cabal and their Crimes against Humanity! Not however, that we Stop BELIEVING OR HOPING that what they keep claiming is TRUE, but that WE ARE DONE WITH THEIR CAN KICKING GARBAGE and WILL NOT LISTEN TO THEM ANYMORE UNTIL THEY GET THIS SH*T DONE NOW!!! THAT, in My Opinion, Would FORCE them (the so called White Hats) to USE MSM to Get A SINGLE WORD OUT TO US!! Stop USING ALL “BACK CHANNELS” people! NONE of them SAVE THIS ONE!! Give them No CHOICE like How THEY,,,,,,,,,,are Giving US NO CHOICES in a lot of this. No Choice in how many of our Loved ones DIE! No Choice in How many of us LOSE Everything while they Dilly Dally at Their Leisure. No Choice in WHO WE ELECT as our “NEW” Potus or VP. And simply Take AWAY their DICTATING TO US LIKE THE CABAL IS DOING!! My opinion, That way, No One would be “PROVOKED” by everyone open carrying yet still achieve the goal of Pushing the WHITE HATS to Remember, that THEY TOO, WORK FOR US and WE are NOT THEIR PUPPETS EITHER to be DICTATED TO! Yes, If you have the Legal means and ability to Conceal Carry, By all means DO SO in order to Protect and Defend yourselves and your loved ones as you need to!

They keep “CLAIMING” how Everything MUST be Completely Destroyed before it can be “REBUILT”. THAT’S BS entirely! You don’t have to Disassemble a Building brick by brick by brick to destroy it. You just have to GET ON WITH IT AND USE something BIG and QUICK to accomplish the Task at Hand. THAT, is nothing but MSM, and the EBS/EBA GLOBALLY!! Take Away all their “Back Channel” resources and leave THEM WITH NO CHOICE but use MSM to Get ANYTHING out to We Patriots across the Planet!


Signed Reader KS


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