Life was Paradise Before Usury in Europe


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on July 11, 2022



Peter Jon Simpson in a pamphlet entitled Life Without Usury quotes from Thorold Rogers, Professor of Political Economy at Oxford University in the middle of the nineteenth century that “at that time (in the Middle Ages) a labourer could provide all the necessities for his family for a year by working 14 weeks.” For this the bankers had him fired.

Werner Sombart in his study of agricultural conditions in Central Europe in the fourteenth century “found hundreds of communities which averaged from 160 to 180 holidays a year.” Here was old “Merrye Englande.” That free time was used to build beautiful Gothic cathedrals. See John Ruskin’s “Nature of the Gothic” for an in depth look at this spirituality.

Their crowds didn’t sit before the television watching insulting vulgarity but went a different way.

And specially from every shrines end
Of Englande to Canterbury they wende
The holy blissful martyr for to seeke
Them that hath holpen when that they were seeke.

Who is really superstitious? The modern man who believes that paper money or bank credit has value when it has no intrinsic value, and lives worse than a slave, or these noble English folk who had half a year off to build Gothic cathedrals or go to shrines to venerate saints who resisted temptation? (Our movies glorify whores.) Their money was gold and silver, or agrarian goods. Real goods.

The incessant propaganda of the financially controlled media would have us believe this bucolic world never existed – and that medieval farmers were lazy, loafing dolts. But our world isn’t even a debased copy of theirs. Instead, we have the worst slavery in history to the Rothschilds.  If we had adhered to the Biblical prohibitions against usury, our world would not have been ruined by the fangs of international finance capital. They have brought ruin to our world in two world wars and are setting the stage for another collapse outlined in “Deficit Without Tears”. We must return to God and His Bible25 and take back our Western civilization from the international financiers. The good book, dear reader, is still good.26

Antonio representing Christianity defaulted on his borrowings and was required to pay a pound of flesh. When his friends sought to pay off the loan with interest and much more, Shylock refused as it did not want the money but the life of Signor Antonio whose lending without usury would destroy his control of the world. Shylock could not compete in a no usury world and would have to do real work for a living. That was the issue in World War One and Two for Baron Eduard de Rothschild. The Providential irony of it all was the Baron fled Paris just as the German troops marched into Paris singing songs of hatred against usury.

David Lifschultz


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