(Reader: Helen West) We Agree with Rambo! Patriots Stand Ready!


Reader Post | By Helen West


My fellow patriots are with you! I had a family member that spoke HIGHLY of the Patriots that “STAND AT THE READY” to serve and take back AMERICA, IF needed.

Your logic is RIGHT ON TARGET, and what most people see as the DEMICRATS telling us what they are doing before they do it,, The WHITE HATS did the same, or as you say, Its a huge PYCH OP to lead us astray in another way! To keep the Patriots busy being complacent- so we don’t attempt to take our country back, they have implemented a strategy:They prepared the Audience for the movie… They said “What makes a good Movie, Actors. They set up Telegram, and all the Patriot Programs we all watch on a daily basis. Give us “CLIFF HANGERS” with dates to see if it comes true, which is does not! Keeps us intrigued and engrossed so we are not preparing our own take back of our Country. Gives us encouragement to TRUST THE PLAN and STAY STRONG and a few Supreme court judgements, Roe V Wade- (but baby’s are still being Murdered in states and the Vaccines are Killing our babies too does not look like anything was really accomplished)-  While the ones in Control,  they live high on the GOLDEN HOG and are not struggling to survive. While the American People starve and struggle to survive. We are told to share the truth with others, and then when we do and nothing happens, we look like fools, conspiracy theorist  just like the FBI CIA did with the truthers back in the 70’s. Now our friends and family think we are bonkers! Then we have the Misinformation, and the Rallye’s to watch -to push the agenda, tell us who they want into the government- THEY CHOSEN CADIDATES-  and all we have to do is trust  them and vote. They have already chosen for WE THE PEOPLE, The Patriots!   ( Once again, we are not being asked, We are being treated like we have no common sense not able to think for ourselves and need KEEPERS!  Isn’t that what OBAMA said??  The money or Financial system that was to be implemented by the DEEP STATE was to be monitored and tracked, and now we hear and find out that the new RAINBOW CURRENCY, CRYPTO and CREDIT CARDS, bank ACCOUNTS attached to the QFS is all TRACKABLE. A dear friend and Patriot of mine, raised the red flag when he learned that the Paper currency will go away gradually under the QFA system and all the transactions will be traced through the system-  Where is the FREEDOM IN THAT, and what is the difference in that compared to the system Hilary Clinton wanted to have implemented for us. We are now being told that the Military have a DATE for the END OF THE MOVIE… But in the next breath they said, Be prepared to change that date… Stringing us along a little longer. Just long enough to keep us looking over here, and not over there- so we allow others to supposable take our country back,  HOLDING STRONG ON THE CONSTATUTION. As I see it, the Military is allowing the this evil to go on. They could have taken down the BIDEN administration along time ago. TREASON, SADITION, has been proven.. 

The DEEP State plan was to Kill us off as well. Starvation, No money, and give what they choose to give us and we are to be HAPPY. Well, I do believe that is where we are now… BUT THE WHITE HATS ARE IN CONTROL IS WHAT WE ARE TOLD. Then, this is them doing it to us??? The dates never pan out and they will continue this until they have implemented the candidates to govern us in a new way they have set in motion…Deep state did this as well,  I believe

I think we need these “WHITE HATS” and their  “OPPERATION” TO END NOW. This is not about FREEDOM when your conducting everything on your own whims  and agenda’s and WE THE PEOPLE are suffering at the hands of YOUR CONTROL if we are to believe your in control. We have spoken, END THE MOVIE, and it continues anyway.. Whos working on OUR BEHALF?

Your no better than the Deep State Actors.  WE are the PAWNS in your MOVIE now. Its a fact  that we have been conditioned all these years, actually most of our lives by the TELE-VISION and DEEP STATE ACTORS telling us what to believe… It s just a matter of SYMANTICS on WHO IS PULLING THE STRINGS- CURRENTLY!

I for one, will stop believing in the WHITE HAT PLAN. So far, its leaving a bad taste in my mouth.  I can not say their plan is better than the other when we are the PAWNS. I see the real Americans on the streets, suffering, and death of love ones and this is not needed… I am sure the MOVIE could have ended by now, but someone wants to stretch it out for vindictive reasons… Self Interest…Definitely, not the interest of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. We were told we would love the ending, but the ending is NOT for everyone… The everyone being the POOR PEOPLE OF AMERICA. We are the PAWNS in this MOVIE. NO MORE DATES, WE WANT ACTION. 

People are now waking up and becoming suspicious of the motives and Aims of the supposed WHITE HATS. 

Sincerely, Helen West


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