(Reader: Rambo) Questioning “The Plan”, Part 2


Reader Post | By Rambo

Oh, I’m just getting started.

Expounding on what I expressed yesterday.  Look, I’m just stating the obvious, because it’s possible, though probably slight, that “Q” is a Psy-op.  We have to be able to look critically because of the fact that the Matrix is EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING, so what makes this different?

One of the things that infuriates me is this.  If you were take the average citizen who is under TOTAL COMPLETE DYSTOPIAN MIND CONTROL by the central controllers, which the “White”-hats are obviously privy too seeing as they are so hell bent on waking up every single person, but then they allow CHILDREN to get these death jabs, all the while “claiming” to be pulling these same children from the D.U.M.B.’s. you’d have to question it, that’s basic common sense, isn’t it?  And just because you’re SOLD, hook line and sinker, more than likely shaking your head at this, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least consider it.  Wake up people, just because they’re waiving revaluation money in front of your asses doesn’t mean you can discount that you’ve all been in a controlled paradigm your whole lives, don’t you think “THEY” could do this too?  You’re a fool if you don’t at least think about it.  I’m merely asking the question that most of you are too frightened to ask.

What if this is just a play by the Mega Bankers to deceive us into thinking that someone is here to save us, flip this thing upside down, thereby subduing us, letting down our guard, then bringing down the hammer?  We’re being told that this is going to precipice, so what better way to keep us culled right up to the end when it’s TOO LATE!!  We’re told that “Q” will “…at the precipice, we turn around and arrest them…”.  Maybe it’s true, but maybe it’s not.  Because by then, it’ll be too late for us to do anything.  Now we could argue that this “movie” “is already over”, but HOW DO WE REALLY KNOW?  This could all be “Project Looking Glass”ed out to perfection, to keep the hundreds of millions of gun owners at bay right to the point that it’s too late.

If that’s what we can gather from the mirage of dis/information, then these “saviors” are not saviors.  As a matter of fact, they’re then sadistic lunatics themselves playing a part in this “movie”, being promised a seat at the table when it’s all over.  As a war-gamer, this has to be thought out in that perspective.  Good grief, this is life and death here.

This is from one of my followers on my daily post who wrote in:

“Rambo, your heartfelt letter speaks what many of us feel. I think we are being played and I have to wonder if in fact Trump is in place to keep us appeased and waiting until we are in so deep there is no way to escape. I have often wondered why we saw videos of children being led out of the White House while Biden is in office BUT were those children there while Trump was in office? Why did Trump do nothing about that, or any of this, while he was in office? Perhaps he is a “double agent” as it were and we are all being skillfully played. Roe vs Wade seems like a very small victory for all the negative things and now I read that the airlines are implementing digital IDs in order to fly, which only will lead to more and more other areas. Regular doctors, politicians, and associations such as the NRA are getting more done than these so-called White Hats.”  

(That Lady has 3 children that she is trying to raise….GRRRRRR.)

Whitehats: Are we to think that the occasional execution information on Real Raw News, AFTER 6 YEARS, like the latest of Michael Sussmann and Jennifer Dillion, are supposed to keep us in check?  HOW ABOUT SHOWING OBAMA GET 2 TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD ON THE DUMMY BOX?  Please, stop with the nonsense, 90% of us WANT TO SEE THIS HAPPEN!!!  We YEARN for “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW”, and yet you shelter it from us, WTF!!

Here’s the problem. 

You all think we’re CHILDREN!!!  You’re the ones that are DELUSIONAL by your mindsets that we won’t be able to “handle it”, that the country will “GO CRAZY” if you show it.  QUITE THE OPPOSITE, we’ll be celebrating in the streets, not rioting you fools!!  What’s pissing us off is that THERE IS NOT JUSTICE, not that we’d be scared OF IT!!!  

What just takes me over the moon on a daily basis with all this is the fact that you’ve decided, even though we’ve been living in this ENSLAVEMENT SYSTEM OUR WHOLE LIVES, you feel that you’ve got to BURY US even deeper!!  Oh, you’re going to HAMMER US EVEN MORE with the annihilation of our ability to survive WITHIN THIS F^(#ED UP ENSLAVEMENT SYSTEM, JUST TO PROVE A POINT!!!  Who thought of that?  Claus Scwab?  George Soros?  Oh, “Q” did?  Wow, that sounds like a great idea, let’s hammer the weakest, most asleep, poorest of the citizenry, who live on NOTHING, and then hyperinflate their ability to purchase using the fake fiat monopoly money so now THEIR REALLY SCREWED!!!  What a brilliant plan!!!  Or is it?  Because if I were to take down the whole world, that’s EXACTLY what I would do, all the while telling everyone that “…help is on the way…”, ” …Military saves the world…”, “…Don’t ever give up…”….If you really open your minds, like I do EVERY SINGLE DAY, you’d HAVE TO CONSIDER THIS!!!

For the last 5 and a half years I’ve been a proponent of “Q”, I’m like the poster boy, the President of the “Q” fan club, so for me to even be THINKING this, is a complete shock to myself!!  But that is the honest truth of how I feel because this thing continues down and down but there is ZERO EVIDENCE except and occasional scrap from the table, just like I would do if I was taking down the whole thing on the heads of the people!! 

So, for me, I’m going back to my mindset leading up to 2016, which is one of NOBODY is doing shit, this thing is OVER, time to pull out all the old boxes of you all know what, get ready, because I swear to God in Heaven, there is no way in hell I’m going to sit back and watch a bunch of tight pants wearing soy boys take down this country.  So to you Whitehats, like I said yesterday, YOU’RE ON THE FUCKING CLOCK, we need to see this shit turned around and NOW, not in 2 fucking years, not in 2 months, but NOW!!  You all know what I’m saying without saying it, right?  I’m not going to sit back and watch ANYMORE PEOPLE LIVING ON THE STREETS because of your ineptitude and delusional group think that we can’t take it.  PROVE TO US THAT THIS SHIT IS AUTHENTIC, or we’re going to do what’s necessary to save this country, because at the rate you’re “purportedly” doing it, we’ll all be gone.  Get off your asses and UNLEASH THE MILITARY, FULL THROTTLE!!!!

You’re all thinking it people, I’ve just got the balls to say it.

Get it in gear, Whitehats, 5th gear wide open, and do it now, before you lose us all.



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