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Reader Post | By timjoebob

You’re reading my mind or I’m reading yours.

Well done. You guys remind me of me…because we’re on the same page, more or less, along with millions or billions of others. There are more than a few articles I’ve written in the past that exclaim the same things you’re concerned about. But, it’s OK, “it has to be this way” bs will eventually prove out be just exactly what I said it was—complete bs at the expense of innocent lives sacrificed because of a plan to save the world. I’m not buying it then and I’m not buying it now.

I’ll elude to it, yet again: “It does not have to be this way! There’s always a better way.” I’ve been saying this since I first heard about ‘the plan to save the world’ a couple of years ago.

Their statement is “either we see it their way or we can take a hike. …..and if we don’t like it, that’s just too bad.”

There’s nothing wrong with trying to save the world by using a plan to follow and implement it, but, my God, really?, seriously? C’mon guys.

The so-called good guys and their plan is faulty. However, from their perspective, they’ve got it all together. “Trust the plan.”

Wow. Amazing. Like I’ve said, I call bs on their plan from the start. Since when does sacrifice come as a savior?

Answer: never.

That was done 2,000 yrs ago and it doesn’t work nowadays. The bad guys are still killing innocents. But, that’s OK because it’s all part of ‘the plan’.

These self-exalted ones posing as our ‘saviors’…the ones we all know and love so well…you know, like 107 and the rest of the ones that are the ones that are going to save the world…you know, the ‘good guys’…they don’t suffer one bit what we the people are forced to suffer…not even close…not even in the picture. Simply put, they do not suffer anything except a bruised ego when someone calls bs on them. Boo hoo. Wah.

They don’t suffer. Does anyone believe they’re struggling to eat? How about shelter? How about money? They don’t worry about food. They don’t worry about shelter. And they sure as hell don’t worry about money.

No. They’re more concerned about how many people are on board with ‘the plan’ and the MAGICAL bs arbitrary number of 80.1% or greater of the meat suits waking up before the military does its thing. OMG! I’ll never, ever swallow that line of bs. THAT is straight up bs coming from a sociopathic stand point and is completely narcissistic in scope. Who the hell gave them permission to speak for me…or you? I speak for myself, thank you very much. I don’t need wealthy/rich people telling me what they’re going to do to save the world for me and you while in the end they can gloat and be put upon a pedestal as the saviors of the world. It all makes me ill…like I’ve been forced to swallow poison.

You watch how slowly this unfolds in the next few years. But, they will be exclaiming that everything is going according to plan and everything is moving swiftly.

Again, they will not suffer like we the people because they are actually, in reality, part of their own Elite club that they themselves call ‘the good guys club’. What? Because some of them believe in God? So, what? Just because someone believes in God does not automatically insure them of doing the right thing. For God’s sake, even the Devil believes God exists…and he wants to replace Him with his own version of perfection—AI.

I feel all warm and fuzzy, now, don’t you?

Something big will happen within the next few days to bring more believers into the fold. It will go something like this:

“The Alliance scored a major victory today or yesterday and the tables have definitely turned in our favor and it’s just a matter of time before we get our freedoms back… or …Trump will be reinstalled/reinstated and now the bad guys are really getting taken to the cleaners as the Alliance is winning on all fronts.”

In the mean time, the Agenda moves towards 2030 completion, of course. People still are in the dark because MSM is still a blithering cesspool of crap. What? Just because Fox News actually told a truth about some tidbit info doesn’t mean squat in the large picture.
And, by the way, my CERN Concern article was in front of the info curve that someone who has a larger fanfare submitted an article about CERN being taken over by the Alliance…AFTER I wrote the CERN Concern article…something about CERN being able to send something back through it as well as something coming through it. Let’s just see how it plays out, shall we. CERN is not our friendly neighborhood science project.

Time does seem to be moving faster nowadays, though. Let’s see what transpires in the next few days. “Plan for the worst and hope for the best” is the old adage. …but…

I hope for nothing, but envision the best. That’s how I roll.



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