Update: “Stop the Insanity, Free Humanity Event”


Operation Disclosure | By Gary Goodman (GMan757), Contributing Writer

Submitted on June 25, 2022

Update: “Stop the Insanity, Free Humanity Event”.

It is now only two weeks until July 3, and much has happened since I put out a call for a mass meditation and prayer vigil event that I called “Stop the Insanity, Free Humanity Event”:

In that article, I took to task a couple of my favorite bloggers/vloggers.  Now, I have no idea whether either of them, Phil Godlewski or Molly, Cap’n of Starship Earth the Big Picture, even read my last article. 

All along, Molly has been touting the Art of War approach, and the probable fact that Phil, and others, are following a script set by the White Hats for both the amount of disclosure and the timing of the disclosure they provide.  She even mentioned Phil in that context in an article shortly after May 30.

Also, all along, Molly has been one of the very few bloggers that has not shied away from any topic in her research and writings.  Key among these is the topic of Spirituality.  And, in so doing, she has been a major influence in helping to raise the vibrations and instill a sense of family within her readership.

Now, Phil, for his part, has been suspiciously quiet on his beliefs and his financial endeavors, of late.  He has, instead, been giving positive updates a drip at a time, intermixed with frequent mentions of God in his updates.  But, here’s the kicker.  After getting burned on a couple of date predictions, he had totally shied away from predicting dates. 


In Thursday’s Q&A video Phillip John Godlewski clearly stated that he believes Trump will be back by July 4.

Phil obviously has inside connections to either members of the White Hats, or at least along with a group of Anons, is very good at computer modeling the future.  My money is on the former.  I, on the other hand, have nothing but my intuition and the guidance of Source (God) to keep me focused in the right direction. 

Note the date of Phil’s prediction and the date I called for the mass Meditation/Prayer Vigil, July 3.  Every bit of research that I have done points to WW III ending  in 2022, as well as the big transformation event happening in 2022.

Our favorite Anon (17) has made a really big fuss over July 4, as well.  Everyone just assumed that it was in a prior year.  What have we learned about date correlations there?

In my last article, I also took to task both The Galactic Federation and Donald J Trump (still our lawful POTUS).  I believe that the groundwork is laid for TGF’s appearance on the scene (more on this later).  And, I also believe that either Trump and/or some other member(s) of the White Hat Earth Alliance read that article, or as is so often the case, many of us were led to the same thoughts at the same time.

At this point, I must apologize for not reading much in the weeks prior to my last article to provide any level of context.  However, in the week after May 30, much of what I read was quite critical of the slow pace of the White Hats plan.  All the while, Mr [redacted] was taking care of business in [redacted].  This, I believe, was an example of many of us simultaneously having the same thoughts.

Well, the pace “ain’t slow no mo”.


It has, in fact been accelerated to a dizzying whirlwind of activity.  My older son, who has expressed his disenchantment with the pace, sent me a text this morning expressing his elation over the noticeable SCOTUS decisions shooting down Roe vs. Wade, and the NY concealed carry law.

Now, for my more subtle examples of progress.

Synchronicity has long been recognized as a method that Source (God) uses to manifest that “Still Small Voice”.   So, I will now share some of my synchronicity observations from the past year.  Most famous of these are the numeric synchronicities.  David Wilcock devoted an entire book to the topic of synchronicity, “The Synchronicity Key”.  In it he gets into some pretty deep analysis of numbers.

One of my two examples of a numeric synchronicity manifested after I purchased a new digital clock for my living room.   The first time it happened I just passed it off as an eyesight issue.  Then I would take notice, eventually seeing it change the numbers to the impossible time of 18:88.  After about 10-15 seconds, it would change back to the correct time display.

I quickly began to intuitively (and accurately)relate this number to something negative that I had done from a spiritual perspective.  In this case, I was “seeing” God’s still small voice.

Three days ago, I was at a local grocery store, and they were out of the gallon size of Vitamin D milk.  I purchased two of the half gallon size, and last night I noticed that both had an expiration date of July 3 !!!  I then set about writing this article.

How many of you know what the dark brown/black spots on a bunch of bananas means?  Anyone?!?  Well, those spots indicate the bananas were sprayed with a chemical ripening agent (yet another poison in our food).  On that same shopping trip, I spotted a really nice barely ripe bunch of bananas.  Now, 3 days later, not a single dark spot, and the taste is heavenly.

How many of you get to drive in the country, and are also observant about your surroundings?  I gather that it is not very many, otherwise there would have been an uproar by now.  Whenever I return home from a nearby city to the West, I reach a point on the expressway that is much like the edge of a high plateau with a beautiful view of a valley, below.

Normally I only took note of this view during the fall foliage season.  Massachusetts  folks know exactly what I am talking about.  Last summer, I saw this in a totally different light.  Trees in the distance were no longer green, having taken on a dirty looking silver color from the aluminum in the really heavy chemtrailing (officially Geoengineering).

Now, when I look at foliage at any distance, all that I see is a deep forest green that I have not seen  in 15-20 years or so.  I am seeing very little spraying these days, with many days of a deep blue sky and natural clouds.


So, why am seeing all of these positive changes, including gas and diesel prices dropping every day from their record prices, and accelerating.  World War III is over folks.  What you are seeing play out now is part of the final disclosure, leading up to the “Return of the King”.

However, for those of us that are awake, our job is just beginning!  It IS UP TO US TO DETERMINE THE SHAPE OF OUR FUTURE, “THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME”. 

Can you hear me Molly?  Can you hear me James Gilliland?  Can you hear me James O’Brien?  Can you hear me Judy Byington?  Can you hear me Cobra?  Can you hear me Kat?  Among the six of you, you have direct access to many thousands of readers.

Can you hear me David Wilcock?  Can you hear me Corey Goode?  Can you hear me James Gilliland?  Can you hear me Phil Godlewski?  Among just the four of you, you have direct access to MILLIONS of listeners/viewers!

Can anyone else hear me???  Think about this:  If every individual  who hears this message tells only two others to join in our mass meditation/prayer vigil, then the participation  would be Earth changing.  So, for any of you that practice an organized religion, please notify your pastor, or appropriate leader of your local religious group that you would like for your group to participate  in this mass meditation/prayer vigil at:

8:00 PM CDT on Sunday July 3, 2022.

I am requesting that everyone who participates keep it simple.  Do a clearing, then focus your prayers on the 4 declarations, below.  Please do not add any mantras or other ritual to the meditation.  Remember that spoken         words can be unknowingly be used for dark magic spells.

Please remember that the Unconditional Love energy of Source (God) is the most powerful force in the universe.  Be assertive in your prayer, but do so with loving detachment.  Anger and Fear provide sustenance for Evil, while Love weakens it.

DECLARATIONS for “Stop the Insanity, Free Humanity”

1) That we are taking back our sovereignty NOW. 


2) That the Archons and any other entities that think they are in control of humanity, are no longer welcome on this planet, and MUST Leave Immediately

3) That any humans who are pawns of the DS Cabal are no longer in power, and must stand down immediately or face trial by military tribunal or summary execution as is the case already.

4) That we will immediately manifest a new 4D reality where all humans are sovereign beings  no longer subject to any control by any other humans or other entitles.  And, all beings on this planet will adhere to universal law, which is peace on earth, brotherly/sisterly love, and freedom and prosperity for all.  We will all honor free will of others, and in the immortal words of Drake Bailey, adhere to the axiom that ” your free will ends where the tip of my nose begins”

Note that #2 and #3 may be pretty much handled already.  The very future of Humanity is riding on how well we handle #1 and #4.  Please Meditate and/or  Pray as often as practical between now and July 3.

Ascension? Meditation? Prayer? The Choice Really is up to “We The People” WWG1WGA

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