Ask and Ye Shall Receive!


Operation Disclosure | By Gary Goodman (GMan757), Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 30, 2022

Ask and Ye Shall Receive!

Before I get to the main topic of this article, I first want to apologize to our readers for waiting so long to publish this article.  A few weeks after the last article that I wrote on 10/10/2021, I got sick with flu like symptoms.  Around Thanksgiving of last year,  my wife, Cynthia also got sick.  In her case, she was having a bout of diarrhea related to her Crohn’s disease, with a minor chronic cough.  

Since I had an allergic reaction to Albuterol in a nebulizer, I was unable to watch her diet and encourage her to take in more potassium.  Usually, a simple thing like eating a banana or two every day would end the diarrhea.  In this case, her sisters were taking care of her, and one sister was concerned that in her weakened condition she might  be developing pneumonia.  So, on December 12, 2021, I agreed to calling an ambulance.  On the way to the hospital, she was administered a fake Cov test, with a positive result, of course.  My Baby-doll, my partner of 22 years, then fell victim to the Euthanasia machine.

On Wednesday, December 15, 2021, i was awakened around 4:55 to a loud knock at the back door.  I got out of bed, but nobody was at the back door.   My intuition told me then that something was wrong.  Around noon, another sister knocked at my back door, and told me that around 5:30 Cynthia had coded , but had been revived.  I later found out that they claimed that she had ripped off her oxygen mask, laid there and suffocated and it was not until about 20 minutes later, after her heart stopped, that anybody noticed.

By that time, she had suffered a fatal brain injury.  I got to watch this process play out the second time on December 28, after the the ventilator was removed.  She was, at my request, immediately given a budesonide treatment, then breathed on her own for about 15 minutes.  About 20 minutes after her last breath, her heart stopped for good.  I believe that knock on the door thirteen days prior was her soul’s way of letting me know that she was leaving, and was OK.So, why, you might ask, did I begin this article with so much negativity???

First of all, I felt a need to explain my absence from writing here.  However, I was not making negative use of my time.  I have spent much time in meditation and prayer, and have been listening to that still small voice and honing my intuitive skills.  I have also been working on Empathy, but am finding that to be much more difficult.


Second, the Deep State and its overlords are in their death throes, and are desperate.  They have been working overtime against me over the past 16 months, or so.  They have a powerful need to keep us divided, keep us separated from Source(God), and silence those of us who are vocal.   AND, they want us to remain so, even after they achieve their goal of KILLING 94% of humanity.

Also note that I am now writing under my real name, with GMan757 in parentheses as a reference to tie in with previous articles.  I will continue this practice for the foreseeable future.

I wrote, in a previous article,  “Folks, if you have not noticed, the quantum shift is a happenin NOW! “.  Well, the shift IS happening, but the pace is slowed noticeably for those of us who still mark time in a linear fashion.  And, therein lies the problem!  Fifth Density beings do not mark time in a linear fashion.  And, contrary to popular belief, evil “service to self beings” CAN exist in 5th density. Ref: The Law of One, book 1:

(Click “Library” in the top menu, Then select “Books” in the Popup.  “The Law of One should be 2nd from left, top row)

All 5 books are are freely available as a PDF download, along with other electronic formats.  This site exists mainly through donations and book sales.  This book series is often referred to as the Ra series, based on the name given by the entity Channeled by Carla Ruckert, and as questioned by Don Elkins, from Louisville, KY in 1982 – 1985.  David Wilcock spent 2 years living with Carla and Jim McCarty in the early 1990’s, and in the process, cross referencing her channeling with another prior channeler’s work.

In this book, Ra says that by the 5th Density, the great majority of negative beings have turned to the light, or they don’t ascend.  However, in rare cases, entities that are so evil, and are so focused on service to self, that these entities are able to ascend to 5th density.  These entities typically have lost the ability to manifest due to their disconnection from Source(God). 

As a side note, this is my first instance of The Mandela Effect.  The first time I visited llresearch Web site, I remember Don Elkins dying of a heart attack.  The last time I visited it, he died of suicide.  (There have been many reports of a Temporal War over the past 70 years.)


However, they are masters of manipulation, mind control, and have the ability to trick us into manifesting for them. (This is the real nature of the 3D matrix, and not a bunch of tubes and computer hardware.)

So, now, after about 3 hours of writing and laying the groundwork, it is time to bring in the title of this  article, “Ask, and Ye Shall Receive”.  There are no less than 16 passages in the KJV of the bible ant reference this phrase.  I will begin with John 16:24, and the most direct reference, Where Yeshua says: “Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.”

The most often quoted passage might well be Mathew 7:7:  “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”.  It is also referenced twice in the Old Testament, 1 Kings 3:5: “In Gibeon the LORD appeared to Solomon in a dream by night: and God said, Ask what I shall give thee.”, and Psalms 37:4, “Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”.  Note, that in the Old Testament, the tone is different, showing a bit of selfishness in the desire of the person asking.

The New Testament is a mixed bag, but the passage that  is most pertinent to this discussion is James 4:3, where Yeshua says “Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.”.  Now, I have written before about the controllers tampering with the bible, so it is not surprising to me that this is the only passage that lays it out so succinctly. 

I will now summarize my takeaways from these Bible passages.  You may ask and you will receive, provided you do so with a pure heart, and do not do so to feed your lust.  Your lust could be a lust for sex, money, power, notoriety, or control.  That includes financial gain at the expense of others, or causing harm to others as a consequence of feeding your lust.   

Basically, you must ask yourself if your request serves all of humanity, or at least serves others more than self.

One exception to this is when you commune with your higher self and/or with Source(God), is when you ask for healing for yourself.  The Law of One also stipulates that before you can be of service to others, you must take care of your own basic needs.  How can you be of service to others when you are dead? 

Because I consider it only a minor distraction at this point, it is likely why I still have Parkinson’s disease.  I focus my meditation and prayer on those who have life threatening healing needs.

While Christians believe theirs is “the only way to salvation”, I personally believe there are many other worthy spiritual beliefs and practices out there.  The Vedic text and Hindu practices predate Christianity by many thousands of years.  It is why I integrate some of this knowledge into my own practices.

I consider it the ultimate in arrogance to believe that humanity is the only creation of Source(God), or that yours is the only way to commune with God.  After all Religious Dogma is a divisive mind control technique created Millennia ago, in order to separate us from God, and keep us divided, and at war with each other. 


OH!  If humanity only knew the power of the human incarnated souls, information that is being kept hidden from us by the 3D Matrix and mind control technology and programming created millennia ago.  If even half of Humanity was awake and aware of that power, we could instantly manifest a new 4D reality and flip the switch  that would take the entire population to that 4D reality.

Now, for the substance of and meat of why this article is being written.  Even though Q has said that we are watching a movie, this movie is lasting FOREEEVER!!!  Therein lies another problem.  That being the Fifth Density (5D) baddies (primarily Archons). who are subtly mind controlling the masses and further delaying the end of WW III.

Their intent is for the White Hats to get caught up in all the distractions while the War effort stagnates, and their support base loses hope.  Their hope is that by forcing their minions to hold out until the very end, fighting unto the death, that they will win the War of Attrition.

How do I know this, you might ask.  I know from first hand experience.  While I managed to stay calm and do my meditations and inner work after the loss of my beloved partner of 22 years, the distractions and attempts at mind control are still on the increase.

Over the past couple of months, I have been repeatedly besieged by thoughts of anger and retaliation against a corrupt local government and the associated bad actors.  This is in reference to election fraud, and a corrupt sheriff’s department and their impact on helpless friends and family. 

Remember that thoughts do NOT translate into action, but rather cause a constant stream of distractions.  Note that this is  one of 11 counties in our state that is undergoing an audit of the 2022 primary.

While I have always tried to control my emotions and fight evil with the unconditional Love energy of Source (God), my intuition only allowed me to recognize the source of my distractions in the past couple of weeks.  Now, when I get angry or experience spurious thoughts, I instantly meditate, do a clearing, and strengthen my defenses.

I cannot stress enough the importance of doing clearings when praying or meditating.  God has given us Dominion over the demons and negative creatures of this planet.  Whenever we order them gone, they must leave immediately.  Don’t forget this!

These delays are also being facilitated even by members of the truth community.  Remember this phrase:  “Divide and Conquer.  For instance, take Phil G.  He is a trusted source of Geopolitical Intel, with a ridiculous number of followers and over 4 million now watching his intel updates.

However, Phil is, whether knowingly or unknowingly, functioning as an agent of division and distraction.  His stance on the Flat Earth, and statement that ETs don’t exist and We are all that exists in the whole of creation is creating a chasm between his followers and much of the rest of the community. 


Furthermore, his focus on money is adding to the distraction.  In a nutshell, Phil is a dead end, functioning as a DS lackey.  He leaves our focus on the intel and money, while taking away the spiritual opportunity to end this war.  Even though he constantly makes references about God, he uses his Dogma to close off avenues to end the War. 

So, while Phil has us focusing on him and his beliefs, the Archons that he says do not exist, are sitting back and laughing at us!  Charlie Ward is a man that says all the right things, even about spirituality.  But even he has an attachment to money, and does not quite understand the concept of 5D, where we will have a light body rather than a physical body.

Mike Jaco is another one that says mostly positive stuff.  Even he  has a fixation with money.  He does not understand that  we will not need money in 5D.  Linda Paris is another one that provides good intel if you only want to wake people up, but focuses enough on the negative aspects of the DS Cabal that her information, in and of itself, adds to the distraction.

Molly, the Cap’n over on Starship Earth: The Big Picture, does a good job of recognizing that holding a high frequency and not allowing the negativity to pull you down is necessary.  However she subscribes to Phil’s Flat Earth theory.  Yet, on Friday she promoted a video by Linda Moulton Howe that blew Phil’s beliefs right out of the water.

Now, I consider the Starship to be one of the best readers digest sites on the net, and the open minded Cap’n gives analysis that is usually spot on, but now it is time for action rather than waking people up.

In another recent article, I made the statement: “NOW Is The Time For WE THE PEOPLE To Trigger Our Ascension”.  Today, I would change the statement to: “NOW is The Time For WE THE SHEEPLE To WAKE the eff UP (a Juan O’Savenism), Get Up Off Our Collective Dead Asses, and DO SOMETHING!”

That Something is to declare and ASK God to help bring about:

1) That we are taking back our sovereignty NOW.

2) That the Archons and any other entities that think they are in control of humanity, are no longer welcome on this planet, and MUST Leave Immediately

3) That any humans who are pawns of the DS Cabal are no longer in power, and must stand down immediately or face trial by military tribunal or summary execution as is the case already.


4) That we will immediately manifest a new 4D reality where all humans are sovereign beings  no longer subject to any control by any other humans or other entitles.  And, all beings on this planet will adhere to universal law, which is peace on earth, brotherly/sisterly love, and freedom and prosperity for all.  We will all honor free will of others, and in the immortal words of Drake Bailey, adhere to the axiom that ” your free will ends where the tip of my nose begins”

So that We may RECEIVE the blessing of these declarations

I have said this before, that I am a Christian, but one with an open mind.  If anyone is new to meditation,  please read this article. 

Ascension? Meditation? Prayer? The Choice Really is up to “We The People” WWG1WGA

The choice between meditation and prayer has long been another divisive mechanism, intended to divide us and separate us from God.  Meditation is nothing more than a tool in a toolbox, as is prayer. 

It is how you use your tools that matters, and I happen to use both as the need dictates.  As I was rereading the article tonight, I noticed that I forgot to mention one  thing in the still small voice paragraph.  And that is that you do not always hear a voice at all, but rather a simple thought is placed in your mind.  You will need to hone your intuitive skills to “hear” these answers. 

I find that it occasionally helps me verbalize thoughts when searching for answers to prayers or meditation.  Just don’t forget Satan and his minions can also plant thoughts.  Watch out for these, and when they occur, quickly begin another clearing.  

Hence, my preference to follow the KISS principle — Keep It Simple Stupid.  Rituals and mantras often get in the way of what you are trying to accomplish.   So, let’s keep it simple and focus on the 4 declarations, above.  Begin your meditation or prayer vigils with a clearing, as outlined in the article.  Set your intent of your prayer or meditation, based on the 4 declarations.  Lets roll up our sleeves, and get to work.

Finally I want to organize a mass meditation/prayer vigil event for 8:00 PM, on Sunday, July 3, 2022, and to last about an hour.  I have heard of many prayer vigils and mass meditation events, and have participated in a few, but never have I heard anyone else call for both at the same time, but then I don’t get out much.

So, I urge you to join me in this effort.  It does not matter what faith, religion, or spiritual practice that you follow.  We all have a single goal here.  That is to end this insanity, overthrow our wannabe rulers, and set humanity on a path of universal law, prosperity, and freedom.


The six degrees of separation concept means that we could literally reach millions if everyone who reads this really wants to effect this change.  So if any of you have communication with people like Corey Goode, David Wilcock, James Gilliland, The Unknown Light Warrior, Linda Paris, Phil Godliewski, Elena Danaan, Dr Michael Salla, Michael Jaco, Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Chas Carter, Brad Johnson, or any other VLOGGERS or BLOGGERS or Preachers or Rabbis, or any other religious people and their followers, please invite them and their followers to join us.

It does not matter if anyone does not believe in one or more points made in the 4 declarations.  Just come in anyway and focus on those points that you do believe in.  For instance #1 I would expect to be universally accepted, while some might have issue in #3 with summary executions, even though this is already happening in case where surrender is refused.  I realize that not everyone will believe that 4D,  Archons, demons, or ETs exist, but that does not matter.  #1 and the remaining items in #3 and #4 should be enough to make their participation worthwhile.

Lets call this event “End the Insanity, Free Humanity”.  While this main event is scheduled for 8:00 PM on Sunday July 3 2022, I would like for everyone to devote as much time and effort to meditation and prayer prior to the event.  Doing this at scheduled times leaves us open to counter attacks by the Satan worshipers.  However, a large number of people doing this at random times and intervals could weaken the evil, and even actually effect the changes prior to the event.

 Anyway I invite any concerned  human and even ETs or other entities that share this goal to join us.  Do you hear me Galactic Federation?  You now have an official invitation to assist humanity!

Do you hear me, Donald J. Trump?  Are you certain that the slow pace of disclosure is not providing an opening for the Evil to  win a war of attrition.  The anger and thoughts being placed into me did not come from any entities participating directly in the war. But, these entities could definitely be influencing any participant or observer, even those awakened and attempting to serve the light. While I realize that certain trade-offs had to be made to avoid a high casualty rate and collateral damage among the general population,  It is time now for the direct approach.  

But hasn’t the enemy already been deprived of it’s ability to use WMDs?  I sir, for one have already suffered loss.  I fear nothing any more, but I really do not want to suffer any more lost loved ones, while your movie plays out in order to awaken those that are too programmed and mind controlled to even care.  And, sir, I don’t think that even you or your military intel experts have properly accounted for the “Silent Majority”.  A good many of us that have suffered loss, are those of us who followed Q’s instructions to sit back and watch the movie, just waiting for further instructions.  All the while, your experts think we are asleep. 

So, sir I would say to you give us all the disclosure, and some directions.   I think that then you will be surprised at the size of the silent majority, but also surprised at the number of sleepers that will follow direction simply because those directions came from a person in authority.  And, for God’s sake, please please stop the games with the MSM!  Some people will follow their lies until either they die, or a person in authority (YOU) discloses specifics. 

I realize that you have been disclosing since day one, but ONLY in a way that people who are able to read between the lines can see.  Now is the time to end the secret comms, retake your seat at the table, and get very explicit in your disclosure.

Love and Light 

Gary Goodman (GMAN757)



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