(Reader: TruthIsUnbreakable) Where’s the Compassion for the Elderly? Plenty of Blame to Go Around


Reader Post | By TruthIsUnbreakable

Yes, I really ranted big time, as I asked if the plan was to destroy, we the people all along?  By the way, these evil doers deserve the pain and suffering until they beg for death.

Please check out this video by NeverLoseTruth1…  What Americans Are Doing To The Elderly Is Downright Evil   Is this part of the plan the Alliance, to wait for weeks, months, and/or years before you actually do anything?  Look at these people in the video and tell me that you don’t care as you allow them to suffer and stress kills as well?  But according to this article that is towards the end of the article as follows: “There will not be mass shortages of food and fuel. The Alliance operation does not mean for this to happen to humanity. Any inconveniences will be short-lived and necessary for the plan.”   How do you know that for that to be the case? If you allow a complete collapse will be Mad Max meets other Dystopian films and there will be nothing to rebuild, all part of the plan right?  Why evil doers to continue their plans of more control, depopulation, homeless, hungry, illness, and death? Is that part of the plan? That’s okay, we’ll give you seeds and relief of energy bills in the U.K.?  What about the increase cost of living that are forcing people to decide to pay their bills or eat? Because you are destroying these innocent people, from the shortages, homelessness, to forcing people into stack and pack cities, and the weather warfare?  No doubt these evil doers deserve the pain and suffering big time, and for them to go homeless and hungry until they beg for death.  The longer this insanity continues, the people will blame you the alliance for their pain and suffering because you allowed them to go homeless, hungry, and loose their livelihoods and liberty. But of course, anything that promotes control, depopulation, war, and separation from God are promoted to the nth degree.

Would you please own up the Alliance/White Hats and get yourselves right with Jesus Christ.  We don’t have weeks, months, or years of this, do you understand?  If it’s true that you were involved in taking down these evil doers, then I would like to personally thank you.  No excuses for leaving us in the dark, lowering our vibrations, and lack of trust and loyalty in humanity?  We the people are being destroyed on all fronts.  Anyone who still believes that their votes count in the (s)elections are deceived.  If voting really made a difference, these evil doers wouldn’t allow us to do it.  None of these parasite politicians serve the people, they serve corporations, lobbyists, industrial complexes, and satanic overlords.  Look at those politicians and other actors, etc. who are WEF agents.  Trump endorsed Dr. Oz, who is a WEF agent?  What does that tell you?  Stop placing your faith and trust in any of these people and trust in God, don’t you think?

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.  If any good comes out of this, we know who these evil doers are and organizations they serve.  The worse being at the local level. As the people who are deceived, ignorant, stupid, under mass psychosis, and/or evil continue to give their power and consent to the commandments and doctrines of tyrants.  No matter what is revealed you will always have people who are awake, ignorant, stupid, crazy, or evil. Would you please listen to us the Alliance/White Hats for once, show and tell everything, what this new system is supposed to be like, and prove that you are truly with we the people instead of the new controllers presenting the false light into the great reset?  Take over the fakestream media, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street, and broadcast the truth on the TV.  Why allow babies and very young children to be injected with Convid death shots that contribute to more suffering and death?  There is a line that one must not cross, when you know better makes you guilty as sin.  End this B-rated film NOW, no more games, no more of so and so’s timing. We all have to answer to God, what about you?  What is really the plan then, you tell me?


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