(Reader: TruthIsUnbreakable) Nice Going and Great Job Destroying Innocents, is that the Real Plan all Along?


Reader Post | By TruthIsUnbreakable

First on a nice note, Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dad’s out there.  I miss my Dad everyday as he’s been gone from the past four years, there’s that.  I waited to see what happens, and is very obvious that you White Hats/Alliance aren’t listening to what we have to say. It’s very obvious with the way things are going, more are being destroyed on all fronts.  No more excuses of recording evil doers crimes against humanity to use against them later and other excuses. One such excuse are the food processing plants destruction and/or disruption are white hat operation, no doubt, really? How do you know for that to be the case and under what sources? There are evil doers poisoning us at every turn, including the food to the medicines, etc.  But that’s no excuse to assume without proof, question everything would you? Including Q insiders who have many subscribers, making $ millions to pay to have secret intel, and laughing about it. Of course, their solution is to have a garden and we’ll send you seeds for free?  Not everyone has the means nor the ability to do everything.

Please explain that to the homeless, the hungry, senior communities, those disabled, those farmers who can’t plant their crops due to flooding, drought, fires, earthquakes, etc.  These same Q insiders believe as I’ve seen others within my own family “what works for them, works for everyone else” in their perspective.  Don’t rub it in just because you have the means to be independent and have plenty of $$ and time, doesn’t mean that others do.  Just because you can have a garden without weather warfare and/or gestapo interference, doesn’t mean that others are having issues as well.

Those such as Mike Morales, who is in Missouri who covers weather warfare and the bunker fuel operations. Morales has land and tons of chickens and deer, despite doing all of it, he doesn’t have time for a garden, because he is working full-time driving between states. Last year, when he did have a garden due to the chemtrails & other operations, his garden failed.  Including those driven from their own properties because the city and/or evil lunatic want the land for themselves.  Even a Pennsylvania Amish Farmer who sold meat was shut down by authorities because the meat wasn’t FDA approved that contain poisons, his good meat confiscated, may spend two years in jail and pay over $250,000 fine.  Where’s the justice for this farmer?  Civil asset forfeiture is going on.  The air is still toxic from the Chemtrails, from there leads to the soil being bad that prevents you from planting crops and more, to the EMF’s, to the Gwen towers, HAARP, Plasma, DEW, etc.  You do realize that real men, women, and children are doing the work in their own lives the best they can with the time they have, and are the ones living and dying here.  Ignorance is beyond no defense.

Am well aware of those such as ThePatriotNurse who recently traveled to Israel and came back to the USA with no proof of vaxx. Even last November 2021 there was a Canadian Doctor who was in Nashville, Tennessee for the America waking tour, he came there with the help of others who got him into the country with no vaxx requirement to enter the USA.  This Doctor was living Mexico to escape Communist Canada.  For those who have been contemplating for over a year to come to the USA, you can come, as it all depends with whom you are dealing with.

For those with channels that are just talking about what so and so found that Nesara/Gesara is starting, but refuse to show and tell any proof via visuals or screenshots.  Because if you don’t show and tell and just assume, people won’t understand and need to see more proof of where you found this and that and place them in the description section, so they can verify it for themselves.  If you have the time to talk, you have the time to show and tell where you found the information you received and place them in the description section and/or screenshots, is that hard to ask or what? But I will say one named Brandon Sibley called “TheBigSib” is very humble man of God, who understands what words mean, the use of feigned words make merchandise, and doesn’t charge anyone for information that he finds as he believes that information should be freely given and freely received. Perhaps you White Hats and Q intel, and others can learn something from Sibley?

Check out this video by Neverlosetruth 1: “Weather Destruction Update: Tornaoes & Flooding – WV, VA, MN, WI, TX, SD, AL, FL, IA, MT, GA, MD”   You can learn some deep truths and morals, and your own truth by Carol as she shows and tells the reality that we are in. She has another channel on Neverlostruth 3 kafka as well that her channel received another strike.  Whatever donations she does receive does keep her alive, doesn’t receive big $$, and donates money she doesn’t need to help the animals at the animal shelters. Around the 11 min. mark a Texas man as invented drinking water from air, called Atmospheric Water Generator that are manufactured in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  Texas Man’s Invention Creates Drinking Water From Air Protect this Man at all Costs.    Don’t you believe that the Atmospheric Water Generator can help the people in Odessa, Texas?  Heat-Scorched Odessa, Texas Has Been Without Water All Week Due To “Aging Infrastructure”

What are you good guys doing to get rid of the weather modification weapons as you are allowing these evil doers to flourish? By allowing the weather weapons to destroy people’s homes that force them out of the areas and into the agenda 2030 mega regions. No excuses of using this and that scenario to flood the DUMBS.  What happened to the 100 years of food supposedly stored in the DUMBS that are supposed to help humanity in the wake of severe food shortages?  What about filling up the lakes that are drying up such as Lake Mead? Why are you allowing evil doers to create drought then?  Is that all part of the plan?


You may want to watch this video by Fulford.  Benjamin Fulford — June 13th 2022: In final victory for hippy generation, Western policy will become “make love not war”   Just so you know with regards to the supposed trial of the original Putin in 2010 was fake, as his opponent was the one prosecuted. No surprise that the Putin that we are seeing is a double/clone, is he really with the alliance?  Russians are masters of bluffing.

The first 12-13 minutes Fulford goes straight to the point, no BS, and answers questions.  Real Raw news can’t own up as to whether their intel is fact or not, all sensational, nor can have an honest and real discussion with Fulford. Be care of whom you follow?  Fulford brought up the military higher levels are compromised.  He’s informed repeatedly to the White Hats of where to go to take over mainstream media, Silicon Valley, and wall street. They aren’t listening to him at all.  He did bring up the Trump that is campaigning isn’t the real one, is an avatar/double who works for the deep state pushing the depopulation agenda, such as promoting the death shots.  Trump did invest in J&J stock and had the CEO’s up on stage that he praised, while the crowd booed at them.  These people live in a different world with money, power, control, and you can’t rely on them to save you.  We can save ourselves.  Trump isn’t your savior, you should be trusting in God and his son Jesus Christ, not man. 

Also, with the electric vehicles don’t work as the cabal wanted them to as the technology isn’t there. Look at the Tesla cars that have operational issues, to battery plasma fires that very difficult for firefighters to put out, the batteries cost $8000 or more to replace and more frequently, spend most of the time charging the vehicle that takes 30 mins to many hours, the electric stations need gas/oil to operate them, to the auto-drive that leads to increase in car crashes, so why buy electric again as that leads to people not allowed to drive and is another system of control.  The simple fact anything that promotes depopulation, control, and separation from God are promoted to the nth degree.  Hydrogen water powered vehicles are more realistic that the cabal would murder those inventors who would patent them and produce them in the first place. With the switch to Tesla “free energy” technology to power the grid and other electronics isn’t there yet, because we haven’t seen the patents.  So in the meantime, using what we do have such as coal, gas, propane, oil, wood burning stoves, solar, and nuclear until the switch safely to Tesla “free energy” can be done. 

What that being said, you White Hats have problems within as well.  Would you please get your act together, who is truly loyal to God or what? You never know if you have traitors within your mist?  Am not the only one who feels the same way.  There’s no need to continue the charade of this horribly written b-rated film.  There’s no need to vote for any of these political parasites of the one party system who sold us out to globalism and the WEF.  While king hypocrite the Kenyan Obama bought a 2500 propane tank for $75,000 at his Martha Vineyard home?   What happened to the solar panels and wind farms because it’s green? Are these evil doers getting the heads up that the grid is going down?  Why are you white hats allowing the grid to go down, along with everything else that are Hell on Earth for the rest of us doing what we can to survive. If you allow the grid to go down, you allow more lower vibration, chaos and destruction that benefits the beast rather than the creator.  No matter how much or how little one prepares only lasts temporary.

If you aren’t questioning everything and being a true follower of the world/whirled, who is unwilling to apply critical thinking skills with discernment. Then, you have to really examine and work on yourself big time, connect with those who have been there and done that to help you, nothing is greater than all of us. This battle is between good vs evil on the spiritual level, along with the battle of we the people vs the globalists.  With that being said, would you White Hats/the Alliance own up, have us get involved on the local level so we can do our part in physically removing the evil doers from society, or you will be held accountable for crimes against humanity. Because allowing evil doers to flourish under the guise of the “lesser of two evils” are still fueling evil. Do you realize you are allowing babies and very young children to be injected with these depopulation covid clot shots is murder? Am not surprised of the actions of Murder inc. FDA and the CDC, but this is evil to the core.  As more kids are being sacrificed to the altar of Pharmakeia/Moloch.  Are you proud of yourselves, but that’s okay you’re just recording and using the intel later when innocent lives are being destroyed and murdered under the guise of safety and control.

Those Q insiders who are making a $$ fortune on screwing us for your personal gain, while you hypocrites are repeating the same actions as the evil doers. As you control what people can spend by doing the drip reference, to a program in the U.K. that exempts you from paying your energy bills. Those who hear of this program will only hear from Bitchute or elsewhere, but those who don’t have access to a computer or TV, they won’t know there are programs to help them break free and declare themselves a living man or woman.  Show and tell is so important, some people need that guidance, other’s don’t.  More need the help as of ASAP, as the cost of living keeps going up and they can’t afford everything and are going homeless as everything is collapsing.  People need relief NOW, not months or years of selling your BS Hopium and claim we’re in complete control, but can’t reveal it.

Even though there are people on the ground in D.C. over the past year have seen strange things that aren’t normal such as the real White House closed and fenced in, and other Government buildings and the IRS is closed as well. That’s for real.  The whole convention of states that supposedly took place on May 17th with 34 states and the military flags, again we have no idea what event took place. Look at the Convention of States Action they are at the 20th state being Ohio, so there is no way that 34 states signed off officially.  This is why it’s so important that you question everything.  What else is there to say at this point in time as you white hats can’t act on morals nor principle. Until you repent of that, change your ways so you can be better than you are, and turn to Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result are signs of insanity.  Nice going.  Would you own up for your mistakes or what?  Well aware and grateful of those who made sacrifices in this battle of good vs evil.  Lies destroy and the truth sets you free.  Am one of many patriots who are tired of the BS, if you can’t earn our sense of trust and loyalty, would be very hard to trust you anymore. People will know who you are anyway, you can’t hide from God, that’s for sure.  Prefer dangerous freedoms over peaceful slavery anyday.



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