Barbie and Ken Denied Right to Subpoena Witnesses for IRS Trial and Assaulted by Deputy While Leaving Court


Barbie and Ken Denied Right to Subpoena Witnesses for IRS Trial and Assaulted by Deputy While Leaving Court

By Judy Byington as published in Before It’s News Barbie and Ken Denied Right to Subpoena Witnesses for IRS Trial and Assaulted by Deputy While Leaving Court | Crime All-Stars | Before It’s News (

Patriots Barbie and Ken Cromar have not only been assaulted in their home by a 75-man SWAT team that didn’t have a search warrant, have had that no-taxes-owed home taken away by the IRS without a court hearing, but on Thurs. 16 June 2022 Ken was assaulted by Utah County Deputy Steiner while leaving the court building after being denied the right to subpoena witnesses for his 27 June trial.

“Yesterday evening (Thurs. 16 June 2022), while leaving the Utah Fourth District Court, after being denied the right to file my Subpoenas for our June 27th Trial by Jury, I was assaulted by a Utah County Sheriff Deputy while leaving the building.  Deputy Steiner appears to have tried to incite me to respond as he threatened me with arrest. I’m still shaken. Getting our story out ASAP would help protect us.”

That 27 June trial centered on a troubling issue plunging into the heart of all fellow American home owners: with taxes fully paid, the IRS foreclosed on the Cromar’s home without a court hearing.

The issues ran far deeper than home foreclosure. Their Utah County Prosecuting Attorney David O. Leavitt was running for re-election while under investigation for possible sexual abuse of two victims – and the case had possible ties to the Satanic Ritual Abuse of children throughout the county and state.

Now just a week before the trial Leavitt was still refusing to tell the Cromars who his informants were, plus had denied them access to evidence, including exculpatory evidence.

Utah County attorney, sheriff trade angry barbs over sex abuse investigation – Deseret News Utah County Gripped by Accusations of Phony Murder and Cannibalization of Kids ( A PAC with ties to the Utah Sheriffs’ Association is trying to unseat Utah County Attorney David Leavitt (

On Thurs. morning 16 June the Cromars filed a Criminal Referral in Utah Fourth District Court alleging Treason by Leavitt for fraudulent court actions against them over the past four and a half years that included 15 case filings, 14 of which were not even granted hearings.

The judicial corruption didn’t appear to be just with judges, Leavitt and the Utah County Attorney’s Office. The IRS and whole state Judicial System appeared weaponized against Barbie and Ken for trying to expose evidence of political and judicial corruption within Utah County and the State of Utah that appeared to go on up to a federal level.

Cromar has now been denied the right to subpoena witness for his 27 June trial – perhaps because of the high profile status of the witnesses that included Ammon and Ryan Bundy who were falsely imprisoned in a federal case surrounding Clinton Uranium Deals in Nevada. The Bundys twice beat the Feds in court on that one.

Another witness was Sheriff Richard Mack of Arizona who won at the Supreme Court on the 2nd Amendment Rights. A third and even more controversial witness was John Earl Sullivan, a Jan. 6 2021 Capitol Rioter and CNN Reporter who was very strangely at the Cromar home just days before Barbie and Ken were hit by the 75-man SWAT Team that descended on them without a Search Warrant.

Their harassment and abuse by the Powers That Be continued yesterday when Ken Cromar was denied the right to file subpoenas for his June 27 trial. Cromar stated, “Fortunately, I’ve learned to turn on my recorder when I am behind enemy lines. In case something happens to me and Barbara, my report to Utah County Sheriff’s Office’s Sergeant Carter is #22UC07375  

“And, because reporting a crime to the investigating authority is not going to get appropriate action, I also reported the crime to the Provo Police Department’s Officer Mike Stankey, in the city where the assault occurred in case #22PR12668.”

In a filed Friend of the Court Brief the Cromars asked the court to launch an investigation into what appears to us a weapon-ization of the powerful IRS machinery launched by fraudulent ‘anonymous’ claims of ‘tax fraud’ against the Cromars by their political enemies from his years on the Cedar Hills City Council and after, wherein he led groups of Cedar Hills neighbors in researching and GRAMA requesting public records, and exposing the entrenched corruption surrounding misuse of taxpayer money, particularly with the ongoing failed Cedar Hills golf course. 

The Cromars were also calling out the Prosecution in a felony case for “burglary of a dwelling” – the Cromars’ own home – because they were being denied exculpatory evidence, access to the court record, an alleged destruction of evidence and Obstruction of Justice, making their Defense incredibly difficult, if not impossible. 

The Cromars also allege that the court has been denying their right to participate in their own defense (in violation of Faretta v. California) because they would not use a public defender BAR attorney.

It’s truly been a Barbie and Ken vs. IRS Goliath Event: In the middle of the now almost five year case that had yet to see the inside of a court room, Barbie and Ken were hit (without a search warrant) by a 75-man SWAT team invading their home on September 24, 2020:

If this happened to the Cromars, it could happen to any of us due to our corrupt national court system ruled by foreign entities. In the 1800s US Inc. crafted a new branch off the BAR (British Accredited Registry) and created the ABA (American Bar Association). Both associations were controlled by foreign entities. The Rules of Civil Procedure was written on old Roman Laws that are still used to this day and do not apply to “We the People.”

Treason in Utah County: Goliath Barbie and Ken vs. IRS Goliath – It Could Happen to You Barbie and Ken vs. IRS Goliath – It Could Happen to You | Crime All-Stars | Before It’s News (

This just goes to show what Deep State tyrants do to innocent citizens when they try to stand up for their rights. Please join Ken and Barbie in their fight against the Goliath IRS for our God-given Rights.

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