Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 17, 2022


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Fri. 17 June 2022

Compiled Fri. 17 June 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

You Can’t Hide from the Harm of Vaccines
“Doctors can’t ignore it anymore. You can’t hide from the harm of vaccines when they are in front of your eyes every day: — Oncologists are seeing more cases of cancer. — Neurologists observe strokes in patients without risk factors. — Cardiologists observe heart attacks when fibrin clots clog the coronary arteries to an extent they have never seen before. — Gynecologists note fertility and menstrual cycle disorders. This is a humanitarian catastrophe that has been ignored and suppressed. It has been censored, but it is impossible to hide from this data when it lies in front of you every day. At some point, the system has to deal with it.” 
Dr. Pierre Corey

2020 Election Fraud: Trump Won!!!
2000 Mules | Official Site

Live Stream Event
Donald J. Trump: No more Fake News, the Deep State is going down.
Friday, 17 June 6:00 pm EST

“A Sense of Obligation”

January 24, 2021 – #4767 Music & the Spoken Word (

When we have a sense of obligation to God, so many virtues naturally follow. We strive to make good choices, even when we are alone because we know that we are, in reality, never alone. We count our blessings because we know where those blessings come from. And, we find ways to help others because we know that’s what God would want us to do.


Obligation to family and God provides a solid foundation for honoring our country. We cherish her virtues while seeking to improve her weaknesses. We stand up for what is true and just and treat our fellow citizens with respect, fairness and compassion.

Family. God. Country.

Our obligation to these simple duties and joys will make for us, if not a long life, certainly a good and virtuous one.

Judy Note:

  • JFK Awakening Q17 on Thurs. 16 June at 1:43 pm: “This is what I was preparing you for. This man will change the world in the next 48 hours. Clock starts ticking …. NOW! I have received information that The Punisher has information to bring this whole illegitimate regime down. This is his Official & New Telegram Channel – He has it all and he needs to stay anonymous for security reasons. Very soon we will see things change. I need you to Join & Share this channel with everyone you know. THIS IS BIG!
  • Who is Beau Biden? Everything we know about Joe Biden’s late son. He is going to be under federal investigation potentially. This is going to jeopardize Biden career massively! All details will be enclosed in the next few days. The administration left Biden with rocket dilemma! Resignations to follow!! There were big reasons why nobody knows about his secret flights to China but we are giving you all details very soon!

Global Currency Reset.

Reminder: No one, and I mean Absolutely No One knows the exact time and date that the Global Currency Reset would be finalized, with codes entered for notification of Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) to set redemption/ exchange appointments – it dependent upon an earth shattering Event such as a Stock Market Crash that would implode the global economy. The exact deadline would be decided by the Military out of calculations of their Quantum Computer and based upon concerns for safety of The People. Trust the Plan.

Thurs. 16 June 2022 The Big Call, Bruce: 667-770-1866 pin123456#

  • Major drops in the Stock Market indicated that we were very close.
  • Ripple and Stellar Crypto Coins were backed by gold.
  • Currencies around the world were fluctuating in value. Some were going down in value, while 27 were going up in value.
  • Bond Holders would start being notified today Thurs. 16 June beginning at 4:30 am EST and would continue for the next couple of weeks.
  • Tier 4B could be notified in the next few days.
  • Redemption Center staff would be going in to set appointments beginning at 10:45 am EST on Mon. 20 June.

Calendar of Events:

Friday 17 June: Trump Event “No More Fake News”

Saturday 18 June: “The World will change.” …JFK Jr.

Sunday 19 June: Slave Emancipation = to be set free, liberation Abraham Lincoln

Monday 20 June: 171st day of the year

Tuesday 21 June: Summer Solstice + Supreme Court opinions

Wednesday 22 June: Stellar Horizon Testnet Reset

Thursday 23 June: Supreme Court opinions

Friday 24 June: St. JOHN’S Day Celebrated with bonfires & fireworks

Global Financial Crisis:

  • All Hell Breaks Loose as Stocks Plunge into Bear Market – 5th largest sell program in history:
  • World-wide Civil Unrest Incoming: Wars and Rumors of Wars; Riots, Fires, Protests against the Pandemic and Mandates; Food, Natural Gas and Fuel Shortages; Cyber Attacks to Shut Down Banking Systems of the DAVOS Group and World Economic Forum.
  • Game Over: They’re pulling the plug:;read=201535
  • At this writing the NY Stock Market remained in freefall as the embattled China’s Real Estate giant Evergrande Corporation was taken off the Market. Today’s Asia Markets plummet revealed several companies that once had a strong relationship with Evergrande, which were now walking away.
  • China: Things are going from bad to worse for the embattled China Evergrande. Asia Markets can reveal companies that once had a strong relationship with the real estate giant are beginning to walk away.

Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

Covid/Monkey Pox/Vax Hoax:

Wars and Rumors of Wars:

  • Middle East is heating up.
  • Turkey and Kurdish exchanging fire and Russian running air strikes.
  • Israel hits Syria with missiles.
  • Dozens of Yemeni pro-government fighters have been killed in a new offensive to take a rebel-held city, loyalist sources said on Tuesday following a surge in violence including missile attacks on the United Arab Emirates.
  • Iran only weeks away from becoming a NUCLEAR power
  • US General says Russia turmoil could spill to Middle East
  • The Army General tapped to take over as top U.S. commander in the Middle East is warning senators that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could create broader instability into the Middle East, including Syria.
  • The Ukraine War set to set off Middle East War, Balkans War, China-Taiwan War, India-China War, Africa and South America Coups.

The Real News for Thurs. 16 June 2022:

White Hat Intel:

  • Russia exited the Matrix first and was now financially almost completely free from the United States.
  • When Saddam Hussein announced in Iraq that he would no longer accept the US dollar for oil, two months later the war broke out in Iraq and Saddam Hussein was murdered.
  • Many wars were started to preserve the American dollar. When Gaddafi created an evaluated currency for Africa, Western military power went to Libya and assassinated Gaddafi.
  • Now Russia has finally broken the Petrol-Dollar (Fiat Money). The US is now in an existential crisis and Europe will follow.
  • The dollar is (almost) bankrupt and the cry for regulation of cryptocurrencies by corrupt governments show the corruption and mutiny within the organised financial system bodies like the SEC revealing how Bitcoin and Ethereum are protected.
  • Russia has the Ruble which is fully backed by gold. India, China and Russia have long had a different monetary system apart from SWIFT.
  • Ripple is slowly revealing to be the new QFS it was promised and hoped by many XRP and XLM long trusted believers.
  • It seems the time to flip the switch is very very close.
  • For so long we have speculated and predicted scenarios that would involve the Event and Russia now seems to lead the way out of the Matrix leaving behind the corrupt financial system, the media, the internet.
  • Exposing the NWO, EU, US, NATO, UN, CERN, WHO, CIA, MOSSAD – all one big snake pit full of darkness and connected to each other up the evil pyramid of the Elite that was about to be taken down completely.
  • International Bar Association lawyers work for and were created in the 1500s by foreign entities of the Roman/Vatican Empire in collusion with the Pope, Queen and Henry the VIII.
  • In the 1800s US Inc. crafted a new branch off the BAR (British Accredited Registry) and created the ABA (American Bar Association). Both associations are controlled by foreign entities. The Rules of Civil Procedure was written on old Roman Laws that are still used to this day and do not apply to “We the People.”
  • All judges, lawyers and those who enforce the illegal procedures of the null and void dead Corporation entities (Vatican, Royal Crown, US Inc.) are and will be subject to arrest for Crimes Against Humanity and punished under all rightful laws of coercion and unlawful actions in Military Courts. Such courts have full rights to enact Military Tribunals on foreign occupied agents and their corporate powers, counter parts and associates.
  • All courts are corrupted. Every person that is part of the BAR were foreign entities that were trespassing on human rights. These BAR associates, society, corporations have been working under massive fraud and under the cover of law for a long time throughout the world and in every country. They protect fraud elections, illegal practices by politicians, corporations, tech Giants pharmaceutical companies and elites that run the International BAR Association worldwide.
  • The BAR was about to be taken down worldwide and their enormous fraud was about to be revealed.
  • You have no contract with this unlawful broken Corporation and associates of the BAR and their counterparts. You are not a property or subject to these false entities, associations and societies connected to the International BAR Association and their procedures.
  • Whoever claims you are property and whoever states they have a contract on your life in the private or corporate side are deceiving you. No such contract exists.

Viruses of US Bio-weapon Labs: June 16 2022 Part 4 of 7:

  • Everyone remembers the smallpox virus contamination of blankets for Native Americans, the deliberate infection with the syphilis pathogen by Guatemalan citizens is less discussed while this fact has been admitted by Barack Obama. The use of pesticides during the Vietnam War is even less remembered, but the history of deliberate outbreaks in Cuba in the 1970s and 1980s is completely suppressed. At the same time, the use of Aedes mosquitoes as biological weapons, exactly the same ones operated by the U.S. military department, is recorded in the class action suit of Cuban citizens against the U.S. government and was submitted to the member States of the Biological Weapons Convention.
  • The class action notes that the 1981 dengue epidemic in Cuba that contaminated 345 thousand people and resulted in the death of 158 persons was the result of the spread of the second dengue virus serotype that had not previously been recorded in the Caribbean and had clear signs of a deliberate nature. Thus, the time of the attack (late January) was chosen in consideration of biological features of the life cycle of mosquito vectors and was optimal for the subsequent development of the epidemic process. In addition, the only place on the island where no cases have been reported was the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo due to pre-vaccination of soldiers against the dengue virus type 2.
  • An artificial outbreak of another viral disease, African swine fever (ASF), occurred in Cuba in 1971. During the epizootic, 500 thousand animals were eliminated and the country suffered a significant economic damage. Although no cases of ASF have been previously reported in the American continent nor in the Western Hemisphere in general, it was Cuba where the disease has appeared.
  • Former FBI official William Turner introduced some clarity to this issue by telling the Newsday that the CIA delivered a container of ASF agent from Fort Gulick in Panama and transferred it off the coast of Cuba to a fishing vessel. He precisely indicated the farm where this pathogen was introduced.
  • Since 1980 to 1982, the Cuban leadership reported numerous unusual outbreaks of viral infections of economically important crops (sugar cane and tobacco) that appeared in different regions of the country and were not related to each other.
  • Yet these facts are only part of the U.S. military-biological dossier, while their investigation is ignored by the United Nations and the World Health Organization.

Treason in Utah County: Goliath Barbie and Ken vs. IRS Goliath – It Could Happen to You Barbie and Ken vs. IRS Goliath – It Could Happen to You | Crime All-Stars | Before It’s News (

  • Freedom loving Americans “Barbie & Ken” Cromar have found themselves thrust into the midst of the abusive Criminal Justice System (4 1/2 years and 15 cases have never seen the inside of a court room), claiming that the IRS and Judicial System have been weaponized against them for exposing political corruption within their community of Utah County and state of Utah. Without a court hearing and with their taxes fully paid, their home was foreclosed on by the IRS.
  • A Friend of the Court Brief stated, “Ironically this is all happening at the same time the national airwaves are filled with news reports of alleged prosecutorial misconduct and investigations into Satanic ritual sexual assaults in Utah County (against Cromar’s prosecuting Utah County Attorney David O Leavitt).”
  • It’s no wonder the Cromars were denied their right to trial prior to their home being taken away. When the case finally reached the inside of a court room, it was expected to expose evidence of nationwide corruption in the court system on the local, state and federal levels.
  • Utah County Prosecuting Attorney Leavitt (who was running for re-election) had his own problems to think about: Utah County attorney, sheriff trade angry barbs over sex abuse investigation – Deseret News Utah County Gripped by Accusations of Phony Murder and Cannibalization of Kids ( A PAC with ties to the Utah Sheriffs’ Association is trying to unseat Utah County Attorney David Leavitt (
  • On Thurs. morning 16 June Barbie and Ken Cromar filed a Criminal Referral in Utah Fourth District Court alleging Treason by Utah County Prosecuting Attorney David O. Leavitt for fraudulent court actions against them over the past four and a half years that included 15 case filings, 14 of which were not granted hearings.
  • Forced to defend themselves without proper legal assistance, their home was fraudulently stolen by the IRS while Barbie & Ken were fighting to protect their God given rights without seeing the inside of a court room.
  • Cromar’s filings alleged that Judge Johnson and County Attorney David O. Leavitt’s Office have collectively worked together to deny Barbie & Ken’s court filings including those documents acknowledging the IRS errors and statement that “The IRS has no legal claim against the Cromars because they owed no taxes from 1990 through 2020.” During almost every court appearance and in most of their pleadings, the Cromars have argued repeatedly that they should not be charged with property crimes on a property that they still owned.
  • The Friend of the Court Brief pointed out that, The Community Support Foundation agrees with the admissions by the Commissioner of the IRS and the Chief Judge of the US Tax Court, that (at the time of foreclosure which occurred without a hearing for the Cromars) the Cromars had no lawful tax claim against them, which makes VOID all actions (orders and judgments) against Barbie and Ken by all courts including this one.”
  • This action also related to a weeklong Trial by Jury that starts June 27, 2022 where the Cromars were subpoenaing witnesses that included Ammon and Ryan Bundy who were falsely imprisoned in a case that hit national news for years and where the Bundy’s twice beat the Feds in court. Another witness was Sheriff Richard Mack of Arizona who won at the Supreme Court on the 2nd Amendment. A third was John Earl Sullivan Jan. 6 2021 Capitol Rioter who was very strangely at the Cromar home just days before “Barbie & Ken” were hit by a 75-man SWAT Team.
  • Why was January 6th Capitol Rioter CNN news reporter John Sullivan at Barbie and Ken’s home “offering to support” on September 2, 2020?  Why was he there just days before the Cromar’s were hit by an unprecedented para-military 75-man SWAT team? Why won’t David Leavitt tell them who his informants are, and denied them access to evidence, including exculpatory evidence?
  • In the Friend of the Court Brief the Cromars asked the court to launch an investigation into what appears to us a weapon-ization of the powerful IRS machinery launched by fraudulent ‘anonymous’ claims of ‘tax fraud’ against the Cromars, by their political enemies from his years on the Cedar Hills City Council and after, wherein he led groups of Cedar Hills neighbors in researching and GRAMA requesting public records, and exposing the entrenched corruption surrounding misuse of taxpayer money, particularly with the ongoing failed Cedar Hills golf course. 
  • The Cromars feel that the court has been denying their right to participate in their own defense (in violation of Faretta v. California) because they would not use a public defender BAR attorney. In the middle of the now almost five year case that hadn’t seen the inside of a court room “Barbie & Ken” were hit by 75-man SWAT team on September 24, 2020:
  • The Cromars were calling out the Prosecution for a felony case for “burglary of a dwelling” – the Cromars’ own home – because they were being denied exculpatory evidence, access to the court record, destruction of evidence and Obstruction of Justice, making their Defense incredibly difficult, if not impossible. 
  • If this happened to the Cromars, it could happen to any of us as we live under a corrupt court system ruled by foreign entities. In the 1800s US Inc. crafted a new branch off the BAR (British Accredited Registry) and created the ABA (American Bar Association). Both associations were controlled by foreign entities. The Rules of Civil Procedure was written on old Roman Laws that are still used to this day and do not apply to “We the People.”

JAG Amends Method of Execution, Michael Baxter:

  • June 9, 2022: The U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps has amended how it will carry out future Deep State executions, a JAG source told Real Raw News. In the last two years all but two convicted Deep Staters were hanged by the neck until dead, a process JAG now says is tedious, time-consuming, and prone to mishaps. As a result, anyone convicted of capitol crime and sentenced to death will get a bullet to the brain.

The Storm of the Century:

  • Lots of division going on over SCOTUS leak of Rowe vs. Wade Abortion Law overturn. What’s really interesting to know about the leak. Why were they ready with barricades just hours before the Leak?
  • Many believe the whole scenario is a False Flag to cover the release of the 2000 mules Nationwide film release that exposed 2020 Election Fraud: 2000 Mules | Watch the full movie… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS
  • Many believe this leak is connected to Events that will trigger riots.
  • My personal belief is Judge Roberts Assets were confiscated by the Military in 2018…. 29 billion$$$$$$$$$$$$ and he is forced to play out the Events connected to the fall of SCOTUS.
  • All three branches of the US Government were captured operations and under foreign occupation.
  • On January 21, 2022 at 12 am the U.S. Military took legal control of the U.S. through Laws of Wars that were activated after 12 months (since January 20, 2021 the Biden administration had a chance to come forward, expose Foreign occupation and come clean – which they didn’t. By the laws of War of the Department of Defense the Military legally took over after 12 months later.
  • The whole Twitter, war, Election exposure, SCOTUS leaks, ect. was planned. Why? Because it would expose other Deep State countries, Elites, Presidents, Prime Ministers and organizations such as the UN and NATO, DAVOS, Blackrock Elites, Medical Mafia, Beg Tech worldwide, MSM and the whole corrupt system.
  • The PLAN is happening and the movie is taking place. Unfortunately people die in War. Not everything is clean. Laws of War (now happening), Continuity of government (started in 2017). Inside the Devolution Plan The Storm of the Century.

Must Watch Videos:


[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

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