Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 13, 2022



Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Mon. 13 June 2022

Compiled Mon. 13 June 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

World’s largest Military Sting Operation in Progress in over 32 Major Countries.
The crimes were all connected to the UN/ Gates/ Big Pharma/ Big Tech/ Vatican/ Rothschilds, etc.
…White Hat Intel on Sun. 12 June 2022

“We have started Mass Arrests.”
…White Hats on Sun. 12 June 2022

Nationwide Credit Card Outage

The Storm of the Century
We are in the Last Battle.
This is the Apocalypse.
We are Fighting for the Salvation of Humanity.
We All Knew This Was Coming.
…The Donald, White Hats

“My mission is to Welcome the Storm. They call me the Son of the Storm. I was hiding in the dark for so long – and for good reason. It was too dangerous to come back to the Light. It’s time now – From Dark to Light: Working together with the best Q-Warriors.”
…President Q

“Be grateful that God has allowed you to see what is unfolding. Others who are asleep aren’t so lucky. Ask yourself, why you, why now? I think about this daily and it shoots my faith and confidence sky high. Make no mistake, you have been chosen.” …DOQ@dogholiday




“Don’t worry about anything at all. You are not here by accident. This form is just a costume for a while. But the one behind the costume, this one is eternal. You must know this. If you know and trust this, you don’t have to worry about anything.”…Mooji

Where is Love?

June 12, 2022- #4839 Music & the Spoken Word (

Where is love? It is found whenever we open our heart to someone else, whenever we put the needs of others before our own, whenever we set aside prejudice and listen. Where is love? It’s in each of us as we love God and each other.

Judy Note on the Restored Republic:

  • White Hats report they have started Mass Arrests in 32 countries in the largest Military Sting Operation in world history.
  • As of Sun. 12 June there was a nationwide credit card outage.
  • Worldwide Food Shortage Pending
  • 10% Rise in Inflation in some countries.
  • Donald J. Trump Live Stream Event Mon. 11 June 6pm EST:  No more fake news, the Deep State was going down. Be ready to hear the Truth. Our President is coming back stronger than ever. We are working on a program where each one can ask The President one question and get the answer as fast as The President can do it. There was expected to be a huge number of listeners.
  • SIGN THE PETITION: Impeach Joe Biden. He Is Not Fit To Serve As President!
  • Friends of the Constitution Lawsuit Against The Deep State. Please share:

(20+) Facebook

Judy Note on the Global Currency Reset: Bluewolf believes Tier 4B will be notified with appointments beginning Mon-Tues 13, 14 June; Goldilocks says the greatest transfer of wealth in the world’s history will take place in the next 2 ½ weeks; Bruce’s Bank contacts say Tier 4B will be notified by Mon. 13 June. Fleming thinks it won’t happen until July, while Fulford contends that the Dinar-Dong-Zim increase in value was a scam.




Reminder: No one, and I mean Absolutely No One knows the exact time and date that the Global Currency Reset would be finalized, with codes entered for notification of Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) to set redemption/ exchange appointments – it dependent upon a life changing, earth shattering Event or Events that would eventually implode the global economy. That deadline would be decided by the Military out of calculations of their Quantum Computer and based upon concerns for safety of The People. Trust the Plan.

  • Sun. 12 June Bluwolf (as translated): Attention P.R. and all Spanish-speaking

countries – this blessing is about to begin. According to the Pentagon, we could receive the 800 numbers at any moment. Others confirm. You are on Alert. I only ask you to pray that there is no attempt to obstruct. The coffers of change will open Monday to Tuesday this week (13, 14 June 2022).

  • Be ready with documents in hand. All changes will be made by HSBC or WF (Wells Fargo). They need two forms of photo ID, two forms of residency identification, birth certificate. You need an area code of the state where you want to change. We are on the verge of receiving this blessing. 
  • Rates will be a comfortable high and I understand that the Zimbabwe will be traded without any de-zeroing and be on a 1 to 1 USTN basis.
  • Reno has the money in their coffers and the codes are activated. The only thing missing is a sequence that would start everything (Prosperity Packages, private placements) for the Global Currency Reset.
  • Everything will come out of the Saint Germaine Trust, which takes over 400 years to distribute the GCR and RV of all 209 countries.
  • History may forget me or Bruce, Cap, Okie, Studley, Stewart, James Mendez, even Terry K, but you know that they, like me, never sold them dreams and never lost faith in this BLESSING OF GOD for this humanity. The times of victory are drawing near now. I only recommend that you have a small package ready in the corner of your room to start your business trip. Be blessed and be on alert. But that is if you are prudent and do not despair because that is not what God expects of you. And as a spiritual being I can assure you that if you get desperate then you criticize, then you doubt and that only interrupts the arrival of this blessing, you are either the wick of light or you are the wick of destruction. Which one are you? Na’maste Bluwolf
  • Goldilocks: For the next two weeks and a half, we are going to see a great transfer of wealth inside the digital economy and the open market. Liquidity is going to be transferred into new hands and new pockets. During this time, upgrades into the new digital banking system will be coming to a completion. Look for new liquidity to move into the new digital financial system backed by real assets such as commodities to support this new growth.  
  • Goldilocks: On June 17th, option contracts are coming due. Traders are going to have an option to continue the trades they are in or purchase new opportunities somewhere else in the markets. This is a week of planning, executing, and positioning for many investors. It is a 3.2 trillion dollar choice that will be made in the next few days. 
  • American Patriot: Over the past three years or so the Quantum Financial System has connected to the archaic Central Bank SWIFT Computer System and obtained account information from every bank account in the world. All data including every transfer attempt through the SWIFT system has been recorded and saved. This means that every time money is transferred, the QFS has recorded the account number of where the money came from, who transferred it, when, and the account where it ended up.
  • X22 Report: There is a parallel system emerging that will wreak havoc on the Central Banking System. Gold will make a move during this time and the people will want accountability and the Fed is in the crosshairs.
  • Sat. 11 June MarkZ: “Banking, Bond and Church groups promised funds released over the weekend with spendable liquid cash. Shabbi said the Dinar could go between $14 to $17. The Banking side was leaning hard on everyone to shut up on the timing and on who was coming, going and when. Bank tellers were being trained in how to validate Vietnamese Dong and Iraqi Dinar.  Bond Holders expected liquidity within the next couple of days, while Iraq believed their new Dinar Rate would be public within the next eight days. This week Redemption Center folk have had a lot of conference calls in preparation for exchanges.”
  • Charlie Ward, head of the Redemption Committee: “Once I get the Green Light from the QFS Team I will inform you immediately. I will get the Green Light once the Tokens are moving. Currently it just FIAT that’s moving – to provide mobilization.”
  • Sat. 11 June Fleming: The banking system has seen huge movement of money represented in tiers 1, 2 and 3. Tier 1, 2 + 3 all have liquid funds dispersed all over the world including here in the United States. This is for distribution to down-line and to support humanitarian projects. This money is loaded into accounts waiting on one code to be entered. (It was Fleming’s personal opinion that completion of the GCR would be pushed into July and not happen this month).
  • Thurs. 9 June 2022 The Big Call, Bruce: 667-770-1866 pin123456# This week there were Conference calls between US Treasury, Wells Fargo and Redemption Centers which indicated: Tier 3 Bond Holders liquidity Fri. night 10 June. Tier 4B notified by Mon. 13 June. Tier 4B could set appointments for early next week. Fri. 10 June and Sat. 11 June Bank tellers will be trained on the Global Currency Reset. On Wed. 8 June Iraq announced their new Dinar Rate, which was expected to be around $8 at the Redemption Centers. Tier 5 the General Public, may go to the banks and exchange at the new rates starting Tues. 15 June.
  • Sat. 11 June Fleming:  Behind the Scenes As of 3 weeks ago something shifted – in a huge way. This something was military movement on our behalf.  ISO 18 19 and 20 establish true accountability and trade ability for digital currency. The US has a digital currency that is being used presently, representing the US dollar that is called USDT – Tether. “TETHER” is actually coming to the US from Hong Kong. It is a Hong Kong entity using US Government bonds and assets, verified and validated on the world stage. Tether has the ability to represent the US dollar for trade with countries presently using asset-backed currency. It is the bridge we’ve been waiting for. The banking system has seen huge movement of money represented from tiers 1, 2 and 3. Tier 1, 2 + 3 all have liquid funds dispersed all over the world including here in the United States. This is for distribution to down-line and to support humanitarian projects. This is desperately needed. This money is loaded into accounts waiting on one code to be entered. The Exchange Centers have been operating with small staff, still only Friends and Family. People are leaving with 1%, not spendable. Only waiting on one code. When that will be is anyone’s guess.
  • Sat. 11 June Wolverine: The world wide economy is on financial collapse right as we are seeing so many companies going bust. Revlon the giant cosmetic company is also filing for bankruptcy. The building industry is also suffering as there are dozen of huge building companies that have gone bust and the name goes on. Petrol prices everywhere are going through the roof and inflation in some countries have hit over 10%. Sri Lanka is a total mess as people are starving and hunting politicians and the fake media does not report it. We are heading to the final stage as this needs to give in and allow this blessing to be release any time. Once this is released it will cause a domino effect which we will soon have our freedom and meet this new world. I’m hearing great news and praying that almighty God that this is done ASAP as the world cannot hold on any longer. Wolverine

Whiplash347 Observations:

  • Sunday June 12 Last Day of Consensus.
  • Tuesday June 14 Trump Birthday,  – Super Strawberry Moon Flag Day
  • Wednesday June 15 EARLIEST PROCESSING DEADLINE for CTGX ( referrals (could also be delayed as late as June 21)
  • Friday June 17 Battle Of Bunker Hill + 17 Days = July 4. President Q: 6.17.2022 Big Revelation, Miracles do exist, Back Again. Remember the date Fri. 17 June.
  • Sunday June 19 Juneteenth is Slave Emancipation Day. Abraham Lincoln.
  • June 21 Summer Solstice USA
  • June 22nd SDF HORIZON Testnet Reset
  • The Ending that “Israel is Last” has so many meanings: Read the Israel, Mossad, Israeli Intelligence,  MSM drops. Honey Pot Operations. Satellites knocked down, MSM, Libel Laws, Big Tech, Big Pharma etc. Remember the USS Liberty being hit by Israel in the 60’s.

White Hat Intel:

  • The World’s largest Military Sting Operation was in progress in over 32 major countries. The crimes were all connected to the UN/ Gates/ Big Pharma/ Big Tech/ Vatican/ Rothschilds, etc.
  • The Real Storm is just beginning. It’s going to get darker and darker. Inside war Battleground fields and fronts take time. You take ground. You lose ground. The process repeats itself over and over until the war is won.
  • Several incidents were stopped by the Alliance. The below were just a small fraction of what’s happening behind the scenes in the Fog of War we are all in: (1) The Tsunami wave that was meant to kill everyone in Seattle Washington. (2) The Deep State had tectonic weapons centered on the Yellowstone Park Underground Volcano that was stopped from exploding. (3) Since 2015 several Nuclear Warheads including several Nuclear Submarines have been recovered in the DUMBS of DC, Florida (Disney), Five Fingers Lakes and LA.
  • No dates, only Events: Human trafficking, World Wars, Tyrannical Slave system that steals your money puts you into debt to death, Release of Bioweapons SARS 1&2, Release of frozen Bio-weapon Spike proteins sprayed through EU,U.S. and cities around the world. Release of Bioweapon vaccines, World lockdowns where hundreds of millions lost jobs, Businesses Debt, Highest suicide rate in history, Highest domestic violence rate in history, HIV, CANCER Spreading though vaccines, Sickness among the healthy from Spike Proteins shedding of the vaccinated, world economic collapose, supply chain collapse, world food shortages, Civil Unrest, riot’s erupting, Cyber Attack of the Century, ATMs lights out: The Storm is just beginning.
  • Central Banks and American Deep State paper dollar collapse. (Don’t worry, the U.S. will be backed by original coins, silver gold backed System).
  • As the Western world banking collapses, magically Elon Musk makes a move on Twitter. As the stock holders know the market crash is imminent and stockholders were already selling their shares in panic even before Musk came into picture.
  • Up next: CNN and Hollywood.
  • A very well placed PLAN is taking place in the world. Game Theory: Buckle up for Taiwan, Middle East, Serbia, Russia, Africa and North Korea ain’t done yet.
  • South America and Middle East will be the first to have mass riot’s..
  • In the end it’s all going military (That’s when you see all the complete OVERT operations in progress taking place). Your inside the Fog of War.
  • Trump put Fauci center stage to expose the Truth: Fauci covered up HIV being a Bio-weapon in the 80s; Fauci covered up the real treatments for HIV; Fauci covered up for the fake HIV treatments that killed people; Fauci covered up the Cancer Virus that infect Vaccine stock piles across the world; Fauci created the Gain of Function in Covid-19 and proceeding strains; Fauci created the vaccines. This isn’t the first time Fauci was involved in Pandemics directly connected to World Elites who all help fund Fauce.
  • Exposing Fauci is exposing the people behind the scenes: NIH, CDC, WHO, Gates, GPMB, CIA, Clintons, Obama, World Leaders who covered for Big Pharma companies and are directly involved in investments.
  • The Pandemic, Banking System and world compromised leaders are all tied to blackmail Epstein, Mossad and Five Eyes agencies.

The Real News for Sun. 12 June 2022:

NEWS/ Quick reads By QTSR

_Remember when Adrenochrome was a “conspiracy theory?” Now it’s conspiracy FACT in the form of “youth transplants.”

_Healthy young people now dying en masse across Australia, and the corporate media still won’t dare mention.

_Russia, which is now far more Christian than America, just introduced new law criminalizing “LGBT propaganda” –

_Global food collapse: 49 Million people at risk of experiencing famine or famine-like conditions, warns the FAO –




_Smithfield Foods, Citing “Escalating Costs,” To Shutter California Meat-Packing Plant:

_Google engineer warns the firm’s AI is sentient

_Top 10 Most Dystopian Things Pushed by the World Economic Forum: No.3 Pills That Contain Microchips

_UNFORGIVABLE – 125 Children Dead, 1K Disabled & 50K injured due to Covid-19 Vaccination in the USA

_How The US Government Is Waging Psychological Warfare On American People:

_Daily SA: Explosion worsens global liquid natural gas shortages:

_Dr. Ben Carson calls for investigation into Biden’s ‘deep relationships’ with CCP:

Jan. 6 Committee:

Global Financial Crisis:

Covid/Monkey Pox/Vax Hoax:




  • Dr. Judy Mikovits REVEALED The Plan To Implant People With Cancer Viruses.
  • Monkeypox is a coverup for damage done to Immune System by COVID Vaccination resulting in Shingles, Autoimmune Blistering Disease & Herpes Infection:
  • The Truth About MonkeyPox And Engineered Pandemic Hysteria!
  • Study: Children without vaccination have strongest immune to Covid:
  • Dr Sherri Tenpenny: “The Remdesivir, the shots, the treatment for the shots -they are all murder weapons and it’s all about murdering children.”
  • Dr. Peter McCullough: “Countries that have been buying the same vaccine for years, which has not even been improved, has not even been made safer… They improved it and at the same time forgot about security, and all over the world. I had patient after patient who had well-recognized problems with vaccines, blood clots, heart damage, they went from doctor to doctor, and the doctors said: “I don’t know exactly what it is, but I can say one thing: it’s not vaccination.”
  • Why America doesn’t trust the CDC:
  • Data coming from fertility clinics: What’s going on here? The sperm of injected men does not swim. The eggs of women do not grow into embryos. We’re already seeing a 80% miscarriages rate of women injected in the first trimester. Miscarriages up by 700-800% 79% increase in fetal malformations. And this is the tip of the iceberg. We are living through a sterilization program; what’s going to happen when these young women realize they can’t have a baby?
  • Testimonial side effects group FB Quebec: My dad had Moderna vax twice. From the 1st peak, he started having problems with dizziness, loss of balance and 2 cardiac arrests.  Then after, he started having redness on his 2 legs that got aggravated by becoming sort of craters through which it was losing clear liquid. Very painful constant twinges which have prevented him from sleeping for a year. After the 2nd peak, a kidney infection broke out. Once hospitalized, he contracted covid, for lon me, the two vax led him to the cemetery. Doctors never understood what made him so sick, never saw such leg injuries in 30 years of medical career. I had noticed recently that gangrene had started to appear on one of his fingers. The total, died of complications, two months later. My father has NEVER been sick in his life and suffered a lot before he left this world.
  • 30 Yrs Ago, Dr. Robert Willner Accused Anthony Fauci Of Genocide during the AIDS ScamDemic.
  • Prof. Dr. Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine who discovered AIDS said in public 2020 already – the gene injection is ‘Creating Variants’. He said that epidemiologists know but are “silent” about the phenomenon, known as “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement” (ADE)
  • Dr. John T. Littell: “In Africa, they (Gates’ team) held Depo-Provera parties every month and brought all kinds of bottles, beads and gifts to girls at the age of 12. On this occasion, they injected them with Depo-Provera, which caused infertility in the subjects. This also led to the termination of their normal reproductive cycles for the time they received the drug, and in most cases much later. So I have seen many cases where Depo-Provera caused permanent infertility. “Infertility: The Devil’s Agenda”
  • The Corruption of the World Health Organization, David Bell:
  • The Bill Chill Exposed: Why Is There No Official Explanation Why All These Healthy Adults Are Suddenly Dying?
  • The COVID Jab: “We Made a Big Mistake … Will We Be Rendering Young People Infertile?” Dr. Mike Yeadon: “When you vaccinate a person, they may make antibodies that might lead to an attack on the placenta. I am not saying that if you take these vaccines, it will cause infertility, but I will say that none of the manufacturers should give you any assurances whatsoever that it won’t, because they have not bothered to measure whether the similarity is enough to produce on any occasions, any antibody at all that might bind to your own Syncytin hormone. And if it does, yeah, it could stop you getting pregnant or prevent your placenta from functioning properly. That’s the concern.”

Sun. 12 June Sheriff Issues Urgent Warning Against Picking Up Folded Dollar Bills: ‘This Is Very Dangerous,’ Andrew Jose:

The Giles County, Tennessee, Sheriff’s Department cautioned residents on Thursday against picking up folded dollar bills on the ground. Sheriff Kyle Helton said people stumbled across folded dollar bills at a local gas station on two occasions. When those individuals picked up the bills, they found a white powdery substance between the folds. When authorities tested the powder to determine its chemical composition, they found it contained methamphetamine and fentanyl.

“This is a very dangerous issue!” Helton warned residents in a notice shared on his office’s Facebook page, adding that it is “a great concern to public safety.” Please share and educate your children to not pick up any folded money they may find in or around businesses, playgrounds, etc., without using great caution and even alerting a parent or guardian,” Helton wrote.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, methamphetamine is a highly addictive stimulant that affects the central nervous system. Meth is consumed through injection, snorting, pills and smoking. It is most commonly used in its crystal form. According to the NIDA, crystal methamphetamine resembles glass fragments that appear shiny and bluish-white. The drug can raise users’ heart rate and blood pressure and can be fatal in cases of overdose. Long-term meth consumption can cause extreme weight loss, memory loss, confusion, severe itching, paranoia, hallucinations and anxiety. Meth users are also more susceptible to diseases like HIV and hepatitis B and C.

Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, is one of the most common causes of drug overdose deaths in the country. The pharmaceutical version of the drug is approved for medical use as a treatment for excruciating pain.

Must Watch Videos:

[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

Read Full Report (Doc):

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