Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of June 9, 2022



Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of Thurs. 9 June 2022

Compiled by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

Militaries Across the Globe on High Alert

We need a Miracle

Of Miracles and Examples
Joni Hilton
January 30, 2022- #4820 Music & the Spoken Word (

In the midst of calamities we wish we could change the world – or at least some small part of it – though feel like it would take a miracle to make a difference.

Albert Schweitzer once said, “Do something wonderful, people may imitate it.”

There’s a good chance that one act of kindness could spread beyond the person you set out to bless, and grow into something much bigger than itself. That would be a miracle.




When we stop what we’re doing and listen to someone who’s anxious or distressed; when we reach out to someone who’s alone; when we say something encouraging or hopeful – those acts act of kindness can be contagious. Even a single smile and/or compliment can catch on. We never really know how far-reaching a small act of love can be.

God is a God of Miracles. He often intervenes to bless His children. It may be that the next miracle He has in mind will start with you. When you find yourself thinking that it would take a miracle to change the world for the better, consider being that miracle.

Judy Note on the Global Currency Reset:

  • Charlie Ward, head of the Redemption Committee: “Once I get the Green Light from the QFS Team I will inform you immediately. I will get the Green Light once the Tokens are moving. Currently it just FIAT that’s moving – to provide mobilization.”
  • Thurs. 9 June MarkZ: “The Banking side is leaning hard on everyone to shut up on the timing and on who is coming, going and when. There was a lot of chatter going on among Bond Holders and Paymasters that funds were moving.”

Restored Republics What We Think We Know as of Thurs. 9 June 2022:

  • The Deep State was desperately trying to create a war for distraction, chaos, monetary gain and to bring in a new Internet that would need passports and full authoritarian control connected to banks, personal data and health passes.
  • The Deep State has placed members of Antifa and other rioters at over 400 locations across the US.
  • National Guard Headquarters is now planning for potential violence & unrest in the wake of a SCOTUS decision on the pending Roe v Wade decision. The Guard Headquarters is also messaging to States for the potential to fly guardsmen into the District of Washington DC for the Roe Opinion.
  • A Global Financial Crash was imminent.
  • Vaccinate Children? Expect Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Impaired DNA Repair. “High probability, we’re gonna see a real spike in childhood cancers because of this (vaccination), and they’re ignoring that. One of the really frightening studies was [that] it impairs DNA repair, and these DNA repair enzymes are very efficient at fixing that damage. They found that after vaccination, the vaccine actually impaired two of the most critical of these DNA repair enzymes.” …Dr. Russell Blaylock
  • “Smallpox Vaccine Triggered Aids Virus.” …The London Times May 11, 1987
  • Vaccination Causes Serious Adverse Events Including Abortion “A Pfizer document reveals between 82-97% of pregnant women (who had been vaccinated in a Pfizer study) lost their babies. 45% of the 270 pregnant mothers reported adverse clinical events, and more than 60% of these were serious.” … Dr. Naomi Wolf

Trust the Plan, Judy Byington

Everyone is frustrated, and rightly so, that liquidity for the Global Currency Reset has yet to be made available to us.

Some in our Tier 4B Internet Group have been sending requests asking me to use my contacts to tell President Trump to pull the trigger. Can’t do that. Don’t have that kind of influence. It’s not my place, role, nor part of my job description.




This Restoring of Republics across the world through a Global Currency Reset was not about Tier4B making money off the GCR. The goal was set on a much higher level and was a whole lot more complicated.

It’s about rescuing millions of children and teens who were being…[continued in full report attached below]

For the White Hat Alliance, the rescue and safety of those babies, children and teens was their highest priority.

And, it’s about taking funding away from Deep State Elites who over the centuries have been using our hard earned money to gain power over The People and destroy our Planet. It’s about placing those monies back into the hands of The People so they could do humanitarian work and heal the World.

It’s about gaining control of our own lives and countries, taking ourselves away from the destructive grips of the Deep State Cabal.

Most of all, it’s about We The People of the world restoring our God-given Freedoms.

As such, the White Hat Military Alliance headed by certain US Pentagon Generals, not Trump, were the ones who would make the decision of when to press the trigger, disclose that countries around the world were now functioning under Martial Law until free and transparent elections could be held, and completing the Mass Arrests of those Elites around the globe.

That might be happening right now, or would take one or more catastrophic Near-Death-to-Civilization Events to make it go, such as the threat of a Nuclear Holocaust being handled by no-brainer Biden. Or, Joe resigning under threat of arrest for his role in the bio-weapon Labs, while incompetent Kamala slipped into the role of a Fake President trying to handle a Nuclear Scare Event – that she totally botches, giving the Military no choice but to step in to save the Nation.

The Global Reset has already begun, but when it would complete with liquidity flowing to Tier 4B was unknown – by anyone. They say that those giving out the timing were only guessing. The White Hats certainly were not about to tell us, or let the time, nor date, be known to anyone, including President Trump.

Realize that there is a Plan in motion. Trust the Plan. 




…Judy Byington

White Hat Intel:

  • The Storm: It’s all connected: Obama, Biden, Clintons, Bush, UN, NATO, Deep State US Military at Pentagon, CIA, Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, NIH, CDC, WEF, WHO, Gates, Fauci, Blackrock, Vanguard, World Banks, Vatican, UK Crown, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Black Lives Matter, Soros, DAVOS, Industrial Military Complex, Industrial Military Entertainment Complex, Hollywood, Mockingbird, Trafficking Deep State Cult, DUMBS, ect. – the whole house is coming down with Durham and Biden’s Laptop.
  • Where’s the Director of Beijing China CDC? The same director who made a quarter of billion on PCR tests and had his country unnecessarily locked down. Word is… He and his wife are missing since last Saturday. When do birds sing?
  • Russians accused President Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and billionaire George Soros of involvement in the conspiracy. The Chinese and Russians insist that “whoever commits such immoral and inhuman acts must be punished.”
  • The Russians note that since the Americans broke a 1976 treaty not to use biological, weather manipulating, earthquake causing and other weapons of mass destruction, they are now entitled to use their own arsenal of such weapons.
  • The head of MI6, upon getting this evidence promised “We will sanction the United Nations on a shoot to kill.” In other words, the named officials, including those working at the WHO and UN, will be shot on sight.
  • The US military, meanwhile, responded by sending –in defiance of the Biden regime- a military plane with more than 100 generals representing all military units to avoid a comprehensive nuclear war the KM was trying to trigger, Pentagon sources say.
  • As a result of this meeting “Biden’s days are numbered, regimes will collapse and heads of those countries participating in this scheme will be overthrown,” the sources promise.

Global Financial Crisis:

  • Catherine Austin Fitts on Financial Warfare: People Are Not Dying from a Virus; They’re Dying from Tyranny. “So they’ve been engaged in the financial coup for 20 years; we’re now coming into the end game. They have to consolidate the financial coup, and they vote on the going direct reset, and with that one decision, they made a decision over the next year to put 500 million people out of work. That’s the equivalent of dropping several nuclear bombs around the world. That’s financial warfare. And they made it intentionally; they made it knowingly, and it was a plan.”

Covid/Monkey Pox/Vax Hoax:

  • The US Deep State has established nearly 1,000 foreign military bases to ensure putting an enemy under attack within 30 min. anywhere in the world. Illegal US bio-weapon labs have been established at these bases and classified as Top Secret so they are out of control of even local governments where they are built. Ebola outbreaks have occurred in close proximity to several of these US bio-weapon labs.
  • Dr. Naomi Wolf: Is It Any Coincidence? 57% of All Pre-Birth Baby Deaths in VAERS Occurred Over the Past Two Years. Between 1998 and May of this year, the total number of pregnant women who were vaccinated for all diseases and then lost their babies was 6695. In just the past couple of years, 3816 babies died after their mothers received a COVID-19 vaccination, meaning 57% of all the vaccinations that resulted in a baby or fetus dying over the past 24 years took place when pregnant women started receiving COVID-19 vaccines. Out of these 3816 deaths, 1559 babies died within the first ten days, and 2257 died from day 10 on. Of the pregnant women who had spontaneous abortions or their babies died of other fetal disorders, 20% lost their babies on the day of vaccination, and 21% lost their babies in the following 9 days. “Could it be a coincidence that a COVID-19 vaccinated woman loses her baby and 41% of the time the baby dies within 10 days of the mother’s vaccination?”

Russia Exited the Matrix First, And Began to Free the World:

  • Russia exited the Matrix first and is now almost completely financially free from the US.
  • When Saddam Hussein announced in Iraq that he would no longer accept the US dollar for oil, two months later the war broke out in Iraq and Saddam Hussein was murdered.
  • Many wars were started to preserve the American dollar. When Moammer Gaddafi created an evaluated currency for Africa, Western military power went to Libya and assassinated Gaddafi.
  • Now Russia has finally broken the Petrol-Dollar (Fiat Money). The US is now in an existential crisis and Europe will follow.
  • The dollar is (almost) bankrupt and the cry for regulation of cryptocurrencies by corrupt governments show the corruption and mutiny within the organised financial system bodies like the SEC revealing how Bitcoin and Ethereum are protected.
  • Russia has the Ruble, which is fully backed by gold. India, China and Russia have long had a different monetary system apart from SWIFT.
  • Ripple is slowly revealing to be the new QFS it was promised and hoped by many XRP and XLM long trusted believers.
  • It seems the time to flip the switch is very very close. For so long we have speculated and predicted scenarios that would involve the Event and now Russia seems to lead the way out of the Matrix leaving behind the corrupt financial system, the media, the Internet.
  • Exposing the NWO, EU, US, NATO, the UN, CERN, the WHO, the CIA, the MOSSAD. All one big snake pit, full of dark connected to each other up the evil pyramid of the Elite. About to be taken down completely.
  • Russia is on it’s way to implement the Free World outside the matrix of the Cabal that we have been trapped in for centuries.
  • Exciting times. Flip the Switch. Eyes open. To be continued with you reporting the other side of the news. WWG1WGA

Remember their names: These are the 50 former “intelligence” officials who colluded to interfere in the 2020 election by signing a letter saying that Hunter’s laptop was a Russian plot. Nine further “intelligence” officials colluded with those listed but decided to remain anonymous: James Clapper, Michael Hayden, Leon Panetta, John Brennan, Marc Polymeropoulos, John Sipher, John McLaughlin, Michael Morell, Doug Wise, Nick Rasmussen, Russ Travers, Andy Liepman, John Moseman, Larry Pfeiffer, Jeremy Bash, Rodney Snyder, Glenn Gerstell, David Buckley, Nada Bakos, Patty Brandmaier, James Bruce, David Cariens, Janice Cariens, Paul Kolbe, Peter Corsell, Brett Davis, Thomas Finger, Roger Zane George, Steven Hall, Kent Harrington, Don Hepburn, Timothy Kilbourn, Rick Ledgett, Ron Marks, Jonna Hiestand Mendez, Emile Nakhleh, Gerald O’Shea, David Priess, Pam Purcilly, Chris Savos, Nick Shapiro, Stephen Slick, Cynthia Strand, Greg Tarbell, David Terry, Greg Treverton, John Tullius, David Vanell, Mike Vickers, Winston Wiley, Kristin Wood.

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[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

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