(Reader: KW6.5) To all Ranters Who Tell President to Get off the Pot



Reader Post | By KW6.5

Do you Forget what WWG1WGA Means? 

Did you forget That God Said “you must let go of everything to gain back everything?” 

IF you hold onto the way u lived with old habits, you CAN attract karmic negativity and be committed to stay in SAME WORLD AS NOW-3D thinking and MOST likely on your way to blow your new paths of living in our new world-4/5D. This Absence In Positive Drive Thru 3D- You still create in your head to Hang On To Material Things..Old Habits..  This Will lead you to be poor again, down the road bc u are obvious to Be A Person(s) that Have NO Patience of Virtue… (see below *)

Do you forget that ‘military in charge behind scenes’ IS NOW/JUN 7: Actively “Speeding passing Bills Thru House/Congress that Affectively “NEED FINAL Step voted on & crucial Step in ensuring Redemption-Exchange Funds ARE Accessible On Smartphones? That All Need Govt-Congress Passing Final Bills before WE CAN ALL (includes General Public with nothing like we have!) Get Digital Payout in Cryptos- XRP (Silver)?” Hello?

DO You Forget, above All Events leading to here (new world our way) THAT Everything MADE LEGAL That Affects A Nation, MUST HAVE BILLS For Setting Regulation Thru Govt VOTING!” We R Getting Off The Pot!! (Trump’s Backing Military Is Making it Happen Now!) ..

Connection ENDS UP From Govt Voting JUN 7 to Then Link Up To QFS Banking On “The New Peoples Market being built NOW, as NYSE is in its Final Collapsing … Everything Is Co-ordinated With MOST Crucial steps Being Performed Now SO Stop Helping DS Bash Our Real President!

DID you think that Ranting/Whinning Abt How President Should Release “IS Your Place in Judgement AS This Mission IS Connected in Spirit Of Christ?” Are You Still In 3-D Thinking? Because QFS IS Hooked Up Around World, “R you Aware That Probable Tracking you to Redemption or Bank Processing IS IN EFFECT, As Well?!” – They are Collecting Data is like Having A Record Setup of Your Personality of what kind of person you are with those funds; What Traits n Habits They Collect Will be Looked at From Past Talking and Texting-Hello?! 




Did You Forget that This WHOLE Mission  Is Not About You, Personally, but For The Children And To Rebuild Everything That Fell Apart.. 

To “Let Go of All Things To Fall Apart IS The Right Thing Because, Doing This IS Apart Of Letting Go Of Your Fear(s) Over What Others Think About You if they See..and Forget About Holding Onto How you lived in your past Because Tho You recognize “it” Worked .. ALSO MUST REMEMBER THAT THIS MOMENT, EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE, Not Just You-Your Not Alone! Don’t make Your Fear Consume Your Heart to be In Ego!  ALL THIS Material IN THIS WORLD NEEDS TO FALL APART .. IT WAS “TOTALLY SET UPON A World that was FABRICATED IN MOST  DECEPTIVE WAYS!!! EVERYTHING WE HAVE IN PUT INTO OUR LIVES.. OUR HOMES .. WAS “BUILT BY EVILS.. Right Down To Our Financial Security at Central Banks!! 

* My Story in Short:

I was Awakened In Spring 2016-Before Trump made office. I Was Wakened up by some great unknown force Now, Gradually Accepted that I Was Starseeded Soul.. A Lightworker.. A Messenger of This Mission .. A Naval Vet; Now Recognized That Galactic Federation Of Worlds.

I Was Shown Everything Of Reality we know Was Wrong— Shown Unveiling Of Truth “every dang time I picked my phone up” and Eventually I was Brought to Where We Go in 4D Death.. To Meet With Who We Resonate With.. Saying ETs Will Show YOU There- They Ask You “What did you learn while on Earth?” IF U Toiled? Did half ass work to find the Truth? You Will RECARNATE To Earth to Do All Over Again EXCEPT This Time!”  You must Align yourself with those funds To Do the Best You can To Avoid Making Same Mistakes As Before.. Potentially use your best intelligence to Jump into Ascension Bc THIS EARTH Will Die and Only Those Who Have Tested Themselves To Be A Better Than Before Person.. Will Make It To “Heaven On Earth” to Experience The joy-

So it began- Studies and Rabbit Holes to Go Down-12-21 hours every day. 

GFL Came To Me A Said “You Have Got To Let Go Of Your Fears- Your Family is Gonna Isolate You Away From Them. Expect This/




Yep- 2018: Because I was talking too much as a Messenger What The Future was Unveiling.. GCR Event.. “They did not invite me to holiday time at their houses” It Hurt but I Was Warned.. It was Ok/

In 2019: I Was Called Upon by my Mother to Live w her bc Step-dad Died. In Short: She Got Scammed by 3 men.. We were Evicted, Even, after I Risked Not Paying MY 2019 Leased CAR Bill To Pay Rent Bc My Mother Screwed up her own Bank .. End: I Deliberately Went Homeless In Order To Catch Up $400 Payment Tho I Had NO Money to get into an Apartment by Deposit, AT ALL- “I Prepped My Mind To Let Go!” Said “The Car Is My New Home Until I figure out…” AGAIN, I Was Ok. I had My Phone.. the car was organized and a routine established to keep it clean and compartmental to use~ I was still banking w disability checks to Catch up..

Dec 6, 2019: My Sister called from Calif (I was in AZ) .. Hubby died that morning at 6am of Cancer.. She was in fear of loosing house..Alone. I Got Rid Of More Weight Off Car. Prepped… I was On her Doorstep by 11pm that Night. I Had A New Place To Live! Amazing how it turned..Thanked God & ET-Galactics.. I Was Alive and Unhurt.. My Brother Came and Got My Mom at Eviction.. He Didn’t help me pack up her home.. NO-I Moved Her stuffs into Storage Alone .. I was 63 yo.

I Spent The Next 6 Months With Sister Getting her home into a functioning Proper Again/Seemed 5 Years she Stopped Cleaning it due to Living Darrel’s Screwed up ways (we weren’t raised to be pig!) … She’s More Shorter and Older and 65yo. I Struggle With Spondylosis; Degenerative Diseases but, I am taller and still Stronger than my age says..SO, I did All The Heavy Labor as I Feared Sister would hurt herself.. It Was Tough on My physical condition anyway as I Was Then, starting Constant battle of cramping and Nerve Numbness—Sent me to ER at VA But the Shots were Not Helping.. My Sister warned me to Rest while Working but I Would NOT.. I can’t seem to Stop Working until Done..

In Meanwhile, I Was Keeping Up With Daily Events of Fabricated World.. Staying In Contact W ET Truths..Trump Truths ect ect..MY R-Ear Goes Into Hearing Frequencies Of Sound that doesn’t hurt.. Things That We’re Let Go-“Didn’t Matter Anymore; I Was Collecting New..”

Until In Spring of 2021: My Sister was Fed Up that The Redemption Event was Fake-Not Gonna Happen.. Things got heated In Same Sibling Personality Of Not Getting Along As We We’re Kids! I was Upset that She was Taking off From House and Never Texting/Calling Where she was. She Had 3 Dogs to care for; Not Mine to do most- BUT Result? I Was Packing Up Car and Decided To Be Homeless Again was Only Way To Salvage Relationship bc Again-I Couldn’t Afford Deposit w Renting Another Apartment in Lake Isabella, CA..

I texted her “good-bye”.. She Just wasn’t a Patriot; Didn’t Do Any Research-Didn’t Care!” She Showed up w Someone I didn’t know and went to my car that wasn’t Her Right And Started Telling him to Take Pictures and Thumbing around what was packed! I Went n GRABBED her ARM and She Fell and Poss Fractured Wrist.. Screaming like a Banshee for MY ARREST- I Take Responsibility Of Getting That Arrest as A Battery Felony in State of Calif NOW.. “I Cried in Jail.. had Nightmare” that I was finished for this mission in Redemption!” But that simply WAS NOT The Case! I Quickly put on my cap to believe “This had to be a Blessing in Disguise!!” ETs-God- whoever Could hear my thoughts.. “Focus; Stay Calm and Get Through this!” I was Homeless once Again- I got my car back .. Repacked/Organized And Left the Lake and My Sister For Good .. I Don’t blame Her ..NO You Don’t! I Made memory But I “Let Go!” I helped her get her home n life together but she just wasn’t on same page-

TODAY: I Spent 1-2 months homeless and I Made my parking be at VA Clinic.. I Continued Banking and Setting Routine… “I Made The Most out of what I had to do TO GET BACK thru The Event Coming, As Nec” 

I Stayed Positive as Possible of my ailments Bumming me, sleeping in a Car..

One Day, A Representative Of Veteran Clinic CAME TO My Car and Result? “The Calif Vets Assisted Foundation” put me in Studio 6 Hotel for 5 Months Until NOW I Have A New Apartment that HUD Opened In Dec 2021”… A Miracle? Maybe-But I Count On “Universal Laws Of Unity-One” 




MAYBE U Should Try Something Like This In Your Life So As To “Let Go,Too.”

Starseed From Orion Ancient Race

Lightworker of Navy’s GFL 

A Veteran Medical Technician too smart for the Jab and Can’t Wait for The MedBed and The Things I will be Tested On to Help Humanity Escape it too,



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