(Reader: Mary who Dances with Eagles) Response to “Common Sense Questions”


Reader Post | By Mary who Dances with Eagles

Regarding the Common Sense Questions post June 4, 2022:

“The Charge of the Light Brigade” was a poem written by Alfred Lord Tennyson on December 2, 1854. Light referred to the light cavalry horses the soldiers rode with the British taking a terrible thrashing from the Russians in the Battle of Balaclava.

How strange to wake up this morning and think of this poem that I read once over 40 years ago after reading the Common Sense Questions post this morning.

If Mr. Tennyson will forgive my using the title of his poem to convey a different meaning to the word LIGHT, I will be grateful.

We are the LIGHT Brigades and the LIGHT Battalions.  We are the LIGHT WARRIORS who CHOSE to be born in this Timeline to uncreate evil.  LIGHT BEINGS from Galaxies and multiple Universes are watching how we LIGHT BEARERS will respond on Earth.  It will be a celebration of rebirth and liberation when we uncreate the multiple layers of Quantum evil.

This challenging task may give new meaning to why we could be having delays…….

We cannot succeed without the Galactic Federation of Worlds, the Earth Alliance, Nikola Tesla, John G. Trump, Donald J. Trump, the White Hats and all who have given their lives to fight and win this LIGHT battle against the Satanic stranglehold on Earth.


Yes, Mr. or Ms. N/A your points and concerns are well taken as all of us are fed up with being fed up ad infinitum with 3D issues.  Isn’t this also part of the Test? Who never gives up?  Who has rock solid Faith in God, Source, Sananda, Creator?  Who is already envisioning 5D!?  We create 5D!  What are the answers to this enigma wrapped within an enigma? We are only overwhelmed by the multiple layers of evil if we choose to be. It doesn’t mean that we do not care. Again, this is our Test. It is not easy to BE HUMAN at this time. We must trust. We must have faith in ourselves.  We must focus on uncreating evil.  This is the Plan.  This is the mission.

This is what Digital Soldiers must do to support the Alliances.

In my opinion, uncreating Darkness is the reason for Being at this time that many sages for thousands of years have attempted to explain.  Our mission is to connect with the Quantum side of our brain through our Heart.  This sacred place is where we are co-creating and manifesting all that is just and good.  We will UNCREATE EVIL in this sacred place.  I believe this is where we must focus when we pray, when we meditate.  Do I know how to find this place?  No, not yet but my I AM gut tells me this is where we are supposed to focus and discover our next steps to uncreate evil. It has nothing to do with waking up the sleepers!  It has to do with us peeps who are AWAKE!  This is our biggest Test.  We uncreate Evil. We can create all that is good and just as we discover that we are Quantum LIGHT BEINGS and where we came from and where we are going: Back to the Future that is 5D that is the Golden Age.


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