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Common Sense Questions

1. Why would the supposed Constitutional Convention that was supposed to have returned the US to the original Republic, be done in Washington D.C., which is a foreign owned and controlled property (by the very enemy not yet vanquished)?

2. Also, if people such as Anna Von Reitz have completed legal processes that also relate to the legal Republic, how can their legal claims be disregarded by folks like Trump, who then seem to make large errors (like holding a Constitutional Convention in Washington D.C.)?

2. Why, if the White House is vacant and Biden is illegitimate, does Trump continue to refer to Biden as President Biden and why does he say things like, “while Biden sits in the White House…”?

3. Why, if the only thing the elites fear is the public waking up and coming for them, are we constantly told to sit quietly and wait for a secret group to save us?

4. Why, if this is a secret war, do we have so many internet gurus telling us the main members (Trump, Modi, Putin, Bolsenaro, Salman, etc.) of the secret Alliance and their plans (devolution, insurrection act, changing of the financial system, closing of banks, the list of White Hat countries militaries, the list of US generals who are White Hats fighting inside the Satan controlled US military complex,  the next steps in the war, etc.)?

5. Why are we told that the Alliance has already won yet we are told this war will continue for many years to come?

6. Why do we keep hearing the weak excuse that the Alliance isn’t finishing this war because they want more of the public to wake up first, yet they want to “take care of” the mass media last?  Has anyone ever heard such an un-wise combination of clap-trap rationale before?  The Alliance knows that the main source of information that most of the public relies on, is routinely lying to everyone about everything yet they want to deal with that last while simultaneously expecting the public to wake-up without seeing and hearing the truth.  Let’s be honest, much of the internet information is false as well so why would anyone base their decisions on a large group waking up without planning a method to expose them to the truth…and doing so with repetition?

7. Why, if the Alliance truly has “every bit of evidence of wrong-doing done by the bad guys”,  do we need to wait for them to do more, before we can arrest them?

My take is the following:

A. Trump likes to claim the victory before it manifests in the physical (fake it until you make it).

B. Though the leaders of the Alliance (presuming it exists) are smart, they are NOT infallible and many of us can see mistakes being made.

C. A large percentage of patriots are now losing faith in the Alliance because we have been hearing the same “fake it until you make it” line for many years and seeing very little to back it up.

D. Most of the internet gurus do not have any “inside” source, they are just regurgitating information from other internet gurus.

E. It is highly possible that much of the patriot/internet guru info is a CIA psy-op.

F. The hopium addicts spend hours each day searching for some signs that the Alliance is winning.  So, every time something good happens, whether it is a court victory or some country announcing they are preparing to back their currency with gold, immediately it is claimed as a sign of Alliance progress.  Maybe that is true, but maybe it is false also.

G. There is so much disinformation, from both sides, and this world has been under such a cloak of black magic for so long, is it any wonder that it is difficult to discern the truth about this war? Many of us can discern the truth regarding lies about the fundamentals of life and light but seeing through the web of lies surrounding this war is much more daunting.  

I find it very sad that the Alliance, again if they exist, knowingly lies routinely to the internet gurus, ostensibly to fool the dark-side, but all the while counting on the public to wake up via these sources. This may be the greatest indictment of fools yet.  Either we are the fools for listening and reading this crap or the leaders of the Alliance are bigger fools for not seeing their own created puzzle-box.   So I ask, will the Alliance be responsible for the good people losing faith in God, in truth, in freedom, due to their over-thought strategy, their delays in action and their lies?  Or, is this really a movie put on by Satan and we are all sitting on our hands like the good people we have criticized for not waking up?


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