(Reader: Hawke) Bytes do Bite


Reader Post | By Hawke (UK)

Namaste fellow woken beings,

Forgive me if my words sound with a tinge of annoyance directed at many. What I write & speak is truth… What amazes me at times is some of the entries to which, one must start to comprehend how indeed a way of life, by the construct of a system upon how it is designed to operate…

When you think about GE | SARA or NE | SARA or the QFS or QVS or Anything Quantum, the vast ability needs to be understood. The ability to achieve a state of quantum requires an even greater enormous amount of data, processing action, result. So if for example, the 7 billion are to get Quantum phones – Where is all the material coming from? Who is producing them, When are they being delivered? So then you think, 7 billion will all have a phone… OK, not much different to now. 

Wait – Aren’t people actually turning into antennas – chipped up & transmitting… If so, How does that network run? Who owns it – Yep – Military

We aren’t talking 5G or 6G or 7G… We are talking 10G given that the so called ‘future state’ (surpass even quicker based on Moore’s Law) in which we the people have the 6000 patents released & produced in a society functioning with them would therefore be that ‘real time’ reality… 

How much processing power let alone data storage is needed given the lightning speed & immense singular connectivity? Forget Petabytes, Nope not even Exabytes, or Zettabytes…

To connect everything to the ‘Cloud’ in what is classed as Internet of Things – Yes, we are a thing…. I believe Yottabyte is the level. To put this as a figure –


1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes (Terra Byte is 1,000,000,000,000 bytes)

So what then? (going back to the infrastructure) Won’t Human Hybrids be on the agenda – Won’t we have a ‘Skynet’ Space Force Defence system? Won’t the inner earth levels be inhabited by us? Won’t we have Stellar vehicle travel achievable to ‘explore new galaxies & seek out new life’ – Thanks James T. Kirk

Point is – we have all of the fundamentals now & all of this is do-able… Simply spreading Hopium about ‘Tomorrow’ or saying the D|S needs to be completed gone – It is never going to happen – UNLESS you plug everyone’s brain with a ‘Reboot’ & run the 5D, 6D, 7D program which takes away Hue-Man let alone the being or the body… This you cannot do – As a forced will, is not a free will. The system you believe you can corrupt & have however that base, core, primary programming – will always find a way.

To quote Mr Spock (Star Trek) – Without followers, Evil cannot prosper…

So without getting into conspiracies or who is truth & who is not – Until you see or believe what you hold to be true (or told about) – This whole thing – Is one mind boggling Artificial Reality run by Celestial Computer systems that have each & every galaxy connected to it…

This is Why whatever hopium is being told, will not happen. My visions I have had tell me – Even if it is being done – it is in the realm of consciousness which is not in the benefit of the people…

Do it correctly or do not do it at all… This is your test.



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