(Reader: Thomas Smith) The Ugly Truth


Reader Post | By Thomas Smith

As long as I remember humanity has looked at truth as being ugly something that should be avoided. I’ve pounder this question for many years and I believe now I have the answer to look at the truth you must do two things first you must except it and second you must except that your trust in someone or some thing has been violated. To see the truth you must except the fact your best interest was not part of the plan weather it be a joke or your Government betraying your trust plain and simple a hard pill to swallow. With the truth that has come out on the last few years it obvious that it is easier to deny the truth than it is to except it . I believe we the world have been betrayed through our education system by a 6000 year old cabal bent on our destruction. With that said I’m going to list as many truths as I can from memory.

1. We are dealing with a 6000 year old cabal bent on our destruction 

2. Every thing every war every disease every major event has been planned by them.

3. When they realized they couldn’t control humanity through force or war they took control of religion and corrupted it .they removed most of the Bible and replaced it with their methods of control. No one and I mean no one should fear the creator he loves you he gave you free will as not to control you he gave you the word of God to show the way of righteousness and this was removed and distorted by the cabal to control you through religion. Every war in history was implemented by this cabal to crush good and allow your them to profit and control humanity and reduce population convincing humanity they were doing the right  thing. How can you hate someone you never met to the point that you kill them in battle? The simple answer the cabal whom you think is looking out for your best interest aka your illegal unelected government telling you that you must go to war and kill them someone you’ve never met and trough a false sense of patriotism you do as they command.

4. Your true history has been kept from you most of the Bible has been removed and hidden from you.

5. The blood line of Christ has been hidden from you his descendants walk the Earth today the Druzes line.

6. All our history as you know it is fake. The victor rights the history books and the cabal has been the victor for thousands of years.

7. We didn’t win the revolutionary war we were allowed to by the cabal for their benefit.

8. Through our history most president were installed by the cabal the few who weren’t were killed or acomplished nothing.

9. Most all the reasons why the civil was fought are false the main reasons were two points Lincoln trying to get rid of the cabal and the cabal bankrupting the nation the cabal won they killed Lincoln and bankrupted the nation and at the same time reduced the population.

10. U.S. Grant now president of a bankrupt country sold the United States to the Bank of England by passing the constitution and the United States under  Admiralty law own by the Bank of England this is why our flags have the gold fringe around it to show we under admiralty law. All Americans no matter what your belief have been sold out by your government according them you are Chantal not even considered alive Entities. They sell and make money off your birth certificates they have you so over taxed and so over worked you have no time to see what is actually going on .

11. you send your children to school where they under educate them indoctrinate them control what think and you pay no attention they are teaching your children to hate you and let them do it.

12. Our government is run by a bunch of satanic Luciferin individuals who killing and in some cases eating your children selling them for profit but you are rapped up in just trying to survive you are blind to it they divide you by multiply party’s color race poor middle class rich wealthy and you fall for it hook line and sinker

13. Clones exist they have existed since the 1930’s that being said . The Kennedy   JFK killing was a clone JFK lived to be 103 I personally sat next to at one of Trumps rallies. JFK Jr is alive long with many others who faked their death to prevent the cabal from killing them all this will soon come to light

14. Those who are awake and I mean really wake know this and a thousand time more I think this might be enough for now this don’t even scratch the surface if there is way to put this out to the general public please feel free to do so

An ardent patriot 
Respectfully yours
Thomas Smith


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