David Icke, Jewish?


Operation Disclosure | By Thinker2, Contributing Writer

Submitted on April 28, 2022


“Their symbols will be their downfall.” – Q

  • The bird (Cockatrice / Phoenix / Eagle) left is symbolic of Lucifer (Night / Dark / Set / Dagon / Hades / Poseidon / Evil / Light Bringer)
  • The eye (All Seeing Eye / Eye of Providence) middle is symbolic of Apollo (Day / Sun / Ra / Nimrod / Helios / Wreath / Swastika / Good / The Light of the World)
  • The snake (Serpent) right is symbolic of Satan (Saturn / Death / Black / Grim Reaper / Cronus / Time / Murder) – King Cobra snake venom

Now I know the connection / relationship between Lucifer, Apollo, and Satan… and so do you.

This is not a parade with the snake leading the way… The Cockatrice (Lucifer) is the Pupet Master pushing the eye and snake ahead of him. To take the blame.

The Pope wears a “hat” (Mitre) which resembles a FISH HEAD! He represent the Law of the Sea (Legal / Admorlty / Luciferianism) not to be confused with Lawful (Natural / Creation).

Pope (left) Dagon / Poseidon (right) God of the Sea (Law maker) – Look see; We murdered Yahshua, here on my staff (Trident).

I told David Zublick what the EYE he diaplayed in the corner of his older videos was a symbol for. He ignored me and called it the “Eye of Providence”. I see now he has abandoned the eye symbol.

I’ve had 29 years of searching… (Laid off after siding with the Branch Davidians (Waco, TX) not to be murdered.)
Since then I have discovered many lies / truths:
There is no “J” in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, or Aramaic. How do you name a child “Jesus” without the letter “J”?
Polytheism: Saturn = Saturday = Satan = Satan’s Day = Sabbath = Satan Worship
Before 1700s (Telescope) there were only 7 planets, 7 days a week, 7 candles on a Menorah, now there are 9
December 25 is the Rebirth of Apollo + Lucifer = Antichrist (The GOD on the back of the Dollar)
Israel = Is – Ra – El = Trinity = Is / Isis (Mother) – Ra (Son / Sun) – El (Father of all gods)
Statue of Liberty / Columbia Pictures Logo = Semiramis (Whore of Babylon) Liberalism Monument
Jews wear a Black Cube on their forehead while praying
Christians drink blood and eat flesh in a mock Satanic Ritual (Not just Catholics)
Muslims face a Black Cube at Mecca, Saudi Arabia when they pray
A Black Cube is a symbol for Satan (Look it up!)
The Satanists use their Religion (Ra Legion / Army of Ra aka Apollo) to deceive Jews, Christians, and Muslims to worship Their GOD and fight with each other.

I have a better grip on truth than most.
Yahshua was a Rabbi who taught The Way, not Christianity (Bate & Switch). The Asian word for Way is Tao. There is a book of 81 Parables called the Tao Te Ching (The Way of Wisdom in Action)
He died and resurrected to prove death is not the end (Roman Philosophy). He was not so stupid to believe Debt Slavery (Sin) could be erased by dying. Sin is erased by Repentance (changing your mind / Wisdom)! Sin is a psychological problem caused by liars (Satanists), not a biological problem solved by Murder and Resorection. Whose “Sins” did Lazoris die and reserct for?

“We have been deceived, we are deceived; we are deceiving each other.” – Thinker2 – !STOP THAT!

Or as my mother would say; “Was you there Charlie, did you see it?” in a humoris thick New York accent.

Peace, love, and blessings,



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