(Reader: Ash Teate) Response to NightWisp about Med Beds


Reader Post | By Ash Teate

Operation Disclosure at one time was the 1st thing I looked at in the morning and of course nothing ever seems to happen and just kick the can down the road a little further. Wow, have you felt like you are being duped?  Is any of this real or are we naively being led by just another faction of control freaks?  Are we to stay slaves forever simply because of our lack of unity, trust, knowledge and simply being unable to see the media pumping fear so to paralize society into the brainwashing oby very clever entities. Oops, my tinfoil hat is glowing. All of this high anxiety anticipation crap is killing us all.  Maybe do the following and live a happier life?

  1. Turn the Tell-a-vision (TV) off forever or until the EBS, if that ever happens and then forever.
  2. Stop being so naive about everything.  We are no better than blindly following people we don’t know, who narrate crap for 1 year, 5 years or 10 years and we do not ask questions?  This has become the norm, to spew fake news on TV and we slurp it up as facts and never question its validity.  Fact is this vax is a perfect example of how people will research a vacation, car and/or home investments but when it comes to their health they don’t think at all and “THE GOVERNMENT KNOWS BEST”, blindly do as they are told without question.  This behavior will get you killed.
  3. Accept the fact that you by yourself can not make a difference but stand tall and proud by your convictions and your bravery will draw those alike and those you aspire for they too may become a leader as you.  Give thanks to God daily and see his simple beautiful glory all around you. All so simple.
  4. Beware of your EGO.  I heard the most fragile aspect of a human being is their ego.  The ego is overrated, not that you are not important, but, one needs to think beyond the ego.  Your mind can only comprehend 10% of reality because we only use 2 strands of DNA out of 12.  To activate one more stran, much less all 12, the ego just seems so unimportant when you look at life from a broader point of view.
  5. You get what you focus on in life.  Simply put, be careful of what you are spending your time thinking about during your day.  Stay positive and open to  understanding, short to get angry and share laughs and fun with loved ones.  Go exercise to get the endorphins pumping, hopefully with friends so as to build a sense of common unity with others.  Healthy conversations with others is very important.

These are just a few ideas from a normal guy that truly cares for other humans that I share this world with.  Alway remember to stay flexible in life or you can easily get bent out of shape. Always have an abundance of LOVE and it will never run out.

Ash Teate


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