Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 6, 2022



Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Wed. 6 April 2022

Compiled Wed. 6 April 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

Crimes of the Century

The Q Movement was in the middle of a Military Sting Operation that would expose the Crime of the Century: the Chinese Communist Party and CIA in cooperation with Global and Political Elites including leaders of the Democratic Party, used Election Fraud, Treason and Sedition to implant foreign powers in all three branches of the US Government.

Tens of thousands of tortured and murdered mainly Asian children rescued, mutilated bodies recovered, by the Russian Military from US owned Bio-weapon Underground Tunnel DUMBS Labs that ran beneath a Biden-owned property in Ukraine.

Millions of dead/half alive tortured children have been rescued by US and other nation’s Special Forces from Underground Tunnels across the Globe since Wed. 16 Oct. 2019.

“Seek, Knock and Ask”

God has more to give us, more Faith to impart, more Comfort to bestow, more Blessings to pore out and only asks us to Seek Him, Knock on His Door and Ask in order to receive.”




April 03, 2022- #4829 Music & the Spoken Word (

Judy Note:

Restored Republic: It’s all about the children.

  • [Read this content in the full report attached below]
  • [Read this content in the full report attached below]
  • [Read this content in the full report attached below]
  • Daily Reminder: President Trump won and was still our US President.
  • Last January when Trump found out about the DUMB Underground Tunnels beneath the White House and Washington DC, he ordered the Military to go in and save thousands of children who were found half alive, plus recover the bodies of thousands who were dead with organs harvested, many half eaten.
  • These Tunnels have been there since that monster George HW Bush ordered them built and have been used by every US President and Congress since then, up until Trump.
  • There appeared to be plans in the works to bulldoze the White House, US Capital and US Supreme Court building, plus all of the buildings around them. They would turn Washington DC back into the swamp it was before – a Bird Sanctuary.
  • DC would no longer exist, to be replaced by a Restored Republic based on the original concepts of the Constitution.
  • Last month the Alliance Military arrested 700 CIA Agents across the world, who gave debriefings on Foreign Interference in the U S. Elections.
  • The agents connected to a German CIA farm which was raided.
  • Many of these same CIA Agents were also involved in the leaks of the Russia Gate Investigation.
  • Haspel, the FBI and Comey were named inside several investigations connected to Election Fraud, Treason and Sedition.
  • The U.S. military confiscated Vatican gold found in tunnels that ran beneath the Vatican to Switzerland and Israel.
  • There were 650 military carriers that distributed the gold throughout major countries. The UK, Europe and Canada were given silver, but the rest of the world was given gold.
  • The gold now resides in secure locations around the world.

Global Currency Reset:

Judy Note: Intel sources appeared to agree with what Bruce outlined about the present status of the Global Currency Reset on Tues. evening 5 April The Big Call, Bruce: 667-770-1866 pin123456#

  • By last Thurs. 31 March 209 countries were 100% asset-backed with their currencies and therefore GESARA compliant.
  • US Treasury Notes were printed and resided in Tier 1, 2 Banks and Redemption Centers.
  • There were 3,300 Paymasters who had been given instructions on how to proceed with their groups.
  • Bond Holders would receive emails by tonight Tues. 5 April saying they would have liquidity tomorrow Wed. 6 April.
  • Adjudicated settlements, Fines and Penalties, CMKX, Prosperity Packages and Farm Claims were to have initiated today Tues. 5 April.
  • It appeared that Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) should be notified, be able to set appointments and have appointments on Wed. 6 April.

Your Currency Exchange/ Zim Redemption Appointment:

* You would need two forms of ID, preferably picture ID, a utility bill to prove your correct address, if you have receipts for your currency/Zim Bonds it would be wise to bring them to the appointment, your currency and/or Zim Bonds, and if you had a Humanitarian Project bring a 1-3 page summary of your Business Plan that included your background showing why you felt qualified to do your project.




*For most, Redemption Centers were likely within 50 miles of your home.

* Tier 4B would have ten days to make their appointments in order to receive special rates. After that, you would need to go to a bank to exchange where you would receive the lower international rate.

Timeline Is Easter

Falls On The 17th of April
Which Is The 17th Week Of The Year
Which is The 107th Day Of The Year.
Juan O Savin raising from the dead.

Real News Highlights for Tues. 5 April 2022:

  • [Read this content in the full report attached below]

The Biden Crime Family:

Durham Report:

DUMBS and the Underground War, American Patriot:

  • [Read this content in the full report attached below]

International Child Sex Trafficking:

  • [Read this content in the full report attached below]

Millions of Dead/Half Alive Tortured Children Rescued by US and Other Nation’s Special Forces from Underground Tunnels Across the Globe Since Wed. 16 Oct. 2019:




  • [Read this content in the full report attached below]

Mass Arrests:

  • China: The reason for the current quarantine was stated as a connection with another outbreak of the Corona virus. Citizens were forbidden to leave their homes. This quarantine could also be used to pick up all Deep State players based on mass arrests at home. That makes it a lot easier for the White Hats – a cleanout without a civil war. Think about it and connect the dots. This might happen in every country.

2020 Election Fraud:

  • Wisconsin Special Counsel Gableman: Wisconsin Election Commission left a “trail of victims.” There are 92,000 nursing home residents in Wisconsin. “In the Zuckerberg 5 cities, in all of those counties those nursing homes reported a voting rate of 100%, anywhere in between 95% and 100%.”
  • Wisconsin: 138 ballot traffickers in Milwaukee, Racine, and Green Bay went to drop boxes to harvest ballots 3,568 TIMES.
  • Georgia: Democrats implicated — Georgia Ballot Traffickers Were Using Democrat Officials’ Offices as Stopping Points During Ballot Drop Runs: “They saw that some of these mules would visit these drop boxes every night. And then go to Stacey Abrams’ headquarters and then go back to the drop boxes.”
  • President Trump’s lawyers have released a photograph of an unsecured USB access point in the Georgia election which allowed mail-in ballots to be counted without signature verification or chain of custody documentation.

Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

  • Ford Cuts SUV Truck Production Due to Chip Shortage:
  • “My son and I went to trade his old truck in on another used truck yesterday. Through the process, the (Ford) salesman informed me that Ford was no longer taking orders on ANY new vehicles. The ones who have placed orders have a 13 month wait period. He said, Ford has between 70-100 suppliers who failed to meet demands. No more test-drives. He also said, it’s not just Ford… but other auto makers (excluding Dodge) and furniture makers and most goods. Something crazy is coming down the pipe. Mass shortages are coming. IMO… we are very close to the event. The flippo of the switcho is imminent.” …An Anon

Global Financial Crisis:

Covid/Vax Hoax:

Inside the War: White Hats vs. Deep State Internet

  • Kill Switch: Both the Deep State and White Hats plan to kill the present Internet and replace it with one of their own.
  • The Deep State has a plan to control the world their Internet through people of the Earth’s banking and Social Networks.
  • They want a new Internet that will be digitalized with Internet Passports into their New World Order Internet.
  • These passports will only be for those who abide by the World infection laws (growing currently), those who co-operate with the online banking (new rules/ Standards/ regulations).
  • This Internet they want to launch is called The Great Reset – or restarting the Internet vs. the White Hat’s new Internet.
  • The White Hat’s new Internet is ready to be released by Tim Berners-Lee and has the most advanced security and unbreakable encrypted system ever created.
  • Features behind the New Internet includes A.I systems to identify online pedophilia, human trafficking network and world money laundering systems.
  • Incubated in the many features was the ability to eradicate homelessness and third world poverty, end all wars and give generational healing through high Technology that uses the advanced (hidden) systems connected to Tesla and vibrational frequency healing (the body is a field of energy and receptors that connect to the DNA and all self dimensional healing rhythms that effect the state of the body and mind).

White Hats: There Are No Coincidences:

  • Trump’s Rally in Ohio was a huge signal – it’s the 17th state of the US (17 for the Anons and Patriots who believe and know Signaling).
  • He stood over where Military Ops were taking place – between Canada and US Borders. No fear while sending direct message to the Deep State.
  • This was a signal to the Woke Dark Deep State Generals, Biden and the Elites that he is in control and destroying the largest North East Underground Tunnels (Subs and Maglev Underground trains) run by Biden through Obama’s Chicago Lines.
  • This was a signal to Canada too, that destruction of the these Sub/train Tunnels into their country was done and so was the $$$$ it generated in human trafficking, weapons, drugs.
  • There was so much going on these past weeks in this area corrected to Five Finger Lakes: Niagara Falls Booms, Military Flight Ops, Earthquakes over precise locations I gave before the Earthquakes, Fires, Explosions Indianapolis Illinois factories, Chicago water explosions and very strange out of the ordinary weather in these locations…and continuing.

White Hats: Middle East Wars Were Heating up:

  • [Read this content in the full report attached below]

White Hats: From the White Hats: Russia exited the Matrix first.

  • Russia is now financially almost completely free from the United States.
  • When Saddam Hussein announced in Iraq that he would no longer accept the US dollar for oil, two months later the war broke out in Iraq and Saddam Hussein was murdered.
  • Many wars were started to preserve the American dollar. When Moammer Gaddafi created an evaluated currency for Africa, Western military power went to Libya and assassinated Gaddafi.
  • Now Russia has finally broken the Petrol-Dollar (Fiat Money). The US is now in an existential crisis and Europe will follow.
  • The dollar is (almost) bankrupt and the cry for regulation of cryptocurrencies by corrupt governments show the corruption and mutiny within the organized financial system bodies like the SEC revealing how Bitcoin and Ethereum are protected.
  • Russia has the Ruble which is fully backed by gold. India, China and Russia have long had a different monetary system apart from SWIFT.
  • Ripple is slowly revealed to be the new QFS it was promised and hoped by many XRP and XLM long trusted believers.
  • It seems the time to flip the switch is very, very close. For so long we have speculated and predicted scenarios that would involve the Event.
  • Russia seems to lead the way out of the Matrix leaving behind the corrupt financial system, the media, the internet. Exposing the NWO, EU, US, NATO, the UN, CERN, the WHO, the CIA, the MOSSAD. All one big snake pit, full of dark connected to each other up the evil pyramid of the Elite. About to be taken down completely.
  • Russia is on it’s way to implement the Free World outside the matrix of the Cabal that we have been trapped in for centuries.
  • Exciting times. Flip the Switch. Eyes open. To be continued with you reporting the other side of the news. …WWG1WGA, the White Hats.

Food hyperinflation begins in Germany; Riots in Sri Lanka; Starvation coming worldwide – the timeline of what’s happening with food scarcity and food inflation worldwide: I cover all this in much more detail in today’s Situation Update podcast. Find it here:




  • The first areas to be hit are the Middle East due to their geographical proximity to Ukraine and Russia.
  • Western Europe will suffer the impact over the next 3-4 months, with food scarcity to be sustained for at least 18 months following.
  • The United States, Canada, Australia and other nations on different continents will feel the effects in the second half of 2022, continuing well into 2023 and likely continuing through 2024.
  • Importantly, this provides a very narrow window of opportunity for North Americans to stock up on food before the scarcity strikes.

Mon. 4 April 2022 Nick Fleming: The Quantum Quotient:

  • Those who are reading this message likely have “exotic currencies” and/or Government Bonds and are waiting for the Great Shift to launch. This “Shift” is analyzed to the nth degree, by notables and wise people, who have for years been sharing insight and comments in Telegram, online, in phone calls and through every possible medium. Quite a well-documented mythology has been created along the way.
  • All agree that there is a cultural “Great Shift” taking place – from poverty to abundance. This cultural Shift is a 180° shift of a body’s individual Right to Sovereignty and Abundance of all good things.  What an incredible about face! Here is how Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov describes the situation: ‘”A new reality is taking shape: the unipolar world is irretrievably receding into the past and a multipolar world is being born. This is an objective process that cannot be stopped, there won’t be one single ruler in this new reality….Nobody on Earth will be considered a second-rate player. All nations are equal and sovereign.”
  • All nations equal and sovereign, under what authority? The word, “Sovereign” defines the authority, meaning to stand on One’s good name, on the path established by One’s forefathers and their good name, taking full responsibility/accountability for decisions, and subsequent actions for everything and every party involved in these actions. No government has authority over a Sovereign. A Sovereign must obey the Law of the Land.  Sergey Lavrov here is speaking about the right of every nation to define the Law of the Land, as long as that law does not subvert or usurp an individual’s Sovereignty. Additionally, he’s speaking about the parity (of value) of each nation, as defined by their personal wealth, as adjudicated by a world governing authority. Will this authority remain the International Monetary Fund? Or will the Bank for International Settlements be involved? We have to wait and see. With the Great Shift underway every entity that existed previously may suddenly disappear including these two.
  • It has been discussed that the Quantum Financial System analyzes and tracks the movement of money up to 50 moves. From start to extended delivery. It may be more than 50. This hasn’t been mentioned lately. With the Quantum Intelligence managing software upgrades, the historic – forever tracking and movement of money may become exponentially viable. There’s a nice thought. Assets delivered to every Sovereign nation state derive from one Source, the Global Collateral Accounts. This is as golden as it gets. The very basis of the assets moving in the new QFS is golden. Delivered into each qualified nation state to build up that nation’s verified assets. This is being done to manage this very important “parity,” and is now underway, putting an end to the 15 Trillion dollar a day markets trading currency. This will also equalize the cost of goods. No country will have an advantage over another. “Slave Labor” will end. It’s unlawful under a Sovereign Nation State’s Constitution.
  • This is the Great Shift, leading into a new Quantum Financial System, which can only hold true asset-backed currency. Asset backed digital currency qualifies as a “currency”. Preparing for this Great Shift with “exotic currencies” from inflated nation’s, is the front-end benefit of this Great Shift. The back end is XRP. XRP is the bridge that links every nation’s asset-backed-digital-currencies, to the world. XRP will be the defacto standard in use in the US and North America. It will be monetized based on the assets it represents, like every nation state, representing the wealthiest nations in the world – Canada, United States, and Mexico. The full wealth of these countries defined by the in-ground assets (as verified by satellite Doppler scans and advanced testing), assets held in surplus, assets in the vaults/banks, and GDP. This will be verified by a globally recognized third party authority, which is irrefutable in the highest court in the world. With this verification and certification, XRP will become very valuable. This value will be publicly verified as unquestionable. XRP is Sovereign and incorruptible. The implementation of BASEL 3, immediately followed by BASEL 4, will clear the path for lawful banking in only a few remaining institutions, all providing “XRP bank account – for trading purposes.” Just like US dollar, or any other trade-able currency accounts, making the need for “soft banks” and “hard wallets” obsolete.
  • This “incorruptibility” of XRP and the tracking of the movement of money, is the death of the Cabal. Seizure and confiscation of all assets for any entity found to be involved in or supporting the trafficking of drugs, of sex, of influence, of treasonous actions that harm the people will be facilitated under Executive Order 13818.  There will be no escape. The wise White Hats have also made it possible to alert the “Authorities” on every (pending) illicit act. This very incorruptibility of XRP will bring down every sitting government in the world involved in corrupt acts, influenced by treasonous individuals to harm the population. This is what will be shown as occurring in the coming months, arrests and new governments formed all around the world. What an amazing feat!
  • Corruption on every level, on the Internet, on the street, in retail establishments, wherever money is used, will be ending. The proof of value for every asset, including digital (as in bitcoin) is being established now. The proof of an assets value, as adjudicated and verified by the same authorities required for all currencies, digital or otherwise, will clean up a very messy system. This discussion is underway right now and expected to culminate shortly in a spotlessly clean house.
  • Thank you to the many White Hats that are working behind the scenes, making this incredible time in history possible. Your reward will be the joy of billions of surviving innocents, ready to thrive in a safe, prosperous world, where everything good is now possible to achieve.

Red Pill Crusade: What is CIPS?

  • China’s Cross-Border Interbank Payment System, or CIPS, was launched in October 2015 to provide an independent international yuan payment and clearing system connecting both onshore and offshore clearing markets and participating banks.
  • Russia’s de-dollarization efforts meant that China and India can help Russia skirt sanctions by jointly building an alternative global financial system.
  • While India currently does not have its own domestic financial messaging system, it plans to link a service (Rupee-Ruble. Under the proposed system, the dollar or the euro could be used to determine how many Rubles would be equivalent of a Rupee, based on their respective value against the third currency.) 
  • Currently under development with Russia’s SPFS (System for Transfer of Financial Messages, Russia’s equivalent of SWIFT), which could connect with China’s CIPS (Cross-Border Interbank Payment System, the Chinese version of SWIFT).
  • Once materialized, the linked systems would cover most parts of the world. The global coverage of this alternative system could appeal to countries that are either vulnerable to U.S. sanctions or discontent about the U.S. dollar’s dominance.
  • After putting these pieces together, in my opinion, this is HOW and WHY the U.S. dollar will suddenly crash. IMO, this is “The Alliance’s” plan to usher in NESARA/ GESARA.
  • The Alliance is the following leaders working in tandem with President Trump & President Putin:
  • (China)-President Xi Jinping: The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that China opposes illegal unilateral sanction on Moscow and will continue to carry out normal trade cooperation with Russia.
  • (India)-Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has developed ways to trade with Russia while bypassing sanctions. India has been exploring a rupee-ruble trade arrangement with Russia following Western sanctions on Russia.
  • (Brazil)-Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who visited Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow shortly before the Ukraine invasion, angered Western allies by saying he was “in solidarity with Russia” without elaborating.
  • (Saudi Arabia) Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. As the United States and its allies stand united against the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Saudi Arabia is siding with Russia.
  • (North Korea) Kim Jong Un. Pyongyang, however, remains a steadfast supporter of Moscow. DPRK Ambassador to the U.N. Kim Song was one of the only diplomats to speak out in defense of Russia’s actions at the General Assembly on Wednesday, repeating recent North Korean foreign ministry statements that label the U.S. (The Biden Administration) the “root cause” of the war in Ukraine.
  • No wonder why President Trump “Allowed” the Democrats to steal the election. This would of appeared to look very bad to the public if this all happened under President Trump. 
  • In my opinion, after the collapse NESARA/GESARA will be announced and new elections are required to be held within 120 days.  By this time people will be begging for President Trump’s return.

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