Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of March 29, 2022


Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of Tues. 29 March 2022

Compiled by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

“Welcome to the Great Awakening”

“Something Big is Coming and All the Right People are Scared, Very Scared.”

“It’s Show Time.”
…JFK AwakeningQ17

“Trailing Clouds of Glory”

October 11, 2020 – #4752 Music & the Spoken Word (

Judy Note:


Tues. 29 March White Hats: Welcome to the Great Awakening, Q

  • In the Fall of 2017 posts began appearing on anonymous online forums which have since become “the biggest ‘inside’ ‘approved’ information dump in American history,” giving We, The People unprecedented insight into a far-reaching shadow war between patriots (within and outside of government and military) and an evil international Cabal intent on destroying America and quashing its founding principles.
  • In Real Time we are witnessing the exposure of past and present crimes of this Cabal, actions to bring them to justice, and the ushering in of a great, Global Awakening.
  • You are currently witnessing the END GAME unfold: the Durham Investigation End Game of Hillary Clinton – Obama – CIA – Five Eyes.
  • The stolen 2020 Election was given to the Democrats and Biden Administration in order to set up the greatest Sting Operation in history.
  • The purpose of the White Hat Military Sting Operation was to expose the foreign occupation of all three branches of the US Government.
  • Records of Military personal and high positioned commanders, Deep State Intel officers and agencies who colluded with the Plandemic (Fauci, Gates, CDC, NIH, WHO, World Bank, GPMB, ect) were now being secured in sealed indictments.
  • The Crime of the Century was unfolding and being exposed by hundreds of thousands of White Hats across the world.
  • Bringing down a 6,000 year old Satanic system was happening. Keep buckled up. We were inside a Near Death Experience – with an Event as the collapse. The whole World will see and experience the pain. It had to be this way. Q

You were watching a movie:

  • China’s Prime Minister XI was working on dissolving the Chinese Communist Party – he had to in order for China to be part of the Global Currency Reset.
  • In the US the Military was in charge and answered to duly elected Donald Trump in his Mar a Largo Florida office. The Biden Administration was composed of three actors playing Biden functioning from a White House Hollywood movie set, another in Georgia and controlled by the Military White Hats.
  • The UK, Germany and Canada were inside their own Continuity of Government plans, as were many nations functioning inside a silent worldwide Military Operation designed to take down the Deep State Cabal.

Global Currency Reset:

  • On Sat. 12 March banks worldwide were switched to the new SWIFT Global Financial System.
  • On Tues. 15 March Delta Force took over the Emergency Broadcast System from the corrupt CIA.
  • As of Fri. 18 March at 6pm EST the fiat US Dollar was no longer being used in International Trade.
  • By Sun. 20 March the fiat US dollar was officially dead according to Charlie Ward.
  • On Mon. 21 March a new gold/asset-backed Quantum Financial System officially began across the globe.
  • By Tues. 22 March seven countries began using their gold/asset-backed currencies including Russia, China, India and Saudi Arabia. More were likely in the system by now. The US would be the last country to go.
  • The Central Bank of Russia announced that the Russian Ruble currency was gold backed as of Mon. 28 March.
  • Fleming: Notifications for Fines and Penalties will be delivered by Special Courier. Although these deliveries started this weekend no money has been released – not until Tier 4 notifications start. It’s reasonable then, to believe that by Thursday, 3/31, everything has to be done.
  • Redemption Center Staff were scheduled to begin working full time on Tues. 29 March according to Bruce.
  • Notification for Tier4B (us, the Internet Group) would happen according to Events, not dates, though several Intel providers claimed that notification to set exchange/redemption appointments was set to go out on Wed. 30 March.
  • The Federal Reserve Note USD would likely complete cleanup by the end of March according to Bruce.
  • The new gold/asset-backed US Note was expected to be available to the general public around the first part of April.
  • The fiat US dollar (US Inc. was bankrupted by the Chinese Communist Party and Saudi Arabia according to Charlie Ward) would be phased out by the end of the US Treasury fiscal year in Sept. 2022.
  • Thurs. 31 March was the last day of the Federal Reserve, the last day for business of any banks not Basel Three compliant, gold-backed Ruble payments for gas had to be worked out by Thurs. 31 March, plus as of that 31 March the Petro Dollar would have run it’s course and all nations would go back to their own currencies vs trading in the fiat US Dollar.
  • Fri. 1 April was the beginning of the first quarter of the new Quantum Financial System (QFS) using the Quantum Computer and new digital currency of Blockchain. From now on trading of all nations would be done with gold/asset-backed currency.
  • Last Year Juan O Savin said that Donald Trump would be recognized as the US President by April Fool’s Day Fri. 1 April.
  • US National Emergency would end Sun. 10 April.

The Real News for Tues. 29 March 2022:

  • UK London: Huge power wipes out traffic lights and electricity across the Capital: Thousands of homes and businesses:
  • Fox News Reported on a White Hat Military Election Sting Operation: Watermarked Ballots in 12 Key States showed that Trump won the 2020 Election. Military arrests of high profile political elites involved in that 2020 Election Fraud have been made and those charged with sedition now reside in Prison Barges at GITMO awaiting Tribunals.
  • CIA officer John Sipher has openly confessed that the CIA rigged the 2020 Election for Joe Biden. Sipher was also among the many “intelligence experts” who falsely discredited the Hunter Biden laptop story from the New York Post back in October of 2020 as part of a “Russian disinformation campaign” designed to discredit Donald Trump:
  • On Mon. 28 March Sen. Chuck Grassley revealed financial dealings between the Chinese Communist Party and Hunter and James Biden on the Senate Floor — and brought the receipts.
  • In 2013 the IRS Admitted that Taxes were voluntary when questioned by a Congressional Representative:
  • Pfizer documents released by order of the Court on 1 March revealed 9 pages of adverse affects of the Vaccine including blood clots that had lead to frequent deaths of the newly vaccinated, while Fauci was still pushing genocide by vaccination especially for children. Fauci was said to have made billions off the sale of the vaccine.
  • The financial newspaper The Economist recently headlined: “Get Ready for a World Currency – the Largest Transfer of Wealth in Planet Earth’s History. New Stock Market, Global Governments, Banks, Companies, Hedge funds, Bonds, ETF’s, Real Estate etc.”
  • That Global Currency Reset happened on Sun. 20 March, while the SWIFT Global Financial System was no more.
  • This week most BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China) were trading in gold-backed currencies, plus Europe de-pegged from the US Dollar, while Indonesia de-pegged from the fiat US Dollar last week.
  • Thurs. 31 March was the last day of business for any bank that was not Basel 3 compliant and the last day for the Federal Reserve. The Fed was absorbed into the Treasury one year ago and given a year to close down shop.
  • Fri. 1 April the Quantum Computer and new digital gold/ asset-backed currency using Blockchain would be fully activated.
  • Major White Hat Yoshinori Ohsumi was a Cell Biologist who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2016 for his research on how cells renew their content in a process called Autophagy. Yoshinori and Dr. Robert Malone unveiled the secrets of mRNA and created a natural solution of cell renewal that forces Autophagy in the human system. This means you can renew your cells, restore your immunity and get rid of damaged cells post Covid, post Chemo and even post Covid vaccination.
  • Madison Cawthorn Talks about the ‘DC elites’ Having Orgies and Doing Cocaine:

Global Financial Crisis:

  • Kremlin says all options as to how Ruble payments for gas will be worked out by Thurs. 31 March.

Covid/Vax Hoax:

Russian “invasion” of Ukraine:

  • [Included in full report below]

International Child Sex Trafficking:

  • [Included in full report below]

Humanitarian Projects:

Read Full Report (Doc):

Read Full Report (PDF):

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