Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 4, 2022



Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Mon. 4 April 2022

Compiled Mon. 4 April 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

Black Swan Event, Project Odin, Starlink Quantum Internet Imminent
Stay Vigilant
More BQQms Incoming
World = Shocked

The world faces a massive shortage of conspiracy theories – all of them have come true.”

“Of Resets and Starting Over”

January 21, 2018 – #4610 Music & the Spoken Word (

Judy Note: Project Odin and the Starlink Quantum Internet Appeared Imminent, Whiplash347

  • Project Odin and the Starlink Quantum Internet, all part of the Emergency Broadcast System, were Imminent – meaning a shutdown of everything during a switch from the old Fiat Dollar SWIFT Financial System to gold/asset-backed currencies across the globe, Tesla Free Energy and a Quantum Internet.
  • We await the Black Swan Event – Global Financial Catastrophe
  • Project Odin/Starlink will heal humanity: Med Beds, 6000 Tesla Cures, Flying Cars, Autonomous Cars, Flying Car Airports being built and Wireless Technology release – all this year.
  • Rainbow Treasury Currencies globally will be backed by precious metals – no longer Oil – the reason why Oil Fields were bombed. We were going to Tesla & Metals instead of Oil & Gas.
  • Many industries/companies will collapse under their sheer weight of corruption.
  • Many jobs will be lost, hence suppressed technologies being released.
  • There will be lots of Training & Retraining going on as free people choose what they want to do instead of being in jobs/careers they don’t want to be in.

Global Currency Reset:




  • On Fri. 1 April 175 countries started using their own gold backed currency.
  • Paymasters have been paid, with Tier 3 Bond Holders set to be notified over the weekend.
  • Bond Holders and CMKX would have full access to their monies on Tues. 5 April.
  • Iraq was given a deadline to announce their new rate by Wed. 6 April.
  • Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) would be notified to set redemption/ exchange appointments at the higher special rates at any time from now through Tues. 5 April.
  • Tier 4B would have ten days to make their appointments in order to receive special rates.

Restored Republic:

  • On Thurs. 31 March Pelosi told Congress to stay home because of CV-19, but the real reason was that US Inc. had run out of money and all Washington DC federal buildings would be closed. Congress had been illegally elected to US Inc, which was now defunct.
  • On that same Thursday 31 March the U.S. Corp. Government representatives were given full notice to get out of the legislature of D.C. (while in the legislature that day) as they had no authority, no standing, and would not get paid further.
  • All of their positions were already filled with new Republic government replacements, who had complete legal standing according to the U.S. Constitution, and who would begin being paid as of April 1st.
  • On Mon. 4 April a Big Event was scheduled according to Trump.
  • It was rumored that on Sat. 9 April POTUS would begin giving out Seven Messages to the whole world population.
  • It was rumored that on Wed. 13 April the Emergency Broadcast System could start, with the ten days of Darkness perhaps following – the Quantum Switch Transition to Greatness.
  • It was rumored that Friday 22 April was designated as Freedom Day VictQry.
  • Any black-outs would only be “regionally based” in order to do a cleanup in that area.
  • In a couple of weeks the entire scenario should be in full public view.
  • The fiat US dollar (US Inc. was bankrupted by the Chinese Communist Party and Saudi Arabia according to Charlie Ward) would be phased out by the end of the US Treasury fiscal year in Sept. 2022.

The Real News for Sun. 3 April 2022:

  • Under NESARA/GESARA many people will return to home lands to rebuild and build their countries/continents up to being 1st World countries. GESARA releases squillions to those in 3rd world countries. Homeless will get off the streets, no more poverty. Med beds for all.
  • The Rainbow Treasury Notes for all countries would take about a year to fully roll out.
  • President Trump was on Telegram under the name of President Q!:
  • “Looking forward to a great future for America, a future in which our country will match its military strength with our moral restraint.” …JFK AwakeningQ17
  • The Mass Media could be considered the Enemy of the People for the Fake News they put out and all the corruption that they refused to investigate and report on – one of which was the Biden Crime Family. Joe Biden was expected to soon step down as US President after he was linked to years of corruption on an international scale. Evidence found on his son Hunter Biden’s laptop was basically a step-by-step description of one of the biggest influence pedaling schemes in history as done by Hunter and Joe Biden. Hunter Biden was funneling US Department of Defense funds to privately owned bio-weapon labs in Ukraine – labs that were planning on releasing pathogens on the General Public this Fall – until Putin stormed the country and took them out – creating a war between nations.
  • The Press should be prosecuted for hiding Biden’s laptop: 
  • BQQQQQQQM Mat Gaets enters contents of Hunter Biden laptop into Congressional Record. Biden Crime Family is going down hard. Deep State in Panic mod.
  • Chris Christie Calls Out The Media Over Misreporting Hunter Biden’s Laptop:
  • Obama’s White House Now At The Center Of The Hunter Biden Scandal. He was not as scandal free as he says.
  • The Emergency Broadcast System was ready: BlackSky Satellites are for overriding Fake News satellites. SpaceX’s launch on 12-2 (122 = SATELLITES = LAUNCH EBS/EMS), was about overriding the Fake News Satellites. Liftoff occurred at 6:13pm = EMS satellite override is complete. The phrase: Deployment of Black Sky satellites confirmed Patriots control all of their Satellites. EBS go.
  • On national television the Prime Minister of Pakistan has advised to dissolve assemblies and hold new elections.
  • China: About 200 children are quarantined at the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center and separated from their parents. 10 nurses take care of 200 children. The video somehow leaked online, despite the fact that the Chinese Communist Party is reportedly trying to censor all videos with quarantined children coming from Shanghai. Last Friday, the second phase of the lockdown began in Shanghai, during which it is planned to test about 16 million residents of the city on Covid-19. Also, citizens living in the western part of Shanghai can no longer leave their residential areas, neighborhoods and houses – locks are literally brewed in the entrances.
  • YouTube and its parent company Google are on a Red List for failure to protect children. This means that they pose a serious and immediate threat to the well-being of children. The decision followed repeated censorship of content posted on a platform aimed at protecting children and saving lives. The Red List is part of a system of traffic lights indicating to parents whether an organization behaves responsibly towards children or puts them in danger. In an open letter sent to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the Children’s Union details the shortcomings of the channel’s policy and also offers the opportunity to appeal the decision. The letter draws attention to internal conflicts in YouTube’s own policy regarding Covid-19, as well as its arrogant and stupid censorship of real experts.

Med Beds:

New Quantum Starlink Internet:

  • The Beta version is ready to go on the new Internet – 7500 times as fast as we have now. Guardians of the Galaxy. United States Space Force who only became known in 2018.
  • Quantum Starlink is going to control many new systems on this Planet. All the old will be gone very shortly. This is how we get New Internet, Free Energy, Med Beds, new Voting Systems, Your Quantum ISO coins.
  • The Power to whole entire World will switch off briefly like Q64 says
  • In late December they started testing. Israel was switched off for 30 mins. Then in January they tested by turning 10 Countries off at Once.

Covid/Vax Hoax and Bio-Weapon Labs:

  • Robot Slime is being created for the human body. Join Q Army:
  • Perfect Bio-weapon Vaccine jab said to spread synthetic structure throughout body that damages organs: An employee at Moderna who works in their vaccination production center says that they are all paid huge amounts of money to keep their mouth shut about what’s in the vaccine and what it’s meant to do to the vaccinated person. She was talking about millions of USD that they each get + having to sign confidentiality agreements and more legal agreements. So, nobody will ever talk about it all. In short: Once you take the jab and in a matter of minutes, a “plastic-like”, synthetic, microscopic structure is spreading throughout the body and it invades the capillaries. It attaches itself to the most fragile, and weakened internal organs in your body. There, it then RADIATES the organ and the whole entire body, 24/7. Until it gets significantly damaged. As a result, some people with heart issues will get Myocarditis or a heart attack. Others will suffer with benign ovarian issues, or will get ovarian cancer, or lung cancer, kidney, & prostate malign issues. She said to us that the introduction of this structure is DELIBERATE. No design error, no accident, but it is done with the exact purpose of radiating you, similar to plutonium but slower and impossible to detect. This explains why Geiger EMF devices pick up higher levels of radiation in vaxed people compared to those not vaccinated. This also explains why being around vaxed people or having intimate contact with them does influence you at the EM field level and you get sick, or you bleed or have migraines and have “radiation-like” symptoms which we call “shedding”. Pretty much the PERFECT bio weapon. The same applies to ALL other MRNA vaccines, she said.
  • Canadian Politician Rick Nicholls speaks out in Parliament over the FDA cover-up of Pfizer vaccine damage to fetuses and other adverse effects.
  • Dr. Andreas Noack: “It’s known that the Graphene Hydroxide in the vaccines are creating blood clots, heart attacks and nerve damage amongst other deadly issues. But what’s becoming clear is the how the Graphene Hydroxide is like razors in the blood cutting up the body from inside the veins, vessels, heart, brain and organs.” On Nov. 26 2021 Dr. Noack mysteriously died right after his revelations came out.
  • Dr Judy Mikovits is dismayed that despite all of her best efforts to warn people for the past year and the best efforts of people like Dr Luc Montagnier, Dr Dolores Cahill, Dr Sherri Tenpenny and many others who predicted this mass murder, and yet it happened, anyway. “100 million Americans have been injected with a synthetic virus with…the most dangerous spike protein, consisting of HIV, XMRV and SARS.”
  • Fauci has been behind every Pandemic since 1984. Mikovits reminds us that the lab origins of the current pandemic are hardly novel; that every “pandemic” has had lab origins since 1984, when Anthony Fauci started working at the NIAID, starting with AIDS.“HIV/AIDS; you’ll remember the story of how we were lied to by Tony Fauci, Bob Gallo, the people at the top of NIH, CDC, FDA, even then. So the scenario, the game plan is exactly the same. “We knew the spike protein, alone, the envelope protein, alone is the disease, so they can all backtrack, because they just injected everyone in the world with a synthetic deadly virus. They injected the poison. The word ‘virus’ means ‘poison’ and they injected it into everybody in the world, so they can back off now, because they’ve accomplished their end game. You will have customers for life and you will succeed at mass-murder.
  • “You’re going to kill everyone with HIV, you’re going to kill the 6% of America that had XMRV, when we were supposedly debunked. Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus is the mouse’s syncytin gene. So we knew the mouse virus was in everybody from the vaccines. We knew the flu vaccine put people at risk of dying of COVID…what I think what everybody has to wake up to is NEVER, EVER, EVER get another shot and we will never, ever, ever see another pandemic.
  • The Covid motive is to kill sick people to avoid trillions in insurance. “We’ve been creating these in our labs my entire career. This was my job.” She says their motivation is “To kill people and cover up these crimes. Remember, they’re cremating people, so you can’t realize it was the vaccine strain, so you can’t realize that we were right in 2011, in 1984 when our paper, that was ultimately published in Science, in October of 2009…and the entire upper echelons of the government realized that these things were coming out of our laboratories and they re-wrote history then. They called it…an ‘unintended spread of a Biosafety Level 2 contaminant.’
  • “It’s not ‘Biosafety Level 2’, when it’s contagious cancer, contagious prostate cancer, contagious ovarian cancer, lung cancer! And who are the people now, who they’re inoculating? We never inoculated an AIDS patient! They have an acquired immune dysfunction or deficiency! They can’t make an appropriate antibody or immune response of any kind, that’s why they’re sick. So why, now would you inject them, if the intention is now to kill them and call it ‘COVID’ – it’s not COVID! You created the cancer. You created the disease and now you’re murdering the victims to cover up your crimes…
  • “We’ve been lied to for 40 years…[HIV] was spread by a Hepatitis vaccination program with a contaminated vaccine. Who dies in the first wave of HIV? All the people that had HIV and XMRV; mouse viruses from a contaminated blood supply. This is what our book showed…
  • You can’t mix animal tissue and aborted fetal tissue; that you’re actually injecting into the most vulnerable people another animal’s virome and other viruses.
  • Scotland: epic fires an Anthrax threat? Last weekend, “apocalyptic” fires raged on a Scottish island where government scientists once conducted biological warfare experiments with anthrax. Gruinard Island off the northwest coast of Scotland was ablaze from end to end on the night of Saturday, March 26. Eyewitnesses described the scene as “apocalyptic.” By Sunday, the flames had largely subsided on the 2-kilometer-long uninhabited island, but much of the land remained charred and smoking lightly. Nothing was reported about the gafahren biological contamination.
  • Kristina Lawson, President of the California Medical Board, can’t answer simple questions from a physician about her offices attack on hydroxychloroquine or threatening to revoke MD’s licenses for prescribing it. Her corruption is rampant.

Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages, Trains grounded:

Ukraine/Russia War:




  • [Read content in full report attached below]

White Hats Intel:

  • [Read content in full report attached below]

Global Economic Crisis:

  • China Evergrande defaults on 82.5 million$$$ interest that is part of the larger half trillion debt that is mostly real estate that is 30% of China’s GDP. S&P just dumped the Chinese property giant into default and world economics will be shaken.
  • When Ukraine falls the world Banking Elites – Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Kazarian Mafia, CIA  Central Banking System will take a hit that can bring them down – hundreds of trillions lost in hours, days, weeks, months.

Biden Family Crime:

  • Hunter Biden tagged along on Air Force Two with his father during a December 2013 visit to China. On this visit, Hunter met Chinese financier Jonathan Li, who ran the private-equity fund Bohai Capital. Hunter and his partner Devon Archer had earlier discussed a plan with Li for investing Chinese cash outside the Communist nation. During the 2013 visit, Hunter had even arranged a handshake between Li and the then US Vice President at the hotel of the American delegation. There’s ample open source information on these trips, and in conjunction with the laptop contents, it doesn’t take Colombo to solve the case.

Global Protests:

  • Sri Lanka is blocking almost all social networks after the introduction of a state of emergency amid civil unrest. Public unrest was caused by the economic crisis, which is considered the worst in the country since independence in ’48.
  • Canada – Calgary [Apr 2, 2022] Protest  against ongoing lockdowns in Calgary (& Canada) outside of Trudeau’s favorite mayor’s office.
  • Protest in Toronto, Ontario, Canada against federal COVID-19 restrictions and mandates.
  • Germany: On the roads of Berlin today drivers organized a rally of more than 5,000 cars in support of the Russian Federation.  Flags of Russia, the USSR and the Airborne Forces flutter on cars. “There is no end to them,” comments a local resident.

M. Must Watch Videos:

  • [Read content in full report attached below]

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