De Wind She Cold


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Submitted on April 6, 2022

From the 2006 movie ‘The Da Vinci Code’ based on Dan Brown’s book:

Sophie Neveu (new) is the descendent of Christ. Ian McKellen (the wizard Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings movies) plays the role of ‘Teabing’. Sangreal is French for the Holy Grail and when split in two ‘sang real’ means royal blood. “The Holy Grail beneath ancient Rosslyn lies.” In Scotland they find the sarcophagus of Mary Magdalene in the basement of Rosslyn Chapel and on the floor is a Fleur-de-lis (Chartres Cathedral is in France). Gramma to Sophie: “Welcome home child.” Langdon (Shanks), “Why couldn’t Jesus have been a father and still perform all those miracles?”

The blade and the chalice are ancient male and female symbols. An intersection of two triangles being the Star of David or merkaba is shown on a wall.

Dan split in French is d’An meaning ‘of An’ and I’ve come to understand that ‘An’ refers to ‘Anu’ the god of the Anunnaki, father of Enki and Enlil. Where did Dan Brown get his ideas?

If you don’t know what a fractal is or want a review, here’s the link to my previous article:

One version of the Creation Story (for our Super Universe) begins with the Supreme Creator becoming aware and awakening from the nothingness, then emitting light (the dynamic natural agent, DNA). Within the One came the First Order Elohim, Seraphim and Archangels, aspects of the One. Next the One Creator crafted polarity upon birthing Its Child the First Fractal Goddess and God pair known as Pistis Sophia and Krishna; the male part being different from the Feminine vibration of The Creator. After this the Supreme only creates through this ‘God’. Light was used to create the Pleroma, a harmonic quantum energy field. All creation thereafter occurs in the same manner expanding into the void, so all Gods and Goddesses and planets and Suns (Solar beings) are fractals emerging from the One and through the Divine Sophia and the Original Krishna. So the order is Sophia Krishna, then Prime Creator Christ Michael (of Nebadon) and then our Holy Trinity consisting of Prime Creator Aton, Mother Father God and Lord Sananda and His twin flame Lady Nada. There is a council of 200 Prime Creators and a hierarchy of light, rules followed for order of command. The Sun line includes the Cosmic Central Sun ‘Mazuriel’ (name from Natalie Glasson), the Galactic Central Sun ‘Hunab Ku’ and our Sun ‘Helios’. Earth came before Helios.

This agrees to a high degree with the Gnostic story centered on the female deity, the Divine Sophia. Those ancient seers taught that through a connection to Sophia, man could overcome the Archons. .

Humans began in Vega when an aquatic primate crawled out of the sea onto the land. About a million years ago our Earthly human ancestors arose from a type of lemur (hence Lemuria) as in the story of Anton and Fonta found in Book 1: The Higher Knowledge, in the section entitled ‘An Inhabited World’ in Chapter Two ‘The Creation of Planet Earth/Urantia’. Thanks to Galaxygirl.


Some of what I learned from Melinda Siebold: The Archangels are the souls of the planets. Gaia (Terra or Earth) is an aspect of Sophia and Christ (Krishna); these Two are the higher selves of Archangel Michael and his twin flame Faith. Pistis means ‘Faith’.

Further in my understanding, our universal Creation Story had Sophia create the Yaldabaoth, but without Krishna, and so that entity did not come out as envisioned. Sophia tried to uncreate Her first born unsuccessfully, making it even more different than Her original thought. The Yaldabaoth still lived and had its own children including Sabaoth for which I believe the Sabbath is named. Sabaoth heard the voice of Pistis and worshipped Her. He condemned his Father and Mother based on the word of Pistis who told Him of an immortal human and the light of the human. Then Sophia poured upon Sabaoth light and He received authority over all of the powers of chaos. From that day he has been called ‘the Lord of the Powers’. Sabaoth hated his Father, the darkness, and his Mother, the abyss. He loathed his sister, the thought of the Chief Creator, the one who moves to and fro over the water (De Wind She Cold). As a result of his son being promoted above him, the Yaldabaoth and all of the authorities of chaos grew jealous and started the war in Heaven (the Seven Heavens).

From Melinda Siebold: The Story of us ( Yaldabaoth uses artificial intelligence as his body. Yaldabaoth was created many millions of years ago. Cobra says it was through an impulse by a male angel. The story I know of Yaldabaoth says he was created by a Mother named Pistis Sophia. In any event, Yaldabaoth was said to be a lion-headed serpent. I am unsure at what point either before this Polarity Integration game or after it was started that Yaldabaoth was created, but Cobra calls Yaldabaoth a fallen archangel and says that the fallen archangels were from Orion. Eight million years ago, there occurred the fallen angels’ separation; they became insane because they tried to make an etheric planet physical and it exploded – causing their souls to shatter.

So Dan Brown reverses the order of creation and uses the name Sophie as Jesus’ (Sananda’s) descendent whereas Sananda, Archangel Gabriel’s Son, is surely a child of Sophia, like all of us; and all of Brown’s dark entities are agents of the powers of chaos.

A recent channel said that the Yaldabaoth has turned to the light and has been helping with the Earth Project.

The Goddess is here. This link tells of recent activity by the Divine Sophia here on Earth: Cathedral Activation Begins – Era of Light

De Wind She Cold

One! What are the odds? Saints alive! Four! Paul it’s evens. Chap El sang real loud ‘Ya reek ah!’ Sophie is a love piston, so on this ‘Oh pus day’ she clears de film. Here! Here! for Tom’s hanker Chief! Time for a fresh coat on the fresco painting that’s known to secrete cold cuts like a blade through the shawl-less Anna Gramma as she walks down the railroad lay lines. Gramma took one punned it’s word to diet and now at last eats a chow-less decrypt Tex-Mex supper and dances the cha-cha less. Later the taxi driver tore us down the road to the cathedral in a brown Lincoln sedan, but he gyp Sean, so we chaste ‘em. Ross, Lyn and Great Scott land the plane. Christ he had a Tea with the bad guy, then He got merrily married, to the girl who wrote her own Ghost Spell. He had a decent aunt who proclaimed, “Save yer self, and don’t play chess with the grand master.” All family members guard eons of the Holy Grey Owl and they called out the dark conman by Bell telephone for the last supper pitcher show. The emcee calls out “Under the ‘O’ forty.” Bingo!

From ‘The Bells’ 1971 album ‘Stay Awhile’

Fly Little White Dove, Fly

In these dark and troubled days

We must learn to love each other
Instead of going different ways
We must try to get together

Fly little white dove, fly, way up high
Spread your wings, sing out your cry
‘Cross the universal sky

If we love the Human race
Peace should be your aspiration
Let’s make this a better place
Spread the word to every nation

Fly little white dove, fly, way up high
Spread your wings, sing out your cry
‘Cross the universal sky

When a simple word is spoken
It should be our guiding light
If vows for peace are never broken

Then the whole world will unite
Fly little white dove, fly, way up high
Spread your wings, sing out your cry


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