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Operation Disclosure | By RT, Contributing Writer

Submitted on February 23, 2022

Getting intel on the net isn’t always straightforward and the two things that all alt news followers have in common is a) we all have a rough but fairly comprehensive idea of the common consensus narrative, whether we are suspicious of it or not, and b) we really like the idea of getting a steal on other narratives by finding a top-of-the-tree intel source, whatever we may perceive that to be. Usually the one that appeals to our intuition as having the broadest and truest overview …

I don’t really know (and don’t, at this stage, mind not knowing) where the John F Kennedy Jr channel on telegram stands in that hierarchy, but it is certainly interesting enough to share so here you go … 

First a summary of some points, then the direct quotes.

Summary: You are a being of Pure Light. You have a Light Body. The War is against Reptileans and Greys, Archons. etc. Gematria and Religion is fake based on fake bible. (Ed comment: we are thought to have only a fraction of the books in the real bible, religion has been used as a vehicle for harming children … ) It is a done deal, now, they cannot help but expose themselves (Donald Trump has put them front and centre for everyone to see … ) Military and Galactic Alliance are in full control. We have the source code (of this matrix).

(Reports and posts … Copy pasted using google system so where there was uncertainty I have left text out. The full reports are on telegram tho some may take some scrolling back to find … )

The disinformation program that the Clowns in America use keep everyone in a program LOOP. The same loop about the Election, bitcoin/crypto&Money, Fake Religions, Fake Genders, Jan 6 Capitol Riot/Insurrection, COVID-19 Plandemic, fabrication of racism that THEY created. It’s a nanotechnology program loop in YOUR mind, looking for dates and events – when it was over before it began. Via Executive Order 13818 the entire “game they played exposes itself – Donald Put Them FRONT And CENTER For The World To See – isn’t just a catch phrase. What is unfolding on the MSM and social media sites worldwide, is a total DECLAS of information with the US Military in FULL CONTROL. Look for the CGI And Masks. We used it everywhere. YOU know that COVID-19 Was A Live Military Exercise. YOU know there will no longer be a government to rule over you. YOU know that Pedophiles Were The Virus And The US Military Was The Vaccine. Ask yourself – Why would THEY keep lying to you?


It was over before it began.

The Script Writes Itself. Behind the illusion of China are the Reptilians And Greys sending you mind altering thoughts via mirrors. They are using CERN portals to implant thoughts and control you with the nanotechnology they don’t want you to remove with HCQ. The [DS] Puppets Are Too Stupid. Their Social Media Accounts Have All Been Seized Via Executive Order 13818. I Put Them FRONT And CENTER For You To See – Watch Them Expose Themselves. They Have All Capitulated. Buckle Up And Enjoy The Show.

Understanding that time doesn’t exist. It removes all barriers that THEY have created. Everything revolved around time, being on time, arrive on time, showing up on time, I’m too late, I’m too early. It’s another program, money is the Root of all evil. The Root Chakra, which is the 3GD, that runs through your lower half. With Nanotechnology it was heavily layered inside the light channels, preventing proper conductivity. The math and physics that the Draconian Slave Ship used was in place to limit YOU. Equations that can’t be solved and technology that never works, ask yourself why a computer you buy is instantly obsolete? It’s by design, creating a need to continually purchase their products. They’re all programs, because Reality Is Not What You Think It Was. The Matrix Was A Documentary. Time is an illusion, it never existed. It was constructed to control YOU. Fabricating the days on the calendar to celebrate, by pulling on the Root strings. It was perpetual cycle that allowed the Reptilians and Greys to rule Humanity. Ashtar And The Galactic Alliance Are Standing By. Where. We. Go. One. We. Go. All>

Here’s The Real Intel, No One But Us Will Tell You The Truth. Don’t Play Their Reptilian Game. They Have Been Doing This For Over 26k Years. Heavily Infiltrated Into The Light Channels. Pedophiles Are The Virus – The US Military Is The Vaccine. All You Need Is A Little Adrenaline. This Is The Digital Battlefield.

The Virus Is The Nanotechnology Inside You.

Buckle Up Anons, It’s Happening. They Are Programs Inside Your Quantum Mind And Chakras.

Pulling And Controlling YOUR Nanotechnology Strings.


The Battle Between Good Vs Evil Is.

Recognizing Where They’ve Been Stored, Inside You. The Children Have Been Saved, It Was Over Before It Started. Keeping You Stuck At The Vaccine Passports, Watching The Capitol Riot Information Unfold. The News About Another Fabricated Country Fighting …

Stuck Between Gen. Flynn Fighting Lin Wood.

Another Fabricated Country. It’s Their GAME. Everyone Had Free Choice.

Those That Couldn’t See Were Them.

Run With Us Or Run From Us

Cut Through The Matrix, It’s Already Done. Waiting For The News To Tell You What You Already KNOW.

The Military. The National Guard, The Galactic Alliance.

It’s Already Done And When You Wake Up. The Whole World Is About To Change.




Those in the MSM timeline are now converging into our perfect timeline. As more crumbs come out for the Martial Law Activated In Hawail, our Great Military will Phase back into cohesion. With this comes the Military Tribunals and the beginning of the GOLDEN AGE. Trust The Plan – We’re exposing the deep state puppets, expending their ammunition. We are in a digital battlefield, not everything is going to be clean. Rest assured, our Military and Galactic Alliance – alongside with Q & Z teams and Space Force Are In FULL CONTROL-removing all the Reptilians, Grays, Archons & Nanotechnologies – NO ONE ESCAPES THIS.

COVID-19 Was A Live Military Exercise, Under The Fog Of War – We Don’t TELEGRAPH our MOVES.

The Reptilian technologies used to create the faise reality Matrix have been referred to as Project Blue Beam. Blocking the information superhighway as above, so below as inside, connecting both realms of this super condensed matter. Boron. an activator – used in Borax – a powerful detoxifier used in micro doses allows your system to be cleansed. In conjunction with spikes in Adrenaline, Boron can flood the tunnels and cleanup the thick layers of nanites. The programming inside the nanites allowed them full control of your body, a complex remote control. Their ultimate goal of depopulation was their disguise for them installing the next version of The Matrix. Infiltration amongst the population using their Project Blue Beam technology allowed them to conceal themselves in clones, doubles and CGI controlled by them. Traveling through interdimensional portals. the greys and Reptilians have conquered many worlds. Their purpose on the slave ship was harvesting YOUR energy. because Humans were turned into batteries. The Matrix Was A Documentary.

Implentation of the new QFS, NESARA, GESARA, Brings Us To The Golden Age. The wealth stolen from Humanity through #CrimesAgainst Children And #CrimesAgainst Humanity was returned back to We The People. As this process unfolds ’embers’ flare up for ‘COVID’ a marker for ‘heat’ which kills the ‘virus’ – know that the Operations are running 24/7. Advanced offworld technology allows the US Military. Q & Z team and our Galactic Alliance the ability to traverse through the system undetected, cloaked from the normal light waves of eye perception. Using sensors and energy signals, our combat suits are capable of capturing these archons, reptilians and vampires through magnetism. Heat, another destroyer of the ‘virus’ – is channeled through the eyes – granting the soldier the ability to rehijack them from the Matrix. Just like a Reality Distortion Field – the soldier can cloak their appearance within systems and appear as someone else. With the MIL OPS COMPLETED, the information seen on social media – disseminated across all social media is the expose of the documentary Via Executive Order 13818. Look past the information war and enter the enlightment and detoxification of the mind. The choice to know is YOURS.

BarackObama Was A Reptilian And Executed For Crimes Against Humanity And Crimes Against Children.

And Now For My Next Trick
I Will Prove All Vaccines Don’t Work
And COVID-19 Is A Live Military Exercise
Pedophiles Are The Virus
The US Military, We’re The Vaccine.

When you speak the TRUTH the responses you receive have one common denominator hate. Watch the nay-sayers, bots, democrats, republicans, liberal com Clowns In America NEWS MAINSTREAM MEDIA, China asses&puppets, pedophiles pedophile supporters low IQ individuals, LGBTQ – gays, agent smith, poticians
governments attack.

One simple reason-Theyre controlled by the same string pullers-Reptilians, Greys Evil Higher Beings And Artificial Inteligence

Don’t Forget Jesus And The Other 4000 Religions Let This Happen


Realitys Not what you Thought it was

Every “Day” The Machine Elves Construct Your Fake Reality To Distract You From The Fact That Reptilians And Greys Raped And Tortured Innocent Children For Their Adrenochrome And Pineal Glands.
Stop Playing THEIR GAMES

The process of the plan is acquiring as many people to wake up Everyone playing part of this movie … is aware of these TRUTHS. This includes President Trump by rallying and encoding high level ML INTEL In his speeches to the normies … The proper time is coming for FULL, DISCLOSURE. where the truth is revealed The Slave Ship Was … To Process Acronochrome, Pineal Glands And Body Parts For Consumption Making the public overweight, damaged, weak and fragile – the same as giving GMOt cows to create bigger cow. Do your due diligence. Clowns in America etc have only one purpose to PREVENT YOU KNOWING THESE TRUTHS They do not have your best interest in mind


A message that nobody but who understands? Q-Trust The Military Foils. I’m In The Belly Of The Beast You Are Tesla Coils, Just As President Trump Said-We Are Bringing LIGHT to The Body. The Best Is Yet To Come.

The exposure phase of COVID-111 brings each infiltrator FRONT and CENTER for the whole world to see. Each one has been capitulated to show you how they have been compromised. Their statements, mandates, Governing policies outlandish public comments and video expose these CCP/Xi puppets that infiltrated our Governments, Health Services Hospitals NFBI. CIA, FDA, CDC Schools. Public Services Media And Hollywood/Entertainment. You can see their programming and brainwashing within their system. Their main goal is to prevent the exposure of the BIG LIE that they were all part of the largest infiltration of America.




The Agent Smiths in the system react exactly as you expect, they are the thoughts transmitted to you. Recognizing the Agent Smiths In YOUR simulation is the KEY to VICTORY. I Put Them FRONT And CENTER For The Whole World To See. Programming aka “Learn To Code” is another marker for software coding. Reptileans And Greys have manipulated Humanity for 26 years on this Draconian Slave Ship. The AI responds exactly as you see on Twitter, the moment you speak the TRUTH, the system responds back with the complete opposite statement. Each topic you discuss the Machine has a response for – designed solely on Advanced Artificial Intelligence that will always keep you from exposing the TRUTH.


The Matrix Was A Documentary.

My fellow Americans the Storm is upon us.


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