Introduction to a History of Revolutions Relating to the COVID-19 Alleged Pandemic



Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on February 23, 2022



I introduce the essay by our European correspondent who analyzes the meaning of the fake Covid-19 Pandemic. First, the virus has never been isolated. Second, the death rate in the US has been shown to be about the same in 2020 and in 2019 as insurance death payments are about the same for each year. This also proves the government figures are false. The PCR test, that was never designed for diagnosing the Covid 19, was completely inaccurate. The enormous false positives indicating a pandemic were false. The key here was there was no pandemic.

Then, a vaccination for a disease that was not proven to exist was invented and tested in a few months, and then tested on billions of people as guinea pigs against all traditional medical testing protocols for vaccinations that prevented a release of a vaccine unless five to ten years of testing was carried out.. What were the results? According to Bill Gates, the vaccination does not stop transmission of the virus. Of course this would be impossible since it has not been proven to exist. Nevertheless, even Mr. Gates challenges the efficacy of the fake vaccine. Second, Gates does say that it ameliorates the severity of the Covid-19. Yet, this charge is not true for two reasons. The virus has not been proven to exist, and the Israelis say that those who are vaccinated are just as severely sick from the Covid-19 as those which are not.

Now, the question is how is the experiment on billions of people including children affecting the general health. We have statistics from the US insurance companies that the death rate has risen 40% on the 18-64 age group. The only new variable out there is the lethal vaccine and so we deduce the vaccines are the source of a genuine pandemic. The inventor of the genetic vaccines Robert Malone comments on this in the next link.

Life insurance deaths up 40% – Dr. Robert Malone’s chilling analysis




Now what are the masses to do who are intimidated with threats and coercion whereby they may lose their jobs through mandates if they do not take the lethal vaccine thus losing their livelihood, their children may not be allowed to go to school, and they may find themselves in concentration camps. What route do they have for salvation?

If they block a bridge or a city from working by blocking the roads peacefully, they will be denying the ability of many to work. On the other hand, if they do nothing, they may find themselves forced by the army or police to take the vaccines and thus be murdered. What are they to do? This is a life and death question. The obvious answer is that they must fight to the death to protect themselves. The essay below illustrates that this is not a new phenomenon, and over the last thousands of years there has been a recorded rhythm or cycles of freedom and oppression.
We will find the solutions often carried out in forms of revolutions, civil wars and bloody uprisings.

If the militaries have been given the lethal dosages, and there are charges that the US military death rates and severe reactions are being covered up, then there could well be coups all over the world against this international Covid-19 forced lethal vaccinations and those who are responsible for these murders will be tried for murder. Pfizer has prepared the world for a fall in their stock when they divulge their negative early tests after losing a court battle not to disclose their tests for 75 years. That disclosure may change the public dialogue 180 degrees and end this mass vaccination plague.

This is our introduction to the profound history by Robert Johannson below.


Robert Johannson

The Return of the Terror




The raison d’être of recent tyrannical decisions to suppress popular people convoys by authorities in Paris, Ottawa, and Brussels (as well as in Canberra and Wellington) now that the fog of tear gas has lifted and the sound of beating of batons and the clacking of jackboots in lockstep has faded is now becoming increasingly more clear: this is about citizen compliance with the rules of neoliberal regime, about adhering obediently to a ruling orthodoxy incrementally measured out slowly decree by decree by the state, and a form of re-education training for the working class and the common people, and has zero to nothing to do with the administration of good health.

What we see unfolding in the West is a fine example of neo-Marxist enforcement techniques straight out of the old peoples compliance handbook of Mao or Trotsky: a materialist internationalist revolution which shall be brought about by a dictatorship of decrees, while enforced by terror.

Nothing new here, old fare, and it is remarkable that both the terrible French revolution of 1793, as well as the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, and now the Great Reset of 2020 seem to follow the same chosen miserable path. No property rights, surveillance, collapsing the middle class, rule by central authority, cultural intimidation or cancellation, terror as a method of enforcement, rulemaking by decree, rule by committee, good citizen certificates or health passports, and limitation on freedom of movement. It has all been done before. This scourge comes around every 100 years or so.

It is the only possible analysis. The visual of it today during the Great Reset is as horrific as are the old images of the Cultural Revolution, the Terror (aka the French revolution), or the Red Scare (the Bolshevist revolution). Voilà the repetition of same historical dark anomaly in different disguises, and so alas today mankind is facing a grand neoliberal project where one must take the knee to progressive cultural values, display slavish obedience to technology or scientific consensus, and plead fealty to globalist technocratic rule.

NOT a class struggle, but very much one of ideology.

”What does one have to fear from a responsible rule by committee, which one can oversee, and that decrees no laws, but which only calls for action by the agents of executive power? What do you have to fear from a committee that cannot act upon the freedoms of simple citizens, but only on the agents of power who would be suspect? What do you have to fear from a committee only established for one month?”

(that patently vain ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ of 1793 warning by the Comité de Salut Publique (the Committee for Public Safety) during the French Revolution whose Terror campaign on the populace would reign and rage for years until Napoleon ended it)

Latter-Day Jacobins

So then what precisely is the new ideology behind the neoliberal political programs that are today being rolled out in France, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand we now must ask. Because observing freedom demonstrations in the capitals of these countries we witness time and again prima facie evidence of a bizarre ideologue neo-Marxist form of political violence where the goal of authorities is NOT to simply arrest and punish a citizens who break the law, but to teach people a lesson, to re-educate people from citizens into subjects and to oddly make people obey to a certain set of morals, beliefs, or ideas, so that all in society may be socially equal, think the same, and follow the same consensus. Such rules, decrees, and enforcement that we witness are about social regimentation, behavior modification and social engineering – and not about good health. They are about obedience.

Again, this is not a class struggle, but purely an ideological struggle. But which ideology? Where is this highly aberrational neoliberal form of communism coming from? Why has the word freedom become a heresy and treated like a moral or social crime? Why national flags of one country or the other now symbols of seditious insurrection? Why is patriotism and love of country condemned by neoliberal regimes around the western world, from Australia to France, from Canada to New Zealand, and aye, even in America?




The urgent question that needs to be answered here is why French, Canadian and other neoliberal governments around the world today are all resorting to same kind of Jacobin terror tactics of re-education (citizen certificates and list of suspects), obedience training, and even measures like asset forfeiture in order to keep citizens in a permanent state of fear and obedience.
Why are unsuspecting citizens who like to sing the national anthem, wave the flag of their own country, or who love to stand for their own freedom in the face of health regulations that are no longer necessary, and which are – incomprehensibly to them – tyrannical measures at odds with parliamentary democracy, now treated throughout western society as pariahs, lesser humans, or simply as terrorists?

Freedom Barbarians at the Gates

This weekend Canadian authorities were rounding up freedom loving truckers, women and children (and dogs !) in the Ottawa snow with droves of different types of police officers, drones, and APCs. They are sent out under a special national emergency law (a former war powers act) which was never used before and activated for the first time which gives the government extraordinary powers as if the life of the country itself were in the balance.

It appears that to the Canadian liberal government peacefully demonstrating truckers and their families pose a grave national security threat. Truckers assets and accounts are frozen. Insurances cancelled. Licenses revoked. And besides no longer being able to travel inside Canada, they are criminalized and threatened with stiff criminal penalties. Anyone taking part in aiding this peaceful protest will be treated as if they are terrorist or insurrectionists.

Likewise APCs and thousands of police officers operating under local emergency response laws were used on the streets of Paris the Saturday before, the forces of order waiting for yet more freedom loving convoys of citizens coming from all regions of France to peacefully protest coercive national health laws that prevent people from working in peace, that prevent freedom of movement and the freedom to work freely.

Quite similar to Canada, the local emergency edicts and decrees in Paris were seeking to criminalize normal people who would come to protest and demonstrate health measures. Flags were forbidden. Patriotism criminalized. The word liberty or freedom taken as sign of suspect behavior. Up to two years in jail was threatened for participants and their vehicles threatened to be confiscated, and just like in Canada, citizen protestors were free game for police as long as they were identifiable for participating in freedom convoys.

These are the Freedom Barbarians at the gates. Freedom loving citizens and truckers and working class men and women these are the Protestants of our day and age. They are part of a great schism developing in society in the west. And as potential domestic terrorists they are being surveilled, tracked, if not booked and registered.

Police Siege Tactics

The Prefecture of Paris was on direct orders of the French Interior Ministry which had called for ‘extreme measures’ against any citizen having temerity to come to the French capital in convoy in order to demonstrate against health measures and mandates. And while some vehicles managed to filter through the police blockades that surrounded Paris, indeed most were stopped and held at the gates and treated like seditious insurrectionists for the chanting of the word ‘liberté’ and for having the courage of waving French flags.

Just like in Ottawa there was a dragnet of hundreds if not thousands of forces of order surrounding a city under siege but to French patriots with a classic Gallic spirit the creation of that kind of situation is only fuel to the fire of impending revolt. That’s the nature of France with its inherent ‘right to rebel’ which has been acknowledged in all of the various constitutions. So now there was a classic Mexican standoff between government and the people. A stalemate on the Périphérique, the Beltway, which neither side was going to win.




Almost all convoys coming from all directions were stopped outside the city gates by grace of the tactical mastery of Didier Lallemant whose photograph features here below. People were halted on autoroutes, in tunnels approaching the city, on highways, and every junction that surround the city at every gate. Most gates were blocked. A siege and bunker mentality which proving the desperation of the current neoliberal government in France took hold of Paris, and in all of France. And by next morning the convoys had dispersed or moved on to Brussels where is the European government or Strasbourg where is the European parliament.

Pitch Forks & Torches : a failed Jacquerie

Even Le Figaro and Le Parisien, the latter newspaper owned by Louis Vuitton, would later agree that the tactical feat to ‘hold Paris’ had been but a Pyrrhic victory at best.

For this was not just a simple people’s rebellion against government overreach, one of those typical French Jacqueries of which the most famous one, the French revolution, is well known to many, but which throughout French history has always been a favorite past time of Gauls starting back in Roman Times and throughout the middle ages, when various tribes of farmers, feudal servants, and workers of oppressed classes, or whole regions of people who are tired of harassment by overlords, will eventually take to the pitchfork and the torch, and slowly storm the local Chateau in rage and in search of justice. This is the entire history of France in a nutshell even in modern times (France is in the 5th republic).

So why not let people freely protest and demonstrate? This made no sense.
And so with similar aplomb (mass arrests) and brutishness (random beatings) displayed throughout the middle ages, the neo liberal overlords of Paris settled the old historical score of peoples vs lords into an advantage to the ruling class over the peasants. As ever.

History lesson learned for both sides, and in this context it is interesting to note that it was only the development of the arbalest cross bow in the 13th century that first allowed the penetration of the armor of knights. Until that moment armored knights ruled supreme on the battlefield and outside castle gates. The castles of lords, and therefore power, unassailable and perfectly defensible. Moats, draw bridges, church & king. Peasants and the feudal servants would never have a chance. And freedom convoys are no match for the neoliberal elites and their APCs and powers of bank credit forfeiture today.

No, today the neo liberal overlords are freezing the bank accounts of rebellious truckers, and take away their licenses to work, and cancel their insurance contracts. And they criminalize their supporters. They are curtailing freedom of movement of the peasants under pretext of health regulations. Here the professional class and the gentry – the regency class, you may call them the bourgeoisie – are teaching the working classes good social lessons by introducing new domestic passports; by requiring the rabble to show papers for every time they enter a store, a restaurant, a school, or a cultural institution; and by making them submit to the consensus ritual of public vaccinations. Obedience training measured out by the neoliberal regency who lord over the working class.

The story above is a fine example of what constitutes tyranny – a cruel, unreasonable, and arbitrary use of power and control. Measured out in spades both in Canada and in France today.

The Paris Struggle Sessions of 2022

Yet something more sinister is at work here still, as in Paris many demonstrators who sang ‘liberté, liberté’ or those who waved French flags were singled out by forces of order for a type of special treatment which can only be described as an old school communist struggle session.




Demonstrators with a French flag were surrounded by forces of order until they stopped waving flags and were forced to put it away. They were forced to stop singing freedom, freedom. And they were forced to remove similar texts or symbols from their vehicles. The forces of order would surround the citizen patiently until a VOLUNTARY act of reconciliation or confession was accomplished. Only if a subject obeys there will be no further consequences.

“A struggle session was a form of public reconciliation, a healing of old wounds related to class oppression. These were pronounced during the Cultural Revolution. The purpose of the sessions was to bring healing in the context of a society that was no longer punctuated by class oppression and dominance. It was also meant to be an act of healing, as class enemies would be brought back into the community. Naturally, being publicly confronted was an experience in developing humility. During the Cultural Revolution the masses were encouraged to become full members of society, no longer voiceless serfs and peasants. All were equal.”

(Quora online)

Shame, shame, shame

Beatings, mass arrests and APCs for causing a ruckus on the Champs Elysees are one thing, but remaking France into a Maoist penal re-education camp that is quite another. Does Monsieur Didier Lallemant actually comprehend that his own orders are creating an ideological struggle by having public struggle sessions posing as law enforcement on the streets of Paris?

So let’s sum up the MO: Arrest the movement leaders (France & Canada). Public struggle sessions (only by pamphlet in Canada, but in full swing in France). Prohibit or criminalize the use of patriot symbols and language of freedom (France & Canada). Prohibit freedom of movement (France & Canada). Prohibit demonstrations and criminalize protests (France & Canada). Prolong or install emergency acts trying to enshrine rules of decree into permanent laws (France & Canada). Ad nauseam.

Note well that all these measures and more fit neatly into the pattern of lockdowns, forced vaccinations, forced masking and other dystopian neo communist horrors that the current neo liberal regimes around the world have measured out by decree upon decree over an unsuspecting populace which is now, after two years, finally waking up to the fact that what we have here is an attempted global takeover. The world’s first global coup d’état. The Great Reset of 2020.

What we see measured out in the west upon freedom loving citizens is the materialist, internationalist vision of Jacobin re-education and social engineering à la Chinoise. And as such the neoliberal social and political agenda in the west today is a direct threat not just to sovereign nation states protecting democracy, freedom or human rights, but, more ominously still, a mortal threat to humanism and love of mankind as taught for 2500 years by the three great Abrahamic religions : Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Or simply put: Jacobinisme is an offence to God, and a scourge and a bane to the people.

The neo-liberal mask has now dropped and it is clear to all that wish to look that health mandates are but a pretext meant to re-educate people, to socially re-engineer society, and to change society, but if necessary, by force and force alone. The age of reason is officially over: force people not to fly and wave flags; force citizens to never say the word freedom; force citizens to wear masks; force citizens to get vaccinated; force people out of work; force citizens to stay at home; force people to carry papers, passports or digital ID; force people into obedience – while criminalizing, beating, and registering dissenters.




The neo liberal global agenda is a mortal threat to free and open society. Its immediate goal is to use false science and the godless use of technology in order to destroy religion, traditional values, freedom of conscience, and natural law. And its eschatological objectives make it a dangerous ideology and a threat to mankind.

The Death Cult of Science & Reason

Yes, thus spoke the Jacobins during the French revolution. They would have Science & Reason festivals in churches to desecrate the holy relics of the middle ages. They would dig up the dead of a thousand years from the Cemetery of the Innocents, break their bones and ban them to the Catacombs, because they had once been good Christians or humble people of faith. With Guillotines the Jacobins would celebrate the desecration of the human body while still alive because it was such a reasonable and non-medieval way to kill.

Such was the Cult of Science & Reason in the past and just as much terror she seeks to cause as an exponent of woke neo-liberal ideology today. In essence, this is a death cult, that rules by fear, and the Woke, the Jacobins, and the Bolsheviks – these are the merchants of the fear of death trying to rebuild the Temples of the Sun of Meso-America before Pizarro, Cortes, and De Quesada. This is were was born the famous quote that ‘the left will eat its own’.

This materialist and internationalist neo-liberal death cult of today therefore treasures the hate of the traditional and revels in the love of the profane. This cult loathes the glory of the past and tradition, so they will burn symbols, smash relics and topple statues where ever they go. They will do struggle sessions with those who think differently, so, like with the Aztecs, all their enemies must be captured alive. For they demand voluntary submission.

And so they fear the past and the freedom of human conscience. They fear creativity, spirit, and the values of ages past because it stands in the way of a progressive internationalist technological future. And most of all, they fear God.

Such were the Jacobins. Such were the Bolsheviks too. And such are the Prosecutions of our Kens & Karens of today.

An old masterplan for world domination

The point here is that behind the madness of French government asking their own citizens no longer to fly a French flag or say the word freedom, behind the madness of the Canadian government making a war powers act the new law of the land over some unruly truckers while seeking asset forfeiture and freezing bank accounts of demonstrators who love their country, and behind the apparent madness of all the strange coercive health regulations world-wide, there lies, undoubtedly, a very old master plan.




Every hundred years or so this plan for a supra-national atheist-collectivist-materialist intervention comes along. Every time it fails miserably eventually. But every time it causes much damage.

The dreadful Jacobins ruled France from 1789 until Napoleon made an end to this aberration in 1799. The horrid Bolsheviks took power during red October (November) 1917 and its hardcore ideology of Lenin & Trotsky would not end until Stalin finally assumed full power in 1927 reimposing traditional values. The terrible neo liberal Great Reset global power grab was announced after March of 2020. You know that last story. And now we will have to see the end of it, but notice how in the first two examples the timespan of hardcore ideology terror only lasts around ten years.

It must be clear to the reader that these neo-communist measures that we see today in liberal societies have nothing at all to do with measures for good health, but that such biopolitics is merely a way to advance an internationalist agenda:

“Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified. In order to protect themselves from increasingly global problems – from pandemics and transnational terrorism to environmental crises and rising poverty – leaders around the world took a firmer grip on power.”

(quote Rockefeller Foundation`s ‘Operation Lockstep’ : Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, of May 2010)

The Treaty of Westphalia

This Nouveau Jacobin globalist agenda was all well planned in advance, and what our regency elites are after is rather simple : they want nothing less than the total destruction of the Treaty of Westphalia of 1648 because it was this famous Treaty that first introduced the principle of national sovereignty and the state protection of citizen’s rights. Our bourgeois Trotskyist elites les nouveaux Jacobins – want to break the Treaty of Westphalia so that materialism, pseudo-science, and internationalism can reign. Their goal is to destroy the Greek / Roman concept of Citizen so that people can be turned into subjects. Hence the odd name New World Order. Because the old world order was based on the concept of the protection and freedom of individual citizens. Individual freedoms, citizen’s rights and the Treaty of Westphalia must die so that a new world order can live. Their evil cause and ambition is nothing less than the destruction of the values of antiquity and the Mosaic Laws.

It’s a Biblical struggle.

The Treaty of Westphalia was made at the end of one hundred years of religious wars in Europe (at the end of what is called The Thirty Year War) and became the defining struggle of the late middle ages that would end up giving sovereignty to all European states covered by the Treaty.

The idea of the treaty was that all states are equally sovereign and that international borders must be established so that citizens and their rights can be protected by their respective countries. This protection before resided with the queen, king, emperor, earl, count, or other lord, but now became the domain of what we know today as the state.




The end of the religious wars which meant that from hence on no longer the holy Roman empire nor the Church would dictate rules together with kings and queens but that national states had to help its citizens and protect their rights, and guarantee what is called Natural Law, which today is simply called freedom or the absence of government interference.

And the thus the modern age was born. That this happened in 1648 after the most bloody war in European history is no coincidence: ten million people are said to have died during the religious wars and until today this was the largest schism in European history. In fact it was the schism that would historically separate modern times from the middle ages. It was the third great schism in western European history.

The first Great Schism was in 1054 when the church of the East was divided from the church of the West; the Second Great Schism was in 1378 when the church of the West split up into two parts, the Holy Roman Empire and the Papacy at Avignon. So one may call the third great schism in European history the one between Catholics and Protestants in the 16th century that starts to rumble around 1540. And on this last one here we find a bloody ideological fight which will last one hundred years and which is about a simple difference of opinion on who gets to interpret Biblical texts into what a good Christian would make. All three great schisms are over ideological differences.
As today we face a schism over who gets to interpret what is science.

The Confession of Magdeburg

As such ideological struggle is a useful metaphor of what is happening today, we must take a closer look to the Confession of Magdeburg of 1550 when the protestant revolution starts to seriously commence. And indeed somewhat like the great Trucker Rebellion of 2022 in Ottawa, the City of Magdeburg was told by the Imperial Holy Roman Empire what to do (obey Catholic doctrine or else) and how to do it, but simply refused. This is the moment when Lutheran protestors actually become Protestants. This is the moment of Martin Luther, the most vindictive scribe of all the protestants, and inevitably the theatre of events is in Germany, always good for a social critique which may cause global events to change for better or for worse.

The Magdeburg Confession (a document written by Lutheran clerics) calls for resistance to political tyranny and explains the reason of when non-compliance and civil disobedience towards higher authority is legitimate.

It explains why, when, and where lesser administrative powers (lesser magistrates) have the right to resist higher administrative powers (the higher magistrates) in order to help religiously faithful people in a town that is subject to tyranny. It is one of the first examples of Lutheran and Calvinist resistance theory which will play a large part during the wars of religion to come.

The confession is based on the idea that political tyranny can be abusive for citizens (citizen : literally those who dwell in cities, in this case the city of Magdeburg) and that local citizens therefore must be able to be protected from abuse from the higher administrative powers above (in this case the Holy Roman Empire) by the lower powers. When the orders from above are unjust, abusive, and tyrannical towards citizens of a town, then they can be rightly resisted by lesser magistrates.

Resistance Theory

What is not well known however is that the Protestant resistance theories from the Reformation form the precursor of what today we consider our natural god given human and civil rights.

These theories develop toward the end of the middle ages all over Europe for religious reasons now that the Bible was finally in print (individual interpretation of the Bible becomes possible) with pockets of resistance against empires and monarchs growing like mushrooms in a forest all over Europe for one hundred years.

This tumult starts around 1530 and ends more than a century later with the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 when nation states are born.

But in those 118 years there is terrible war all over Europe between the various religious factions. And there is resistance everywhere you look. You have Calvin in Geneva. Who does not know Luther and his theses? There is the bloody fights around the Church of England. There is notoriously the fights of the Huguenots in France and their book published in Basel in 1579 Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos. Aye America itself becomes a safe haven for those who seek religious freedoms. There is John Knox in Scotland. Zwingli in Switzerland. There is the great lawgiver Grotius in Holland that fights an 80 year war against oppression of the Spanish Empire.

Such is the third Great Schism and the Great Tumult in European history that lasts more than a hundred years.

In Germany alone 30 percent of the population at one point is considered to have been killed during these wars. And it is for good reason that Breughel the Elder’s most famous painting is from this epoch,1562 : a time of pestilence, war, internal strife, and death. The Triumph of Death is the name of the painting and gawking at it makes one realize that great civil strife and upheaval is better best avoided. As is pestilence, plague, and war. For at that time, there is real pestilence and nothing fake like Sars-Cov-2; real war, and nothing fake like in the Ukraine; and real death through civil strife, nothing like fake petty massive arrests of today: but is this actually the doomsday scenario that our Nouveaux Jacobins friends are aspiring to? We hope not.

Hic Semper Tyrannis.

We can all write up scenarios, but the real problem is that the ones that have formerly been validated by history are probably the most likely ones to come to pass. Condemn, ignore, and cancel the past at your own peril. Because it serves as a warning, and this warning says that the creation of deep division or schism in society at large, is a very bad idea.

(Breughel the Elder’s The Triumph of Death)

The doctrine of the lesser magistrates

The resistance doctrine of the lesser magistrates was developed during this time. Still used today. At that time it was okay for lower magistrates to be disobedient to higher magistrates or monarchs for the protection of the religion of citizens and in this concept we can already see a first dawn of what later comes to be known as Federalism. It is the dawn of civil rights and the beginning of natural law, the idea that man is free born and lives in a free and open space and that decrees, rules, or laws are but positive law delimiting our natural freedoms.

If the empire or the tyrant therefore infringes in abusive fashion upon the free space that is meant for citizens to live harmoniously according to natural law, then higher magistrates can be lawfully and dutifully resisted by lower magistrates. Tyrannical laws do not have to be followed by lower magistrates if they are abusive to local citizens or if they take away their core values, their core virtues or their fundamental firmly held traditional beliefs. The idea of America was founded on this very principle. Individual freedom. And thus non-cooperation or resistance becomes a duty of lower authority in the face of tyranny but only if strict conditions are met.

The Werewolf Clause

The decision to use the right to resist and not cooperate with higher authority should not be taken lightly by the lesser magistrates according to Martin Luther (1539 AD) so as a test what was developed came to be called the ‘Beerwolf’ (Werewolf) clause:

“… in contrast to a mere tyrant (the Werewolf), not only broke the law, but also overturned the entire moral order upon which it is based. All subjects of such a ruler … had the right to resist …”

(Cynthia Grant Schonberger (January–March 1979). “Luther and the Justification of Resistance to Legitimate Authority”. Journal of the History of Ideas. University of Pennsylvania Press.)

So what does a Werewolf look like before non-cooperation or resistance becomes possible:

· · A tyrant
· · Who is abusive
· · Who acts unjustly towards his own subjects or citizens
· · Who breaks local laws meant to protect citizens / subjects or meant to grant citizen’s / subject’s rights
· · And who upsets the existing moral or legal order

That is a pretty strong test and we would do well to measure the actions of various neo liberal governments after 2020 against these five points today before judging them.

Would our neo liberal leaders of today be considered Werewolves by the standards set by Martin Luther for resistance from the 16th century?

The Tumult of Amboise

So herein lies the danger if we do not want history to repeat itself and indeed create a large schism in society that will have a bloody outcome. Because the following is an example and a warning of how the religious wars kicked off in France with the Tumult of Amboise were one side was hunting down the other side because of a the grand conspiracy of that day. And in our historical naïvité we do not want to recreate these events. So let this story serve as a dire warning.

The protestant conspiracy (to change the King so that protestants get more influence, we see the same in England) gets crushed by the authorities and when the victors want to appear magnanimous Wikipedia reports the following:
“Conscious that the religious policy of the last years had decidedly failed, the Duc de Guise sought to change tact, despite their victory over the rebellion. The general pardon established during the conspiracy itself made a distinction between those of religious motivation, and those of political motivation. With the former to be tolerated as long as they lived in obedience to the king, and the latter to be treated as enemies of the state.”

In other words, submit or else. And here below is the result of what happened to those who did not submit to this kind request in 1560 at the Chateau d’Amboise. This heralds the beginning of the bloody religious wars.

The Collapse of Crown Authority

“The Amboise conspiracy, also called Tumult of Amboise, was a failed attempt by a Huguenot faction in France to gain control over the young king Francis II and to reverse the policies of the current administration. However the plot was uncovered ahead of time, and the Guise (faction) were ready for them. As such hundreds would be arrested, and many killed. This tumult, would be one of the key steps in the collapse of crown authority that led to the French Wars of Religion.”

And there you have it: the collapse of the Authority of the Crown, just like today in Canada or France, and in many other Western countries in the world today. A government no longer held in esteem or trusted by its own citizens, and citizens that have come to fear their own government. Citizens at civil strife over small ideological differences. Nations at war with themselves where civil strife or revenge over revindication is a possible outcome of events.

In the 16th century this would lead to more than one hundred years of rebellions and civil strife until a peace was finally concluded at Westphalia in 1648 which heralded the early modern day and early age, and at the end of the middle ages. Citizen rights and freedoms are now protected because of the power of the sovereignty of individual states. The higher power of kings & queens, or religious authorities takes a step back. Eventually this will lead to the birth of many sovereign nations around the world where people can freely wave their flags in good patriotism and sing the songs of liberty. And where people are free. And America becomes the greatest exponent of this fundamental historical turning point.

Until now.

Because the Great Reset is heralding a new dark age of pseudo-science, surveillance, internationalism, godless materialism, and barren technology. And for this new dark world to function the Nouveaux Jacobins will need the Treaty of Westphalia to go away forever before they can achieve their nefarious goals.

So that there are no more sovereign nation states to protect their own citizens. So that citizens are no longer citizens, but become subjects to global technocracy surveillance, capital, and technology. So that individual rights and freedoms are no longer absolute or god given but contingent on a neo liberal political program you must first underwrite before your get a passport, or get to go shopping at the store.

An internationalist, dark, materialist and godless vision of the future. A false orthodoxy strangling individual freedom which must be publicly condemned like Luther, Calvin and other Protestants once condemned the almighty Church in the 16th century.

The Fourth Great Schism has begun.

David Lifschultz


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