The Current 5G Signal in America and Most of the World are Not Harmful!


Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on February 17, 2022

The Current 5G Signal in America and Most of the World are Not Harmful!

With the kindest of heart to inform the public, friends, patriots and relatives; I feel the need to explain the current status of 5G signals in the world and their brief history.  I am an engineer by trade and a quantum physics researcher in our new world. I want to go over the technology and the history of whether this can be used as a weapon and if it has. Please, in America, and most countries, the harm is really a minimal amount.  Although, there are people who are very sensitive, especially living or walking close to the 5G towers.

At one point in the brief history, it is true the Deep State was going to use it as a weapon, to give a person exposed to a lot of 5G radiation symptoms like Covid-19. Yes, there was a very dark agenda, but President Trump and the mighty Alliance would NOT allow this type of 5G to be installed in America and many other countries rejected it as well. I will get into detail in a city where the harmful 5G was used and did kill many people. Most people do not know this story.

But first, I want to explain how certain signals can do harm and others do not, and why. I will get a little technical, but not that much. The formula is for what we can “resident frequent” is 1 divided by frequency. This really equals “wavelength”, therefore frequency equals 1 divided by wavelength. Why is this important? If one looks at a CB Annetta (Citizens Band) or a Police Antenna on the cars, you see the CB Annetta is far longer than the Police Antenna. This means the Police Antenna is a higher frequency than the CB Antenna, therefore, by the formula the wavelength is much shorter. This formula supplies the “resident frequency” of the frequency too. This means, if the length of the Antenna has to be the “resident” or the right length to have the most signal power received.

Now for 5G revelations: the good, the bad and the ugly! The Huawei company used 5G at exactly 60 Ghz, residence to “Red Blood Cells” that would vibrate and make Red Blood Cells lose their oxygen. America and most places in the world offset the frequency to 50 Ghz and used “magnetic strips” on the towers to dampen most of the harm it would do the the human body. By this formula, thanks to Kat and her graphic:

The magnets clean up the impurities from 5G on an ionic level, keeps oxygen from being depleted, making HARMLESS the high radio frequency radio waves. For Kat researched and stated “I’m not afraid of 5G because I learned from Charlie Freak & Gene Decode that E. Musk swapped out 5G for Tesla Towers. A friend lives next to a 5G Tower & told me birds fly around it & sit on it.” I know this research is true too, as an engineer who reads many papers on the subject. It is known that President Trump had the good Tesla Tower signals for the human body installed on the newly constructed “Mexican Border Wall”. This was implemented. We do know they used this special formula magnetic strips on all the 5G towers in America. 

What we do know is that the “bad 5G system” was produced from Huawei company from China, and was tested in Wuhan, China in the end of 2019. I will reveal more on that story shortly. First, I will tell you more on the history of the Huawei company. The were the leaders in research and manufacturer of “nanobot’s” in the world. The Alliance knew that they wanted to implement the “bad 5G” around the world, to add to the Covid-19 death count. I received a map of the major 5G installed around the world in spring of 2020 and it did show a relationship between 5G tower already installed in major cities and the number of Covid-19 outbreaks. The relationship was clear and there were an increased number of Covid-19 cases in those 5G tower areas. But this was a time when there was not many in the world; mostly Europe, China and the U.S. India and Africa, there was not even one tower up and running at that time. Therefore, the Covid-19 cases were very small. From, my assessment, the good suppressing magnetic strips and “Good 5G” was changed after that time. Now, there were Huawei executive detained in Canada, then extradited to the U.S., and finally charged America. This was more than the charges filed. I understand she had nanobots in her possession once she entered Canada. It was not just about trade secrets, in 2018. The U.S. State Department wanted her badly. A link to one article:  Another time, it appears the good-guys & gals set a fire on a Huawei research building in Shanghai. Here is the link:  I was told, it was something very bad going on at that facility.

For U. S. Policy against Huawei, President Trump convinces European countries NOT to use Huawei 5G or any technology from them. Here is a link to show it:

Now, for the test city of the Huawei 5G and the aftermath. I will write a short version. This was a shock to me, once I received an article, and email from a whistle blower in the ranks of the Chinese military.  We do think a different highly-lethal agent other than Covid-19 that was man-made in China to originally released on politically dissidents in a controlled environment. This killed most people in days or weeks. We do know, that, in America in a D.U.M.B. under Dulce, New Mexico, where Dr. Fauci had Covid-19 made, and after that had it moved and enhanced in the Level-4 lab in Wuhan, China some years later. Then we had the 5G testing did begin after November 1, 2019 in China and Wuhan was one big 11 million large city to test. It does appear that other areas in China were being tested too. But what is clear, the first 5G on the planet was in China. Here is a link on release of Huawei 5G: Therefore, we had a mistake agent (unknown name) that was very lethal, Huawei bad 5G test and it really appears from my Chinese officer on-site in Wuhan that they released Covid-19 as a cover-up. From the time it was lethal agent was mistakenly let out, about January 2020. This was the way the Chinese had to start of the most major outbreak of Covid-19 in Wuhan. In this city of Wuhan, the Chinese had to do a major quarantine from January 2020 to April of 2020. The total amount of deaths just in Wuhan was very alarming. Covid-19 did not strike fear with people lying dead on the streets, but in Wuhan that was happening. The release of a deathly agent, not Covid-19 that was to became almost 100% lethal. “I believe from this evidence that the worldwide Covid-19 was released early to cover-up this extremely botched real release of a bio-weapon that we think killed hundreds of thousands of people in Wuhan”, Military officer states. In those beginning four months of 2020, in Wuhan there were approximately 700,000 citizens died of this toxic unnamed chemical and with the help of the Huawei 5G, more people died by the hands of  this bad 5G, for it causes the releases oxygen from the red blood cells. This is because 5G vibrates the red blood cells, the same as a microwave vibrates water. This is the same symptoms of Covid-19, poor oxygen to the body. The number of deaths data was recovered by none other Cristen W. who had contacts in Beijing, China. We still owe her great honor and praise for her sacrifice. The Wuhan tragedy of the first four months of 2020 needs to be released to the world, in full truth and at face value.

Know too, that a human body takes time to get used to new frequencies and signals in one’s environment. People have gotten sick throughout the past one-hundred and thirty years, when just about any new signal technology is used. Please note too, the real statistic on Western Medicine to correctly diagnostic any disease or aliment is only 50%. This is what we call modern medicine? This will all change with the use of the Celestial Chambers, thank God! Please note, in the future, signal technology will be based in the Quantum Realm, and this will not allow any adverse effects of the human body or anything alive on this planet Earth. This technology we use signals that are created by crystals, that cause a “Quantum Entanglement” and can be received instantaneous even a solar system away, through the new wonders of the quantum realm! This is with no harm to the human body. Covid-19 release was the cover-up for the Wuhan great human tragedy. The deep state planned to release it, but not that early. How convenient that the Level-4 Lab was in Wuhan at that time? These are very evil people.

To protect oneself from computer or cell phone radiation, one needs to take action. The one product that I use is the “omnia”, to balance the radiation. This just sticks on your cell phone. I got it out of England. There are others on the market too. There are certain stones, like Shungite to wear around one’s neck. Another great but cheap product everyone should have for ones very noisy and sometimes harmful AC power coming into our homes. The “Lemurian Plug” does the job of getting or so called short the bad signals to ground, that come in through your normal AC power service. It is only $39.00 dollar and would only need two or three in a normal size home. The other advice I would give you, is only having Wi-Fi on parts of your house or one can do no Wi-Fi with the use a CAT-5 or 6 cable to internet connections to your computer at home or work. Also, please keep your Cell Phone off or in the other side of the house when sleeping too. Your body needs to recover while sleeping away from Wi-Fi or your cell phone. One can go more radical by buying a tent-like cover for a canopy bed upper frame to place a same size made “Faraday Cage Bed Canopy”. This will block all bad EMF’s so your body can at least recover at night time. This would be great for people who live very close to any major power towers, stations or major communications towers.

Now we will give a brief outline and links on the debate and realization between music based on the tuning of A4 note set at 432 Hz vs. 440 Hz. This has been proven that if set at 440 Hz causes the heart to beat at higher rate and many other issues with the body. See link on government studies: . On the good side with 432 hz, all heath issues go away and one is basically aligned with nature, one expert says. The reason is the Schumann Resonance of planet Earth is about 8 Hz and with the A4 note set at 432, the two resonate with each other. If tuned to 432, the middle “C” note is at 256 Hz and as we move up and down the scale, lands on an even integer. Just really more in-tune with the human body. See link: I do know harp music and light music moves and harmonizes with me and my body. Please make sure your music is helping your body and mind, instead of  harming you. Frequencies make a big difference. Good or bad, that is what this article is about. See Q drop, it is about keeping the public safe of technologies and from the evil elite or illuminati.

Q Drop #528


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