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Operation Disclosure | By Thinker2, Contributing Writer

Submitted on February 17, 2022

Thinker2 has been censored from many platforms starting with Project Avalon (Bill Ryon) as “Thinker” for suggesting people scream bloody murder over the Deep Horizon oil spill (2010). I don’t get angry or upset, I assume I’m over the target, and the person censoring me is Indoctrinated (Hostage to the Cabal). I’m trying to free the Hostage’s with truth.

“Know the truth and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:32

Thinker2 is being censored by TTS 88 (Rumble), and Connecting Consciousness. Censorship is a manifestation of fear. Fear of loosing what they “know” or “believe” is the truth. No one should be afraid of loosing lies and replacing them with truth, but this is how we are conditioned. Truth can not be destroyed, only lies have this flaw. If your “truth” is destroyed, how could it have been true? Only lies fear truth.

Rumble is providing tools for Rumble Users to Censer. Censorship is evil regardless whether it is done by Conservatives or Liberals. (I’m not talking about Trolls / Denial of Service.)

Never talk “God” or Politics! (Politics is a word for liars telling lies to other liars. What is the word for telling truth to liars?)

I’m not saying your “God” is false, I’m telling you the word “God” is not Specific. I have no way to know who or what your “God” is. To PROJECT my “God” on your “God” is a DELUSION (insanity).

This is the foundation of DECEPTION, the more deceived I am, the more insane I am. The CURE for insanity is TRUTH. Censorship and Deception destroy TRUTH.




I may be right, or I may be wrong, but if I’m prevented from telling you my point, I will never find the TRUTH.

You are free to tell me I’m wrong, but bring some evidence, not just OPINION, because I have an opinion based on EVIDENCE, not INDOCTRINATION (Education). I can and will show you my evidence (Not to be confused with “proof”).

One Comment I left on TTS 88 (Rumble):

The Founding Fathers used the word “Creator” in the Declaration of Independence. The Satanic Bankers used the word “God” on the back of the Federal Reserve Note.

What is it that the Founding Fathers know about “God” that you do not know?

I know that the word “God” is Ambiguous and Finite (Not Infinite / Specific).

Are you reading the the “Word of God” or the teachings of the Rabbi Carpenter from Galilee (The Way).




The word “Tao” = “Way” in English, 81 Parables of Wisdom written 500BC.

Tao Te Ching = The Way of Wisdom in Action (available in Print, [YT], and Internet.

When you know the Way, speak the Truth, and live the Life, you will come to the Creator.

“We have been deceived, we are deceived; we are deceiving each other.” – Thinker2

But first you must realize EVERYONE has been LIED to. This means YOU!


If Religion (Ra Legion) has not lied to humanity, nothing has.

Another Comment I left on TTS 88 (Rumble):

Chuck Grassley said; “Proactive Policing” = FASCISM! (This rule is for thee, not me.)

Republic = “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW” (Rule of Law, not Rule of Cabal)




Democracy = Lawlessness (Mob Rule SELLS Fake Legislation, Fake Security, and Fake News)

Policing is Unconstitutional. Policing was Introduced by the Bankers to manage Bank Asserts (You and Me). (Act of 1871) “You are a slave, Neo.” – The Matrix

Policing is Unconstitutional, because Extortion, Racketeering, Fascism, Human Trafficking (Slavery), and TREASON are Unconstitutional! (Who do you think is stealing gas & diesel from the Truckers, and adding water before returning it?)

Back the Blue until it happens to you! (Mike / Matt you really need to call me!)


I do not support “Defund the Police” that is a Cabal attempt to make Policing Federal, and Unaccountable.

I support the Abolition of Slavery / Policing / Fascism (This rule is for thee, not me.) Double Standard / Hypocrisy.

“Double-Standard (Hypocrisy) is a symptom of Satanism.” – Thinker2

My “God” our Creator:

Some say; “God” is infinite, omnipresent, omniscient, eternal, all powerful, etc.




Some say; The Universe  is infinite, omnipresent, eternal, etc.

If your mind can separate an infinite “God” from and infinite Universe, your “God” is not infinite.

Infinity – Infinity = Zero (Nothing) ! said another way; The Infinite Creator = The Infinite Universe

To really nail it home EVERYTHING is made of Energy (E = m c²) – including your thoughts and words (Logos).

The Conservation of Energy says; Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transmuted.

All 5 or more seances detect Energy (Universe / Creator)! We are so completely immersed in “God” we don’t recognizes it.

Realize that all of this also means evil is from the Creator. Also realize without Contrast we can not recognize Good.

Good and Evil offers humanity a choice… What do we choose?

Peace, love, and blessings,






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