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Reader Post | By timjoebob

You spoke for many people. I find that my skepticism is not so far fetched when I question the actions or statements of certain people or entities which calls into question their integrity.

Some of my previous posts have eluded to or directly brought into question similar questions you have made. There are many people who have asked the same.

My opinion has not changed. I sincerely think that we’re being played. Whatever the ‘play’ is, we’re out of the loop on the REAL info. Remember, this is a game…of life and death.

Another annoying phrase: “We’re all in this together.”

Why is this annoying? Because we are not all in this together in the same spirit. Everyone has an agenda. As a species, yes, we’re here on planet Psycho, but we are far from being in the same boat. Just an example:

Do people actually believe that Jaun O’Savin (107) and people like him who are ‘in the know’ is in the same boat as we the common people? You gotta be nuts. People like that rub shoulders with the Elites. People like that are in yachts the size of ocean liners while regular people cling to life rafts or dingys. We are NOT in the same boat. People like that who reprimand we the people for being impatient or for asking too many questions are clearly shown to be irritated. People like that have absolutely zero to worry about because either way it ends up they will be fine because they’ve got most, if not all, of the bases covered while we the people have been distracted working our asses off just to scrape out a living while people like that live in la la land. I’ve yet to be impressed with 107’s cowboy boots and exotic cars and world travels and famous friends and his many ‘programs’ (projects) he’s working on…about fifteen I think he mentioned. I lost it for him when he started skirting direct questions. I lost it for him when he reprimanded David Nino Rodriguez and all of us patriots treating us like we’re school children. I lost it for him when he’s asked a question and he goes into telling stories in hopes of illustrating the answer…like going from Los Angeles to Chicago via San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, Miami, back to Houston, on to Atlanta, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and then finally Chicago. I lost it for him when I detected condescending vocal expressions and a bit of arrogance on his part. That is someone I can’t trust. I may be wrong and I’m OK with that and I will stand corrected if and when proven so. I never run or backtrack when proven wrong about something. I will admit my errors in judgment while being humbled. I don’t consider myself perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but when someone is touted as being reputable I expect integrity in all aspects of communication with regular people as well as upper echelon entities.

The questions asked are all valid and for the most part have not been answered to any degree of enthusiasm. This whole damn thing could have been, and should have been, dealt with a long, long time ago but there was an Agenda. Remember that?…the Agenda? It’s the same old sh#t. Nothing has changed since ancient times. …players playing the game of life and death with the people in the middle. Only the actors and players and NPC’S have changed, but not the Agenda.




‘Trust the plan’ is losing credibility because it has gaping holes…like some of the questions asked by NESARA Seeker that have not been answered and should have been answered a long time ago. There’s always an excuse. There’s always a reason.

I forgive it all. It’s just a game, albeit a deadly one.



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