New York Intel: USA Et Al are Under Tyranny


Operation Disclosure | By Royel Madison, Contributing Writer

Submitted on January 17, 2022

New York Intel: USA Et Al Are Under Tyranny

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RV is anticipated to occur between mid-2022 and end of 2023 – If you hear anything but this then it is just Noise.

Fight for your Freedom and for your Lives Now!  God Wants Us To Fight Evil Now!

Post 15 by Royel Madison on January 18, 2022:


Evil has walked into our front door and our Freedom has slipped away into Tyranny and our country is being destroyed and the people are being murdered.  The Constitution has been trampled on.  The People Should Rise Now!  Fight This Evil!  Fight for your Freedom and for your livesRoyel Madison

RV and The Great Purge of Evil:

  1. We are still waiting and we will continue to still be waiting for a long time.  Because the military is fighting itself right now.  All divisions: navy, army, marines, air force and space force. There are fleets in the space force, they have been traveling great distances for decades, and they are in-fighting benevolent fleets against malevolent fleets.  The military is divided.  The Deep State was trying to take it over.  So, we cannot overly rely on them which means that you must get off of the sidelines and fight for Freedom and Wake People and Protest and….

So, stop listening to the PsyOps because the GCR/RV is not happening anytime soon.  The PsyOps are just to keep you in a trance state of mind on the sidelines.  If it happens later this year then we are really lucky.  But it will probably start sometime next year.  I want it to happen as much as you do.  So, we should all try to do something to fight back for our freedom and for our lives now.    

  • Wake up more people.  We do this.  I will soon post a Wake-Up report to share with people, it is just what I have saved so far to do so.  And, sit with people to explain it to them.  Ask them if they have any questions.  Tell them that this war behind the scene is our freedom and that the Deep State was and still is to some degree in control but that is changing now to something beautiful that we should see by next year the latest.   

Find out about Organized Protests then share this news with many others. 

  • 1-15-2022 President Donald Trump’s Speech, a benevolent, powerhouse leader and speaker who loves our country and our planet and the people and God.

  • That is General Mao’s son in the photo I posted last week.  He is one of ‘the elders’. 
  • Some progress:  U.S. Supreme Court blocks Biden’s China virus (COVID) vaccine and testing mandates for businesses with more than 100 employees.  Kayla is good.


But the conservative-majority court allowed a vaccine mandate to stand for medical facilities that take Medicare or Medicaid payments.

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