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Reader Post | By NESARA Seeker

…from the “Show” put on by the Emperor with No Clothes.

Hello Again Dinarland!

An interesting title, wouldn’t you agree?  I was unsure what to title this message, but that seems to be the most appropriate given the overarching theme of what I wish to convey.

In my studies I have come to understand that this Earthly existence is all about “Lessons in Soul Growth”.  Sometimes those lessons aren’t ONLY the ones that the various Earthly powers that be wish us to learn.  One thing is certain, these delays in removing the fraudulent “Biden Administration”, despite having the evidence in hand that could end this fiasco EASILY, and the implementation/announcement of NESARA/GESARA – ostensibly under the auspices of “waking up the sleepers”, has allowed me time to observe and process events, and the players in them, and come to a few conclusions – lessons, if you will.

My Conclusions, in no particular order, for your review:

1) As close as we “apparently” are to the announcement we’ve all been waiting for, it would seem best to allow it to play out – for now.  As the 2022 Election gets closer, I would say the likelihood they’ll actually get this across the Finish Line comes to a close, though my gut tells me it should be January 20, 2022 – by which time, the Military is allegedly REQURED to announce their secret Martial Law activities (We see how well those “deadlines” have panned out, haven’t we?).  Why such arbitrary dates?  If we don’t get the 2020 election fiasco settled in time to actually set the record straight and enact changes, particularly as it relates to those totally rigged voting machines, the Deep State Dark Cabal will simply cheat again, and get EVEN MORE of their operatives into position.  Also, there’s NO WAY America or the rest of the world will last until 2024 (or even November 2022) – not that Trump or any other Patriot would have a chance in a rigged scenario.  We also shouldn’t allow ourselves to be FORCED into putting up with a SHAM President that long!  It’s been TOO LONG ALREADY, and would be ABSURDLY DESTRUCTIVE given what’s already happened!  We all saw what happened on Election Night.  Giuliani and Jenna Ellis’ crusade before the various State Legislatures was all the proof we needed – I don’t care if the Media didn’t cover it and the Democrats scoffed at it.  Helen Keller could figure this one out!  The Democrat Party and The Media DO NOT DICTATE ELECTIONS – VOTES and their SUPPORTING EVIDENCE do!  I have a friend who hasn’t always believed in much of this stuff, but has reluctantly come around because of everything I’ve been able to show him, plus the OBVIOUS MESS we see happening around us.  He said to me the other day: “If the sleepers haven’t figured it out by now, what will it take?  If the Russia, Russia, Russia / Mueller farce TOTALLY BLOWING UP IN THEIR FACES didn’t wake them up and all the crap that happened after, along with the unraveling Covid narrative hasn’t woken them up, WHAT WILL IT TAKE?  I say it’s time the Good Guys ripped the Band Aid off!  Screw these sleepers!  At this point, they DON’T WANT TO SEE IT and our country is being destroyed in the process, as our enemies are circling!”

I couldn’t agree more!

So, we may need to consider other options.  Some people are wondering WHY there aren’t more protests in America and WHY the Militias haven’t acted yet.  They must not realize the Military got to the militias first prior to the 2016 Election, with some sort of promises of action at SOME point.  BOY, would I love to have been a fly on the wall for those meetings!   It must’ve been GRANDIOSE, and perhaps ongoing, for things to have gone along this long with all this mess going on after the 2021 “Inauguration”.  Again, Helen Keller could figure this out.  Also, January 6, 2021 pretty much sealed the deal on any further peaceful protesting being at all effective.  I doubt We the People will be wasting our time on that next time.  It’s QUITE OBVIOUS the government no longer works for us.  So, attempting to redress our grievances with ANY OF THEM, including the Supreme Court, would be POINTLESS.  GOD BLESS Mike Lindell and the others trying to do it, but as compromised as most of them are, their efforts would seem to be a naively wasted effort.  It would also seem the White Hats agree, otherwise they wouldn’t have repeatedly told us that “The Military is the only way.”  And while I admire the wish to “do things by the book”, our country is being destroyed by a Sham President, while you hold the evidence to overturn it.  How many MORE CRIMES must they commit before they’re brought to Justice – at least in a way we can see ending with Biden’s removal?  While all this Cloak and Dagger Stuff is probably working BEHIND THE SCENES – out here in the normal world of John Q. Public, REAL PEOPLE WORLDWIDE are being affected by a known interloper and you’ve had the power and PROOF to remove him for MONTHS!

It’s nice to see some people in the Truth Movement beginning to discuss what those various alternatives might be – should we feel the need to do so…

2) If We the People feel the need to take matters into our own hands – we’ll need to re-evaluate essentially EVERYONE on a government paycheck, including every “Elected” Official and Judge and the Brass of the Military, for potential treason charges – or at the VERY LEAST, Gross Negligence and Incompetence charges for such an UTTER DERELICTION of duty to the Constitution and The People.  I hate to say that, I really do, because I generally respect and support our military, but the Brass has had WAAAY TOO MANY question marks surrounding them for DECADES, perhaps even all the way back to 1871.  If We the People feel the need to take action, what other conclusions can we come to?  After all, the Military does SWEAR AN OATH to PROTECT AND DEFEND the Constitution against ALL ENEMIES, Foreign AND DOMESTIC, not participate in its subversion, or sit by and watch as it’s ripped into shreds, and our country and world is overrun by these DEMONS!  This is where the Emperor with No Clothes comes into play.  It seems certain people, most, if not all of which are on the government payroll, think We the People “need to be educated with a Near Death Experience because We the People have ‘allowed’ this evil to creep in”.  Umm, what?  We just want to be left alone to run our own lives – and expect our government and military to DO THEIR JOBS and SERVE US, FAITHFULLY!  Our leaders are supposed to have our best interests in mind, our voting and voting machines have been rigged for DECADES (Which the Military knows, because they had to UNRIG THEM to let Trump win.  How are we to know we haven’t ALREADY been trying to vote it away?  We most likely were, given HOW WELL Trump did both times.), and the military is supposed to back US up – not the government!  WOW!! The arrogance and lack of self-awareness is OFF THE CHARTS!!  I would LOVE to see Trump’s employees trying to “teach him a lesson”!  I must ask:  WHERE WAS THE MILITARY as these heinous acts, beginning in 1871, through to the Federal Reserve and Income Taxes and beyond, were foisted upon the people?  After all, the Military does SWEAR AN OATH to PROTECT AND DEFEND the Constitution against ALL ENEMIES, Foreign AND DOMESTIC!  HOW does that NOT APPLY to elected officials, judges and the Brass?  If ANYONE should be watched, it’s THEM!  There is DEFINITELY two lessons from this one:  1) If the Military is not capable of, or perhaps not authorized to, keep an eye on the government in Real Time, despite all their spying powers, then a civilian based government/judicial/brass watchdog group with TEETH must be established to keep an eye on things and ensure the laws and policies they enact and the rulings they make are in the proper spirit of the Constitution, AND in the best interests of The People. 2) MAYBE having people that are TOO USED to using words and phrases like “casualties” and “acceptable losses” in relation to PEOPLE as the ONLY ONES calling the shots isn’t such a good idea.  I’m forced to wonder if We the People would agree with their assessments and courses of action?  I’m also forced to wonder how many people directly associated with the White Hats, such as family members and friends, have been spared the brunt of all this madness, and perhaps will profit BIG from this, when all is said and done.  In other words, how many “acceptable losses” have THEY been forced to incur, personally – or is that just for the “little people”?   Given we already know there are “special batches” of the Covid Death Jabs, this question isn’t out of line in the slightest.

3) Too many “Executive Decisions” have been taken at “the employers” expense.  There’s PLENTY of commentary endorsing the concept that “it had to be this way”, but that simply is not true.  Other options HAVE been considered that would have been MUCH MORE DIRECT, like the open coup against Obama that was discussed and leaked.  What of the “Great Awakening” then?  Speaking of which, I’m also forced to wonder how much of the “Great Awakening” is TRULY about helping The People to wake up, and how much is about controlling the disclosure of information to protect the reputations of gray hats that saw which way the wind was blowing and switched sides and other captured operatives at various levels?  Whatever happened to “No Deals”?  Seems PLENTY of politicos, and other sleaze bags, are getting deals to slither off into the sunset – otherwise 70% of them would be in jail (which I seriously doubt very few regular folks would have a problem with).  WHY in the world is that being allowed?  So they, and/or their spawn, can lick their wounds and regroup for a later emergence?  Is THAT what you want?  They deserve to be CRUSHED, TO A PERSON – like they are ACTIVELY trying to do to us, and would’ve enjoyed the fruits of, if they succeeded!  But NO, for optics reasons (read, the Military’s perception by the public – which they actively participated in creating all these decades), the Military didn’t want to have to deal with the “sleepers” revolting, despite acknowledging it’s going to happen regardless, when/IF they finally pull the trigger.  Never mind the fact they have all kinds of non-lethal crowd control equipment, rubber bullets and manpower, especially if you count all the MILLIONS of Vets that would be MORE THAN WILLING to assist. The part that hurts me to my heart, and simultaneously really infuriates me, because I have been such an ardent supporter of The Alliance and The Plan, is how it was even a choice between shocking the sleepers and dealing with their tantrums (would it have been any worse than the Summer of 2020?), or putting the good and decent people of America, and the world, through 5+ years of unending lies and smears culminating in Death Jabs.  Have you seen how these people behave, particularly Democrats/Lefties?  Atrocious is being kind.  Not much of a choice if you asked me.  OBVIOUSLY Trump had The People on his side in 2016, or he never would’ve won the first time, and won even bigger in 2020!  I just don’t understand why that wasn’t good enough?  I guarantee that if people were to be asked the question: If you could’ve just ripped the Band Aid off shortly after Trump took office and got past the shock of the evil and that we’ve ALL been lied to, OR be put through 5+ YEARS of lies culminating in Covid based psychosis topped off with Death Jabs – THEN have the Band Aid ripped off?  I think we all know the answer that would be given.  One of the lessons here is:  Sometimes, IF you CAN GET BIG ENOUGH, evil DOES PAY, and you CAN GET AWAY WITH IT, more or less.  You CAN wriggle your way into just being made to “go away” “somewhere” – ALLEGEDLY never to be heard from again, which remains to be seen.  Yes, it may suck for you, but at least you didn’t get what you ACTUALLY DESERVED, which usually is EXECUTION when speaking of this crowd.

No, we MUST take steps to ensure this can NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!  ANYONE who attempts to do so should be SEVERELY punished – INSTANTLY!

I also don’t like how they’ve just decided to move our Capitol to a different location entirely contained within one state, and potentially on Native American land.  Whose Capitol is it, anyway?  What other changes have they made without public approval?  I can’t be the only one who finds that a little strange, particularly the location, and potentially unnerving.  Regardless of whatever evil has taken place in D.C., a lot of good has happened there, too, and it’s really shady to make all these sweeping changes without consulting The People first.

Speaking of shady dealings, it’s also shady that the most learned among the UFO Community will not be used when those disclosures come forth, because the public views them as quacks – as if the Government/Military isn’t DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for destroying their reputations!  My guess is, they know TOO MUCH – like the Government’s various treaties and activities with various E.T. races in all their GORY DETAIL, and the White Hats have to CONTROL what gets disclosed to protect the Sleaze Bag’s reputations.  How lovely…  These people, among MANY OTHERS, are MUCH DESERVING of vindication from the smears that have been ALLOWED and even ENCOURAGED!

4) What are the plans for after NESARA/GESARA are announced?  If we’re supposed to be learning from all this, what are we going to do with that knowledge?  Not much gets said about that, yet that should definitely be in the conversation!  It seems we’re expected to pass the knowledge down so this will never happen again.  While that’s all well and good, I would offer that Living Memory and “passing it down” simply is not good enough – if it were, we wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with.  No, the solution MUST BE MUCH MORE CONCRETE, AND IN BLACK AND WHITE ON PAPER!!  We MUST enact laws, policies and procedures in the government, the judiciary and military that DIRECTLY ADDRESS the shortfalls discovered through this horror show.  We MUST have government, judicial and military brass watch dogs, be they military or civilian, with TEETH that CAN TAKE ACTION, IN THE MOMENT!  No more innuendo and shadow plays while we dance with the devil!  The Good and Awake should not be subjected to this crap because others are too lazy to do their own research and take responsibility for their own lives – which is roughly 70% of the population!  The benefit of such measures is it will protect the lazy sleepers from their own stupidity, and the Good and Awake along with them!  It is my hope that the members of this community, once funded, having seen the “show” from behind the scenes and what we’ve personally been put through, will use at least a PORTION of their funds to ENSURE the proper laws, policies and procedures are implemented so that this mess CANNOT ever happen again, and if ANYONE EVEN TRIES, the hammer will come down on them IMMEDIATELY – along with their enablers and voyeurs.  We MUST hold those in positions of authority to account for their actions – or lack of same, along with SEVERE PUNISHMENTS for violations.  No more innuendo and shadow plays while we dance with the devil!

5) My thoughts on the White Hats, The Plan and the various “Intel Providers” and Gurus:

The White Hats:  I truly believe they exist, and have a plan to free us from this evil that’s been running our planet for millennia, and I still continue to pray for their safety and success.  Prayer and faith in GOD would seem to be all we have at the moment.  However, I do not believe they have not been in as much control of the situation as they would have us believe.  If they were, they would’ve mopped this up last year at the “Inauguration” as planned – or not long after their “assessment of their intel” from the Election Scam that was completed in March 2021.  I believe this has ALWAYS been up for grabs, regardless of their intentions and assurances – and the longer it drags on, the bitterer this already bittersweet victory, should it occur, will be.

Either they need better PR people, or an attitude adjustment.  Their alleged attitudes and demonstrated actions towards We the People generally, and the people in this community in particular, are shocking, and the arrogance is off the charts!  As if the ones running the show don’t belong to the very organization responsible for preventing situations such as we find ourselves in now, and don’t answer to We the People – both from their Oaths of Enlistment AND by way of who funds their paychecks and provides all those benefits for life.

White Hats, I must ask:  Have you never wondered how The People are going to feel and react when they find out you’ve had the evidence in hand that could’ve stopped all of this YEARS AGO – but were too obsessed with Political Perceptions and avoiding crowd control?  If you’ve truly been in as much control as you claim, and went to GREAT LENGTHS to prove via the Q posts, at what point does that make you an accomplice to all this societal and property destruction and murders via these Death Jabs?  This is part of why I think they’re not in as much control as they would have us believe.  Example:  They CLAIM to have control of the Military – yet it is being gutted of those who refuse these Death Jabs, and poisoned from those stupid enough to take them, rendering them unfit and unsafe whether they realize it yet, or not.  Leaving us in a weakened state as our enemies are circling.  How does that make sense?

Also, how many more hyped up Trump speeches, that basically fall flat, must we endure?  Coded language doesn’t work on the sleepers – and isn’t sufficiently provable to share.  It was nice to see him NOT pushing the Death Jabs, for once, but how many rehashes of the past, with exposures that go nowhere, can he do before The People lose interest?

Examples of said behavior:

A)  Feels like We the People need a lesson, without ANY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of culpability or responsibility, or the ever moving goal posts and hard deadlines, OR statements on how we’re to TRULY ENSURE this can NEVER happen again – and if ANYONE EVEN TRIES IT THE HAMMER NEEDS TO COME DOWN IMMEDIATELY!  I MUST ask: What is the point of swearing to defend the Constitution against DOMESTIC enemies if that doesn’t include government officials and judges, and perhaps the Brass, to ensure they’re adhering to the Constitution?  Trust, but VERIFY needs to be the order of the day from now on.  If the Military needs more funds for a Corp to watch the government, judges and brass from the top to the bottom, including the states, so be it.  It will be money WELL SPENT!!

B) Acting like the members of this community are ready to replace the Deep State Dark Cabal once they get their funding or they won’t be able to handle such funds – as if they haven’t been through the school of hard knocks and humility and don’t talk about all the WONDROUS ideas they have for humanity and our beautiful planet.  I also don’t like how they act like everyone in this community views this as a get rich quick scheme – like as if EVERYONE in here is a Bond/Currency holder and/or doesn’t realize the ENTIRE SCOPE of this “show”, namely the ENDING OF EVIL on our planet!  HELLLOOO NESARA AIN’T JUST ABOUT MONEY STUFF, AND WE ALL KNOW IT – IT’S CLEARLY STATED IN THERE IT”S ABOUT GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION, TOO!!  Mark Z’s chat ALONE proves SOME OF US are out here hoping to have the EVIL removed from our planet and to not pay ILLEGAL TAXES anymore, have a DECENT GOVERNMENT and the release of the suppressed technologies, like Med Beds and Free Energy.  Talk about TONE DEAF and something that smacks of Victim Shaming!!  I wonder if they say stuff like that to the whales like Warren Buffet and Donald Trump?  Somehow, I doubt it.  I also doubt they tell them to be “thankful and patient” for their “blessing” that they paid thousands, if not millions, to acquire – and HOW DARE YOU QUESTION US OR THE TIMING OF THIS?  Never mind the ever-moving goal posts and blown through hard deadlines – as our world is being torn to shreds!

Maybe they just need better PR people?

The Plan:  The Plan was fun and intriguing – until this Virus Scam and SHAM Presidency.  If one of the purposes of “The Plan” was to implement a better world via the Zim Bonds, then it has been allowed to be clowned, which is very sad.  Why do I say that?  If Mark Z, among others, is right, $30M per $100T Zim note is a joke in worldwide humanitarian terms.  If Ron Giles, among others, is right, and you’ll get a minimum of 1:1 for Zim Bonds, and more if you have humanitarian projects, that makes sense in humanitarian terms – but that knowledge has been suppressed, or otherwise has static surrounding it, thus lessening those willing to participate from thinking it’s a ridiculous $30M, potentially with all kinds of strings attached if you want to do humanitarian projects.  Who would want to put themselves through that headache?

As a side note, in a country where the U.S. Constitution exists, HOW is it OK for the government to be watching our communications for ANY REASON, let alone “moral violations”?   With all those powers to spy, will they be watching the government, judges and brass, too?  They should!!  Based on what we’ve seen, it seems like THEY are the PRIMARY ONES they should be watching – not We the People.  We just want to be left alone to run our own lives – and expect our government and military to DO THEIR JOBS and SERVE US, FAITHFULLY.  Those jobs are ALL voluntarily chosen!  If you can’t do it RIGHT, with INTEGRITY and EFFICIENTLY – find another job!  Where was all that diligence as our country and world were sold off to the highest bidder, with the ultimate goal being our total enslavement by cannibalistic Demon worshippers and their E.T. Reptilian masters?  Also, just who’s “morality” will we be going by?  What’s next, the Ministry of Truth?  We’ve had enough self-assessed Moral and Intellectual Superiority shoved down our throats from “well-meaning government types” generally, for decades, and Liberals, specifically, for at least the last 10 – 20 years, to last until the end of time!  We need LESS government butt-in-skies in EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES, not MORE, please!  For this “show” to be ushering in a Golden Era of Peace and Enlightenment, there seems to be a LOT of strange requirements of, and attitudes towards, the intended recipients:  The Good and Decent People of Earth – who have been innocent bystanders hoping and praying for a better world, as our would-be saviors and employees play innuendo games and dance with the devil.  There needs to be some REAL GOOD disclosures and explanations when this is all said and done.  We the People deserve a FULL ACCOUNTING of ALL OF IT – whether SOME people want to hear it, or not.  We’ve been force fed LIES for 5+ years of the Trump Era + all the lies from previous decades and centuries, we can also be force fed the WHOLE, UNVARNISHED TRUTH – and Liberals/Democrats, RINOs and Dip Sh*ts generally can just DEAL WITH IT, LIKE WE’VE HAD TO!!

The Various “Intel Providers”:  I put them in quotes because I’m not sure where some of them are getting their intel from, given how well it pans out.  It seems some of them really aren’t providing much in the way of intel – regardless of how “high up” they THINK they are.  I wonder if they question their status when it falls flat.  They should, and so should those to whom they provide the “intel”, like the gurus – and especially question what side they are TRULY on.  I do not wish to assign nefarious intent to them, but sometimes it does make one wonder how people can get so much, so wrong, and never think twice to question what’s REALLY going on and try to adjust accordingly. 

BTW: WHERE THE H*LL IS Q???  Do you even realize HOW MUCH EASIER those posts made all of this MADNESS??  At least we had SOME KIND of an explanation, and all kinds of juicy exposures!  Bring Q back, please, or better yet, pull the trigger!

The Various Gurus:  Most of them just seem like regular folks trying to put the pieces together, like we all are. I don’t blame THEM for the delays.  That would be stupid.  However, they COULD be more discerning and critical with their sources, it would seem.   I would LOVE to know who their sources are that makes them continue to repeat their “intel”, despite it never panning out.  I like Mark Z, because at least he tries to corroborate his intel.  I also must give mad props to Nick Fleming for revealing that the U.S. Government has been DELIBERATELY STALLING since 2014, even during the Trump Era, and for calling out Military Intelligence for not keeping their agreement to keep him in the loop.  Bravo!

I almost didn’t send this message, because I truly feel we’re that close.  I realized I had to – because these “lessons” have been too hard learned to be just left to “Living Memory”.  We, in this Community, MUST ENSURE these lessons are codified into laws, policies and procedures – not only to protect ourselves, but future generations.  NO ONE should be forced to endure these last 5+ years of ABSURDITY just to wake people up – especially when the other side would be ONLY TOO WILLING to line US up for a FIRING SQUAD.

As a side note: I think a test needs to be devised to detect people with Liberal leanings EARLY.  Liberals can NEVER be allowed in government or the news media again!  They’re NOT cut out for it!  I’m not even sure they should be allowed to vote!  They have PROVEN to be TOO EASILY MANIPULATED by emotionally/racially charged language, too easily swayed by groupthink and DISTINCTLY LACKING in certain qualities – like logical, critical thinking and the ability to see things rationally through an objective lens.  EVERYTHING with them is about FEELINGS and NONE OF THEM WANTS TO BE THE “HEAVY”.  It’s easier for them to go along to get along.  I say that as someone who once thought they were a Liberal during my apolitical, pre-Trump life.

I’m also not sure how we can be all “Kumbaya” with them when this is all over.  To this day, still SO MANY of them are just NASTY towards Trump and his followers – I see it every day on Social Media.  That’s not Biden, Pelosi or Schumer in those comments, its REGULAR PEOPLE.  Yet, we’re expected to hold their hands – like nothing’s happened?  That’s a HARD SELL for me.  Sorry, but I have a hard time stepping over stuff like I’ve seen the last 5+ years, Fake News or not, WITHOUT some sort of acknowledgement that IT WAS WRONG from these regular folks, and what steps will be taken to correct the problem.  If GOD won’t take people back without repentance and correction of behavior, WHY SHOULD WE?  They have brains, at least in theory; it’s not OUR PROBLEM they chose NOT TO USE THEM PROPERLY – and just believed whoever had a D after their name and swallowed WHATEVER lies their approved media spewed.

I hope the White Hats plan to act SOON, because I don’t know how much longer we can hold out, nor should we be forced to…

Thank you for your time and attention,



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