(Reader: GK) The Pedcicle Solution


Reader Post | By GK

Sooooo… Look for kids to continue to disappear to feed these rabid vampires who we will be told are locked far away.

Don’t trust but verify by treating them as rabid dogs who invited the death penalty the second they raped a child.

How about that instead?

Jesus people, you see through all this shit right? The elites might throw some of their own under a bus but disguising reality with UFOs and monsters and housewife bubblebrains with internet shows repeating the latest “intel” the second it comes out is only achieving the MI6 bankers and talmudist mafia keeps all the good stuff, kills their enemies in the confusion as we are buried in a mudflood–Tartaria mystery for another 200 years or so,  until the snakes wiggle out of another self imposed hell.

Personally I give everyone a couple years of my open minded study, as close as I can get — before I start heckling the bullshit. I got close to white hats, Fulford, Q, Trump, Kim Goguen and dozens of other psyop actors and the verdict is they are all working for MI6, IBM, Talmudist Rabbis and an elite pedophile blood bond of billionaire cybernetic humanists who want to live forever and defy God’s law for their own warped do what thou wilt vampirism…. Crowleyistic predatory psychopathic gluttonous black hole of a bottom pit egomania.

Let me make this simple. There really is a good God creator and his rules are to be humble, appreciate and consume the best of nature in modest  gratitude and eventually die when God decides the time has expired.

We chose hell on Earth and God let us enjoy those rotten fruits– didn’t he?

If you stand down to evil because you are afraid, you choose hell on Earth. God sees the cowardice and has no use for your services going forward in any future lifecycle.

If you have been the type of person God holds in contempt, no med bed or science will slip you into immortality. Your only option is to get on your knees and beg for forgiveness.

Just so you don’t think I hold myself out as a sin free angel, I committed plenty of transgressions I regret. I never hurt a child but my first 40 years was preying on the energy of women I sucked off of for my own insatiable ego. Slowly as I came to understand the right and wrong I somehow was oblivious to, and saw the predators feasting on children, the awakening didn’t just include targeting the worst among us but the worst of myself. 

What kind of men allow child predators to live and thrive?

The demon in me wasn’t lust or sex, it was wanting women to find me desirable.  Losing interest in a woman only days after seducing her was a shitty thing to do to her and a shitty cycle. Needing another then another because I was that type of energy vampire. I was a failure at almost everything but my male friends envied and hated me for always having a new gorgeous woman.
Ask me if I enjoy my loneliness in my 60s?

Well… I am still a selfish asshole so, yeah… I am an old dog who prefers not to answer to anyone but any one of those women could have had my back if I had had theirs. I regret not choosing one and being loyal.

One thing we should keep in mind is demonic forces are a real thing. Possession isn’t always an extreme thing but more times than not like a parasite in the gut. Using our life force as a place to live. You name any obsession, bad habit, compulsion and it is a demonic force enslaving you so that they run the vessel that is you. It’s their temporary housing. Their shelter.



The world could be a better place the second we determine which demon is holding a better version of ourselves at bay. Then at least try to confront it.

I always return to the egomania of the Talmudists because they really believe they are so much better than everyone else that they designed a religion that excuses and promotes being predators. I saw a Rabbi calling us white supremacists when it is the Jewish doctrine that worships their supremacy but hides behind false accusations of others being supremacists. As a white man, I have no problem with blacks or other cultures that are just trying to live and thrive, what I condemn is this lie by the Rabbis. It is cheating and cowardly. And premeditated deception looking to turn people against each other.

Real men would never allow this to continue without a fight.

The division that is being sewed is the false idea that certain people have advantages because of skin color.

Any white or black man who have competed in sports knows about the nature of competition. Cheating gets no respect but best against best earns respect.

If you run up behind an old man or woman on a street and blind side them with a punch because you have it in your faulty thinking that they got privileges that you did not, you are a disgrace that deserves the fate you think you didn’t earn. You earned that stay in jail by that action.

Believe it or not Rabbi, you will eventually earn your fate with your words and actions too.

I said a couple times in recent months I was benching myself. Yet here I am swinging the bat again. These essays don’t come from me, they are put into my head by a cosmic coach that knows I am not afraid to try and hit the ball. Whether I swing and miss or draw boos from the crowd the decision to enter the game comes from some greater force. For months I really had nothing to say and just tried to entertain myself with inventions like Mick McClifford but the taunting always surfaces again.

I have seen many more actors playing such things as Doctors lately. One was or is a real Doctor who has been replaced by a famous sitcom actor. I hope the real Doctor is okay. Then there is another everyone should have instantly recognized but I haven’t heard a peep of recognition.

Whether it is rationalized as actor agents playing for the good guys I see misrepresenting truth as highly insulting and the end justifying the means as an act of evil pretending to be good.

In fact the entire covid disease psyop appears to have been designed to sacrifice some for what will no doubt be rationalized as necessary. That greater good crap put forth by less people. You made me hit you said the wife beater to the wife.

No one should accept this Machiavellian horseshit. Take some horse dewormer. And by the way, sea salt as prescribed by the Bible kills parasites too and costs less than a dollar. The root of all evil and disease are parasites.


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