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Reader Post | By Doug Johnson

I just wanted to make one thing clear to everyone that has read my emails and or post on operation disclosure please.

I did NOT spill my heart and soul out to everyone to expect any type of financial gain from it, I know that I  am not yours or anyone else’s responsibility!!!  The sole purpose of my writing to you and everyone else is the fact that I would like my voice to be heard.  I want people to be aware of the fact of how the governments (local and federal) have personally ruined my life.  I have sent so many emails and made so many phone calls that it seems pointless to try any longer.

I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention as to who all I have tried to seek LEGAL help with and I wasn’t asking for any handouts from any of your followers!  I wanted them to know that I have had MULTIPLE violations (as well as everyone else) committed against me but, the difference between myself and everyone else is the fact that I was standing up for my rights and remaining in the confines of the law.  I made each and every individual that was violating my rights aware of what they was doing and the seriousness of such actions!

As I have said, I have talked with people in Management and also CORPORATE of the company I was with and NONE of them seemed to want to listen as to the warnings I was giving them. Sure, they all agreed with the message I was giving but they had the mentality of “I was doing my job”.  Ok, that is all fine and good until I show you that what you are doing is wrong and there are serious penalties involved in doing so.  

Do you realize, just by forcing an individual to wear a mask (beyond their consent) that is considered a NUREMBERG violation and the penalties for breaking them are by far the worst than that of any financial penalty!!?  I challenge each and everyone of you to look up the Nuremberg code and what happened in Germany during that time.  There was the Government, Doctors and Nurses and many others that were put to death for experimenting on human subjects against their consent.

From day one, I never CONSENTED to wear a mask but I was forced to do so.  I made it adamantly clear that I could NOT breathe while wearing it and it was MY responsibility to take care of my health and not theirs.  I went as far as to tell them “if you are going to take responsibility for my health and well being, then you should pay my health insurance in FULL.”  I made the comment of “in the winter time, nobody tells you to put on a jacket or penalize you for not wearing it” so nobody is going to tell me to wear a mask or penalize me for not doing it either! 

All I was doing was standing up for MY rights.  The last time I checked, I was a naturally born sovereign soul of this country and I am protected by the Constitution of the united States of America and also by God’s laws (natural law).  I can show where Paul himself rebuked the Corinthian Church and also scripture to where God tells us to stand up for our rights. 

All of my life I have been told to ‘obey the laws of the land’ and that comes directly from the Bible!!!  Well, the laws of the land are that of the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  I have shown as to where the laws have been broken and committed against myself and I was the ONLY person in the place of employment that was standing up for those rights.  I made it known to them that I would seek LEGAL matters on all violations and that they would be held accountable for any and all rights that have been violated.

Is there a different set of laws for different people?  If so, point me in the right direction so I can learn of any of those laws!!!. I know that it is ILLEGAL to force anyone to do anything beyond their consent and you can NOT coerce someone into doing it with the forms of punishment for not.  I know about OSHA laws (I was certified with them at one time of my life), I know about Americans with Disabilities Act and Hipaa laws from my own personal experiences in my life.  I was the only person that they have tried to make a Martyr of by taking everything from me!!  I am PISSED off about it – ABSOLUTELY!!!  I know what the penalties are for such violations and I have made that knowledge very well known to the people that were committing such violations.  

If the tables would have been turned and it was ME that violated someone else’s rights, I know for a fact that there would be accountability and I would be liable for any and all actions that I have done. I want Justice and I want Accountability and if that means by financial gain, so be it.  I wasn’t the one that made the laws, they did and I believe that if someone that rights their own set of rules, breaks those rules, then they should be held accountable for such!!!  

I have tried to seek legal help in the lines of contacting people in government (local and state) and making them aware of any and all violations that have been committed against me.  I have made it known that I know all of the laws and rules and that I have had violations of such laws and rules acted AGAINST me but, NOBODY seems to want to keep in lines with those rules, nor do they want to uphold their oath of office “protect the Constitution against all foreign AND DOMESTIC’.  And once I bring it to the attention of the people like you and I, I get these smart ass comments back like “I need to look at the positive things in my life and not the negative” or that “I am seeking financial help”.  

I am NOT asking a single individual to send me any type of financial assistance.  I am asking people to stand up for our God given and Constitutional rights and to hold the people in charge of enforcing them accountable!!! Once I can get the proper people notified and they are willing to take responsibility or action, then and ONLY then will I seek any type of retribution for the violations acted against me!!!  The problem I have with it all is that I have a fiancé and son that has to suffer just like I am, and when I have a 5 year old boy tell me that he loves and misses me and ask when I am going to come get him and Mom.  What am I supposed to tell him!!? All I can say to him is that Daddy loves him with all of his heart and soul and misses him but, I can’t come get them.

I want everyone of you to stop thinking about my demands (they have nothing to do with any one person other than the ones that violated my rights) and look at things through the eyes of that 5 year old boy.  Then think about how you would feel if you were put into the same situation and the fact that I have and ask yourself, how calm would you be with all of this??!?

Thank you…..

Doug Johnson
Email: dslsaturn@gmail.com


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