President Trump and the Alliance’s “Operation Warp Speed”


Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 5, 2021

President Trump and the Alliance’s “Operation Warp Speed” 12/5/2021

This was the last “Chess Piece” the Cabal had; to kill 90 to 95% of the population. If you do not believe this look at the over nineteen feet tall “Georgia Guidestones” that tell you exactly what the illuminati want to do! Knowing this, the mighty Alliance and President Trump initiated “Operation Warp Speed”; to stop the deadly vaccines as much as they could.  The Cabal original plan was to quarantine people, limit travel, and destroy jobs, and the economy worldwide, until 2025. Then introduce a new virus. The Covid-19 was just the first virus they would introduce, in 2019. Then the Cabal was supposed to be release the “SPARS” that has been planned and printed on the website of the John Hopkins Medical Systems network.

Then they introduce a “more approved and tested vaccine” that would slowly kill almost of the population in somewhat the way the current ones are. They wanted it to be a slow burn, to earn the majority of the population trust. Thanks goodness well over 50% of the American population would not get the jab, in the first place. In Africa, it is only 6% of the population, for the all too well know Bill Gates and his deadly vaccines.

What President Trump and the Alliance did was to force the Cabal to introduce illegal experimental vaccines early in the process. This would expose “profit making Western Medicine” to who they really are. Then the Alliance could take down “Fake Big-Pharma’ companies for killing people. Really, even down to the nurses or physicians that did NOT ask or care a what was inside the vaccines. This is really “Crimes against Humanity” and to be prosecuted by the 2.0 Nuremburg International trials. Many physicians and hospitals took many “kick-backs” from Big Pharma and the illuminati. This has all been tracked. Taking money for quota of vaccines given in a physician’s practice, or using expensive Remdesivir and in-throat ventilators when almost everyone knows that Ivermectin, HCQ or Hydroxychloroquine, or even high-doses of Vitamin “C” cures the Covid-19 in most patients. The Remdesivir is will cause kidney failure and led to death if used too long. And what do we say to all those Clinical Pathologist who put Covid-19 on the death certificate so the hospital could get an extra $19,000.00 dollars.

This plan was to force the illuminati to “show their hand” before it was ready!! This was for them to make mistakes, like the vaccines being totally “experimental”.  Therefore, this violates the law in so many ways. The Alliance strategy or President Trumps would have been too late by 2025. It had to be done with the Covid-19 virus. Push the Cabal to force the vaccines. This was to make the “Cabal Fail” on their last big chess piece. The strategy is not perfect, for Gene Decode knew the human race and the Alliance had to and was willing to accept “casualties worldwide” to rid the planet of these totally evil controllers.  This is the “Cabal Omicron Situation” as they labeled their strategy.  Know that Omicron, re-scrambled is “moronic” and with “Delta” Variant and “Omicron” variant, re-scrambled states “Media Control”. Know that the illuminati love their symbolism. Q drops have stated this will be their downfall! Also, understand the vaccines was to have the “Wheat separate from the Shaft” as from the Bible quote too. For not all people in the world are ready to accept the truth, move to higher consciousness too. They are immature souls that are not ready. Therefore, here is a quote from an ascended master source and I let you decide: “The others slip into a deep sleep: 1) Those who cannot guess and see the evilness behind the subject of Corona are meant. 2)Those who refuse any clarification and believe the lies presented to them, those are meant. 3) And meant are those who have no power of discernment and cannot separate GOOD from EVIL.”

The time is ripe for mature souls; the time is ripe for those who want to crown their lives and put themselves at the service of the earth as fully conscious human beings.”

For many years before with the wars in the Middle East, the Cabal tried to de-nationalize the world, with Middle East refugees going to different countries, especially Europe to mix everyone up, cultures and habits to cause conflict and suffering.


For now, the Covid-19 strategy of the Cabal is failing in the world “big time” with protests and understanding. This really translates into higher “collective consciousness” of the human race knowing and learning more and more everyday how evil some of their governments are and even Western Medicine. All governments of the world will be taken down, and reduced to about 10% of their size, and we will truly have government “For the People and By the People”. This evil will end with the human race will NEVER allow this type of government over-reach. We will take down all governments and cabal all over the world this time. Never to grow back, for we have learned our lessons. Therefore, with 5th Dimension consciousness; we will think for ourselves, govern ourselves and have real freedoms and sovereignty of each individual person on this beautiful planet: Earth or Gaia.


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