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This is what I want everyone to do without exception. Yes I know you have already watched Bill Murray in Groundhog’s Day. Maybe watched it so many times you could have taught yourself to play piano like a virtuoso in the time spent watching Groundhog’s Day. But I want you to watch it again tonight or tomorrow.

I want you to allow the repetition to lull your brain into the trance. Listen to this song on commercial breaks if there are commercials.

Try to beware you are putting yourself under a spell. This self hypnosis can be part of the mantra of the Groundhog Day philosophy. The philosophy department at Oxford and Cambridge should make this a course.

Once you have watched the film and listened to this song, write an essay for this site, Operation Disclosure.

Contrast this state of mind with reading Judy Byington. Try and sing the latest special report to the Beatles, Tomorrow Never Knows.

Then think about all the actor agents whose inability to tell the truth and come clean are the culprits of this that never changes tomorrow and will never change unless the demons get everything as they desire.

Someone has to throw a cold bucket of ice water on this delusional game of Mary Worth as you flash the flashlight in the mirror and conjure up the faces of these demons called actor agents.

Mary Worth
Mary Worth
What am I worth
What am I worth
I am worthless
I am worthless

the definition of insanity
Doing the exact same thing hoping for a different result…

For what that’s worth…

Well I have pointed out the problem dozens of times and now I am considering another attempt… But slightly different…

Truth or what I believe to be truth.

I don’t think you guys understand that my guardian angel threw himself or herself between me and an Amtrak train going 80 miles an hour. I ran into the engine. My angel saved me. I woke up screaming “Oh God I’m dead. Oh God I’m dead. Jesus I’m dead.”

I was probably less than a hundred pounds and my leg is nearly cut in half and I am losing blood fast. I pick up my totally shattered arm with the good hand and I walk on that leg with it completely doing spirals beneathe me. Probably about a hundred yards before I collapse.

Can you understand why I am who I am? God saved me to say this shit to you every single day. Honestly I have street cred, Amtrak cred, near death cred, miracle cred and all the talents God gave me have been used for decades to try and show you God slipped me the truth.

I know things.

I do.

I just do.

Imagine if my Groundhog day was the morning I walked to school and got hit by a train about 8:20AM and spent the next 33 days in traction.

Nothing about this or any of my life has been normal. I have told you hundreds of extraordinary stories that I lived to experience. I encountered Jeffrey Dahmer, Laurie Dann, The Woodman brothers, and other notorious people. I suspect because God chose me I may have had this crazy trajectory threading a path through evildoers for a reason.

Today I turn 61… The 6th. I’m sorry but I want to make the accusations of the people I believe are defeating the global currency reset. Not because I give a shit about the money but because I want to break the spell.

Mick McClifford said he would help me. Because who better than a fictional character to help out fiction?

Once you have a refresher course in the GroundHog day curse, ask yourself if you too are repeating clueless crap every day. I can tell you yes you are. I read your clueless crap every day.

What’s holding it up?

The fact that you refuse to address the real problems.

Lies and the liars who refuse to try something different, and you repeating their false premises.

More soon.


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