Russia’s Missile Warning, US Faces Checkmate at the Ukraine


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 1, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

On Tuesday Putin emphasized that Russian hypersonic missiles could reach some targets within “just five minutes” which includes every NATO country and warned NATO in link one. This agrees with the Israeli intelligence assessment of Yakov Kedmi who stated in five minutes NATO is defeated in his comments on Russian TV. We had used our figure of ten minutes in the second link which comprehensively overviews the fact that the US is a third rate military power. What this means is that all NATO airfields would be destroyed by Russian hypersonic missiles eliminating their preponderance of air power though Yakov did not provide the entire explanation and Russian forces would reach the English Channel within two weeks as the US deep state controller of the US military conveyed to me disagreeing with my three week assessment.

Putin warns NATO of Russia’s unstoppable missiles if his ‘red line’ in Ukraine is crossed

The crisis in the Ukraine has been created by the US to end Nord Stream Two as discussed in detail in the next link. The US is stirring this up as the Lord Jacob Rothschild controlled oligarchs in Russia advise the US that Putin is weak. In 2014 in a three way e-mail correspondence with the number one Rothschild, myself, and a key Russian oligarch the oligarch told us Putin would back down on the Maidan Revolution and not threaten to default on Russian external debt triggering a new LTCM crisis as in 1998 to correct the situation after Obama lied to him that if he did not shoot the demonstrators Russia would retain control of the Ukraine. The oligarch said Putin was their front man that they put in in 1999-2000 and a weakling. The debt owed by Russia in 2014 was many times that of 1998 which latter about 200 billion dollars nearly crashed the entire international monetary system.

What the above means is that Putin is being forced now to act by his Security Services (intel) and military. Misunderstandings in the west like this cause wars as nations sleepwalk into conflagrations. The key here is the US wants Germany and the EU cut off from Russian raw materials such as oil, natural gas, and other minerals so as to be in total vassalage to the US which controls the seas as Great Britain for nearly four hundred years after the destruction of the Spanish Armada. This control was critically important in World War Two which is why England did not give up. One of the major reasons Germany lost the war was through lack of oil that they had obtained by sea and a primary objective was their desire for oil in the Caucuses and Baku in Russia. In fact, Hitler told Field Marshall Fritz Erich von Manstein that if we have to pull out Field Marshall Ewald von Kleist’s forces that were heading for Baku we lose the war. Manstein pulled them out to avoid a second Stalingrad.


The US fears a consolidation of the Eurasian land mass where Germany as under Bismarck links with Russia by a Reinsurance Treaty thus causing it to lose the entire Eurasian heartland and landmass to China, Russia and Germany and grant them control of the world. This would relegate the US to an isolated island power under Mackinder’s analysis. The US opposition to China is that by their Belt and Road Initiative they seek from Russia the natural resources to free them from US control by the sea as the US fears for the EU. This is why the US does not want to use Russia as a weapon against China in an alliance as Kissinger recommends. The US has decided to confront both at the same time. Trump disagreed with this and was ousted by a rigged election for being anti-globalist.

NATO and the US have been using various threats against Russia such as NATO is ready to use nuclear weapons in its defense recognizing that their conventional forces are worthless and the US military assessment is that the NATO conventional forces do not provide a deterrent to a Russian invasion as the Russian forces would reach the English Channel within two weeks.

Since this nuclear threat is a bluff as the US would lose 80% of its population in a nuclear war and NATO 90%, while Russia would lose ten percent based on their advanced S-700, S-600 and S-300 defensive missile screens including nuclear bunkers for forty million people in the cities, that leaves the threat of the US applying the sanctions weapon including the nuclear financial weapon of excluding Russia from CHIPS-SWIFT payment system thereby cutting off Russia from world trade as they did to Iran. This is discussed in detail in the previous link in the Duma speech that I gave at the Duma Peace Conference at the Duma in 2019. In these links various strategic concepts are analyzed so you have to scroll down to the one that is desired to be read.

There is no doubt such CHIPS-SWIFT sanctions would be a serious blow to Russia and what can Russia do in return? On an economic front it could today cut off all natural gas and oil to Europe triggering a catastrophe in Europe this winter where the whole population would freeze while its industry collapsed and ask their ally Iran who has similarly been punished at CHIPS to close the Straits of Hormuz. This would crash the US economy as the shutting of the Straits of Hormuz would detonate the 2.5 quadrillion derivative market as a financial weapon of mass destruction.

We conducted a military study of the ability of the United States to reopen the Straits of Hormuz by conventional weapons and proved in the following link that it was impossible which accords with the judgement of General McCaffrey whom I had lunch with over this issue at the Harvard Club. The US cannot use nuclear weapons on Iran as the Iranians have already purchased hydrogen bombs and missiles from North Korea deliverable locally by missiles or airplanes and on their submarines which can be refueled at Cuba and Venezuela for a strike on the US. We provide intel on these nuclear weapons from our sources that are far superior to the CIA in the link above entitled Russian Strategic Red Lines For War. When I worked with the OSS-CIA folks who had interdisciplinary capabilities of analysis, it was a pleasure but today they are long gone and mediocrity reigns supreme at the CIA as with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. What do you expect for under two hundred thousand paper dollars a year? This applies to the 17 intelligence agencies who could be wrapped up into one organization saving over a hundred thousand redundant jobs and then you could triple the salaries to hire capable people unlike Austin who aims to please his military contractors as Raytheon who hire him as a payoff.

The US Faces Financial Armegeddon

The US faces checkmate at the Ukraine.


David Lifschultz


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