Russian Strategic Red Lines for War


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on November 22, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

No one in NATO takes Vladimir Putin seriously. He has never shown any real strength in foreign affairs and they understand through Lord Jacob Rothschild that he is under the control of the Rothschild oligarchs.  If you said to me so what! Are not all the NATO countries and the US under Rothschild control, I would answer you are right. 

The homosexual Dmitry Medvedev is completely worthless who gave away Libya and never will return to power. When Putin says red lines they think of 2014 when Obama purposely lied to him that if he would restrain his ally in Kiev from shooting the protesters they would leave him in control of the Ukraine. Putin agreed and lost the Ukraine. He did take as a consolation prize the Crimea as that was strategically essential for which Russia was sanctioned.  Putin could not take on trust that their base there would be retained. He had no choice as he would have been ousted by the security services and army if he allowed this base to be threatened.  

Putin never bothered to negotiate over the 2014 Crimea sanctions as he could have simply threatened to default on his debt to NATO and the US members which in 1998 nearly brought down the entire US financial system through just one vehicle called LTCM which collapsed then over the Russian default.  He had a bargaining chip but he did not understand what he had or he was too weak to incur risk. The bailout of LTCM required just about every US financial institution to bail it out. The US money center banks in New York City are tied into the 1.5 quadrillion dollar derivative market. These derivatives or synthetic instruments are used to manipulate markets by the Rothschild international financiers draining trillions from the world financial system as parasites.  If you divide that by a world GDP this year of 90 trillion dollars, you have a multiple of derivatives of about 17. The LTCM default would have brought down the whole world system as their leverage was in the trillions of dollars.  Another default in 2014 could have triggered a world crisis and no one could be sure what financial trip wires might be breached. It was a great negotiating chip.  Putin simply does not have Stalin’s strength or grasp to understand such possibilities.

Putin came in as the CIA agent Boris Yeltsin was on his way out in 1999-2000 leaving Russia’s European presence reduced to about the same as the Grand Duchy of Muscovy in the Middle Ages. Germany had achieved much of its ambitions of World War Two taking control through the European Union all of western Europe as their industrial fiefdom where their industries could achieve economies of scale to continue their destruction of the US by currency rigging who defeated them in World War Two. Half of Germany’s GDP lies in exports. They got away with destroying through this maneuver much of the industry of southern Europe and to this day the suffering of southern European industries has not awakened countries like Greece, Italy or Spain to their ruin. They then combined this with Eastern Europe placing it under the protective shield of NATO as required by German industry before they would invest in this cheap labor market for their factories. Or that is the excuse. This violated agreements with Russia which Russia was too weak to enforce.  Might makes right in US eyes and that is international law US style. Germany had already with Japan destroyed half of the US industry through currency rigging so that the US industrial rust belt looked as Germany and Japan did after it was bombed to Hell during World War Two. Germany and Japan obtained their revenge. This is described in the next link.

Robert Rubin Correspondence – David Lifschultz

In all fairness to Putin, Boris Yeltsin handed him a financial wreck as planned by the CIA. In 1989 Eastern Europe and Russia had 14 million people under the poverty line but after the CIA Jeffrey Sachs shock treatment the figure in 1996 was168 million. The first crisis Putin faced was NATO’s plan to bomb Belgrade for 78 days. The Russian Army had disintegrated and there was not much he could do. The retired KGB operative sitting next to Slobodan Milosevic advised Slobodan to go easy as Russia was not capable of any action to support their ally. When Helmut Kohl asked him who he represented he said Israel as a cover. Kohl nodded indicating he was pleased. The BND and CIA had stirred up the 1990s ethnic unrest with agents provocateur as in the Sudetenland to destroy this potential ally of Russia underneath the belly of NATO. They succeeded in destroying Yugoslavia.

The BND set up a fake massacre in Kosovo to justify the 78 day bombing and a Manchester Guardian Reporter walked the site of the shot up bodies but there was no blood or cartridges indicating that no one was shot there. An emergency deep state meeting over this article was called that I attended and they decided proceed with the bombing anyway against my objections and to order the controlled media to bury the story with the line that a committee would be formed to investigate the charge. This is the same media that was ordered to destroy Donald Trump and praise the rigged election. The deep state deposed Trump as he was against globalism which meant allowing the destruction US industries to be continued. I opposed this bombing saying that this would cause Russia to rearm but they said the destruction of Slavic power allied to Russia at the underbelly of NATO could not be tolerated and they would assume the risks agreeing I could be right but they would cope with it then. Number one could not pass up this opportunity to weaken Russia and Slavic unity.

Now remember here that we have the German BND founded by the World War Two Intelligence agent Reinhard Gehlen who was a man of great ability.  A major concept of Hitler in the battle with Russia was that the German Army would burn out the Russian manpower by killing what ended up to be 7 million Russian soldiers to 4 million for Germany. Hitler threw his correct report on the ground raising estimates far above what the Germans could conceivably kill in front of Reinhard denouncing it as false. Gehlen was right. Russia had sufficient manpower reserves to win. But there is more to this than that. General Franz Halder, Chief of Staff of the Army High Command (OKH), had written that the political aims of an invasion of Russia was the creation of the Ukrainian State, a separate Belorussia, and a confederation of the Baltic States. (Kriegstagebuch: Taglich Aufzeichnungen des Chefs des Generalstabes des Heeres 1939-1942, Band II: V Von der geplanten Landung in England bis zum Beginn des Ostfeldzuges (1-7-1940). Sounds familiar, does it not? Germany has followed Hitler’s path covered with a new ideology.

What is important here is that the CIA followed this in their dismantling of Russia tearing out the Ukraine, Belarus, and the Baltic States as well as later moving the NATO alliance into Eastern Europe. This followed Field Marshall Paul von Hindenburg’s demands at Brest-Litovsk Treaty with Russia after Russia was defeated in World War One. The Ukraine was part of Russia for four hundred years which compares to California joining the US in 1848 after Mexico’s defeat which General U. S. Grant in his “Memoirs” wrote was such an unjust war against Mexico that it triggered the Civil War as a Providential Punishment. Grant served in the Mexican war.

I can only think of only two US authors in the 19th century that had any value which was this book by Grant and Edgar Allen Poe’s works. Nevertheless, Grant and Sherman were guilty of barbaric war crimes against the south in the Shenandoah Valley where they made war on women and children. When General Sheridan was an observer in the Franco-Prussian War he said to Field Marshall von Moltke why don’t you bomb those homes as they are protecting the French soldiers and he replied, the Prussian Army does not make war on women and children as the American Army.  We are not barbarians like you North Americans did to the south. Then, there was chivalry.  

Here the Constitution, which was founded on a revolt from the Monarch of England, gave the south the right for states to secede that the homosexual Lincoln as an agent of Rothschild would not accept. Lincoln was ordered to go to war by Rothschild agents. As we have written before, the Civil War was incited by the Rothschild financial network as discussed below.


“The division of the United States into two federations of equal force was decided long before the Civil War by the high financial power of Europe. These Bankers were afraid that the United States, if they remained in one block & as one Nation, would attain economical & financial independence, which would upset their financial domination over the world. The voices of the Rothschilds dominated. They foresaw the tremendous booty If they could substitute two feeble democracies, indebted to the Financiers. Therefore they started their emissaries in order to exploit the question of slavery & thus dig an abyss between the two parts of the Republic.” Otto von Bismarck, 1876.

John Reeves, in his authorized biography “The Rothschilds, the Financial Rulers of Nations” noted that when the family met in London in 1857 for the marriage of Lionel Rothschild’s daughter Leonora & her cousin Alphonse, son of James Rothschild of Paris, English Chancellor of the Exchequer (PM 1868) Benjamin Disraeli declared, “Under this roof are the heads of the family of Rothschild, a name famous in every capital of Europe & every division of the globe. If you like, we shall divide the United States into two parts, one for you James, & one for you, Lionel. Napoleon will do exactly as I shall advise him.”

This was the political origin of the American Civil War. The Rothschilds feared the rapidly growing & increasingly prosperous free American Republic & they privately resolved that it would be less a danger to their worldwide interests if it were broken up into two smaller & weaker nations.

How the US and NATO became color blind to Russia’s ‘red lines’

The above article does not discuss the fact that the Russian rearmament program above took place under Putin and from 2000 to 2008 missile development to defend against Moscow being bombed by NATO significantly progressed and from 2008 to today the Russian Army has been thoroughly modernized. In a conflict with NATO the victory would be Russia’s in ten minutes as its hypersonic missiles knocked out all NATO airfields where the overwhelming air power of NATO would be completely destroyed.  The Russian Army would reach the English Channel within two weeks.  NATO’s continuous threats on the use of nuclear weapons against Russia is an outright lie and a bluff, and a dangerous one at that, as the slightest hint that that might happen in the coming conflict could lead to 90% of the concentrated European population being liquidated by nuclear weapons and about 80% of the United States population.  Europe is defenseless against such missiles.  Russian bomb shelters and defensive missiles would save at least 80% of their population.

The Russian security services and army know this. If Putin continues to back down over weakness as his red lines are crossed, and the national security of Russia is jeopardized by crossing the red lines of the Russian security services which means arming the Ukraine as they are, we can expect him to be replaced with a strong leader and there will be a war. That outcome looks to be a certainty in the near future according to my sources. In the next article Russian power is discussed in more detail.



Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

The US military buildup around China has triggered the greatest arms race in history that the US has already lost to both China and Russia. The US is now a third rate military power. It has no defensive missiles worthy of the name while Russia boasts of the S-500 that has already been rolled out as well as the S-600 and S-700 which seal its air space. The US cannot even match the S-300. They are about 20 years behind. Nor is it anywhere near Russia and China in hypersonic missiles. NATO is defeated according to the Israeli intelligence authority Yakov Kedmi in five minutes as the Russian hypersonic missiles would take out the NATO airfields where the preponderance of US power is located. After that, the NATO forces would be overrun to the English Channel in two weeks.  

The US planned on the NATO preponderance of airpower based on the World War Two Normandy invasion which was successful largely because of the overwhelming air power of the US and British Air Forces. In other words, the US was counting until recently on its World War Two designed forces such as aircraft carriers which is neutralized by not torpedo submarines but missile submarines, and an air force that will have no place to land based on Russian and Chinese hypersonic missiles. Tanks are nullified by the Russian Kornet missile. The entire trillion dollar military budget year after year was focused on World War Two.

The US declared itself to be a friend of Russia in 1991 to its new democratic government which was merely a front for the looters, but did not disband NATO as a friend but sent in Jeffrey Sachs to wreck the Russian economy while the Rothschild appointed oligarchs looted the place of most of the Russian wealth. When Russia started to regroup in 2000, it became the enemy. Putin has not proved strong enough to oust the parasitic oligarchs but he has rebuilt his military and SVR, FSB, etc. Between 2000 and 2008 he focused on defensive missiles after seeing the 78 day NATO bombing of Belgrade justified by the BND fake massacre at Kosovo.  It was not that research was stopped during the 1991 to 2000 period but they did not have the money to build and test their new models. This Putin provided. In 2008 after major defensive and offensive missile development, he went on a 12 year military modernization program for his ground forces which was largely completed in 2020.  Russia can settle its issues with the Ukraine where Russians are being killed and persecuted whenever it wants to.

Then, China became the enemy when China approached Russia in 2014 for natural resources as the US wanted China to be its vassal based on the US ostensibly having control its natural resources by seas. The US tricked Putin over Maidan in 2014, but saw China to its shock approach Russia for its natural resources. China was also concerned about the preservation of Russia for balance of power considerations in reverse. China, as Europe, was also concerned about its being at the mercy of the US fleets stopping its natural resources and started to think about a Eurasian model. Here the US saw itself losing both China, the EU, or in other words all of Eurasia. 

The US policy planners were traumatized as we had fought World War One and Two to prevent the consolidation of the Eurasian land mass based on the geopolitical warnings of Halford Mackinder.

The US did not oppose Germany in World War Two over National Socialism as it is thought but out of fear of Japan and Germany linking up to control the entire Eurasian land mass. That is why Roosevelt sought to provoke Japan into attacking us at Pearl Harbor by cutting off 92% of its oil on July 25, 1941 as the US military notified Roosevelt that in their eyes Russia was about to collapse in front of the advancing German Panzer Armies. Roosevelt wanted to stop Germany by entering the war through the back door and that is why he did not notify Admiral Kimmel at Pearl Harbor of the coming air attack by Japanese aircraft carriers that our decryptions of their coded messages told us. Japan had launched in 1904 a sneak attack on Port Arthur to launch the war against Russia and so Roosevelt felt that if he told Kimmel to prepare for an attack it would not happen. 

The US wants the Eurasian land mass broken up into 50 Ukraines which is why it did not disband NATO after Russia collapsed. It had more work to do. The US planners want the EU dependent as China on our control of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans under the same principles of Rule Brittainia which held sway for nearly four hundred years. The Nord Stream Two is opposed by the US as the EU vassalage would be broken by Russian natural gas. Germany lost World War Two lacking oil and the allies won the Battle of the Bulge as the German Panzer Armies ran out gas which also happened time and again on the eastern front.  

The China Belt and Road Initiative planned for Eurasian overland trade or a land bridge will be linked by high speed trains. Germany has held back from a Bismarckian Reinsurance Treaty with Russia as the US might block its markets from their exports but Germany did stand up for Nord Stream Two as since their exports are 50% of their GDP they cannot be denied natural resources especially when the Straits of Hormuz cannot be kept open in a war with Iran. See footnote one for military analysis of our inability to keep the Straits of Hormuz open.

Ex Intel Boss: It Is Impossible For USA To Defeat Iran!

It is also important to note that Iran has submarines and missiles that can carry nuclear and hydrogen bombs already obtained from North Korea so the US does not have the nuclear option but only the conventional one that will not work as it does not have an access point to Iran as we did with Kuwait for Iraq. Nor can we any longer concentrate troops as with Iraq as General Eisenhower pointed out as a nuclear bomb eliminates the possibility of concentrated force. It goes without saying the US could not have concentrated troops for an Iraqi invasion if Iraq had the weapons of mass destruction. The Pentagon would not have allowed an invasion on that basis.

Hydrogen Bomb Test In North Korea 6.3 Richter:

Iran Hydrogen Bomb Test of North Korean Hydrogen Bomb:

6.3-magnitude earthquake hits western Iran

The US had said in the 1990s that it was a friend of China allied against Russia, but now has turned against China on Taiwan which was already agreed to by Nixon to be part of China. The US really could not care less about Taiwan but rather fears the growth of China and now declares her to be enemy solely based on balance of power grounds as we did Germany and Japan before World War Two. Taiwan is a pawn.  

Since the US economy is largely destroyed based on the betrayal by the Democratic Party of its unionized factory base which factories were shipped overseas for cheaper labor, and the Democratic Party also had and has supported mass immigration in 1965 from the third world to pound the labor rates of its labor constituents. The Republicans also supported the transfer of our factories overseas for the cheaper labor so their oligarchs could become richer. Some Republicans were saying that we did not need any factories as we can farm it all out. Republicans naturally hate labor as they are the party of the rich. Labor was betrayed by both Republicans and Democrats. Trump won the Presidency with a pro-labor policy for what the Democratic Party now called the basket of deplorables by none other than Hilary that shocked both Republicans and Democrats. Trump became the most attacked President in history but the hero of the poor workers that he spoke for. The deep state removed him.

When Ray Dalio talks about revolution in the United States it is based largely on the hatred by both Republicans and Democrats of the deplorables or half the population. Dalio deplores the wealth gap and we see China listening to him for their country. Note below under “Hitler’s Sources of Power” the speech by Hitler via video where he declares that he represents the workers and farmers who were similarly betrayed by the Weimar Republic and that he destroyed all the parties in Germany that hated the laborer including the Marxist Party of the Trotskyites. Ray Dalio is unusually smart for an investment manager most of whom rely on rigging markets using the cash settlement technique to make a trillion dollars a year, see the article on Stochastic Control Theory in footnote two.

US Civil War Coming: Ray Dalio

Hitler’s Sources of Power

The above article was based on this link.

Beijing mocks America over China’s new nuclear-capable missile

David Lifschultz


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