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Reader Post | By Hawke (UK)

Namaste fellow woken beings,

Nature Reserve – Are you frikkin serious – What bird chit talk is this?

Let’s be honest here – I am posted in the UK & whoever says that City of London will flood to become a nature reserve is chatting some serious horse chit! No way Hose! The simple answer is the London Underground & massively old Victorian drainage system which is practically 85% full capacity on a normal day. The popular places like Leicester Square & Piccadilly Circus i.e. the area around Soho is always needing ‘frogmen’ to clear up the tunnels due to the masses amount of fat, lard, oil, waste that blocks the drainage system… 

No way would even the ‘Square Mile’ being the epicentre not only of Financial but also the transport links be flooded to create a nature reserve when it’s a concrete jungle – Serious Porkies! Whoever is talking this pig chit doesn’t understand that London is a bowl not much high above the natural sea level. The Thames Barrier is there as a flood protection from the water blocking the English Channel rise & fall of the sea…

If you did have a 10M above sea level unexpected rise, 75% of London would be flooded i.e. Travel Zone 1-4… There is no way there will be a Nature Reserve – Complete Donkey Chit! Just get on with the Rod from God which if that Tungsten Rod is launched would create a massive fallout zone & pretty much FUBAR Buckingham Palace & then some – the better option would be to pancake that building… That along with others with a DEW or an Airplane Hi-Jacked from Heathrow Airport which is full of GITMO prisoners…

Either way – No nature reserve as that is complete Dog Chit…


Royal Moan-Arc – What about Queen Lizard-a-Breath II or III or IV or V – Doesn’t matter as it’s Actresses anyway since 2016 – No need for CGi –


As for the Queen – Hmmmmm Well she is behind the King in the Deck of Cards unless the game is Chess – She has been declared Gone or more so -‘Bombarclart’ Mount Batten be gone from Barba-DOES as they osted her reign under commonwealth…


What about Mr Pres – Bye Bye Dan & his side kick Ka Ma La Clinton

Am I really the only one thinking HRC – Hillary Killary Clock – She’s going to step in… Really – Tick Tock, Tick Tock – Wasn’t it the Guru’s & White Hats that pushed about 6 months ago an article – You can still find it from the homepage of OD about HRC & Gitmo that she got a bullet to the head ,Dead but not before shouting “I’m Hillary Clinton” with Mr T watching as she got Squid Game Gun Squadded….

She is really gonna come back – Right so that’s your proof folks – Porkie Pig Chit that any of the information you are fed – is to be taken seriously….

Europa no Hope-a!

To echo a fellow readers comment (although they are from Germany) they are quite right that Europe is Lost… Yes, it is – so is the world prison…

We all are being boiled like that frog in water slowly being heated up – People, please – The whole fake Pan scam |c is purely for DNA – The CCP forced to have all DNA taken from it’s people – Men since 2014 had their DNA taken & those that refused did not get access to work or hospital care. The CCP had their Database almost completely full in 2017 with Big Brother AI tracking each person…


The Alliance is not your friend – Pray to your almighty as the true source to resolve all of this… To come like a thief in the night & cleanse this domain…

Whatever you say about Military codes & new variants – Please stop – It can all be dealt with in a Day. One Day is all it takes if the beings are that advanced – Even if there was just one Super Man – Kal-El who existed – One day is what is needed to stop all of this – the reliance upon Ai Bio Engineered technology is purely a myth – It is not for the people – The AI Daemon |ic entity who is harvesting the corrupted souls who have committed sin by allowing the Mark of the B|Feast is helping the dark side to win the spiritual war….

If the White Hats or Alliance or Great Awakening is true , that they exisit then no harm would be put on any innocent being… This Sheep Chit story about not harming the bad guys too – please – all it takes is Cow Chit fake information to invoke negative emotions & energy from a light being –


My fellow woken beings – Just forget the whole NE Sarah or G-Sarah or Medic Bedz as really we need to devote all time, energy, focus on the higher consciousness & activate the ancient power within – We must as our fellow ancestors are being jabbed up i.e. Apache, Cherokee, Aboriginal who are the true living, spiritual source connected to Gaia – Why else do you think they are targeting them as they have the power to call upon divine power to end this all….

The enemy will not stop trying to find the ‘Golden Child’… We are all Golden but have been corrupted as we still allow ourselves to believe this Money Chit to dictate our existence…

Just remember that no matter what calendar is going to be quoted next – Some White Hate Intel Guru will remark – “Oh, Time isn’t linear so there is no real time when things will happen” – They will go all Quantum String theory with you – Another excuse… Just get Chit done now!


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