(Reader: Luna) A Lightworkers Path: Transmuting the Darkness into the Light


Reader Post | By Luna

A Lightworkers Path: Transmuting the Darkness into the Light

The Humanitarians as Archangel Michael lovingly calls us, that is, those of us that are awake. He says we are a delegation coming together for the sake of Mankind. All united as one for a common purpose. I would call us ‘A Federation of Spiritual Beings’.  Yes, this is what the humanitarians are doing and stepping up to the plate massively around the planet. We are all coming together for a common purpose. That is to hold the light, while some of humanity they are in the darkness.

Do you remember as a child what it was like stepping into a dark room! Nothing was visible and you may of even felt scared. Well that is what it is it like for those that live in the 3D matrix. Remember, I call that the matrix of FEAR and CHAOS. What is it going to take to help those that are in the darkness!

The one most important thing that came to me was for us all to hold the Light for them. When they do wake up there will be much more fear and a lot of trauma. They will get out of the darkness but it will still have its hold on them. Remember what I say about fear. FEAR False Evidence Appearing REAL. I have found listening to podcasts with groups of caring people that come together and talk about their experiences with their family/members. Most are not

Some people don’t understand what is really going on here. I find they are judging them because they too are still participating in that matrix. They are still in the matrix while reading the propaganda that is all over social media or watching videos on various subjects that perpetuate the fear. What they don’t realize is that we collectively have some fear in our consciousness and being immersed daily in that ritual just makes it worse and harder for you to release it when it comes to the surface. Then they meet with their friends who feel like they do and spend a few more hours talking about it.

Yet, when you judge another you are not in an elevated state it’s like they are still living in 3D but they didn’t choose the jab. While those that are asleep are in the dark and they cannot see what you see. They can’t even hear you and not because they don’t trust you but because they have been conditioned slowly over their lifetime and through television, radio, news, magazines, academia. What kind of chance did they have to resist. Remember the cabal’s been planning this for eons and they have perfected their methods through new technologies. This is an attack on our humanity.

Humanity is a hostage in the darkness and in their so called life.  That’s what they think they are doing living their life but I am here to tell you it’s not their best life.  Until they are down in the dumps with no hope of getting out and all of their freedoms taken away they won’t surrender to God/our Creator.  They are being kept from their life in a higher vibration because they have been purposefully enslaved.  There was an agenda and it is sinister just like what’s going on with our freedoms now.  Those participating in that agenda don’t know there is one and that they are the collateral damage for this war. Call it an information war, spiritual war whatever you want to call it but just know those asleep DID NOT choose this of their own free will.  They are victims and not collateral damage as some are calling them.


So, instead of fighting with each other, we need to hold each other in love.  They are in the dark and they need our help. When you think of them hold them lovingly in your heart and send out as much love as you can muster up and then pray that they wake up and with as little trauma. Pray that they have someone to help them heal because to them their whole world will completely fall apart because God is breaking us away from old as it did not serve our highest purpose and the evil in this world was so pervasive that it required His Almighty hand. I am so grateful to our Creator, our Lord for I believe he will restore our families. I love this quote from the bible:

“For I know the PLANS I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to PROSPER you and not to harm you, plans to give you HOPE & FUTURE. Jeremiah 29:11   

Those words have kept me going because I truly know we are not alone in this fight! Now that it is in God’s hands we all know that the LIGHT has won. We are just not seeing it yet as Trump wants as many of us to wake up so as to lower the number of people that will be traumatized because our hospitals are also on their way down since they too have not served our higher purpose throughout our lives since they put $’s before humanity and they are still showing us that today with the jab. 

The only way to remove the darkness is to transmute it to the light! But they are in the dark and so they are not able to see or feel or even hear anything to do that is Light. They are in a program and that program does not have LIGHT in it! The darkness is devoid of light/love, so we need to send it a whole lot of love and transform it back into LIGHT! Send love bushels of it and just keep doing it and all the while know that you have everything you need inside of you. Archangel Michael told me years ago “you are the key” and now I totally know what he meant with that statement. Without us here there would be no hope for humanity. So please do not give up ’cause your loved ones need you more than ever now. Once we hit the critical mass point everything will hit the fan. 

It is extremely important that when the disclosures happen and the truth of our world comes out worldwide that you don’t get lost in that darkness. Our job is to keep raising our vibration while we are also raising them out of the darkness. It doesn’t matter if they chose it for they all have contracts. We are not here to judge so if they come to you that is your Que.  They all have contracts, even the little children. It is my understanding that many will choose to wake up and those ones will be depending on you and me. While our vibration is raising so is Mother Earth’s and that will help to lift the souls vibration who have just woken up. God loves all of us even the bad ones because they had free will too and that was their path in this lifetime.

All the difficulties most of us lightworkers have had to endure will be more than worth it when we get our families back. That is the world, I concentrate on not the one that is dying and crumbling around us that was filled with unimaginable things. Remember that the evil ones are NOT human for one with heart/love cannot hurt another. We are not designed that way. We are love!

I don’t pay much attention to 3D and I certainly don’t get caught up in arguments with people who cannot hear what I have to say. I have been planting seeds my whole life with all of my family members and anyone who came into my life. Many have left over the years but I am certain that they will remember what I said to them when they need it.  All things are in divine order and I trust that.


Understand that without you there is no hope. You have a mission here and you promised to help humanity. Well, that mission also includes your family members and whether, we like them or not. My door has always been open.  You don’t know who they will be after they wake up so remember no judgments! You are all part of a soul group and collectively you all choose this mission here and now. You are all playing a role and yes, you too are part of the movie TRUMP talks about and you are part of the rescue plan for your family. Believe it or not!

I realize that many of you may not remember this but I can assure you that it is no coincidence that I can say this to you that as a Lightworker who has walked this path awake and knowing her mission for my whole life.  I am surrounded by all my family members and they too are asleep I am the only one awake in my entire family and I know I am not alone. Each new Lightworker I meet no matter where in the world they are located; they say the same thing to me “I am the only one awake in my family and no one listens to me” or “I feel like I was adopted, I just don’t fit in.” This lifetime was for you to anchor your spirituality once and for all and you can call this work with your family that will be happening as your test like in school you will be graded.

Unlike many of you, I remember what my mission entails and what I came here to do but the how I also know is inside of me and when I need it I can call on my angelic family for their guidance. So it’s okay for you to ask your angels/guides too.  I also hurt like you but I understand that in this life that my family chose to be awakened by ME. In some way, I have knowledge enough not to take it so personal! Its like we are in a game and the rules are given to us while we take our steps.

Yes, that is easier, said than done. I’m going to out on a limb now and say that we are not their teachers but their AWAKENERS! That is so clear to me now more than ever and I have scratched my head many times trying to figure out just how I will accomplish this. The cabal has used such sophisticated technology that was kept from us (the Light) with programs such as “Project Looking Glass”. Look it up Project Looking Glass. Also, they have had so many programs like MK Ultra techniques to keep them asleep like robots. You can’t even have a rational conversation with them. That is a fact, and so what are we to do you ask?

I have thought long and hard about this. I have even cried about my families decisions simply because they really didn’t make the decision with their free will but they don’t know that either.  I can’t wake them up it’s not my purpose. I couldn’t even if I want it bad enough because they have free will and nothing but God can Trump that!

Then it finally came to me that this is THEIR experience and it was very clear what I had to do.  All I have to do is hold their Light and just keep sending them LOVE even though I haven’t seen  many of them or had very little contact.  We have to let them have this experience because they chose it.

We have to stay on the sidelines and just wait. Wait for that time which I believe is so very close; when their world will collide with TRUTH and it will smack them so hard that you are going to want to be there to catch them when they fall to their knees and cry like they have never cried before. Oh and let’s not forget the guilt they are going to feel too when they realize what they have done to their loved ones because they were stuck in a program and were regurgitating what they had been feed over most of their lifetime like a computer program with a glitch that kept them prisoners.

Just imagine if you will. It’s important for our love, understanding and compassion is what will get them through. We will be the ones that will tell them about all the amazing things they have to look forward to. We will tell them about all the new technologies including the med-bed that will correct the damage done to their bodies and ease the pain they feel. We will be there to help them heal. We will finally be heard! We are the Ones we have been waiting for!

I personally, am waiting for that day when the lying mainstream media who helps to keep them asleep will be a distant memory that fades quickly with each passing day. I will be rejoicing then but I will have to deal with all of the people that I love, who will be in trauma as they wake up. My family knows where to come just as yours does and we have to wait for them to come to us. We have to wait because then they will be ready to finally hear us! We have all the answers because we came in with all the tools. You don’t think God would leave us here to help his children without any tools do you? Nope not at all! We are fully equipped even if you don’t think you are. How do I know? Well first of all..  your awake! 

Your life and theirs will literally transform when they wake up and I am going to tell you honestly that it won’t be pretty.  Knowing that you have all the tools just be patient because many of them will get it and be ok but give them some space to process everything. Just stay close because their emotions will be fragile.


We are here to hold all them with love in our hearts and pray for their rapid healings. Collectively, we are here to create the New Earth as her Visionaries and to help all humanity heal so we may finally ascend to the fifth dimension and live a life full of peace, love, light & more joy than you can imagine.

Again, I want to remind you that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience!  

Your task is as follows: to send love without judgment and let those still in the darkness feel and hear your vibrations of love and awaken. They have no clue what has happened to them. They need our kindness more than ever.

So, what is happening here is that we all collectively have decided we have all had enough. Even those in the matrix are tired and scared. They don’t know what to do because their cognitive minds have been turned off. Their connection to their Creator/God is also been blocked so they can’t even hear their angelic guidance.  With God’s blessing we are anticipating a whole lot of humanitarians to wake up after the storm. It has to be for it is truly the only way.

We can all make a promise to be there for all that need us. No judgments, just compassion and a whole lot of love. We WILL make it through. I’ve seen the visions. I feel we are here now, just waiting for it to reveal itself in plain sight. Stay alert and be ready. 

You see, we won’t be like our slave masters. You and I will all work together for the betterment of mankind and all of mother’s earth’s family. The animal kingdom and the elementals we aren’t leaving anyone behind. Expect some magic thrown in there too! But only if you believe!

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