The US as the New Weimar Republic


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on November 29, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

The Biden Administration faces the predicament that if they raise interest rates the stock market will crash and the US will be plunged into a period of economic stress as in 1979 when I wrote the Volcker plan that will cost them the 2022 Congressional election and could lead to Biden’s own impeachment by a Republican Majority over the Hunter Biden scandal. What can they do to delay the final reckoning? First, they are selling the oil in the Strategic Oil Reserve in coordination with other allies to drive oil prices down to lower inflation. Second, they wish for the Chinese to devalue the yuan to make their goods cheaper to the US even if that materially increases the US trade deficit. They are offering trading the Trump tariff in exchange. This will have a double effect to lower prices 25% on tariffed Chinese imports plus the currency depreciation. Then, they plan to make a deal with Iran no matter what to allow their oil to reenter the market driving down the oil price. The negotiations start at the end of the month and they need a deal quickly. Even a deal may be made with Venezuela. They are desperate. The hope is that this will get them through the Congressional election and thereafter raise interest rates which allows them time to try to achieve stabilization for the next Presidential election.

As we have pointed out, the coronavirus bioweapon was unleashed to create the framework for a great reset which we have discussed in earlier pieces rather extensively. This artificial pressure may yield a result that they do not anticipate as in Weimar Germany if the US economy collapses. In order to understand this better, It is important to understand the history of the Weimar Republic. The inflation of 1920-1923 wiped out the savings of the German population who were later crushed by the 1929-1933 depression where if we count itinerant workers or what we call in America the off the books employees the unemployment in 1933 was 50%, In 1933 US it was 25%. This was the source of the German National Socialist revolution that Ray Dalio is probably thinking about but will not say when he predicts revolution in the US. Where did the German hyperinflation come from? Here we consult Felix Somary:

This is a quote from the autobiography of Felix Somary entitled “The Raven of Zurich” on page 98 describing the new mode of financing World War One in Germany that has extended into today:

“Thus it was that defrauding became a patriotic virtue, and remained one for an entire generation: inflation,
that is confiscation without legal authority and without any limits, was the incubator for both Bolshevism and Hitlerism.”


Ray does not describe how this disparity of wealth took place but I do in the next link that took place in Germany:

Secession Talk Rising in the US | Operation Disclosure Official

The above study does not include the case of Amazon which I have watched closely. Backed by Wall Street money Jeff Bezos, who came out of D. E. Shaw, went on to execute a standard anti-trust technique which was to finance under cost pricing to wipe out all competition thereby initiating the destruction every mom and pop book store in the country before expanding out into clothing and many department store items liquidating with his new found power many of the department store chains as indicated below:

Amazon has ‘destroyed the retail industry’ so US should look into its practices, Mnuchin says

17 Stores That Are Getting Completely Destroyed By Amazon | Go-Wine

I watched this very closely then as Amazon was losing a great amount of money financed by Wall Street and then after the destruction they raised their rates making a fortune as did John D. Rockefeller when he restored order to the US oil industry to use his own words. Rockefeller was financed by the Rothschilds in Europe who controlled the railroads through their lackeys in the United States as J. P. Morgan, Kuhn Loeb, etc.. These US banking houses controlled the US for Baron Eduard de Rothschild and were his subordinates. In other words, the US is a dictatorship of finance from its very inception and it is not the home of the brave and the land of the free. The dead American soldiers of the Rothschild wars as the Civil War, World War One and World War Two were not free.

The next link discussed Rothschild’s creation of the Civil War:


Russian Strategic Red Lines for War | Operation Disclosure Official

The advantage of Rockefeller who was also financed through Cleveland by Rothschild through his lackeys was that Rothschild controlled the US railroads which gave Standard Oil lower transportation rates and also drawbacks on his refinery competitors. A drawback was a payment to Standard Oil of a rebate on the oil transported by his competitors on the railroads. So Rockefeller had a double advantage. He then went to his refinery competition offering them Standard Oil Stock for their refineries at half their value saying take the stock and as it rises you will make back your money and then a fortune as it rises further or I will destroy you by under cost competition and you will have nothing. Amazon’s competition did not even have this exit opportunity.

Sam Walton of Walmart destroyed most of his competition by a unique idea of eliminating warehouses and having his vendors deliver to the stores directly. So far so good. But as he gained market power he then forced his vendors to lower his prices by volume discounts that were not justified except by his market power. As Amazon developed market power he replicated Sam’s practice. These are also anti-trust violations.

The small and medium sizes stores were destroyed and the US became a society where the middle class was eliminated. You had just the superrich and the lower classes. However, this was not enough for the Trotskyites on Wall Street who also were attacking the lower class wages by the 1965 Immigration Law that favored the third world nations with larger quotas to drive down the US wage level to the level of the third world poor. European immigrants would only work for a livable wage. All the gains for the lower classes that Henry Ford had shared with them were wiped out. Rothschild defeated Henry Ford aided by his Trotskyite scum who controlled Hollywood who promoted General Motors’ cars in their movies. Also, his access to credit was impaired by the Rothschilds especially after World War One where Henry saved himself by forcing his car dealers to take his inventory. As the US middle class was wiped out, and entered the lower classes, their wages were destroyed by the masses of legal and illegal immigrants that were encouraged as we see with the so-called Democrat Biden. As if that were not enough, Wall Street then financed the destruction of the US factories by sending them to the third world countries as they could make more money. The enabling factor was by forcing the dollar up by currency rigging. After all, Rothschild controlled the Central Banks and all the Congresses, Presidents, Supreme Courts etc. who are their puppets. See the next link for an explanation. There will be a slight delay but the link will appear.

Our Ray Dalio does not wish to tell us all of this as his Bridgewater Fund makes money investing all around the world to scoop up these opportunities to make a fortune. Maybe he is feeling a little bit guilty as he himself cannot be regarded as a positive force as he merely makes money off other people’s work as Warren Buffett. No longer is the worker Henry Ford the ideal of America but the fund manager who creates nothing but manipulations. A 90% tax on short-term gains would redirect capital to productive investment.

Here is a quote from my recent study:

The Fed printed a four centuries worth of credit in last year alone to hold the ship together (4 trillion dollars that fractionalizes in the banking system). We calculate Federal Reserve Credit to 2008 was about 900 billion dollars for the first 94 years so that gives you a picture of the dimension of last year’s stimulus. While the dollar is inflating, the interest rates are held low so the foreign money is flowing out of US bonds and into stocks in the hundreds of billions of dollars if not trillions as the bond returns are significantly negative. As US stocks soar from foreign and domestic purchases the Fed buys bonds to prevent a total bond collapse from foreign and domestic selling. As inflation mounts, the Fed will fear raising interest rates triggering a stock market crash as in 1929 as the interest rates rise will draw money out of stocks that would unwind the 1.5 to 2.5 quadrillion derivative market that did not exist 1929. Rather they will release oil from the strategic oil reserve to lower rising oil prices and beg China to depreciate its currency in relation to the dollar by creating sufficient yuan purchases of the dollar in return for voiding Trump’s nationalist tariff. The latter will totally unwind the effort of Trump to end the trade deficit by a rising yuan. These currency manipulations described in the exchange with Bob Rubin in the above link.

If you divide the world GDP of 93 trillion into 2.5 quadrillion you have a multiple of 26.88. The derivative margin call today would be a 1929 margin call equivalent of unimaginable size representing the detonation of the 2.5 trillion dollar derivatives as a form of financial weapon of mass destruction to paraphrase Warren Buffett. If base Federal Reserve Credit for over 100 years is now about 8 trillion dollars which fractionalizes into a total M-2 of over 30 trillion as indicated in the chart below, then its further growth since reserve requirements were eliminated last year is theoretically infinite. If this sounds like 1920-1923 Weimar Germany it is because it is.

The next letter discusses the coronavirus bioweapon as part of the great reset.

Greetings David

These vaccines are relatively ineffective, are perilous, and have a short half-life. The Novavax is at least classical in its design and will not be anything like as dangerous. But the FDA is holding it up.In the meanwhile, the treatments, ivermectin and monoclonals, are very effective, and HCQ somewhat as well. The tests for Covid-19 are highly flawed. The abuse of power is over the top.

So now I understand more deeply what happened in Germany in the late 1920s and the 1930s. It was all in the name of “public health” hygiene. We see now similar dynamics.

Hope you are well.

Happy Thanksgiving.


David Lifschultz


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